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159. People found me on twitter after I left
Sun Nov 22, 2015, 12:43 PM
Nov 2015

I speak with a few people on twitter. I have had enough dealings with you to know that further discussion is pointless.

That's a long-time troll who has posted the exact same stuff to many DUers. cyberswede Nov 2015 #1
I was just about to post this. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #3
If people know who he is, it should be reported to Twitter BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #10
Go ahead and report it. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #28
I don't have his IP address BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #35
MIRT doesn't have access to IP addresses. nt cyberswede Nov 2015 #39
Only Admin can see IP addresses. MIRT can't. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #40
All twitter needs is his username--THEY have access to his IP address! MADem Nov 2015 #56
Yes, but isn't it lovely that Brother Ivan posts this thread in GD not Ask Administrators? KittyWampus Nov 2015 #143
Indeed. MADem Nov 2015 #151
You consider those tweets 'drama'? polly7 Nov 2015 #156
do you consider Catherina's twitter feed 'drama'? Despite attempts to hide them- KittyWampus Nov 2015 #158
That is HER twitter feed and whether you like it or not matters not one single fucking bit. polly7 Nov 2015 #161
He conceals his IP BainsBane Nov 2015 #130
How do you know? BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #4
Because this particular troll has been doing this Paulie Nov 2015 #9
This troll sometimes sends PMs on DU - TBF Nov 2015 #110
Exactly. Classic work of that troll. Paulie Nov 2015 #7
Even if that's the case pintobean Nov 2015 #12
And those released real names as in one of my ops Sheepshank Nov 2015 #149
Has he been banned? BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #17
That troll has been banned from DU probably hundreds of times. cyberswede Nov 2015 #22
And yet he keeps coming back. BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #26
Naaah. He's mentally ill. He has an obsessive need to shock people using crude, vile and violent MADem Nov 2015 #62
He did join Discussionist a few times that I know of. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #70
Ha ha ha--the crowd over there would eat him alive!! MADem Nov 2015 #77
Every time he disappears (and he's been absent recently), greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #83
Library Girl--I remember when she went on a North Korea kick!! LOL!! MADem Nov 2015 #97
I met library girl, once, years ago! greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #103
corarose wrote the most epic ode to me on a blog once... ScreamingMeemie Nov 2015 #125
Hahaha!!! MADem Nov 2015 #135
I think I read that at the time. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #136
It was that weird mishmash of every job I ever talked about having. LOL ScreamingMeemie Nov 2015 #153
That was Don_G, who was also banned. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #157
Wow--you've been touched by DU FAME!!! MADem Nov 2015 #129
It was a very surreal experience. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #137
That's exactly what I picture when I see posts like that.. mountain grammy Nov 2015 #134
He's been banned hundreds of times. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #23
Thanks for the assist earlier, greatauntoftriplets! BlueCaliDem Nov 2015 #30
You're welcome. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #31
DTG strikes again! zappaman Nov 2015 #29
Oh yeah, he attacked me when I was on MIRT...and that was ages ago. dixiegrrrrl Nov 2015 #42
"not a very mature person" demwing Nov 2015 #76
So should be reported to FBI, then, yes? n/t dixiegrrrrl Nov 2015 #154
OMG--I got a DUMAIL from that asshole, years ago!! If my old DUMAIL from the old site MADem Nov 2015 #43
Yep. He trolls other sites as well. one_voice Nov 2015 #46
Yes, that's the troll who sends PMs to DUers. yardwork Nov 2015 #53
Yup ismnotwasm Nov 2015 #69
Oh, it's SHART BainsBane Nov 2015 #71
+100 JustAnotherGen Nov 2015 #80
I don't think DTG and SHART are the same troll. cyberswede Nov 2015 #94
I understand that BainsBane Nov 2015 #118
Oh...I thought you were, since I was. cyberswede Nov 2015 #123
Yes. I realized that after the fact BainsBane Nov 2015 #126
Amen!!! A million times over!!! riderinthestorm Nov 2015 #2
Thank you. This should not be allowed to continue. BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #6
The admins don't own twitter. That guy is a lunatic troll who has been around for eons. MADem Nov 2015 #48
That's a troll that's been banned... one_voice Nov 2015 #47
Hnk! sibelian Nov 2015 #5
Yup I know nadinbrzezinski Nov 2015 #8
And the email I got Wednesday afternoon had detailed DU info Omaha Steve Nov 2015 #11
You received a personal email? BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #16
He's saying as well that his personal email address has been posted. merrily Nov 2015 #58
That's messed up BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #67
You bet! merrily Nov 2015 #88
We should be pulling together to protect each other riderinthestorm Nov 2015 #113
Why would someone get so angry over what is posted on a discussion board? Throd Nov 2015 #13
I received similar messages quite some time ago sharp_stick Nov 2015 #14
Yes, part of his M.O. is to PM before he gets banned. zappaman Nov 2015 #33
That is sickening but I am glad you brought it to our attention. Luminous Animal Nov 2015 #15
This troll has been on the internet since at least 2008 - present on many, many websites NRaleighLiberal Nov 2015 #18
she should give it to the fbi for terroristic roguevalley Nov 2015 #49
Yes, definitely. n/t whathehell Nov 2015 #93
How do you know this is coming from a DUer? sufrommich Nov 2015 #19
+1 leftstreet Nov 2015 #24
For one, her tweets and apparently my account as well as she tweets me BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #27
That's not proof leftstreet Nov 2015 #36
There are other instances that have been reported to the Admins BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #45
Still not proof it comes from a member of DU n/t leftstreet Nov 2015 #65
The screenshots contain DU members discussing personal info BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #84
What screenshots? leftstreet Nov 2015 #85
"Could be" but not probably. eom NorthCarolina Nov 2015 #55
Bullshit,stop making fact free accusations against DUers. sufrommich Nov 2015 #38
Wow. That's your reaction to this? No empathy for the victim? nm rhett o rick Nov 2015 #86
That seems to be in very short supply on this thread BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #90
Post removed Post removed Nov 2015 #95
In other words, "the victim deserved it"? Always the rationalization. nm rhett o rick Nov 2015 #112
Yeah,no. As a host,perhaps you can explain why this accusatory sufrommich Nov 2015 #117
Ick. polly7 Nov 2015 #115
Yes, that is quite a coincidence. polly7 Nov 2015 #68
Yes. I'm especially concerned if it's known to be a DU member. Laurian Nov 2015 #41
You may want to copy this to ATA sharp_stick Nov 2015 #20
That guy is a wellknown repeat troll known as "DTG" to the mods and admins. nt CJCRANE Nov 2015 #21
That's Death Threat Guy... SidDithers Nov 2015 #25
Oh hey - It's death threat guy Oneironaut Nov 2015 #32
Thank you. Did not know. oldandhappy Nov 2015 #34
That's not a DUer... That's a nutbar who's been sending those messages ScreamingMeemie Nov 2015 #37
I don't know if it's one guy. I think it's "copypasta." Oneironaut Nov 2015 #44
I second this motion Demeter Nov 2015 #50
Dear god ......... poor Catherina. polly7 Nov 2015 #51
Crazies abound, and not only in the United States. WinkyDink Nov 2015 #52
Brother Ivan, I am so happy to see you again, friend, though sorry about this ugly news. merrily Nov 2015 #54
Everyone is focusing just on the tweets BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #64
That's what makes you who you are and why I admire you. merrily Nov 2015 #96
There is cyberstalking going on nadinbrzezinski Nov 2015 #101
Apparently there is BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #127
so now that you know this is not an actual du'er, perhaps you should delete. mopinko Nov 2015 #57
I wanted to start a discussion about things that were happening to other members BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #82
A yucky guy, for sure. Not seeing how DU is responsible. nt sibelian Nov 2015 #59
This OP has blamed DU'ers for these awful threats... one_voice Nov 2015 #60
I alerted on it as a fact free accusation against DUers. sufrommich Nov 2015 #73
+1. nt MADem Nov 2015 #74
+1 leftstreet Nov 2015 #78
Ditto. cwydro Nov 2015 #81
I have seen a screenshot from another site BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #89
From 'another site,' not DU? leftstreet Nov 2015 #100
This particular troll has nothing to do with any of those things. cyberswede Nov 2015 #102
I do not have as much as experience with this troll as some have BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #104
Thank you for admitting this may not be a DU member n/t leftstreet Nov 2015 #111
I really like you, BrotherIvan, but I think a lot of us have a BIG problem with your refusal ScreamingMeemie Nov 2015 #114
I think people have made their point very well BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #139
That's really not what I said. You've connected something that isn't from a DUer ScreamingMeemie Nov 2015 #144
Thank you... cyberswede Nov 2015 #120
Fair enough BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #122
"people have complained"..Who has made those accusations? misterhighwasted Nov 2015 #119
I never said I wasn't offended by what was being said... one_voice Nov 2015 #132
+1 ScreamingMeemie Nov 2015 #146
Here's an example of a "disruptive meta" thread. yardwork Nov 2015 #61
I agree... cyberswede Nov 2015 #128
Same here since it was immediately clear to me who it was. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2015 #141
Ha! You aren't the only one. ScreamingMeemie Nov 2015 #150
Sounds like a robotroll! Helen Borg Nov 2015 #63
Dear God. historylovr Nov 2015 #66
Altho your intentions are good dixiegrrrrl Nov 2015 #72
I've just alerted Twitter about this account MrScorpio Nov 2015 #75
Thank you BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #91
I did. nt cyberswede Nov 2015 #107
What would this sick person prefer, I wonder? Nye Bevan Nov 2015 #79
If only someone could find out what town he lived in.... MADem Nov 2015 #108
Wow. Some people get all bent out of shape. PatrickforO Nov 2015 #87
Rise Above It Quantess Nov 2015 #92
I reported it on Twitter yuiyoshida Nov 2015 #98
Thanks BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #109
Gokigenyo! yuiyoshida Nov 2015 #131
Not gonna happen rjsquirrel Nov 2015 #142
Actually it has happened before yuiyoshida Nov 2015 #145
This site, if not already, could use a proxy blocking plug-in to deny atomized IP addresses. nt TheBlackAdder Nov 2015 #99
Admins went through this once already with the Attacks from actual DU members on Bravenak. misterhighwasted Nov 2015 #105
Two points nadinbrzezinski Nov 2015 #121
One Point. I am referring to the blame listed in the OP. misterhighwasted Nov 2015 #147
Yup, this has happened and DUers and the Admin don't seem to care riderinthestorm Nov 2015 #152
Great post, Brother Ivan marym625 Nov 2015 #106
Thanks, Mary BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #116
it's rather amazing. marym625 Nov 2015 #148
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Nov 2015 #124
Thank you. At least now we know it's not a DUer, which is a relief magical thyme Nov 2015 #133
Good to see you, BrotherIvan. Enthusiast Nov 2015 #138
This message was self-deleted by its author KittyWampus Nov 2015 #140
There is ZERO evidence this has anything to do with DU so your assertion is bullsh*t. KittyWampus Nov 2015 #155
People found me on twitter after I left BrotherIvan Nov 2015 #159
I've received almost daily emails from this person EarlG Nov 2015 #160
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