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Tue Oct 27, 2015, 10:05 AM Oct 2015

Where would you have stood in the French Revolution? [View all]

I'm kind of curious where DU would go with this

Just, if you had to pick a faction, going in, not knowing what happened.

8 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
With Marat and the sans-coulottes
3 (38%)
With Robespierre and the Jacobins
0 (0%)
With de Sade and the Montagnards
0 (0%)
With Lafayette and the Girondins
4 (50%)
Under the guillotine
1 (13%)
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Who knows, I was -176 years old when that started FSogol Oct 2015 #1
Under the guillotine? flor-de-jasmim Oct 2015 #2
Thank you; sorry. Added (nt) Recursion Oct 2015 #4
Actually, relatively few of the guillotined were aristos... brooklynite Oct 2015 #61
I don't know enough about French history, but our own American Revolution closeupready Oct 2015 #3
Yeah, I did know that. Recursion Oct 2015 #5
More than anything I think I would have been with Thomas Paine deutsey Oct 2015 #6
Good choice. closeupready Oct 2015 #8
I wold have been under the guillotine MohRokTah Oct 2015 #7
I know more about the nuances of the American Revolution deutsey Oct 2015 #9
Marat was pretty bad, tho. Simon Schama did a number on him when he was CTyankee Oct 2015 #23
Why was Marat pretty bad? BillZBubb Oct 2015 #32
France had plenty of Marats Recursion Oct 2015 #39
Based on a reading of Schama's "Citizens" hifiguy Oct 2015 #68
I know, that's why I say early on deutsey Oct 2015 #36
Did you ever see Marat/Sade? Recursion Oct 2015 #40
No, I dunno why I didn't...but Schama who is an art professor at Columbia had CTyankee Oct 2015 #52
Peter Brook's 1967 film of Marat/Sade directing the company he directed in the original play.... Bluenorthwest Oct 2015 #53
^^ Thank you (nt) Recursion Oct 2015 #67
I'll see your Marat/Sade and raise you Danton Retrograde Oct 2015 #60
Clearly with ryan_cats Oct 2015 #10
LOL deutsey Oct 2015 #11
Well played, sir (nt) Recursion Oct 2015 #12
I would just have tried to keep my head Nye Bevan Oct 2015 #13
Yep, from what I read things got ugly fast. Orgy of blood... CTyankee Oct 2015 #16
Yeah it really did. 1793 got way out of control Recursion Oct 2015 #19
Pelting the riders of the tumbrels with rotten veggies. hobbit709 Oct 2015 #14
Since the French Revolution was about 70 years from beginning to end....what decade, exactly? Fred Sanders Oct 2015 #15
Given my options, clearly 1790-1794 (nt) Recursion Oct 2015 #24
The thing is the French Revolution is not something to emulate....70 years of carnage and strife can Fred Sanders Oct 2015 #31
How exactly in that era could the revolution really been any better? BillZBubb Oct 2015 #37
Actually, I would today start out in a moral Gandhian attempt at reason. mmonk Oct 2015 #17
While I'm correcting my own spelling: "Gandhi" Recursion Oct 2015 #41
Corrected and thanks. mmonk Oct 2015 #48
Way off to the side somewhere safe. nt bemildred Oct 2015 #18
Switzerland was good. Or America, or England. Recursion Oct 2015 #42
Yeah, you'd have to stay alert. bemildred Oct 2015 #44
Yup Recursion Oct 2015 #45
Since it was followed by chaos, repression and terror, stand with the king. pampango Oct 2015 #20
Leave. Sit it out somewhere nice. Switzerland maybe... CTyankee Oct 2015 #22
That is the worst option. BillZBubb Oct 2015 #34
Agreed. The 'jk' meant 'just kidding'. Standing with tyranny is not an option. n/t pampango Oct 2015 #38
I don't know enough about it. Xyzse Oct 2015 #21
The local parishes were mostly expropriated except for in Brittany Recursion Oct 2015 #43
Thanks for telling me. Xyzse Oct 2015 #56
I KNOW where I would have stood... yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #25
Hajimemashite (nt) Recursion Oct 2015 #28
Dozo Yoroshiku! yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #30
Somewhere in Boston. Adsos Letter Oct 2015 #26
Several taverns in both Cambridge and Boston were already open Recursion Oct 2015 #29
I'm going to go with the chopping block leftofcool Oct 2015 #27
Probably in the sous-sol frazzled Oct 2015 #33
To your moral equivocation I say BillZBubb Oct 2015 #35
This I have trouble believing: there are *no* DUers who would stand with the Jacobins? Recursion Oct 2015 #46
I'm sympathetic to Robespierre's initial views, but the later actions in the Terror.... Xithras Oct 2015 #50
That damned elusive Pimpernel! JHB Oct 2015 #47
Under the guillotine DFW Oct 2015 #49
Sadly,the French Revolution led to monstrous crimes and, ultimately, to Napoleon. Agnosticsherbet Oct 2015 #51
I would have stood far away. Really far away. Glassunion Oct 2015 #54
I don't know enough about them to make a choice Marrah_G Oct 2015 #55
Revolution eats its sons. Kevin43 Oct 2015 #57
Marat retired for health reasons and was stabbed in his bathtub Recursion Oct 2015 #58
I think he means Danton was guillotined, as well as Robespierre, when he said "both". Solly Mack Oct 2015 #64
I had a guide, a Brit, who was my guide in Paris and referred to the guillotinings as CTyankee Oct 2015 #69
Ouch! heh! My favorite guides have been those with a sense of humor. Solly Mack Oct 2015 #71
Not Marat DFW Oct 2015 #59
Get the hell out of there... hunter Oct 2015 #62
Tangling with a squid/crocodile while Jacques's lazy ass goes up river underpants Oct 2015 #63
With Jefferson in Virginia demwing Oct 2015 #65
Helping my fellow proles pull a tumbrel filled with aristocrats hifiguy Oct 2015 #66
I would have stood on the deck of the next ship out of there FLPanhandle Oct 2015 #70
With doc brown, trying to find and kill Baby Hitler's baby Granddad. Warren DeMontague Oct 2015 #72
On the left side ..as always,.here is an important fact,left and right came from this event: Stuart G Oct 2015 #73
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