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Nuclear Unicorn

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56. Valid observation, fairly stated. I'm not an avid fan myself but Lover Boy has gotten me to look
Wed Oct 21, 2015, 11:23 AM
Oct 2015

forward to most new comic book movies and Agents of SHIELD. Some comics do seem like trash but there is some high mythology in there.

One character I like is Harley Quinn. She started as a supporting role for the Joker in the Batman animated series. She was Joker's psychiatrist at the asylum but he twisted her mind and made her codependent. She was just a prop upon which his cruelty and disregard could be demonstrated. But fans took an immediate liking to her and she got more appearances until she became a staple. She even has a prominent role in the videogames. Since then she has split away from the Joker and is part of the Suicide Squad sent to fight him. When they confront each other Joker faults her for not being willing to descend far enough into madness but the subtext is she is no longer codependent, having become her own person up to and including being a hero.

Comic Books/Manga /Anime [View all] yuiyoshida Oct 2015 OP
The comic book was invented in America edhopper Oct 2015 #1
proper props reddread Oct 2015 #3
maybe in mainstream super heroes edhopper Oct 2015 #9
I wouldnt know. reddread Oct 2015 #11
That's edhopper Oct 2015 #23
Steranko was so far ahead of his time hifiguy Oct 2015 #16
I am a real Gulacy buff reddread Oct 2015 #27
For me Gulacy's work was hifiguy Oct 2015 #32
Steranko's Shield covers were so groovy. GOLGO 13 Oct 2015 #46
Surely you did not forget the blues, yes? GOLGO 13 Oct 2015 #40
you have a point. edhopper Oct 2015 #42
D.C. Silver is my thang. WinkyDink Oct 2015 #2
I am a huge fan of yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #4
Piratebay? GOLGO 13 Oct 2015 #41
I have heard of it..I think yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #78
Loved comics and cartoons all my life hifiguy Oct 2015 #5
fantastic yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #6
I don't find anything appealing about the entire genre at all. Throd Oct 2015 #7
please do poll! yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #12
Some of it is just straight up trash... Throd Oct 2015 #15
Thanks :) yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #29
Valid observation, fairly stated. I'm not an avid fan myself but Lover Boy has gotten me to look Nuclear Unicorn Oct 2015 #56
I loved the Jim Terry Manga of the 80's ProudToBeBlueInRhody Oct 2015 #8
For some strange reason that reminds me of SAMURAI JACK yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #10
Other MowCowWhoHow III Oct 2015 #13
ah... yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #14
GAZE INTO THE FIST OF DREDD! nt Codeine Oct 2015 #17
I used to love to read Judge Dread... yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #84
Many of my oldest friends MurrayDelph Oct 2015 #18
That's very cool. edhopper Oct 2015 #34
Other: read whatever you enjoy. NaturalHigh Oct 2015 #19
I really don't like most manga and anime. Codeine Oct 2015 #20
The thing about anime from Japan is the yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #25
Censorship sucks. Kid or adult, read what you love to read. Warpy Oct 2015 #21
Japan in the last few years has made yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #82
Anime to manga ga daisuki desu yo. Half-Century Man Oct 2015 #22
honto ni! yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #24
Other. johnp3907 Oct 2015 #26
ah sou! yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #28
I love it! johnp3907 Oct 2015 #36
Golden age Marvel and DC for me Omaha Steve Oct 2015 #30
Is it me or did SPIDERMAN yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #33
Steve does good work Omaha Steve Oct 2015 #37
Leialoha is really something reddread Oct 2015 #38
Steve was himself a GREAT inker. hifiguy Oct 2015 #65
Then there's P. Craig Russell's Der Ring des Nibelungen. longship Oct 2015 #31
I think P. Craig Russel also did Codeine Oct 2015 #87
This message was self-deleted by its author longship Oct 2015 #89
He worked with Michael T Gilbert on some Elric books reddread Oct 2015 #93
Loved silver age Marvel and a HUUUUge fan of American animated cartoons & comic strips Gidney N Cloyd Oct 2015 #35
The aesthetic of anime/manga does not appeal to me Orrex Oct 2015 #39
Oh hell. You picked the worst decade to get into comics. GOLGO 13 Oct 2015 #48
Well... Orrex Oct 2015 #50
Speed Racer was the shit back then! GOLGO 13 Oct 2015 #100
I don't remember Gigantor by name, but... Orrex Oct 2015 #106
Oh brudda, the mid-1990s. hifiguy Oct 2015 #67
LIEFELD!!!!!!!! GOLGO 13 Oct 2015 #101
He's a truly incompetent and horrendously gawdawful artist hifiguy Oct 2015 #103
When I did read (and semi-collect) comics up through the 90s kentauros Oct 2015 #43
By the way some of the characters in the photo are from the following yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #60
I know, firsthand, that some of that dismissive attitude kentauros Oct 2015 #64
Great post, thank you! yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #66
You're welcome :) kentauros Oct 2015 #96
"Reid Fleming: World's Toughest Milkman" GOLGO 13 Oct 2015 #102
"Gimme 78 cents or I'll piss on your flowers!" kentauros Oct 2015 #105
One of my all-time favorite comics EVER. hifiguy Oct 2015 #108
Oh, I wish I'd known they made those figures kentauros Oct 2015 #109
"To save them in plastic bags and hide them hifiguy Oct 2015 #110
I've been told (secondhand) that Evan Dorkin kentauros Oct 2015 #111
Also Fairy Tail, D-Grayman, and One Piece LostOne4Ever Oct 2015 #70
I love Rama 1/2 yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #72
Zettai LostOne4Ever Oct 2015 #77
A note of warning... yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #81
Thanks for the warning LostOne4Ever Oct 2015 #83
Its funny, the guy I mentioned yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #85
I can't help but imagining that person going up to Kouban and referring to the police officers as: LostOne4Ever Oct 2015 #86
So learning Japanese from some types of cartoons hifiguy Oct 2015 #92
yes... yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #94
Those and Mai the Psychic Girl were my introduction hifiguy Oct 2015 #80
I recognize about 90% of those characters & their respective manga/anime. GOLGO 13 Oct 2015 #44
I like all of them. Xyzse Oct 2015 #45
I picked up a stack of discount Wuxia comics in th 90's GOLGO 13 Oct 2015 #49
Yes, it usually is. Xyzse Oct 2015 #54
I never was impressed with that comic books as a kid. ileus Oct 2015 #47
The best comic I've read in recent years was, believe it or not, Marr Oct 2015 #51
Mah crunchyroll sub is my lifeline JackInGreen Oct 2015 #52
Other: Adults who obsess over cartoons are creepy. Lyric Oct 2015 #53
Well edhopper Oct 2015 #58
You mean Otaku? yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #61
Your hobbies suck too. nt Codeine Oct 2015 #88
"Creepy" compared to what??? hunter Oct 2015 #91
What if the cartoons got nekkid ladies in 'em? Blue_Tires Oct 2015 #97
Like this? kentauros Oct 2015 #98
I voted that adults who read comics are childish but I consider that a virtue. Nuclear Unicorn Oct 2015 #55
Comics are just another medium, like any other. Marr Oct 2015 #57
I prefer childlike over childish yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #62
C.S. Lewis LostOne4Ever Oct 2015 #79
Thank you for that. Nuclear Unicorn Oct 2015 #90
Awesome yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #99
I've enjoyed all three for my entire life... Rhythm Oct 2015 #59
cool beans!! yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #63
They're great for both parent and kid. karadax Oct 2015 #68
Yeah, comics are a great way to learn to read yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #74
I absolutely love comics, manga, western animation, and anime LostOne4Ever Oct 2015 #69
me too, and I miss not having time enough yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #71
I think they are all garbage olddots Oct 2015 #73
Ten Anime Series You Should See Before You Die yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #75
It's absolutely "okay" for adults to like comic books, manga and anime Warren DeMontague Oct 2015 #76
I never felt my IQ dropped while reading yuiyoshida Oct 2015 #95
Damn! Look at that linework. Beautiful. GOLGO 13 Oct 2015 #104
For your consideration: The creepiest comic ever! hunter Oct 2015 #107
It's still RUNNING??? hifiguy Oct 2015 #112
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