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La Lioness Priyanka

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Wed Sep 9, 2015, 10:55 AM Sep 2015

I'm five feet tall and am generally pretty useless at defending myself [View all]

and you know what i worry about when using public bathrooms?

--asshole women who decide they are genderpolicing bathrooms when using a public restroom with my wife, because she does not fit their idea of what a woman should look like.

you know what i dont worry about?

-- transwomen. transpeople.

So yeah, fuck you asshole women who think gender policing a bathroom is your job, because of who you think counts as a woman and does not count as a woman. FUCK YOU.

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I know exactly what you mean because this happens to my sister too. cwydro Sep 2015 #1
"No idea why people even pay attention to others in the restroom" longship Sep 2015 #2
I cant pee whether i am standing next to a man or Woman LOL randys1 Sep 2015 #29
Women don't pee standing or at urinals lunatica Sep 2015 #59
It's ridiculous. When I'm in a public bathroom The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2015 #3
all this concern is just transphobia and sometimes homophobia La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2015 #5
Or perhaps pretending to be in a more acceptable form. +1 Bubzer Sep 2015 #14
because they're afraid it's actually retrowire Sep 2015 #13
+1 ... Its identity politics at its worst. Fear of the other. Bubzer Sep 2015 #15
Since women's rest rooms have stalls for privacy, what's the problem? The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2015 #19
totally agree. n/t retrowire Sep 2015 #33
If someone is really afraid of murielm99 Sep 2015 #32
Thank you for the personal witness to the real problem, Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #4
this bathroom policing is just reinforcing gendernorms La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2015 #6
I believe that is correct. This concern trolling is just an excuse to bully. yardwork Sep 2015 #64
I stand with you and your wife. Anyone who thinks it acceptable to require "papers" for entering a PeaceNikki Sep 2015 #7
.. La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2015 #8
+1000 blackspade Sep 2015 #41
K&R ismnotwasm Sep 2015 #9
Bravo! Zorra Sep 2015 #10
I really hate the bullshit justifications like, "what if your daughter is in the bathroom"... Humanist_Activist Sep 2015 #11
i would leave my daughter in the care of many transpeople i know, before i left her in the care of La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2015 #12
Especially when they're fucking... Human101948 Sep 2015 #16
+1 billion Bubzer Sep 2015 #17
Same Tree-Hugger Sep 2015 #34
The thing is that so called "stranger danger" while real is severely overblown as well... Humanist_Activist Sep 2015 #36
Agreed. nt Tree-Hugger Sep 2015 #40
Stranger danger Quasimodem Sep 2015 #48
Yes, the common sense things like don't take rides with people you don't know. Humanist_Activist Sep 2015 #49
Well said. MuseRider Sep 2015 #18
As a male Facility Inspector Sep 2015 #20
On Wed Sep 9, 2015, 10:20 AM an alert was sent on the following post Demeter Sep 2015 #35
Hey its "Transgender are delusional" poster, ready to post more transphobic bullshit again? Humanist_Activist Sep 2015 #38
#3 LOL! Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #89
Possibly you should qualify 'male' with the specific addition of 'a dramatic lack of discipline...' LanternWaste Sep 2015 #52
When you gotta go Facility Inspector Sep 2015 #58
Hey, you're lucky you got more in the text. RiffRandell Sep 2015 #78
You know what I worry about when using public bathrooms? Staph Sep 2015 #21
ME TOO about restroom hygiene! Transpeople in the restroom no big deal, let them be who they are. Dont call me Shirley Sep 2015 #65
My biggest worry is a lack of toilet paper. Solly Mack Sep 2015 #22
yeah. i do care about cleanliness. how women cannot pee into a giant hole without peeing all over La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2015 #25
Probably because they hover over the toilet seat and spray urine everywhere. Solly Mack Sep 2015 #39
I see your point; passionate kisses and everything. Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #90
? Solly Mack Sep 2015 #91
I think a lot of women squat over the toilet without sitting on it. Jamastiene Sep 2015 #43
knee & hip replacement can make balance harder to keep. irisblue Sep 2015 #50
War story alert sarge43 Sep 2015 #23
Preach it! arcane1 Sep 2015 #24
Thank you. Wish I could rec multiple times. TygrBright Sep 2015 #26
Protip: A fingerpunch to the trachea will disable an NFL lineman KamaAina Sep 2015 #27
lol. thanks kamaaina. La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2015 #28
Now you don't have to worry about all those horrible trans people fondling you. KamaAina Sep 2015 #30
Likewise an eye gouge mythology Sep 2015 #42
You assume he will not try to avoid it. Nt Logical Sep 2015 #57
K&R Jamastiene Sep 2015 #31
I worry about sprinkled seats Tree-Hugger Sep 2015 #37
Do they have little badges? These are just other people, yes? Pepper spray? n/t jtuck004 Sep 2015 #44
Woot! Well said, La Lioness Priyanka! City Lights Sep 2015 #45
So awesome. tymorial Sep 2015 #46
Don't know how the woman who complained would deal with the toilets in Europe. GoneOffShore Sep 2015 #54
Ahh France. tymorial Sep 2015 #61
We spent a month in France GoneOffShore Sep 2015 #86
If I had been your sister, I would have marched the manager into the women's restroom tblue37 Sep 2015 #76
look, by 2017 these Tumblrinas will be saying that gay guys are traitors to queerdom MisterP Sep 2015 #47
"Fundamentalists" are all basically the same, whatever their ideology. Irrationality is the key. n/t nomorenomore08 Sep 2015 #66
like how the New Atheists use Jack Chick's sources and agree with him on what "true Christianity" is MisterP Sep 2015 #69
Great point nt Tree-Hugger Sep 2015 #77
k&r, well said. uppityperson Sep 2015 #51
I always wondered who the women were who felt the need to display their used feminin hygene products notadmblnd Sep 2015 #53
Your wife is a lovely woman, just like you. Aristus Sep 2015 #55
Amen littlebit Sep 2015 #56
I've been there catchnrelease Sep 2015 #73
OR she might have been a bigot who assumed you were a lesbian because of the tblue37 Sep 2015 #81
My daughter is transgender and I worry Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #60
+100 nomorenomore08 Sep 2015 #67
Agreed. I understand the feeling too La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2015 #70
They're afraid they'll get penis cooties off the toilet seat? Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #62
I agree. Fuck them. /nt yardwork Sep 2015 #63
I don't care who is in the bathroom... awoke_in_2003 Sep 2015 #68
You know what I worry about? tammywammy Sep 2015 #71
I remember when you shared your wedding pictures, and I remember thinking how lovely tblue37 Sep 2015 #72
Me, too, tblue37! Lars39 Sep 2015 #74
I'm so sorry both of you were treated that way. Lars39 Sep 2015 #75
K&R! herding cats Sep 2015 #79
Physically, you may be small NewJeffCT Sep 2015 #80
You can always cultivate the "though she be but little, she is fierce!" image struggle4progress Sep 2015 #82
i am fierce but not in a physically aggressive way La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2015 #87
I don't pay attention to who is in the stall next to me. nor does it freak me out to use the niyad Sep 2015 #83
amazing how much time barbtries Sep 2015 #84
I have to tell you this, what gender a person is in a public bathroom is close to last Rex Sep 2015 #85
I was in a nice, modern institutiinal bathroom at IRS today... Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #88
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