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Nye Bevan

(25,406 posts)
Tue Sep 8, 2015, 04:34 PM Sep 2015

Allowing biological men to use women's restrooms? [View all]

Not referring to single-stall restrooms here but to setups like in highway rest stops where there are multiple stalls which have doors but do not provide complete privacy because of the gaps around the doors.

53 votes, 9 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Biological men should be allowed access to women's restrooms without any restrictions.
24 (45%)
Biological men with medical documentation of being transgender (such as proof of hormone treatment or surgery) should be allowed access to women's restrooms.
3 (6%)
Biological men should never be allowed access to women's restrooms.
26 (49%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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we definitely shouldnt let mechanical men use them. Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #1
Most women I know would be uncomfortable if a man enters to do his bussiness, Agnosticsherbet Sep 2015 #2
As a woman, I don't think I'd care if Caitlyn Jenner entered the women's bathroom I was in. CTyankee Sep 2015 #8
The thread is not just about transgender people Doingto Sep 2015 #157
Is it? backscatter712 Sep 2015 #164
Exactly right. Nye is saying that transgendered female is not necessarily female CreekDog Sep 2015 #345
She takes hormones, so she's partially transitioned. n/t pnwmom Sep 2015 #219
That may be, but I'm pretty likely to get attacked if I use a men's bathroom MillennialDem Sep 2015 #383
OK, this is making me crazy...I'm just taking myself out before I go completely nuts... CTyankee Sep 2015 #384
Me, I'm uncomfortable when anyone refers to it as "doing their business" Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #26
I would be fully uncomfortable if a woman were in the men's room while I was using the urinal. Ed Suspicious Sep 2015 #38
"...take a Trump." CrispyQ Sep 2015 #57
Reminded me of this... Lancero Sep 2015 #245
I sometimes go in men's room when there is a line at the women's. Laffy Kat Sep 2015 #99
My wife has asked me to stand guard a few times when the ladies loo Agnosticsherbet Sep 2015 #119
Exactly, it's a toilet, no big deal. If a guy is lounging around an empty ladies room, that's underahedgerow Sep 2015 #312
I wouldn't be comfortable either ibegurpard Sep 2015 #267
Dangerous? woolldog Sep 2015 #278
A woman walking into a men's room with a bunch of creepers... backscatter712 Sep 2015 #289
A number of women have posted woolldog Sep 2015 #394
Exactly . . . markpkessinger Sep 2015 #373
Completely agree here.. ion_theory Sep 2015 #45
I think the real question for a man might be, if you had a 10 year old daughter pnwmom Sep 2015 #223
How do you know who is already in there or not? What about teachers at school, or maybe uppityperson Sep 2015 #246
Sometimes it is possible to know just by looking into the door. pnwmom Sep 2015 #253
How about he simply walked in with her and waited with her if there was a line, or for her to uppityperson Sep 2015 #257
The point is that most fathers would trust their daughter alone in a bathroom pnwmom Sep 2015 #266
Why would a man trust his daughter to strange women either? uppityperson Sep 2015 #274
Yes, they do. But a man who is in the ladies room for no apparent reason pnwmom Sep 2015 #283
Why? Maybe a man walking into a women's rest room is going it to fetch their child, or someone uppityperson Sep 2015 #292
I said "for no apparent reason" and empty restroom. So your examples don't fit. pnwmom Sep 2015 #294
I wouldn't trust anyone loitering in an empty restroom for no apparent reason uppityperson Sep 2015 #300
Women take longer in the bathroom than men. That's been measured. pnwmom Sep 2015 #308
Maybe I missed something, but I think statistics is the very obvious answer. prayin4rain Sep 2015 #301
Statistics show most car accidents happen closed to home so you shouldn't drive closed to where you uppityperson Sep 2015 #302
No one is suggesting prayin4rain Sep 2015 #304
And transwomen fear for their safety in men's rooms, with good reason. pnwmom Sep 2015 #310
pnwmom is repeating the false meme that giving the transgendered civil rights risks sexual predation CreekDog Sep 2015 #350
Right. The issue isn't transwomen, it's men. n/t pnwmom Sep 2015 #309
Again, you keep trying to get us to deny the civil rights of the transgendered CreekDog Sep 2015 #347
+ 100000 yardwork Sep 2015 #357
And you keep denying women the right to be safe from attacks of cis-males. n/t pnwmom Sep 2015 #374
How do laws against the transgendered protect you from attacks of cismales? CreekDog Sep 2015 #378
Laws keeping cis-males out of ladies rooms protect all women pnwmom Sep 2015 #379
so that's the only thing you want codified in law? CreekDog Sep 2015 #380
why should laws that harm people be based on your ignorance? CreekDog Sep 2015 #381
The harm against some has to be weighed against the harm against others. pnwmom Sep 2015 #390
Who are you saying it's okay to harm? CreekDog Sep 2015 #391
No one. So the best solution is probably individual bathrooms. n/t pnwmom Sep 2015 #393
Can I honestly ask why you think your own hangups about the transgendered are so important? CreekDog Sep 2015 #346
As the mother of sons, this came up every time they used a public bathroom. yardwork Sep 2015 #354
This Tree-Hugger Sep 2015 #386
"I stood near the entrance woolldog Sep 2015 #395
I think I was thinking more along the lines of.. ion_theory Sep 2015 #376
They just have to get over their old fashioned stereotypes. AngryAmish Sep 2015 #49
As long as we have stalls for the "business", I'm good. SusanCalvin Sep 2015 #118
Trans women are women. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #3
Noticed that, too, in the questions, and didn't know how to respond. closeupready Sep 2015 #5
That's why I was like - huh? JustAnotherGen Sep 2015 #36
I feel like we are wandering into Focus on the Family Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #40
I agree with you JustAnotherGen Sep 2015 #102
I wish all public bathrooms were like that! Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #105
Most of the public toilets enlightenment Sep 2015 #112
"Definitely crafted to be insensitive" HERVEPA Sep 2015 #326
So glad another person sees it - I've added to this JustAnotherGen Sep 2015 #327
Welcome to the land of TERF framing. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #140
Yes, I've had my run-ins before, here and elsewhere. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #142
The problem is, how to distinguish a true trans woman whathehell Sep 2015 #54
It's settled case law. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #69
In practice, it will likely whathehell Sep 2015 #77
And attacked by the same right-wing enemies. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #91
The right to privacy whathehell Sep 2015 #263
Why not? Lots of Freepers here. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #269
Sorry, but I think you're jumping the gun here whathehell Sep 2015 #281
Trans-inclusion is the standard set out by case law. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #286
That's nice, but csee law is not what is under discussion.. whathehell Sep 2015 #337
You replied to me. You're welcome. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #339
After you replied to me... whathehell Sep 2015 #352
Check the subthread, you replied first to me. #54 Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #389
Lol..Sorry, not interested in petty "who said it first" competitions whathehell Sep 2015 #399
that is just right wing transphobic nonsense Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #163
So what would you like? A door guard, checking everyone's papers before they enter? uppityperson Sep 2015 #190
Yes, of course,.. whathehell Sep 2015 #230
You do know, I hope that rapists have "access to women" all over, not just in unisex restrooms uppityperson Sep 2015 #234
Yes, it is a very odd discussion whathehell Sep 2015 #249
I especially like requests for definitions and to clarify something that are ignored uppityperson Sep 2015 #251
Enjoy yourself whathehell Sep 2015 #271
Don't play along with the meme CreekDog Sep 2015 #348
so you're saying that rapists say that they are transgendered CreekDog Sep 2015 #351
I'm not saying anything like that.. whathehell Sep 2015 #356
Well if you were trying to communicate something different CreekDog Sep 2015 #359
No, I think whathehell Sep 2015 #400
Because public restrooms are the only place they could find women? winter is coming Sep 2015 #392
Why do you think society decided to mandate sex segregated public lavatories in.the first place? whathehell Sep 2015 #398
How do you define "women," then? WinkyDink Sep 2015 #80
By the legal definition, that is commonly accepted now to be nondiscriminatory. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #88
+1 nt geek tragedy Sep 2015 #96
I don't support unisex restrooms, sorry. closeupready Sep 2015 #4
Neither do I. WillowTree Sep 2015 #31
I'm with you. But someday I'll die off and the rest can pee and poop in perfect harmony. Ed Suspicious Sep 2015 #42
troughs sound disturbing Skittles Sep 2015 #162
Yuck is a good word. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #166
This message was self-deleted by its author closeupready Sep 2015 #205
This isn't about unisex restrooms. Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #175
Absolutely correct. I alerted on the OP for exactly that reason. Zorra Sep 2015 #221
I alerted on it after you did. Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #260
I agree DirtDart1319 Sep 2015 #196
My first experience with a unisex community restroom was in the military Major Nikon Sep 2015 #207
This message was self-deleted by its author closeupready Sep 2015 #213
so you don't ever eat at small restaurants? CreekDog Sep 2015 #353
Uh.....what? jeff47 Sep 2015 #6
If they are biological women, this poll does not apply to them, Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #9
If you're going to kick the "biological men" to the men's room... jeff47 Sep 2015 #11
You seem to be arguing for men to be allowed to use whichever bathroom they choose. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #12
Nope. I'm arguing that throwing transgender people into the opposite bathroom is bad. jeff47 Sep 2015 #17
Read the OP again. The word "transgender" is in there (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #29
As a poll choice, after you've set up people to reject it by using "biological male" everywhere else jeff47 Sep 2015 #129
you're the guy who sounded upset that he couldn't use the word "cripple" anymore CreekDog Sep 2015 #355
What do you mean by "biological men"? I do not understand the use of that term. uppityperson Sep 2015 #192
From that linked page: the impossible choice! tblue37 Sep 2015 #239
I don't see any further purpose of having seperate restrooms. Shandris Sep 2015 #7
Why are the comfort and preferences ONLY of those who are transgender to be considered? WillowTree Sep 2015 #34
It's not. I'm not considering 'comfort and preference' at ALL. Shandris Sep 2015 #52
OK. I understand that you're saying....... WillowTree Sep 2015 #101
Ahh, so you failed reading comprehension. That's okay. Shandris Sep 2015 #106
I failed nothing. WillowTree Sep 2015 #111
There's a lot of that. pecwae Sep 2015 #151
Thank you for your concern. Shandris Sep 2015 #231
Always happy to oblige. nt pecwae Sep 2015 #307
Are you proud of yourself for thinking that if the transgendered are allowed to use a restroom CreekDog Sep 2015 #361
because they aren't "comfort and preferences" but Civil Rights CreekDog Sep 2015 #360
Ah yes. Taking a condescending tone always wins people over to your view! WillowTree Sep 2015 #382
If you don't approve of a condescending tone, why did you call using the bathroom a "convenience" CreekDog Sep 2015 #388
I've happily shared the women's loo with drag queens Warpy Sep 2015 #10
In posting this poll I'm thinking more about grandmothers at highway rest stops Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #14
Maybe a separate grandmother's restroom then? LanternWaste Sep 2015 #15
As a man a few short months away from becoming a grandfather, I would welcome this option Ed Suspicious Sep 2015 #44
Many places have 'family' restrooms. peace13 Sep 2015 #293
... geardaddy Sep 2015 #358
How about a separate transgender bathroom? whathehell Sep 2015 #401
Sharing bathrooms with grandmothers is tolerable. LeftyMom Sep 2015 #20
Oh, yeah, gotta protect those poor, innocent little grannies. Warpy Sep 2015 #280
zOMG, grandma got runned over by a Jamastiene Sep 2015 #342
honey, we have all shared restrooms with people in drag elehhhhna Sep 2015 #144
Exactly the way I feel about it. Warpy Sep 2015 #148
it's not like anyone's doing a butt check when you walk in elehhhhna Sep 2015 #152
As a middle aged female wearing levis and a flannel shirt, I need to use the gents room? uppityperson Sep 2015 #193
Wow. qwlauren35 Sep 2015 #13
Obviously banning men from women's restrooms reduces the probability of rape happening. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #32
no it doesn't. What evidence do you have for that? Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #167
Why do you say "dress up as women"? Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #173
Your poll is a shit poll. You made your beliefs quite clear. You are *very concerned* Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #176
Polls where DU is pretty much divided 50-50, as this one is, Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #182
ignorance on gender issues is widespread. Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #185
a poll about the transgendered use of restrooms only has one option with the word "transgendered" CreekDog Sep 2015 #362
What is your evidence for the claim that banning transgendered people from el_bryanto Sep 2015 #318
You could or couldn't care less? I could care much less, but I don't. Ed Suspicious Sep 2015 #46
You got me. qwlauren35 Sep 2015 #113
Define "biological man." Iggo Sep 2015 #16
It's a TERF/RW-bigot frame that insinuates that trans-women are trying to trick you. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #143
exactly. Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #178
+1 nt Tree-Hugger Sep 2015 #324
What are "biological men"? Behind the Aegis Sep 2015 #18
Thank you - I was wondering too n/t JustAnotherGen Sep 2015 #37
Seems we are to receive no answer. Behind the Aegis Sep 2015 #303
I didn't know it was a complicated defination Travis_0004 Sep 2015 #377
A lot of trans people don't ever do bottom surgery. LeftyMom Sep 2015 #19
... Spider Jerusalem Sep 2015 #21
Those in the process of transformation to their gender should be allowed to use the restroom of Dont call me Shirley Sep 2015 #22
My mother has MS and cannot go to the restroom by herself. LostOne4Ever Sep 2015 #23
Women have an expectation that the bathroom will be "women only" TexasMommaWithAHat Sep 2015 #28
I'd rather keep bathrooms separate yeoman6987 Sep 2015 #115
lol woolldog Sep 2015 #285
Poorly worded poll shenmue Sep 2015 #24
Transphobically framed push-poll. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #187
I know, I thought the OP wouldn't do that shenmue Sep 2015 #202
Or intentionally. Lancero Sep 2015 #198
Exactly nt Tree-Hugger Sep 2015 #323
How might you know? Vinca Sep 2015 #25
We need more unisex crappers! MADem Sep 2015 #27
More US Puritanical prudery. mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #30
"there was NOBODY in the men's room" kinda makes your point, pointless. WinkyDink Sep 2015 #83
Someone dressed as a woman going in a men's room would be viewed strangely IF mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #110
How about a man dressed as a man... NotoriousRBG Sep 2015 #123
This was my thought DirtDart1319 Sep 2015 #212
Women's restrooms have stalls abelenkpe Sep 2015 #33
For me the issue is more one of creepy (not transgender) men going into the women's restroom, Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #35
Well, perverts have always had the opportunity to go in women's restrooms mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #39
Creepy men are more likely to enter women's restrooms if they are legally allowed to do so, Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #43
I'd like to see the case studies showing this is true Cal Carpenter Sep 2015 #55
Why do you think creepy men are more likely to assault women in restrooms if they are unisex? uppityperson Sep 2015 #195
Yes, they have -- but the laws have meant they could be arrested for doing so. pnwmom Sep 2015 #295
The issue sounds quite a lot more like transphobia dressed up as "concern" Spider Jerusalem Sep 2015 #41
My thoughts exactly... n/t backscatter712 Sep 2015 #170
So the concern is sexual assault? Or violence? abelenkpe Sep 2015 #48
Who do you think is in more danger? Cal Carpenter Sep 2015 #50
Post removed Post removed Sep 2015 #56
Post removed Post removed Sep 2015 #59
One notices he didn't answer. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #130
Did you know that how you dress is not an indication of your gender? I am middle aged female in levi uppityperson Sep 2015 #199
You just used the Klan Fallacy. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #70
so you're saying that the laws permitting transgendered to use the restroom CreekDog Sep 2015 #363
How about it's none of my business what is in your pants Cal Carpenter Sep 2015 #47
That would be the first option if you would like to vote in the poll (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #51
No, it isn't. Cal Carpenter Sep 2015 #53
Ah, so "none of my business" does not necessarily mean "should be legal" (nt). Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #58
Post removed Post removed Sep 2015 #61
As you can see from the poll results, DU is divided almost exactly 50-50 on this issue. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #64
That just means DU has a lot of, well, we aren't allowed to call them what they are, who don't understand that this is already the law. Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #74
You say that like it means anything. Spider Jerusalem Sep 2015 #94
Whoops, forgot the "internet poll" disclaimer. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #125
It is not fifty-fifty LostOne4Ever Sep 2015 #235
You do realize that response distributions in DU polls suffer from self-selection bias, right? n/t Gormy Cuss Sep 2015 #341
I urge jury nullification on Cal Carpenter's post... n/t backscatter712 Sep 2015 #134
I concur. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #159
I know. I don't understand why people have to cuss at others if they disagree. cwydro Sep 2015 #316
I second this. The overt bigotry on display here is horrendous. Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #169
You are officially due beer and travel money, and many experiences. nt Zorra Sep 2015 #243
No, it isn't. Your first option is "Biological men" which is far different and as of yet, undefined uppityperson Sep 2015 #201
#5 Americans should grow up about sex. randys1 Sep 2015 #60
Is this really only a US issue? Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #62
Americans should grow up about sex. randys1 Sep 2015 #63
Poorly worded gollygee Sep 2015 #65
Post removed Post removed Sep 2015 #66
We're not talking about men. We're talking about trans-women. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #68
Well, to be fair, it is my OP and that was my poll question (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #73
Yeah, and your framing is fucking bullshit. n/t backscatter712 Sep 2015 #75
I'm sorry that you didn't like the wording of my poll (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #78
And I'm not sorry for calling out your bullshit. n/t backscatter712 Sep 2015 #81
I appreciate your contribution to the discussion. I certainly don't need an apology. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #85
And half our country is infatuated with Donald Trump. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #131
Polls like this are called push polls for a reason. Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #180
Hmmm. I didn't use the word "rape", the word "attack" or even the word "assault", Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #186
Calling transwomen "biological men," which your second question expressly does, Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #200
Under 50 participants IS NOT HALF OF DU. PeaceNikki Sep 2015 #317
I agree about the bullshit framing. Frankly I'm not surprised, though. Arugula Latte Sep 2015 #95
Ditto on the bullshit framing AND not one bit surprised either. Polls like this make DU suck. bettyellen Sep 2015 #242
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service eggplant Sep 2015 #371
I don't think cis men should go into a women's room without announcing and gollygee Sep 2015 #72
Let's try this. Say a non-transgender man uses the lady's room at a highway rest stop every day, Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #76
Yes. It's called "being a Peeping Tom". WinkyDink Sep 2015 #84
Trans-women should not be subjected to a crotch-search to be allowed to go in a bathroom and pee. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #67
I agree with every word of your post (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #82
MEN have No Business in a woman's restroom and Visa Versa trueblue2007 Sep 2015 #71
My next question: Allowing TERFs on a Democratic message board. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #79
Relevant: Spider Jerusalem Sep 2015 #86
I love this cartoon. Tree-Hugger Sep 2015 #135
A very good question indeed! nt LostOne4Ever Sep 2015 #89
Because DU juries choose to allow it? Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #90
For those who don't know, TERF = Trans-Exclusionary Reactionary Feminist. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #98
I have had quite an education Tree-Hugger Sep 2015 #138
There are no TERFs here. The OP is not a radical feminist. geek tragedy Sep 2015 #93
There are plenty of TERFs here (not necessarily in this thread, perhaps) Spider Jerusalem Sep 2015 #97
the only transphobic stuff I've seen have been from those who are generally not aligned geek tragedy Sep 2015 #104
Then you haven't seen the same things I have, but I can assure you they're here. Spider Jerusalem Sep 2015 #108
you can PM, I'd be interested to see geek tragedy Sep 2015 #109
I think I know who the previous poster is talking about gollygee Sep 2015 #117
The James Dobson wing of the party is sure getting an airing here today, ain't they? Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #107
An altogether better question. nt Codeine Sep 2015 #121
Hell no. sagat Sep 2015 #87
If *HE* is dressed as a woman, I'll let him come in mainer Sep 2015 #92
Doesn't such an approach simply woolldog Sep 2015 #287
Sex-Segregated Public Restrooms Are an Outdated Relic of Victorian Paternalism davidn3600 Sep 2015 #100
I agree! tammywammy Sep 2015 #116
A rapist is more likely to walk into a woman's restroom if he knows he cannot be arrested Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #128
Someone that already has ill intentions is going to do it regardless. n/t tammywammy Sep 2015 #141
Why would you think that? What proof of any sort do you have of that? uppityperson Sep 2015 #232
as long as they use a stall and don't request those smelly urinals notadmblnd Sep 2015 #103
The results of the poll are sad and uninformed. yardwork Sep 2015 #114
I thought perhaps an armband so that the gender police could clearly identify them. Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #181
Yeah, a piece of flair that they'd be required to wear on their clothing... backscatter712 Sep 2015 #184
How about a yellow penis on their clothes geardaddy Sep 2015 #364
Are you kidding me with this? blogslut Sep 2015 #120
I'm guessing that you disagree with 50% of DU on this issue? (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #122
Oh, child. blogslut Sep 2015 #124
. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #126
Or as the Irish these days might say... backscatter712 Sep 2015 #137
I think the real issue is women feeling vulnerable to sexual assault mainer Sep 2015 #127
And that's why trans-women shouldn't be forced to use the men's room. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #132
This poll doesn't seem to hit the issue of transgender very fully. PatrickforO Sep 2015 #133
I was expecting the middle choice to get the most votes. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #145
Creeps have hidden in women's rooms before gollygee Sep 2015 #147
Remember this dude? Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #150
I don't think it'll make any difference at all gollygee Sep 2015 #155
If you don't think that any creeps would be emboldened by being legally allowed in the ladys room, Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #172
I am really confused why you continue this line uppityperson Sep 2015 #238
Oh. Well, I'd have voted the middle one! PatrickforO Sep 2015 #149
As a men, I selfishly would not give a shit who's in there with me. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #154
Well, I have a wife and daughters too, and soon will have a grand daughter. PatrickforO Sep 2015 #158
Again, I am not the slightest bit concerned about transgender people. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #160
Oh! I get it now. Sorry for being dense. PatrickforO Sep 2015 #165
How paternalistic of you. Goblinmonger Sep 2015 #211
Yes, having daughters has made me more paternalistic. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #215
I have a daughter Goblinmonger Sep 2015 #218
+1 Ed Suspicious Sep 2015 #250
Are you seriously not aware of how many transwomen Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #188
With almost 200 responses, DU divided 50-50 and a vigorous, lively debate? Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #191
So if I put an intentionally racist push poll up, Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #203
I have made it abundantly clear that I have no issue with genuine transgender people. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #206
Then why did you not put a single option in your poll Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #282
DU is not divided 50-50. Jamastiene Sep 2015 #349
Who do you know that carries "medical documentation of being transgender" around with them? uppityperson Sep 2015 #236
Yes, we can make transsexuals wear something on their clothes to prove they are. jeff47 Sep 2015 #331
As long as they don't pee on the seat, I don't get the problem HereSince1628 Sep 2015 #136
I've often wondered if anyone here has kids... ileus Sep 2015 #139
The question is not whether men (however you label them) Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #146
the transphobic poster of this transphobic poll knows that and thinks he is being cute Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #171
Do you consider all the DUers who chose option 3 in the poll to be transphobic? (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #177
I consider your position here on this issue to be one of overt transphobic bigotry. Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #179
Again, thanks for sharing your feelings on this issue (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #183
Unisex shitters for all JackInGreen Sep 2015 #153
A person who is psychologically or physically a woman should use the prayin4rain Sep 2015 #156
I would think that incidents of trans-women assaulting cis-women would be very rare. Maedhros Sep 2015 #174
Oh, I totally agree. prayin4rain Sep 2015 #197
Your question is transphobic. Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #161
For all the women here that are fine with this Heeeeers Johnny Sep 2015 #168
So do women Tree-Hugger Sep 2015 #216
LOL @ "deuces" geardaddy Sep 2015 #365
Having been a janitor, both men and women are slobs in toilets. uppityperson Sep 2015 #240
I would assume most use the urinal, and as such the toilets are cleaner. Travis_0004 Sep 2015 #264
I don't know how to break this to you, but there are no urinals in a women's restroom. WillowTree Sep 2015 #284
"YOU VANT TO TAKE DUMP?? VERE ARE YOUR PAPERS??" bullwinkle428 Sep 2015 #189
Conservatives Use "Bathroom Panic" To Defeat Transgender Non-Discrimination Laws Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #194
In France there are unisex restrooms Nevernose Sep 2015 #204
Gendered bathrooms aren't necessary. Gormy Cuss Sep 2015 #208
How about we relabel the bathrooms on the NJ Turnpike rest stops as "bathroom 1" and "bathroom 2", Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #210
Why do you think women wouldn't be receptive to this concept? Gormy Cuss Sep 2015 #220
Outside of Wrigley Field I haven't seen "troughs" in at least 25 years (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #222
And that anecdote means what, exactly? Gormy Cuss Sep 2015 #225
Then you haven't been to the First Avenue club in Minneapolis. bullwinkle428 Sep 2015 #241
There are still a few places... backscatter712 Sep 2015 #248
And the CC Club and Lyle's and the State Fair geardaddy Sep 2015 #367
Post removed Post removed Sep 2015 #209
And because in one case, a black man assaulted a white woman... backscatter712 Sep 2015 #214
Not sure single-sex restrooms are analogous to whites-only schools. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #217
And we have a winner!!![n/t] LostOne4Ever Sep 2015 #237
Congratulations, exhaustive Googling has found you a single instance... Spider Jerusalem Sep 2015 #226
A letter from a psychiatrist is actually a good idea, Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #229
You seem to be amazingly ignorant Spider Jerusalem Sep 2015 #233
It's just the usual trolling. Nothing more. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Sep 2015 #313
Biological men Tree-Hugger Sep 2015 #224
Its called a "Urinal" if you have penis...use it. hexola Sep 2015 #227
Head Games... hexola Sep 2015 #228
Is there no such thing as Heterophobia? (nt) hexola Sep 2015 #244
No there isn't. Its homophobic bullshit similar to "reverse racism". n/t Humanist_Activist Sep 2015 #297
No. shenmue Sep 2015 #305
I don't know how I feel about this yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #247
tired of offending the usual groups? CreekDog Sep 2015 #252
Would DU be a better and more interesting place if nobody was ever offended? Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #256
No. DU would be a better place without transphobia or homophobic posts. uppityperson Sep 2015 #261
Perhaps we could have some kind of "jury system" Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #265
What post of yours was hidden in the last 90 days? I am sincerely curious, if you'd link it. uppityperson Sep 2015 #276
(Trigger warning) it was a somewhat facetious remark about "microaggressions" and "trigger warnings". Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #279
Frankly, Snobblevitch Sep 2015 #254
My genitals are not attached to a facility. Are yours? uppityperson Sep 2015 #259
Why? Starry Messenger Sep 2015 #298
I second the "Why?" justiceischeap Sep 2015 #340
I was attempting sarcasm at the expense of Jenner. Snobblevitch Sep 2015 #366
I don't care who poops where. svpadgham Sep 2015 #255
And how do you determine this? ibegurpard Sep 2015 #258
A DUer upthread suggested that a psychiatrist's letter could serve as documentation. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #262
Are you seriously suggesting we check papers ibegurpard Sep 2015 #268
No. (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #272
Papers please? backscatter712 Sep 2015 #270
No. But if a woman complains to a cop or security guard about a man in the women's restroom, Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #277
If a woman complains about a person behaving inappropriately in the women's restroom, Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #288
I did not, in fact, suggest that Spider Jerusalem Sep 2015 #290
I'm going to be rude here. WARNING! Don't read the text Nye, you will likley be offended. vkkv Sep 2015 #369
Im confused...by excremental discrimination hexola Sep 2015 #275
How about getting rid of the gaps? tandot Sep 2015 #273
How is this going to be determined? lonestarnot Sep 2015 #291
I couldn't care less Egnever Sep 2015 #296
Push poll much? marmar Sep 2015 #299
No, "push poll" does not mean "poll whose results I don't like Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #315
If a transgender woman wants to use a restroom who cares what is between her legs? dilby Sep 2015 #306
Nuke the site from orbit. Orrex Sep 2015 #311
There is always a line at the womens restrooms liberal N proud Sep 2015 #314
You are a real piece of work, Nye. morningfog Sep 2015 #319
why is 'i am an asshole' not a response option? La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2015 #320
Anyone who believes themself to be an asshole is welcome to post that in the thread (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #321
i believe you are, so you should have added it as an option. nt La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2015 #322
That would force them to either "break character" or show some self awareness. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Sep 2015 #344
The option I was looking for was 'The author of this poll is a bigoted, shallow minded fool'. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #375
I won't answer your poll. MineralMan Sep 2015 #325
I was beginning to wonder why you hadn't voted. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #330
I doubt you were wondering about that at all. MineralMan Sep 2015 #338
Huge straw man post! nt longship Sep 2015 #328
anyone have kids here??? ileus Sep 2015 #329
Yep. Even have a daughter. The poll is still a steaming pile of transphobia. (nt) jeff47 Sep 2015 #332
No Capt. Obvious Sep 2015 #334
I have two kids. n/t gollygee Sep 2015 #368
What a crock of shit. Jamastiene Sep 2015 #333
You've eaten quite the meal this week Capt. Obvious Sep 2015 #335
When did you stop beating your spouse? That question is just as honest as your poll. Humanist_Activist Sep 2015 #336
A thread to prove my point and rather perfectly. Rex Sep 2015 #343
I'm not sure which is worse . . . markpkessinger Sep 2015 #370
Bigoted push poll- and another abstention for this trash bettyellen Sep 2015 #372
Who gives a shit? bobclark86 Sep 2015 #385
Yes, chilling is good...breahe.... CTyankee Sep 2015 #387
^^ This ^^ Fearless Sep 2015 #397
It's a bathroom. Do you have separate bathrooms for men and women at home?? Fearless Sep 2015 #396
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