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Tue Sep 8, 2015, 02:56 PM Sep 2015

Hey YOU! You there with the American Flag flying on your car! [View all]

I know you think you are being patriotic, but to me, you are really being the exact opposite of that. You are being disrespectful to the flag, and the USA, and you are in reality the symbol of exactly what is wrong with America.

The flag I know, the one that draped the coffin (Died during World War II) of my Mother's brother (And my namesake), was made of cloth. cloth made right here in the USA. it was sewed right here in the USA. My Grandma used to bring it out of the display case on special occasions and let us touch it and feel it, the silk stars and the satiny fabric of the stripes. To this day, I can remember how that flag felt and I and my Brother considered it an honor to fold and place in the case that she proudly displayed on her mantle. Grandma took especial care to see that it was always in perfect condition.

The flag I know, the one that I folded time after time in the Boy Scouts, and as a special student activity in school, was made of cloth. Cloth made right here in the USA. The flag I know was sewed right here in the USA. By people that were employed right here in the USA. By a US company that paid workers well and paid taxes in the USA. I always took special delight in the fact that how you fold the flag is how you also fold a paper football. And I would take extra effort to make them perfect every time too.

The flag I know, the one that I saw draped over my friend's coffins during the Vietnam war, was made of cloth. Cloth made right here in the USA. The flag I know was sewed right here in the USA. By people that were employed right here in the USA. By a US company that paid workers well and paid taxes in the USA. In my middle class neighborhood, seeing these flags was commonplace. The flags that fly over the Vietnam Memorials, in both Washington and Sacramento and containing my friend's names, are made of cloth.

The flag I know, the one that draped my Uncle Gene's coffin, (first man on the beach at Normandy as an unarmed medic who lived until 1999 bust seldom talked about himself and the war) was made of cloth. Cloth made right here in the USA. The flag I know was sewed right here in the USA. By people that were employed right here in the USA. By a US company that paid workers well and paid taxes in the USA. That flag was put on display in the family home, along with my namesake's and both are a cherished keepsake of the family.

The Flag I know was a keepsake something special, something to care for. And we knew the rules. Taken down at sundown and put up at sunrise (many times with Taps playing) and hats off during the anthem. Never to touch the ground. RESPECT THE FLAG.

I may have disagreed with the policies of the country, but when the flag was shown, I gave respect to the symbol of the country. Hats off, Hand over heart, no talking. The flag was special, and still is, no matter the squabble with policy.

The flag you are flying? Well that flag is made of OIL. (nylon you know) OIL that came from another country. It was made by slave labor in a foreign land (China, Bangledesh, or some other third world country) by a company that more likely than not does not contribute in any way towards this county the USA. Not via taxes or anything other than selling cheap ass crap at a stores across the country.

The same stores that do not pay living wages to the people that work there. The same stores that evade taxes by sending billions of dollars overseas in order to avoid taxes.

That, to me is disrespectful, not only of the flag, but the country you profess to love when I see your foreign merchandise flapping in the breeze as you ride around town, at all hours of the day or night. Please stop disrespecting the flag and the country.

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It is disrespectful to let the flag get rained on. IggleDoer Sep 2015 #1
Interesting comment. I'm not American... SwissTony Sep 2015 #2
They used to be. Not so much any more. When I was jwirr Sep 2015 #3
if you respond to this post, you will have 33,333 posts. Capn Sunshine Sep 2015 #22
LOL jwirr Sep 2015 #41
flag code w0nderer Sep 2015 #4
Realistically, the law requires nothing. jeff47 Sep 2015 #9
since i recently got slammed on this w0nderer Sep 2015 #15
Copied from the Flag Code ... IggleDoer Sep 2015 #35
The flag should not be displayed on days when the weather is inclement, except when an all weather Jamastiene Sep 2015 #38
Not on a Military Base One_Life_To_Give Sep 2015 #14
Raise the flag at 0800? I wish! JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2015 #19
The actual rules and how I feel CajunBlazer Sep 2015 #30
No, the protocols don't call for it n/t sarge43 Sep 2015 #32
The U.S. flag is not supposed to fly in inclement weather. Period. WinkyDink Sep 2015 #64
my conservative neighbors used to keep their flag out in front of their house in all hollysmom Sep 2015 #17
No it is not hack89 Sep 2015 #20
Maybe in our efforts to bring manufacturing back to jwirr Sep 2015 #5
You can purchase plenty American FLags Sissyk Sep 2015 #29
Thank you. jwirr Sep 2015 #42
A guy in my neighborhood has four flags on his car nichomachus Sep 2015 #6
Wow. ghostsinthemachine Sep 2015 #8
I'd be playing this everytime I passed his house. GoneOffShore Sep 2015 #25
Yep....John says it all...we've seen all of this before. LOL haikugal Sep 2015 #27
You see them a lot in the Southern States. The "Patriots" driving the streets with Flags-a-flying! BlueJazz Sep 2015 #7
Do you tour The South often? bvar22 Sep 2015 #31
Most of the ones I've seen are in Jacksonville through northern Florida, southern Georgia, .. BlueJazz Sep 2015 #39
I see them on a regular basis where I live in Missouri xmas74 Sep 2015 #58
Yes!...I've seen that also a lot more lately. Let me tell you, I'm quite impressed. BlueJazz Sep 2015 #59
The American flag will be faded and tattered xmas74 Sep 2015 #61
In the weeks after 9/11 in NYC in LiberalElite Sep 2015 #57
I have an American flag on my American car. Throd Sep 2015 #10
I love it when it's stuck on a foreign car. Brickbat Sep 2015 #11
I don't give a fuck where it's made. It's a SYMBOL. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2015 #12
All I would hope to see is that people secure their flags to their rigs at high speeds. punguin54 Sep 2015 #33
I don't remember ever seeing that. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2015 #44
I even see a few of these PasadenaTrudy Sep 2015 #13
I have always taken the flags on cars to mean that. Person 2713 Sep 2015 #43
If you look you can find flags made in the USA doc03 Sep 2015 #16
Something that puzzles me, the flag is supposed to be displayed with doc03 Sep 2015 #18
Army regulations mandate it be worn that way hack89 Sep 2015 #21
Wow it gives the effect that the flag is backwards to me, well at least I know now. I doc03 Sep 2015 #24
Think about a flag being carried in a parade hack89 Sep 2015 #26
This could support my theory that the government bought a million doc03 Sep 2015 #28
Look on aircraft Duckhunter935 Sep 2015 #55
Another thought on flags on cars: AlinPA Sep 2015 #23
it's an accessor, a way to get a leg up over anyone else MisterP Sep 2015 #34
They aren't being patriotic, they're being trolls..... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #36
I know Liberals who fly the flag pinboy3niner Sep 2015 #45
No kidding... Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #48
That flag is stuck into a pile of bones from our founder's genocide, so there is that. jtuck004 Sep 2015 #37
Oy vey. Desert805 Sep 2015 #46
I feel just fine.<G> I'm not the one who has to be reminded that they have a LOT more jtuck004 Sep 2015 #50
The "patriots" fly or wear the flag everywhere and paste it on anything to the point that A Simple Game Sep 2015 #40
I think the reverence shown to red, white & blue fabric/plastic here is weird and creepy. Arugula Latte Sep 2015 #47
It's not the flag, It's the rampant nationalism they display with the symbol. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #49
Right. It often seems to be a package of nationalism, jingoism, U.S. exceptionalism, and Arugula Latte Sep 2015 #60
I swear, the Right was in heaven seeing tanks with the American flag tearing through the desert. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2015 #63
TOTALLY agree. While worthy of respect, the worship thing is just way over the top. underahedgerow Sep 2015 #52
Oh hell. I thought this was going to be a Pink Floyd knockoff... Purveyor Sep 2015 #51
Don't you mean 'Pinko Floyd'? pinboy3niner Sep 2015 #53
We really have become a world fueled by outrage over other's actions. CBGLuthier Sep 2015 #54
Actually, probably by slaves that were owned by members of my family.... ghostsinthemachine Sep 2015 #62
Slightly off-topic, but I've been noticing Lars39 Sep 2015 #56
I'm a flag nut; I went around on 9/12/01 educating neighbors who had hung a flag backwards. BUT----- WinkyDink Sep 2015 #65
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