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27. But Bernie has not ignored the issues and he has been the first to speak out on many of them. He
Mon Jul 20, 2015, 01:36 PM
Jul 2015

was speaking out on them at NN.

The issues BLM are trying to keep front and center since Ferguson MO are critical to change. If they are left to stagnate they will be forgotten. That justified what they are doing.

And I actually think they accomplished what they set out to accomplish. They brought attention back to the issue.

Now I am going to say something I know I am going to get slammed for: If this is going to happen at every point in the primary - how are we going to get a candidate elected for the Democratic Party as a nominee for president? If this is going to be the method of protest then it needs to be applied to all candidates not just these two. And if it is applied to all candidates - that is screaming them down so that they cannot even answer - what am I to base my vote on?

Many POC on this site are totally correct that the issue most be an issue in this campaign. They are also right to protest to keep the issue alive.

But please answer the question I am asking. We have one candidate who is well known and others who are working to get their message out there. How do the unknown candidates get known if we cannot hear their message? How do we make sure we get the best candidate as the nominee if we have nothing other than how they reacted to being protested to go on? How do the unknown candidates compete with the front runner if they are not allowed to speak? Are we even going to get to see the debates?

Here on DU that is not much of a problem because we know about the candidates already. Even in Iowa and New Hampshire this is not going to be the problem. But what about in other primaries? Do we really want a election where the candidate won because of who they are rather than what they think?

It was just a waste of everyone's time, sounds like. TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #1
While I don't necessarily agree that is was a waste of time. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #2
Thank You. charlyvi Jul 2015 #3
Or they've decided what was intended and ignored the author's intent. Igel Jul 2015 #19
racial injustice has always been #2 and that an idealistic position heaven05 Jul 2015 #59
Sometimes I wish we could just take back ... ananda Jul 2015 #4
This isn't a passive voice situation. jeff47 Jul 2015 #22
Okaayy ananda Jul 2015 #67
And you missed mine. jeff47 Jul 2015 #69
Weelll... ananda Jul 2015 #84
So your solution to being treated like that Shankapotomus Jul 2015 #5
Not shocked that is what you take away. Not shocked at all. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #7
"Take away"? Shankapotomus Jul 2015 #12
if the BLM has offended you. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #57
from your response heaven05 Jul 2015 #62
Getting sickening around here. Thank you for the sanity randys1 Jul 2015 #55
You do Bernie zero favors with this hyper-defensive offal geek tragedy Jul 2015 #13
you have no idea heaven05 Jul 2015 #61
Sounds like Code Pink zipplewrath Jul 2015 #6
I was a member of code pink Mojorabbit Jul 2015 #87
+1 mopinko Jul 2015 #8
Well said. Daemonaquila Jul 2015 #9
But Bernie has not ignored the issues and he has been the first to speak out on many of them. He jwirr Jul 2015 #27
We don't. stranger81 Jul 2015 #91
No. Because Black lives do matter and something needs to be done. mmonk Jul 2015 #10
This would be funny if I didn't feel the sentiment was actually real. It can't be real. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #11
I protest plenty. Doing it is fine. Can I have a different opinion? It's not like saying mmonk Jul 2015 #14
You have asked one question and the answer is amazingly simple. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #16
My apologies. mmonk Jul 2015 #32
protest about what issues? heaven05 Jul 2015 #63
I have marched on both of those issues. mmonk Jul 2015 #68
okay heaven05 Jul 2015 #70
. mmonk Jul 2015 #71
Black protestors want to grab attention from Bernie's media bubble KittyWampus Jul 2015 #15
will this have any impact on results of election? 6chars Jul 2015 #39
In The Progressive Movement RobinA Jul 2015 #99
I'm just wondering why they are not speaking to those in power NOW. cwydro Jul 2015 #17
Because there is media following the primary candidates around KittyWampus Jul 2015 #20
Oh, I see. cwydro Jul 2015 #21
Yes, it's not like Obama's every single movement is reported widely.... (nt) jeff47 Jul 2015 #23
how easy is it for multiple BLM protestors to get into Netroots KittyWampus Jul 2015 #25
Depends on the venue. Some are easy, some are impossible. jeff47 Jul 2015 #28
Why not focus it on the Republicans venue though? cstanleytech Jul 2015 #41
The creepublican heaven05 Jul 2015 #66
Have you even seen what the voter turnout for this country is? Mexico even beats us. cstanleytech Jul 2015 #73
I've worked in some capacity heaven05 Jul 2015 #76
So your calling the democrats corrupt? cstanleytech Jul 2015 #78
No, good try. Not slick at all heaven05 Jul 2015 #79
So I am trying to be slick and your not saying they are corrupt just the system is corrupt?......ok. cstanleytech Jul 2015 #80
okay and like times before heaven05 Jul 2015 #81
Lol. cwydro Jul 2015 #74
Not the point heaven05 Jul 2015 #64
Perhaps they saw what happened to the undocumented trans woman who interrupted Obama last Bluenorthwest Jul 2015 #103
The protesters mouthpiece... HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #106
It's not about discomfort. It's about learning about your target before you attack. jeff47 Jul 2015 #18
"The point of activists like BLM is ... to get their issues into the political discussion." geek tragedy Jul 2015 #24
Not when those candidates were already discussing it. (nt) jeff47 Jul 2015 #29
discussing it to whose liking? nt geek tragedy Jul 2015 #42
Well, considering BLM claims they don't discuss it at all jeff47 Jul 2015 #44
So, safe to say the BLM advocates do not feel that the candidates have done/said enough geek tragedy Jul 2015 #49
No, because we also have really shitty media. jeff47 Jul 2015 #51
the media is a problem every candidate has to work around. geek tragedy Jul 2015 #56
I'd say BLM did get their issue into the political discussion. KittyWampus Jul 2015 #26
Except these candidates were already discussing it. jeff47 Jul 2015 #30
You have put out a complex and contradictory set of rules.... NCTraveler Jul 2015 #96
No, they haven't achieved their goal. jeff47 Jul 2015 #107
If Obama hadn't won that 65% of Black women in 2008 or 2012... Stellar Jul 2015 #31
Burning an ally strikes me like... HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #33
Thats assuming the goal isnt to destroy any potential coalition from building, you would cstanleytech Jul 2015 #45
Yes, But RobinA Jul 2015 #100
If I were a republican operative, I would funnel money to BLM HFRN Jul 2015 #34
And they would gladly take the money. I hope it is given. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #48
Utter idiocy to attack someone who agrees with you LittleBlue Jul 2015 #35
it's almost like a 'false flag' on one's self HFRN Jul 2015 #36
Agreed LittleBlue Jul 2015 #38
They weren't "supporters" in the first place heaven05 Jul 2015 #72
You're in serious denial LittleBlue Jul 2015 #82
So I have to fear heaven05 Jul 2015 #83
You have always understood the extreme politics of the disenfranchised and the fact that making Bluenorthwest Jul 2015 #37
I am not big on the attacks on Sanders in this area. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #53
You posted in support of LGBT protesters who have interrupted political events, which most on DU Bluenorthwest Jul 2015 #101
Wonderful reply that leaves me with thoughts to ponder. That is always appreciated. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #105
Bravely said by the anonymous internet poster. n/t brentspeak Jul 2015 #40
I appreciate the compliment. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #47
I still hope both politicians will treat this as a moment of epiphany Betty Karlson Jul 2015 #43
1. because there's a sudden and massive "Sanders isn't listening to Black people" meme & 2. because MisterP Jul 2015 #46
Why isn't this in the primary group? Some people use it others ignore it. Why? whereisjustice Jul 2015 #50
Probably because the issue is a national one mmonk Jul 2015 #54
I lurve this post (reference from Annie Hall) love randys1 Jul 2015 #52
The anger over Sandra Bland's murder, #Black Lives Matter and o'malley-sanders heaven05 Jul 2015 #58
K&R. nt awoke_in_2003 Jul 2015 #60
I mostly agree with you, and I think it was a positive for Bernie. jtuck004 Jul 2015 #65
Thank You! Tarheel_Dem Jul 2015 #75
I think "BLM" group were targeting the wrong people. These candidates have open ears and hearts. YOHABLO Jul 2015 #77
Then what's up with the responses? I'm thinking they would have already meat uponit7771 Jul 2015 #88
I watched the video twice and nilesobek Jul 2015 #85
Thanks, NCT. Being Dissed is nothing compared to Being Dead. Patience wearing thin. n/t freshwest Jul 2015 #86
Nevermind... SlipperySlope Jul 2015 #89
Not in the least. WorseBeforeBetter Jul 2015 #90
O'Maley is my guy. NCTraveler Jul 2015 #97
No, I'm just sad. nt Zorra Jul 2015 #92
Uncomfortable? Hell no. Why? DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2015 #93
Never mind. Blue_In_AK Jul 2015 #94
Yes! bravenak Jul 2015 #95
You know, when some people see "BLM" they're going to think of: Herman4747 Jul 2015 #98
LOL. Some will I suppose. mmonk Jul 2015 #104
BLM needs to keep it's "Eyes on the Prize". ZX86 Jul 2015 #102
The whole incident reminded me of a toddler pitching a fit. Vinca Jul 2015 #108
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