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Fri Jul 10, 2015, 05:16 PM Jul 2015

Ted Cruz Busted For Buying His Own Books As NY Times Refuses To Put Him On Bestseller List [View all]

The New York Times has refused to put Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on their bestseller list after finding evidence that his book sales were not authentic.

New York Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy told Politico, “We have uniform standards that we apply to our best seller list, which includes an analysis of book sales that goes beyond simply the number of books sold. This book didn’t meet that standard this week. Our goal is that the list reflect authentic best sellers, so we look at and analyze not just numbers, but patterns of sales for every book.”

Murphy later added more detail, “In the case of this book, the overwhelming preponderance of evidence was that sales were limited to strategic bulk purchases.”

Strategic bulk purchases is a polite way of saying that Cruz, his super PAC, or organization that he cut a deal with, bought the books in bulk to inflate his sales numbers and land him on the bestseller list.


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Ted Cruz Throws A Tantrum And Claims NY Times Is Lying About Him Buying His Own Books CatWoman Jul 2015 #1
He's just miffed that the NYT let the Cat-in-the-Hat out of the bag pinboy3niner Jul 2015 #3
Yep... IthinkThereforeIAM Jul 2015 #38
Palin was accused of doing same thing. dixiegrrrrl Jul 2015 #44
50 cents off with another 1/2 off when you buy a Slurpee SummerSnow Jul 2015 #75
my books came with their pages stuck timdog44 Jul 2015 #94
The republican timdog44 Jul 2015 #93
I wonder if reading levels are another reasons these books don't sell? dixiegrrrrl Jul 2015 #98
I just saw timdog44 Jul 2015 #99
we got your thread winner rightchear Richardo Jul 2015 #61
OMgods.. I hadn't read this before I made my post.. LOL. Way to call it! I think we all know his Cha Jul 2015 #43
Caught red handed. Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #2
Bwahahahahaa!!!! Daemonaquila Jul 2015 #4
Excuse me! ejbr Jul 2015 #60
What? You mean Ted is dishonest? Ilsa Jul 2015 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author trusty elf Jul 2015 #57
Damn. There goes my main marketing plan for my next book. DavidDvorkin Jul 2015 #6
Busted. lol Jefferson23 Jul 2015 #7
it's available at costco, which only stocks right winger books as of today nt msongs Jul 2015 #8
Say whaaa? Flying Squirrel Jul 2015 #41
Costco is a common dumping ground for books where far too many copies were printed. jeff47 Jul 2015 #53
Nope. Newly released bestsellers are at Costco mainer Jul 2015 #65
That might be the official policy, but Raleigh NC Costco is a dumping ground: Ann Coulter, loudsue Jul 2015 #87
There used to be, in malls, a store called Books a Million dixiegrrrrl Jul 2015 #80
So you are saying that CostCo only stocks right winger books? I'm calling you... erronis Jul 2015 #59
Last week at Costco, I noticed Jane Austin Jul 2015 #79
I'll stand corrected. That surprises me given CostCo's usually blue-ish tinge erronis Jul 2015 #83
I'm not sure if that is a local thing or not. Here in Eastern WA, very white, jtuck004 Jul 2015 #86
The grifter's scam exposed. Your super PAC can't just give you the cash they bilk from ... Scuba Jul 2015 #9
Yep Thespian2 Jul 2015 #11
Bulk buying is a common and shrewd technique in the publishing industry. hankhenry Jul 2015 #10
Yeah, I've heard of this before. That's how a lot of weird books get on the list. cui bono Jul 2015 #14
It's an old technique that is being honed. hankhenry Jul 2015 #19
Yeah, "best seller" has been a meaningless adjective.... AlbertCat Jul 2015 #33
They breathe; they lie. n/t sarge43 Jul 2015 #12
Sweet as... malaise Jul 2015 #13
The Times is suddenly worried about that now? jmowreader Jul 2015 #15
First time I noticed that was when I saw multiple copies of that stupid hit-job SWIFTBOAT book TrollBuster9090 Jul 2015 #18
There is nothing they won't cheat at. nt Snotcicles Jul 2015 #16
Too Bad "Joe The Dumbass" Didn't Have A Superpac Buying His Book to Put Him On The NY Times TrollBuster9090 Jul 2015 #17
according tothe N.Y.T.s best sellers list olddots Jul 2015 #20
As a reading specialist, I beg to differ. maddiemom Jul 2015 #63
Can you provide us with some support for that claim? Enthusiast Jul 2015 #74
This message was self-deleted by its author maddiemom Aug 2015 #107
(Waaay Late) Of course not. It was a generalization. maddiemom Aug 2015 #108
Thank you, maddiemom. nt Enthusiast Aug 2015 #109
A liar and cheat from the get-go. JDPriestly Jul 2015 #21
Well... Ted Cruz always has a fallback career as a professional Homer Simpson impersonator. Initech Jul 2015 #22
Good one! Is that embarrassing ad still out there? maddiemom Jul 2015 #50
I'm sure there is a perfectly innocent explanation! Helen Borg Jul 2015 #23
They didn't used to care quite so much, it seems. calimary Jul 2015 #24
Yes, it seems the NYT changed their policy Oilwellian Jul 2015 #28
At one time there was a little asterisk or check mark that appeared by the name of the book, calimary Jul 2015 #32
You're so right...I had forgotten about that n/t Oilwellian Jul 2015 #36
Thanks NJCher Jul 2015 #40
Yes, I've heard right wingers say treestar Jul 2015 #56
Republican donors have to be the worst businesspeople ever IronLionZion Jul 2015 #25
This is common practice whenever B Calm Jul 2015 #26
That's right, and they guage the timing very carefully. Nitram Jul 2015 #95
Is it only about the bestseller list ToxMarz Jul 2015 #27
Pukes and Baggers...ALWAYS up to some kind of skeeze. SoapBox Jul 2015 #29
This has been going on for years. NanceGreggs Jul 2015 #30
I see hard cover books in Dollar Tree written by right-wing authors all the time. O'Reilly books can B Calm Jul 2015 #35
IOKIYAR Feeling the Bern Jul 2015 #31
Will Sarah Failin' be next? OldRedneck Jul 2015 #34
Can Cruz even read his own book? Lancero Jul 2015 #37
The scary thing about Cruz is that he IS quit literate. dixiegrrrrl Jul 2015 #81
Whether he is buying hid own books or not, Creepy Cruz... 3catwoman3 Jul 2015 #39
Not the first time that's happened.. but, is it the first time anyone's been so spectaculary busted Cha Jul 2015 #42
check response #1 CatWoman Jul 2015 #48
I know! I responded to that after I wrote my post.. I know exactly how thinks by now. And, I Cha Jul 2015 #82
So that must mean he's on the Worstseller List Generic Brad Jul 2015 #45
Somebody call the WAAAHmbulance for widdle Wafael! Fritz Walter Jul 2015 #46
Cruz's whole existence is about gaining name recognition to run for POTUS. maddiemom Jul 2015 #47
Ted Bought his Own Books???? To Get on The Bestseller List??? Is That HONEST???? Stuart G Jul 2015 #49
Oooh, a Black Sox reference? brett_jv Jul 2015 #91
Is he a Scientologist, too? ChazInAz Jul 2015 #51
Buying your own books? IRS Bait bucolic_frolic Jul 2015 #52
So glad he got caught! treestar Jul 2015 #54
I seem to remember reading years ago that this is what Coulter and O'Reilly did, too. George II Jul 2015 #55
Cruz caught for phony Beatlemania!! b-WAHHA! Eleanors38 Jul 2015 #58
With fifteen plus republican cadidates, they are all the same Diremoon Jul 2015 #62
The list is meaningless. Every Real Housewife has NYT Bestseller! Phentex Jul 2015 #64
what a fucking loser nt arely staircase Jul 2015 #66
Living those 'christian' values... Faux pas Jul 2015 #67
This is standard for Right Wingers. They've been doing this to SIMULATE popular support for YEARS... Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2015 #68
Creepy fuckin cheater! Dont call me Shirley Jul 2015 #69
Ann Coulter bulk buys lead to the NYT using a special symbol underpants Jul 2015 #70
Once again it is proven; Republicans can only win when they cheat. CanonRay Jul 2015 #71
Idiot! Those in the know have a think-tank buy their books. It's a not-so clever rhett o rick Jul 2015 #72
Standard Republican procedure Tardigrade Jul 2015 #73
I think I saw that on Morning Joe...what an embarrassment...altho Joe and Mika CTyankee Jul 2015 #76
Cruz, total POS! n/t RKP5637 Jul 2015 #77
What am I supposed to say to this??? Cozet Jul 2015 #78
*raises hand* CatWoman Jul 2015 #85
Ha! Unfortunately, that doesn't get me past the Harper Collins people. Any ideas? Cozet Jul 2015 #88
No offense, but this a VERY old 'trolling' tactic ... brett_jv Jul 2015 #92
Shrub probably bought one to replace My Pet Goat. kairos12 Jul 2015 #84
That is pathetic. n/t Chemisse Jul 2015 #89
What surprises me is it only takes 11,000 sold to be #1 or #2 mainer Jul 2015 #90
Self bulk buying?-----that's just one more, in the string of things about him, that sucks. Sheepshank Jul 2015 #96
Oops liberal N proud Jul 2015 #97
Ted Cruz is one of the biggest crooks, but being from TX. We all rladdi Jul 2015 #100
Common practice from the right wing. Buying in bulk. Solly Mack Jul 2015 #101
Typical Republican Kevin from WI Jul 2015 #102
cruz's shows his continued dishonesty samsingh Jul 2015 #103
Having the RNC or Fox make bulk purchases libodem Jul 2015 #104
Exactly ---It's the old Ann Coulter trick nikto Jul 2015 #105
This is nothing new for right winger authors. SoCalDem Jul 2015 #106
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