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Sat Jun 27, 2015, 10:42 PM Jun 2015

An Open Letter to Mike "The Huckster" Huckabee [View all]

RE your comment “Jesus Wept” upon hearing the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage

Being as you deign to know what Jesus would actually weep about, I have a few questions for you.

Jesus admonished His followers to feed the hungry. How much does He weep when your party consistently votes for measures that deny food stamps to hungry Americans, especially hungry children? How upset do you suppose He gets when Republicans actually make feeding the homeless a crime?

Jesus bade his followers to care for the sick. How many tears has He shed as he’s watched Republicans repeatedly attempt to destroy Obamacare, which actually allows the sick to be cared for? How many times has He wept unabashedly as your party turns its back on disabled veterans (disabled fighting a war that your party pursued and championed, by the way) by claiming their medical and rehabilitation costs are an “entitlement” the country simply can’t afford?

Jesus told his followers to shelter the homeless. How much has He wailed as people like yourself demonize the “least among us” by declaring them lazy parasites unworthy of notice, no less actual assistance? How many nights has The Nazarene cried himself to sleep as homeless Americans are mocked, spat upon, and chased from the streets on which they are forced to live because people like you refuse to help them in any way?

You know, if you actually read the New Testament (which apparently you haven’t), you would know that Christ never once spoke out against homosexuality – not once. Maybe He was too busy to opine on the topic, what with actually feeding the hungry and caring for the sick and all. But it would seem rather far-fetched that if He thought it was such an “abomination before God”, He wouldn’t have managed at least a negative comment or two during his entire lifetime.

You really should acquaint yourself with Christ’s teachings, Huckster. He was a rather remarkable fellow. He said a lot of things you could really learn from – like loving one’s neighbour, being our brother’s keeper, doing unto others as we would have done to ourselves – ya know, all the stuff you and your ilk choose to ignore while focusing instead on what He never said about gays and lesbians.

If you are going to hold yourself out as knowing what Jesus would weep about, it might be a good idea to first familiarize yourself with who He was, what He stood for, and what He actually said.

Oh, and just by the way – while remaining completely mute on the topic of homosexuality, Christ had quite a few choice comments about those who would mislead the faithful by pretending to speak in His name. You might want to take a really close look at those particular passages. It’s almost as though he had you in mind when he warned his followers about those who would spew utter bullshit under the guise of speaking on His behalf. It was like He was downright prescient, that Christ guy – able to foresee the likes of you and your fellow “Christians”, over 2,000 years before the fact, speaking out against everything He exemplified, while pretending to do so on His behalf.

I am not even a Christian – and yet I seem to be far more acquainted with Christ’s message than you are. Do you have any explanation whatsoever for why that would be the case?

Just wonderin'.

--- NanceGreggs

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I just tweeted your letter to his account MrScorpio Jun 2015 #13
Oh, I am SURE I don't. NanceGreggs Jun 2015 #21
Gracias, Mr Scorpio! Cha Jun 2015 #38
And I retweeted you to my account! Elmer S. E. Dump Jun 2015 #55
And forget all about that part about it being easier IDemo Jun 2015 #14
well said. nt DesertFlower Jun 2015 #15
Just so you know Jesus wasn't a Christian either LynneSin Jun 2015 #16
I'm a Buddhist, and I know the teachings of Jesus vlyons Jun 2015 #17
Oh, baby! Great post! Enthusiast Jun 2015 #27
Nance, this is the best OP of yours I've read. Congratulations. Scuba Jun 2015 #18
agreed. Not usually a fan, but... druidity33 Jun 2015 #73
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No, no, no, that was the original Jesus mindwalker_i Jun 2015 #22
Nailed it. joanbarnes Jun 2015 #23
And while I'm listening to a premature 4th of July fireworks splurge, I'm reading an essay that goes calimary Jun 2015 #24
This posting also hits the nail on the head. Frustratedlady Jun 2015 #32
They also don't seem to remember the parable of the Good Samaritan vlyons Jun 2015 #42
Yep. Totally. The shunned. And the outsiders. calimary Jun 2015 #57
Yes, loving kindness and compassion are built into our human nature vlyons Jun 2015 #60
Well done rufus dog Jun 2015 #25
Christianity is Jamaal510 Jun 2015 #26
We know "The Huckster" picks the biblical passages that support his views. Enthusiast Jun 2015 #28
True. NanceGreggs Jun 2015 #29
Exactly. Enthusiast Jun 2015 #30
He's ignoring an awful lot - TBF Jun 2015 #48
I agree 100%. I don't think it's a matter of misinterpretation. Enthusiast Jun 2015 #53
Cafeteria Christianity NewJeffCT Jun 2015 #68
Seems to be a common enough affliction. Enthusiast Jun 2015 #70
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Hallelujah and amen. nolabear Jun 2015 #33
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Out... 3catwoman3 Jun 2015 #36
Beautifully said, Nance.. I especially like the last part.. I remember reading years ago about Jesus Cha Jun 2015 #37
Hucketer and all the other fundies "believe in" the Bible--they don't actually read it n/t eridani Jun 2015 #39
Nance... lamp_shade Jun 2015 #40
K & R Surya Gayatri Jun 2015 #41
Beautiful. Betty Karlson Jun 2015 #43
K&R Great stuff! raouldukelives Jun 2015 #44
Lets keep in mind some more examples from Hucksters that are sitting in Congress. DhhD Jun 2015 #45
The Jesus Wept tweet from him is from 8:28 AM - 26 Jun 2013 Gore1FL Jun 2015 #46
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Huckabee raised a dog killer. Mote, eye, beam, and all that..... msanthrope Jun 2015 #56
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"If Huckabee answers..." MyOwnPeace Jun 2015 #69
No, just a response....reasonable and rational do not apply to him. TNNurse Jun 2015 #71
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Nance!!!! Hekate Jun 2015 #61
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Great piece Nance! LiberalLovinLug Jun 2015 #64
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Awesome. EEO Jun 2015 #67
NanceGreggs----This is absolutely brilliant! asjr Jun 2015 #72
Jesus weeps for you, Mike. It was for you he uttered the words "Forgive them, they know not Dont call me Shirley Jun 2015 #74
I was practically raised in church madokie Jun 2015 #75
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You need to use shorter words for him to understand... Lady Freedom Returns Jun 2015 #77
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There is a real assault against Christianity going on here. Martin Eden Jun 2015 #80
I remember that Jesus guy telling a rich young man to sell all he had and follow him. Ikonoklast Jun 2015 #81
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