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49. It's just some "folks" killing some "folks". As long as it isn't our "folks" it's all good.
Mon Jun 22, 2015, 11:19 AM
Jun 2015

This country thrives off of war. Bomb and missile makers can send their kids to college because of war. It's a jobs thing. We've made it normal and comfortable to have war. We don't see our "folks" bloodied and coming home in caskets. At least we do see how our vets get treated afterwards. People who think war has a minimal affect on our society should look at the militarized pigs shooting unarmed people. IMO you can't have a country perpetually at war and not have it affect attitudes on killing. Demonizing the enemy is standard psych in the military so no wonder "folks" are also demonized for their race back home. There's just too many connections between war and its affect here at home to deny it has an real affect on what can cause murder.

This society is pathologically sick. Gun violence is just one symptom of a public KingCharlemagne Jun 2015 #1
Or maybe a small group deliberately MAKES it sick? Betty Karlson Jun 2015 #41
I never really bought a conspiracy theory that we were being dumbed down until recently, mahina Jun 2015 #46
Precisely: a determined resolve to commit a crime doesn't require a vast number of conspirators. Betty Karlson Jun 2015 #48
Roof is not a victim and what he did has nothing to do with iraq JI7 Jun 2015 #2
I never said he was a victim, I don't think he is a victim. That's the farthest thing from my mind. mahina Jun 2015 #3
"somehow expect young people to follow an ethical code that we, as a nation, have not followed" JI7 Jun 2015 #4
I'm not saying he is a victim. Would you like me to restate that? mahina Jun 2015 #5
but you put some of the blame on things like the war in iraq ? JI7 Jun 2015 #7
F u cn rd ths mssge mahina Jun 2015 #9
You will have a far more productive conversation FlatBaroque Jun 2015 #11
No joke! mahina Jun 2015 #12
You were alerted on. U4ikLefty Jun 2015 #16
LOL FlatBaroque Jun 2015 #17
no prob U4ikLefty Jun 2015 #18
How bizzare. mahina Jun 2015 #19
I appreciated your post. mahina Jun 2015 #20
Kids are not born racist. Where do you think he learned it from? davidn3600 Jun 2015 #21
he said why he did what he did and it was because he was a racist like the ones this country had JI7 Jun 2015 #28
He came of age while we were killing innocent brown people as evildoers. morningfog Jun 2015 #22
so why didn't he join the military ? because none of it has anything to do with JI7 Jun 2015 #27
The point is not that the Iraq War was the cause of his hate or his actions. morningfog Jun 2015 #32
innocent black people were being killed in the US long before Iraq, Vietnam etc JI7 Jun 2015 #33
K&R..... daleanime Jun 2015 #6
No candidate except Bernie is prepared to change the paradigm of perpetual war. AtomicKitten Jun 2015 #8
I'm sure Bernie won't get sucked in to another war. mahina Jun 2015 #44
Not setting a good example for sure damnedifIknow Jun 2015 #10
k/r nationalize the fed Jun 2015 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jun 2015 #14
I read you. mahina Jun 2015 #15
Your sentiment is good, but the point isn't bhikkhu Jun 2015 #23
OK, your view is your business, mahina Jun 2015 #25
I think the point is PowerToThePeople Jun 2015 #26
which nation doesn't do that ? most nations have done fucked up things JI7 Jun 2015 #29
No, not really. mahina Jun 2015 #31
haha, internally doesn't count ? how black people are treated by law enforcement doesn't count ? JI7 Jun 2015 #34
Again, I never said that. I said the opposite. mahina Jun 2015 #35
There are a lot of people on this board with whom I don't agree whom I am happy to discuss mahina Jun 2015 #36
so which country ? JI7 Jun 2015 #37
Are you suggesting that invading other countries for no reason is standard and acceptable? mahina Jun 2015 #38
if you want to teach why not tell me a nation of the country(s) ? JI7 Jun 2015 #39
I sadly agree. Violence at home is so apropo to oppose,, but voting for wars is SaranchaIsWaiting Jun 2015 #24
Ive been saying this for days. WDIM Jun 2015 #30
Couldn't agree more, sadly. mahina Jun 2015 #43
Throw in some military-sponsored video-games. Betty Karlson Jun 2015 #40
Exactly. mahina Jun 2015 #42
Let's walk together then. Betty Karlson Jun 2015 #45
I'm in mahina Jun 2015 #47
It's just some "folks" killing some "folks". As long as it isn't our "folks" it's all good. L0oniX Jun 2015 #49
No! That's different! nt Romulox Jun 2015 #50
I have a feeling that Roof would still have been a murderous racist regardless of our Iraq policy. Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #51
I guess we'll have to cancel the subversion plot, then pinboy3niner Jun 2015 #52
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