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Thu May 14, 2015, 10:08 AM May 2015

Feingold is running again !!!!!!!!!!!! [View all]

Across Wisconsin, people tell me all the time: Our politics in Washington are broken, and multi-millionaires, billionaires, and big corporations are calling all the shots.

Wisconsinites are tired of it, but no one says they want to throw in the towel. And I don't either.

But if we want to change our politics, we all have to fight together. So let me cut to the chase:

I'm running for United States Senate in Wisconsin, and I wanted you to be one of the first to know.

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This is awesome news! nt sufrommich May 2015 #1
I am SO excited!! PeaceNikki May 2015 #3
Presidential billhicks76 May 2015 #70
Yay. That deserves three cheers. cali May 2015 #2
Or MORE!! PeaceNikki May 2015 #4
Excellent! Thanks for sharing the good news! n/t winter is coming May 2015 #5
Very happy to! PeaceNikki May 2015 #13
Great news Renew Deal May 2015 #6
I am nearly in tears. Johnson is a big pud and I can't wait to right this wrong. PeaceNikki May 2015 #8
He will win too GusBob May 2015 #7
Yes, he will. He lost in midterms there's no way he'll lose in the GE. PeaceNikki May 2015 #10
We need MANY more like him in the Democratic caucus. K&R. nt stillwaiting May 2015 #9
It's true. I told him that as a political junkie, he's like my "Elvis". PeaceNikki May 2015 #12
Watch the BIG bucks roll in for Sunspot Johnson now. To no avail. Jackpine Radical May 2015 #11
Fuck him, he's done. Kaput. PeaceNikki May 2015 #14
Sunspot will take a lot of oligarch money down with him. Jackpine Radical May 2015 #15
Ditto! hue May 2015 #65
K&R. Glad to hear it. Overseas May 2015 #16
Woo Hoo!! Great news! He has my support (time and money)! A true progressive! Scuba May 2015 #17
YEAH! cyberswede May 2015 #18
Most excellent news! City Lights May 2015 #19
Great news! JDPriestly May 2015 #20
Glad to hear this deutsey May 2015 #21
That would be quite a comeback. NaturalHigh May 2015 #22
He's been an ambassador since he lost in 2010 and in office since 1982 PeaceNikki May 2015 #25
One of our dreams just came true!! Greybnk48 May 2015 #23
I know!! PeaceNikki May 2015 #26
DU rec...nt SidDithers May 2015 #24
I sure have missed his voice in the Senate. But I wish he'd toss his hat in the Presidential race, 2banon May 2015 #27
I dream of him on SCOTUS even more than POTUS. PeaceNikki May 2015 #28
Whatever Russ does Iwillnevergiveup May 2015 #29
Agreed on both counts. He's my political soulmate and pretend boyfriend. PeaceNikki May 2015 #30
You're so right, SCOTUS would be even better and more significant. 2banon May 2015 #32
Run, Russ, Run! rurallib May 2015 #31
Hooray! snacker May 2015 #33
Very good news! I think he can win. DCBob May 2015 #34
In a GE, for sure. He's already beating the pants off of Sunspot McJackhole. PeaceNikki May 2015 #36
Excellent! He has been missed in the Senate! sabrina 1 May 2015 #35
Agreed, and deeply missed here in the WI, too. PeaceNikki May 2015 #37
I can imagine, he is an honorable man, I will remember always the principled stands he sabrina 1 May 2015 #39
Johnson is just plain too dumb to be in public office. Time to go. Gidney N Cloyd May 2015 #38
That statement describes the majority of the idiots in Congress. LuckyLib May 2015 #61
He's trending on twitter,lots of excitement out there! nt sufrommich May 2015 #40
YEEEEHAWWWWW!!! emmadoggy May 2015 #41
This is great news-Go Russ Gothmog May 2015 #42
YAY! marym625 May 2015 #43
This is cause for a serious sacrifice of funds. DFW May 2015 #44
OMG, thank you!! PeaceNikki May 2015 #48
Feingol/Sanders 2016 ticket will be great! mylye2222 May 2015 #45
Nope. We're keeping him here in WI unless he goes to SCOTUS. PeaceNikki May 2015 #46
Greedy Gus! PassingFair May 2015 #74
Yay!! PeaceNikki May 2015 #75
You're not keeping him in WI; you're sending him to DC where we all get to SHARE! lostnfound May 2015 #79
I will turbinetree May 2015 #47
Many thanks!!! PeaceNikki May 2015 #49
Cool. bigwillq May 2015 #50
Way to go Russ! Peacetrain May 2015 #51
KNR...N/T Hepburn May 2015 #52
Yes! Doing a happy dance. JimDandy May 2015 #53
This made my day!!!! myrna minx May 2015 #54
Me, too. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. PeaceNikki May 2015 #55
I went to HS with Paul Ryan - and weirdly enough, Russ Feingold myrna minx May 2015 #56
I agree, we need it and deserve it. PeaceNikki May 2015 #58
We in Minnesota went through a dark period after Wellstone, myrna minx May 2015 #59
Dear WI voters : please don't fuck this up (like we did in Iowa, last election cycle) bullwinkle428 May 2015 #57
Great news! SusanaMontana41 May 2015 #60
That's great news!!! Bluenorthwest May 2015 #62
Thanks, BNW!! PeaceNikki May 2015 #63
Words cannot express my happiness!! Thank You Russ!!! hue May 2015 #64
I know. Me, too!! PeaceNikki May 2015 #72
Glad to hear it. AtomicKitten May 2015 #66
K&R! This post should have hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast May 2015 #67
He's dreamy PeaceNikki May 2015 #71
I love good news. K&R Jefferson23 May 2015 #68
Huh... cool! n/t whatchamacallit May 2015 #69
GREAT news! Aldo Leopold May 2015 #73
We need him back in the Senate. calimary May 2015 #76
that is fookin' great news!!!! spanone May 2015 #77
If we could get Wellstone back, we'd have the trifecta. lostnfound May 2015 #78
Best news I've heard all day. hay rick May 2015 #80
He has my vote Kevin from WI May 2015 #81
I like this guy redruddyred May 2015 #82
Great news!!! gademocrat7 May 2015 #83
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