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17. I read your posts and links on Hillary elsewhere.The truth hurts.Yet, the public's realization about
Wed May 13, 2015, 07:44 PM
May 2015

media's corporatization, journalistic ethics lapses, propaganda and blackouts since before 9/11 have created a period of confusion, hurt and cynicism in the body politic that's had a deeper effect than that of hoodwinking.

In all healthy humanity, goodness is assumed; from the local neighbor to the nation's leaders, it is the default position. Our suffering as a country goes deeper than economics and is not all of our own making. We are coming to feel the weight of the 'sins of the fathers' as much as have other countries' peoples.

I myself am not looking forward to any Democratic administration. About your comment on fear. Fear instructs. This country's large enough that millions can run from it, but we need to trust fear more than protection racket rhetoric of the promise of a better tomorrow for the vote today.

Sorry you couldn't see that the jury voted 4- 3 to LEAVE IT on your post above. (Not sure why my copy/paste isn't working.) My argument to LEAVE IT was: "Fight this logic! Slam the bad parallels! Don't just censor! Help others develop the mental skills to detach their own vulnerability regarding these false analogies. Remember, this is just the beginning of all the unfair strategies that will be used against an controversial Democratic woman candidate. Get the elevator pitches and comebacks ready. Don't just censor!"

(Depressed and drinking over the TPP right now, silly me, so I'm not confident in my post quality right now.)

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