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K&R 1,000,000 ! LiberalElite Apr 2015 #1
AND ANOTHER 1,000,000!!!!!! calimary Apr 2015 #61
Kicked and recommended In_The_Wind Apr 2015 #2
The Christian Taliban wants America to be a theocracy Novara Apr 2015 #3
^^^^ - a perfect description of the fundies. erronis Apr 2015 #24
+1 Johonny Apr 2015 #33
Teahadist Talibangelists alterfurz Apr 2015 #39
and ANY repub or teaparty person taking the WH in 2017 NoJusticeNoPeace Apr 2015 #51
And that's the exact opposite of the America the founding fathers envisioned. Initech Apr 2015 #56
When I was Studying to Become a Citizen, I Read Your Constitution Unexploded Scotsman Apr 2015 #63
RP hits another one out of the park! tularetom Apr 2015 #4
How is a pharmacist contradicting a doctor on a matter of medicine not 'practicing medicine'? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2015 #5
great arguement there. bravo! eom LittleGirl Apr 2015 #8
The pharmacist should be charged with practicing Ilsa Apr 2015 #9
That is a very intriguing point! Pacifist Patriot Apr 2015 #31
Exactly BrotherIvan Apr 2015 #36
sadly, the "pharamcist" is a her. other than that, absolutely agree, except that georgia niyad Apr 2015 #42
The only reason she might get in trouble, is that she (the pharmicist) gave the wrong justification Kber Apr 2015 #47
I've always thought that a prescription is a "Doctor's Order". mwooldri Apr 2015 #52
I Like It ProfessorGAC Apr 2015 #6
World-class Rude - and so very correct hatrack Apr 2015 #7
K&R! Omaha Steve Apr 2015 #10
I agree davidpdx Apr 2015 #11
The pain and sorrow Brittany Cartrett was already experiencing was awful enough deutsey Apr 2015 #12
excellent point ellennelle Apr 2015 #13
The right gets so worked up about the government getting between a person and her doctor. Brickbat Apr 2015 #14
Kicked and recommended a brazillion times. Enthusiast Apr 2015 #15
K&R n/t handmade34 Apr 2015 #16
He is spot-on with that last sentence. LuvNewcastle Apr 2015 #17
K & R & R & R DeadLetterOffice Apr 2015 #18
The first paragraph was awesome! LOL! nt Lucky Luciano Apr 2015 #19
Self delusion Augiedog Apr 2015 #20
Freaking, A., Mr. Rude! My, he certainly hit this one out of the park. catbyte Apr 2015 #21
Outstanding. K&R. Paladin Apr 2015 #22
Rude boy aces it again! TreasonousBastard Apr 2015 #23
Precisely. mnhtnbb Apr 2015 #25
Big K&R valerief Apr 2015 #26
Pharmacies and pharmacists The Wizard Apr 2015 #27
Bravo! marym625 Apr 2015 #28
K&Effing Rec! nt stevenleser Apr 2015 #29
K&R ismnotwasm Apr 2015 #30
can u imagine the Rude One being a guest on "Real Time?" NoMoreRepugs Apr 2015 #32
Hurting people is not a religion. DirkGently Apr 2015 #34
Used to be, if you wanted to avoid thucythucy Apr 2015 #35
Reading the thread on the Facebook post was very sad, with other women BrotherIvan Apr 2015 #37
The SCOTUS sanctioned this type of bullshit.... Novara Apr 2015 #38
The Rude Pundit Rocks! Leith Apr 2015 #40
k and r + a gazillion niyad Apr 2015 #41
So since I support animal rights, Alkene Apr 2015 #43
I know 2 people who are pharmacists... Dont call me Shirley Apr 2015 #44
A novel ahead of its time LiberalLovinLug Apr 2015 #45
Very good Kber Apr 2015 #46
K&R Rude. Bohunk68 Apr 2015 #48
Kick and Rec. hifiguy Apr 2015 #49
Another thought is,,,, benld74 Apr 2015 #50
Is it bromance matt819 Apr 2015 #53
K & R for the truth of the Rude Pundit.. great article. mountain grammy Apr 2015 #54
K & R Scurrilous Apr 2015 #55
Fuck the fundies who refuse to do their job Stainless Apr 2015 #57
The Rude One strikes to the heart of the matter yet again. longship Apr 2015 #58
Forget Sharia law, fear Scalia law and his teabagger fundie zombies. kairos12 Apr 2015 #59
The Rude Pundit has been an ally to women for since I first found him. BlancheSplanchnik Apr 2015 #60
Hell yes, if you take the job, do the work.... daleanime Apr 2015 #62
Bravo! Bullshit far too often gets in the way of people's ability to do their job. Initech Apr 2015 #64
I want to agree, I really do. Flatpicker Apr 2015 #65
I didn't take the OP's article to have used that broad of a brush. cui bono Apr 2015 #68
K & R, hugely !!!!!!!!!! Thespian2 Apr 2015 #66
If you don't want to fill prescriptions... cui bono Apr 2015 #67
If my religion ejbr Apr 2015 #69
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