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Nice list. bravenak Apr 2015 #1
Good List except for #4 QuestionAlways Apr 2015 #37
Hey Elmer, I'm a little older white man safeinOhio Apr 2015 #2
I think when you ascertain a certain level of enlightenment Elmer S. E. Dump Apr 2015 #6
why close to death? Duppers Apr 2015 #13
Well, it certainly depends on several factors, I was just stating my own personal experience. Elmer S. E. Dump Apr 2015 #18
Terrific list, appeciate the post. appalachiablue Apr 2015 #3
I wonder if the bigots thinks they have the right to "control" others. Thinkingabout Apr 2015 #4
Sounds like you have it figured out! Elmer S. E. Dump Apr 2015 #10
61 year old white female agrees with one exception. SamKnause Apr 2015 #5
Excellent correction! Myhatred superseded my conciseness. Elmer S. E. Dump Apr 2015 #8
I try my best not to hate, SamKnause Apr 2015 #9
Unfortunately, the world has already been bought up Jackpine Radical Apr 2015 #17
Yes, and that's why we need more people educated and involved. Elmer S. E. Dump Apr 2015 #23
You mean the CheeseWeasel? Jackpine Radical Apr 2015 #26
I ask this, but please do not think DonCoquixote Apr 2015 #28
I've wondered the same thing about Wisconsin. maddiemom Apr 2015 #35
As a liberal from Madison Pharaoh Apr 2015 #43
#4 - I believe bigots and racists should be ineligible for federal office. Martin Eden Apr 2015 #7
Have to agree. I think Obama derangement brought a lot of racist bigots out from under their rocks peacebird Apr 2015 #11
I avoid them like the plague. If they tell me how religious they are, they just lost the RKP5637 Apr 2015 #15
Just know that they have been identified. Elmer S. E. Dump Apr 2015 #19
Agree wholeheartedly! maddiemom Apr 2015 #36
Nugent's like a sea cucumber: his only real defense agianst humans was voiding his bowels MisterP Apr 2015 #12
I will not say what I was going to say. Not a big fan. Elmer S. E. Dump Apr 2015 #20
He's a true unwashed asshole Major Nikon Apr 2015 #22
now thats funny. aikoaiko Apr 2015 #31
Yep! Right on! n/t RKP5637 Apr 2015 #14
I can. I can type it also douchebagel. Snotcicles Apr 2015 #16
Well, you're too young for me, but you're my kind o'Liberal! ;-) WinkyDink Apr 2015 #21
I think that's a compliment. LOL Elmer S. E. Dump Apr 2015 #24
DOUCHEBAGEL. calimary Apr 2015 #25
I love your list JustAnotherGen Apr 2015 #27
I'm OLDer than you are and spent some of my growing up Warpy Apr 2015 #29
Thanks. Warpy! Elmer S. E. Dump Apr 2015 #30
Right on, Elmer S. E. Dump!! raven mad Apr 2015 #32
K and R. nt cwydro Apr 2015 #33
How can it be The Jungle 1 Apr 2015 #34
Douchebagel is the new Wonder Bread! Quantess Apr 2015 #38
As a 70 yr old Black woman.... Stellar Apr 2015 #39
Agree with you. One small request...could we find another appropriate term to replace libdem4life Apr 2015 #40
I agree with you 100%, libdem4life ailsagirl Apr 2015 #41
Kind of like "Here we go again.", but honestly I don't think many who use the words libdem4life Apr 2015 #42
Ah... troglodyte... ailsagirl Apr 2015 #44
Nugent has a *special* place in my *heart* pinboy3niner Apr 2015 #45
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