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21. If he weren't so self righteous
Fri Feb 27, 2015, 03:56 PM
Feb 2015

I might have begun to have a shred of pity for this hapless fellow.

Ah, hell. Poor fuck.The need to assuage his own ego is so pathetic.

He had to call out others for lying and demanded consequences. What goes around....comes around.

The bigger they are the harder they fall is not just a proverb about lumberjacking trees.

Ya fookin' lie yourself up, a skyscraper of tall tales, and somebody pulls the bottom out,
yer gunna crash.

I want to gloat about this misfortune as much as anybody but it makes me a shitty person, too.
We should try not to be shitty people. You can see how instant Karma can be.

Evidence O'Reilly's a cockroach C_U_L8R Feb 2015 #1
6? I was thinking more on libes of disgusting bug - centipede Panich52 Feb 2015 #6
Hey, don't insult cockroaches! BeanMusical Feb 2015 #23
I demand Bill O'Reilly speak English Only. Actual English, that is... JHB Feb 2015 #2
Yep Andy823 Feb 2015 #3
He's lying about his lying because... SoonerShankle Feb 2015 #18
I think that you're on to something. BeanMusical Feb 2015 #24
Bill O Reilly has made many enemies with his bullying and meanness. Stuart G Feb 2015 #4
Continuing Story Roy Rolling Feb 2015 #25
Yikes - he just stepped into a box. salin Feb 2015 #5
Every person he has ever stepped on is gunning for him Kelvin Mace Feb 2015 #7
Didn't (now Senator) Al Franken call him "Bill O'Lielly" way back in his 2003 book progree Feb 2015 #8
Don't forget about Bill O's time when he was the best punter in college football Botany Feb 2015 #9
Billo Reilly mentored a struggling Ray Guy frylock Feb 2015 #13
The funny thing about Bill O'Punter's story is that they didn't keep records for club sports. Botany Feb 2015 #16
Knowing Billo's enormous ego, he likely kept a detailed record of his statistics frylock Feb 2015 #17
And the really disturbing thing about all this Stonepounder Feb 2015 #10
His fans have fingers in their ears and blindfolds on. THey don't care for the truth, that is why Pisces Feb 2015 #11
A conservative I used to date libodem Feb 2015 #22
Billo Reilly personally rescued Reginald Denny frylock Feb 2015 #12
I might be going to Hell for how good it feels to hear people counteracting O'Lielly, but Jamastiene Feb 2015 #14
Billo saved Linclon from getting shot... freebrew Feb 2015 #15
Bill O'Reilly is a pitiful fear-based man, chervilant Feb 2015 #19
faux is comprised of liars...they'll never fire billo spanone Feb 2015 #20
If he weren't so self righteous libodem Feb 2015 #21
Like Forrest Gump, he seems to have been there at every pivotal moment of history Warpy Feb 2015 #26
There are two camps on this issue: Buzz Clik Feb 2015 #27
So are there ANY instances of BillO's exceptionally heroic courage under fire truebluegreen Feb 2015 #28
No. libodem Feb 2015 #30
It wasn't really a serious question. truebluegreen Feb 2015 #38
He's a regular libodem Feb 2015 #40
. libodem Feb 2015 #42
Serious Question ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2015 #29
Revolving Door libodem Feb 2015 #32
Once a jerk, always a jerk. calimary Feb 2015 #31
FOX Entertainment will not fire him. Helen Borg Feb 2015 #33
Give him a break. sulphurdunn Feb 2015 #34
In his defense, he falsafel about it pinboy3niner Feb 2015 #37
I smell sulfur libodem Feb 2015 #41
That must be from back when there were palm trees in Wisconsin.... Spitfire of ATJ Feb 2015 #35
One of my favorites... truebluegreen Feb 2015 #39
Remember he cited the nonexistent Paris Business Review JonLP24 Feb 2015 #36
I wonder if his sex-capades really happened.... the_sly_pig Mar 2015 #43
I don't think O'Reilly is the anomoly in Mainstream Media. dawn frenzy adams Mar 2015 #44
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