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45. Should call you EPIC_FAIL_ART. No Conflation Zone
Tue Feb 17, 2015, 09:26 PM
Feb 2015

There's never been a Gen-Xer in any leadership capacity, dude.

Representative Baby Boomer (check)

Senator Baby Boomer (check check)

Secretary of State Baby Boomer (check check check)

President Baby Boomer (checks across the board)

Your fucking economy. Your fucking wars. Your fucking climate.

Chris Matthews was war mongering most of his show prior.... Nobel_Twaddle_III Feb 2015 #1
I'm not surprised. It's one reason why I don't watch him. n/t winter is coming Feb 2015 #2
After the reports of the goal of ISIS, just what do you propose to do? Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #3
I don't propose we rubber-stamp an open-ended formless war with no clear goal. winter is coming Feb 2015 #4
ISIS has made it very clear the only stop is total annihilation. Before too many Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #7
Then let's actually try to use the UN for something. winter is coming Feb 2015 #11
Are you suggesting the UN negotiate with ISIS? I dont know how you negotiate Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #12
To overthrow a government in a Muslim majority country JonLP24 Feb 2015 #17
We're talking about ISIS, they dont have a government to negotiate. Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #18
I largely mean the civilians JonLP24 Feb 2015 #20
No, ISIS has not ceased other areas of chaos, still have problems but ISIS needs to be Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #23
Chaos breeds IS & other Wahabbi terror groups JonLP24 Feb 2015 #46
Do you seriously think the leaders of ISIS ordering the brutal murders of others is interested in Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #48
No JonLP24 Feb 2015 #62
Are you currently enlisted in the US Military Aerows Feb 2015 #64
No I am not a member of the military, do have family members there. What path would you suggest in Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #65
Do have family members where, exactly? Aerows Feb 2015 #66
It just dawned on me that maybe we should only send our rw christians who are also trying to jwirr Feb 2015 #42
Complete annihilation is needed, bombing can be a part of the procedure. Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #43
I think containment is the far better solution riderinthestorm Feb 2015 #44
Put your plan on the table for containment. Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #49
Doing what we're doing already riderinthestorm Feb 2015 #57
I do not see ISIS wanting to govern, they want the apocalypse, dont think they care as we do. Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #58
Agreed. They aren't interested in aiding the conquered people riderinthestorm Feb 2015 #59
I am happy with this project having more nations involved. We lost standing in the world with Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #60
I asked you a few questions Aerows Feb 2015 #68
Good, now you have stated your opinion, though incorrectly about my family and you missed on Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #74
The ISIS that is there in country in Iraq & Syria aren't really a global threat JonLP24 Feb 2015 #19
They have said they want the apocalypse, I havent seen any effort on their part to talk about Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #22
No, they don't like other Muslims who don't share their goal. winter is coming Feb 2015 #25
They do not appear to like those who are not muslin also. With some of their attacks they are Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #61
The largest pro-Israel group are doomsday ready evangelists JonLP24 Feb 2015 #31
"Before too many Countries {sic} sat back and Bush pushed forward." You are defending KingCharlemagne Feb 2015 #41
And the answer to the question? Donald Ian Rankin Feb 2015 #36
Apparently you haven't read all of the posts in this thread yet. winter is coming Feb 2015 #37
Cut the funding. nt CJCRANE Feb 2015 #51
And this fixes the problem? Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #55
No salaries, no trucks, no weapons. No problem. nt CJCRANE Feb 2015 #56
Was Steele gleefully rubbing his hands while he said it? gratuitous Feb 2015 #5
He was using his "I'm a reasonable man" voice. n/t winter is coming Feb 2015 #6
Oceania was at war with Eurasia; therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia. nt NutmegYankee Feb 2015 #8
Or, we could just say no. “Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come.” Carl Sandburg. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2015 #9
What is interesting about the authorization of force agreement Jesus Malverde Feb 2015 #10
Both that, and the next President gets to own it, too. n/t winter is coming Feb 2015 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Feb 2015 #13
It will be far longer than 30 years JonLP24 Feb 2015 #14
Of course it will be 30 years. If they're admitting to 30, they mean perpetual. n/t winter is coming Feb 2015 #27
I don't see Michael Steele going over their in uniform to do something about "it" nt msongs Feb 2015 #15
Why does anyone take Michael Steele's opinion on anything? kwassa Feb 2015 #16
We'll definitely be fighting them for the next 10 years. Hopefully, Gen-X won't be... WhaTHellsgoingonhere Feb 2015 #21
Baby boomers protested against the Vietnam War Art_from_Ark Feb 2015 #28
Should call you EPIC_FAIL_ART. No Conflation Zone WhaTHellsgoingonhere Feb 2015 #45
Guess what? Boomers were saying exactly the same thing in the '60s and '70s Art_from_Ark Feb 2015 #50
Give it up, dude. Don't walk away from your disaster WhaTHellsgoingonhere Feb 2015 #70
No......you're behaving like a fool. eom GP6971 Feb 2015 #78
HA! Your generation was given everything on a silver platter, you fucked it up... WhaTHellsgoingonhere Feb 2015 #79
You're a pretty bitter person GP6971 Feb 2015 #80
You're stepping in the same pile of poo your friend stepped in. WhaTHellsgoingonhere Feb 2015 #82
I'd bet that if you were a GP6971 Feb 2015 #83
You guys aren't even good at this, either. WhaTHellsgoingonhere Feb 2015 #84
So what do you Utopia do you live in? GP6971 Feb 2015 #85
I have a mute button on my remote ... pbmus Feb 2015 #24
Well, in many ways I agree GP6971 Feb 2015 #29
So do I, elleng Feb 2015 #30
Its a political situation that developed that enabled ISIS JonLP24 Feb 2015 #32
The world has seen generational wars before. Our only choice is whether to get involved. freshwest Feb 2015 #38
Seems realistic Man from Pickens Feb 2015 #33
When Hayes said, "That's insane!" he didn't mean that the estimate was insane, winter is coming Feb 2015 #34
muslims are the new communists. ND-Dem Feb 2015 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author madville Feb 2015 #69
I doubt "most" agree that muslims need to be wiped out. That must be your particular ND-Dem Feb 2015 #72
I was referring to ISIS, of course I didn't mean all Muslims madville Feb 2015 #75
Really who cares rjsquirrel Feb 2015 #39
There is a reason people are saying the Middle East will have war for 30 years AngryAmish Feb 2015 #40
If not them, another bogeyman n2doc Feb 2015 #47
+100. The bad guys are jealous of our democracy. ND-Dem Feb 2015 #76
I said a while ago that it was a reboot of the GWOT CJCRANE Feb 2015 #52
we have been fighting the CRAZY wing of islam since the 15h c. luckily the brits thought they pansypoo53219 Feb 2015 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author CJCRANE Feb 2015 #54
Are we pretending that Steele is ever right about anything? FSogol Feb 2015 #63
It may very well be inevitable davidn3600 Feb 2015 #67
I don't want to jump into a full-blown war with no goals and no limits. winter is coming Feb 2015 #73
This Michael Steele? KamaAina Feb 2015 #71
After 9/11 there was talk about fighting Al Queda for 30 years Renew Deal Feb 2015 #77
Well, why wouldn't he? tavernier Feb 2015 #81
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