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on point

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12. Yep. She voted to invade Iraq for no legitimate reason. That is war crime of 'aggression'.
Sun Feb 8, 2015, 06:53 PM
Feb 2015

So far she has waffled and tried to avoid answering the question.

Given that Bush admin was obviously lying, she was either:
a) part of conspiracy to take us to war
b) to craven to resist war fever (leadership and backbone failure)
c) corrupt - bought and paid for, or in her case I suspect a calculated effort to look tough to aid her ambition - costing the country trillions, our service people their lives, the lives of the Iraqi people, political stability in the region which we are still paying for. Just so she could get ahead at the expense of others.
d) conned. She was suckered by Bush and his cronies. Her judgement seriously called into question, she is not fit to lead nation.

Anyone of these disqualifies her from office in my book, but she had better give an honest answer, especially if it is not a,b,c,d.

First it was "conflating" cwydro Feb 2015 #1
Right on the heels of deflategate... TeeYiYi Feb 2015 #6
Deflaters won alcibiades_mystery Feb 2015 #11
I would like to see the "Fairness Doctrine" reinstated or "Truth in Journalism" laws. nt TheBlackAdder Feb 2015 #32
I am more interested in an honest answer from her on her Iraq War Crime vote on point Feb 2015 #2
Iraq War Crime? I agree the war was a crime but is that what you mean? NoJusticeNoPeace Feb 2015 #5
Yep. She voted to invade Iraq for no legitimate reason. That is war crime of 'aggression'. on point Feb 2015 #12
So if the choice is her or Ted Cruz, do you not vote for her? NoJusticeNoPeace Feb 2015 #13
That sounds like Debbie Wasserman Shultz's strategy. Capt. Obvious Feb 2015 #41
I am not crazy about her, at all...Why havent they replaced her? NoJusticeNoPeace Feb 2015 #47
She must claim to have inherited J Edgar's shoebox ChairmanAgnostic Feb 2015 #61
I hear Ted Cruz will not be running in the Democratic primary. merrily Feb 2015 #56
Nah, but if he won the R primary and ran against Hillary...i wonder what people would do NoJusticeNoPeace Feb 2015 #62
Plenty of time to ask that question when the Democratic nominee has become obvious. merrily Feb 2015 #64
It's never too early for loyalty oaths Capt. Obvious Feb 2015 #65
Joe McCarthy, is that you? Actually, it's never the right time for message board loyalty oaths. merrily Feb 2015 #66
The lying is obvious now. needledriver Feb 2015 #23
I knew at the time the war was a fraud. She has no excuse at all and I won't cut her slack. on point Feb 2015 #34
Of course she knew Capt. Obvious Feb 2015 #42
And no cost in blood and treasure to the US was too great when it came to her personal ambition. merrily Feb 2015 #58
She did not only vote for the Iraq invasion. She stood up in the Senate with her bare face merrily Feb 2015 #53
what do you mean, *you mean*? Cosmic Kitten Feb 2015 #29
Who knows...I want to know if Bernie is going to switch parties, run, to move her to the left NoJusticeNoPeace Feb 2015 #3
It's going to be a very ugly campaign if HRC runs. leveymg Feb 2015 #4
The only thing we dont know is what will the libertarian Hillary haters NoJusticeNoPeace Feb 2015 #7
The libertarian Hillary haters... Cosmic Kitten Feb 2015 #30
I'm a corporatist Hillary hater. And I won't vote for her or a repug. nt benz380 Feb 2015 #38
You can say that again. I'm bettin Hillary ends up not runnin-would be a smart move on her part. InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2015 #14
She'd better stop hiring campaign staff. leveymg Feb 2015 #15
They can always throw their support to Bernie, who doesn't need to inflate his biography - awesome person that he is. InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2015 #39
it'll be ugly no matter which Democrat runs. KittyWampus Feb 2015 #17
"Misspoke" Politicalboi Feb 2015 #8
Shame on you bringing up Hillary lies. Now drink your Koolaid and get ready for HilLIARy. InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2015 #16
you mean like Elizabeth Warren "misspoke" about being American Indian? KittyWampus Feb 2015 #19
Is that really a thing? AtomicKitten Feb 2015 #25
Thanks AK for settin the record straight. I'd take Elizabeth's record of honesty & genuineness over HilLiarY's any day. InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2015 #40
Did she? nt MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #37
You young'ens won't believe this, but up until about 1970 or so, hedgehog Feb 2015 #43
Did she? Did anyone do a DNA test to prove her wrong? merrily Feb 2015 #57
I put "misspoke" in quotes needledriver Feb 2015 #22
At least Brian Williams' helicopter group took some actual fire? GGJohn Feb 2015 #46
Dang. Well, it wouldn't be the first time needledriver Feb 2015 #67
No it's the typical overreaction to everything tracks29 Feb 2015 #9
Who perceives NBC as ultra liberal? Kingofalldems Feb 2015 #28
The RW tracks29 Feb 2015 #33
Doesn't mean they are. Kingofalldems Feb 2015 #35
I never said they were tracks29 Feb 2015 #49
We love tearing down the occadional celeb. Orsino Feb 2015 #50
Probably, how does one dodge that particular bullet? TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #10
Agree, but the airport bit, important as it was, pales in comparison with her speech urging merrily Feb 2015 #59
True but lying about snipers is much easier to hammer on a commercial and is nonpartisan TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #71
Depends on the audience. I think more Democrats opposed her in 2008 for her speech and vote on the merrily Feb 2015 #74
They're piling on because it feeds their tropes about "lying liberal media"... JHB Feb 2015 #18
Or it may never come up again DearAbby Feb 2015 #20
If you were running against Clinton in a general election you wouldn't make sure it came up? TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #73
I'm telling you it stinks of PR underpants Feb 2015 #21
do we ad to the problem olddots Feb 2015 #24
I think she is off the hook for this. Chemisse Feb 2015 #26
He is just an habitual liar who finally gate called out. liberal N proud Feb 2015 #27
Whose story was more fictional? MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #31
LOL DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #36
I don't think it has much to do with Hillary. HappyMe Feb 2015 #44
'Brain' williams may be an overstatememt at this point pinboy3niner Feb 2015 #45
"Brain" Williams would be good with fava beans and a nice chianti pinboy3niner Feb 2015 #48
Williams needs to resign. Rather got fired for a hell of a lot less. merrily Feb 2015 #51
And if you can't trust the people who run your government to tell the truth... Fumesucker Feb 2015 #52
Who trusts the people who run government to tell the truth? merrily Feb 2015 #55
I didn't mean that his specific lie needledriver Feb 2015 #69
I think the two things are separate. Also, Ichingcarpenter posted the other day that he merrily Feb 2015 #70
People have known for a lot time that he exaggerates TexasMommaWithAHat Feb 2015 #76
You are spot on! It has already started with the B Calm Feb 2015 #54
Please stop being fearful of the Republicans. It's unbecoming of us Democrats. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #63
No one is being fearful, just stating a fact! B Calm Feb 2015 #68
They said our presidential candidate... DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #78
When they said that shit about Obama did it make you fearful? B Calm Feb 2015 #79
Why do Democrats have "scandals" daredtowork Feb 2015 #60
I'd be surprised if Williams, or anyone important at NBC News, is a Democrat. merrily Feb 2015 #72
Brain Williams? KamaAina Feb 2015 #75
I don't know, but if the media was looking for honesty in their ranks, Fox News would be in the still_one Feb 2015 #77
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