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Thu Jan 22, 2015, 05:27 PM Jan 2015

Did Tom Brady deflate those balls? Let's vote on it! [View all]

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I think Tom deflated those balls. Or had somebody else do it.

34 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Tom deflated the balls
0 (0%)
Tom had somebody deflate the balls
17 (50%)
The balls magically deflate to fit Tom's preference
2 (6%)
Tom is innocent, it was the coach
1 (3%)
Don't care
12 (35%)
No idea
1 (3%)
Science deflated the balls
1 (3%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Presser: "ball seemed normal to me." Ie always under inflated? Nt Ninga Jan 2015 #1
They're going the "innocent mistake, overzealous equipment manager" route. Dreamer Tatum Jan 2015 #2
Yep. He seems guilty to me. He picks the balls for the games. The under-inflated balls.nt bravenak Jan 2015 #3
He said equipment guys prepare the balls the way I like them. He said he Ninga Jan 2015 #7
Right? That's exactly what I got from that.nt bravenak Jan 2015 #10
Right. He also said that he wants to be very familiar with his equipment... Chiyo-chichi Jan 2015 #6
So is it alleged Brady had easier to handle and throw balls then the other QB or were all NoJusticeNoPeace Jan 2015 #43
Brady's balls were the only ones underinflated. HappyMe Jan 2015 #47
Musta hurt NoJusticeNoPeace Jan 2015 #48
Probably. HappyMe Jan 2015 #55
was kidding, this whole thing is kinda funny NoJusticeNoPeace Jan 2015 #61
My vote: johnp3907 Jan 2015 #4
I know who Tom Brady is.. sendero Jan 2015 #27
I dont understand how it benefits one QB either way, over or under... NoJusticeNoPeace Jan 2015 #5
I don't get it either. bravenak Jan 2015 #8
Michael Strahan explained the whole thing HappyMe Jan 2015 #21
I watched them test it out on that sport show my husband watches. bravenak Jan 2015 #22
But....Integrity is his middle name! HappyMe Jan 2015 #28
I loved the whole thing! bravenak Jan 2015 #30
I loved it too. HappyMe Jan 2015 #42
I don't think he did it personally, but B2G Jan 2015 #9
+1 bravenak Jan 2015 #14
The officials handle the ball on EVERY play. former9thward Jan 2015 #117
Tom Brady Has Balls Deflated - film at 11! HappyMe Jan 2015 #11
But, that was the past!!!! They don't STILL cheat. Except for that one time, and now this. bravenak Jan 2015 #18
The enemy deflated the balls, then pointed to the Patriots because that's the best way to take MADem Jan 2015 #12
Great job!nt bravenak Jan 2015 #16
........... MADem Jan 2015 #20
I don't know anything about football. madaboutharry Jan 2015 #13
I asked my husband yesterday. bravenak Jan 2015 #15
First they came for Tom's balls. Then they came for me. Miles Archer Jan 2015 #17
They know how he likes his balls. Soft and deflated. Stop laughing! This is serious.nt bravenak Jan 2015 #35
He just said...REALLY SAID... Miles Archer Jan 2015 #46
I'm sayin!! He's doing this on purpose!! bravenak Jan 2015 #52
lmao rbrnmw Jan 2015 #59
'I'm not a conspiracy theorist' B2G Jan 2015 #19
I saw that!!!!!nt bravenak Jan 2015 #23
Colonel Mustard deflated them in the library. nt B2G Jan 2015 #24
It was Professor Plum in the conservatory. With the candle stick!nt bravenak Jan 2015 #26
Sgt. Shultz in the locker room, though he denies it: lovemydog Jan 2015 #98
Ballghazi! flamingdem Jan 2015 #25
Better than fearbola and cornflake chicken!nt bravenak Jan 2015 #33
"They all know how I like the balls." -- Tom Brady MohRokTah Jan 2015 #29
Thank you! bravenak Jan 2015 #31
"Some guys like 'em round, some guys like 'em thin, or tacky, or brand new, some guys like old balls MohRokTah Jan 2015 #32
Unfortunate hastag placement B2G Jan 2015 #34
You should tweet that. bravenak Jan 2015 #36
It's trending world wide. Lol. B2G Jan 2015 #37
I always seem to be a step behind the internet.nt bravenak Jan 2015 #41
I am sorry but this is a boring scandal. If it was yeoman6987 Jan 2015 #38
The best part was the press conference. bravenak Jan 2015 #39
I missed it because I was at a doctors appt. yeoman6987 Jan 2015 #45
Watch it. It was weird. He was babbling and talking about touching balls and stuff. bravenak Jan 2015 #50
I definitely will. yeoman6987 Jan 2015 #51
I still cannot wrap my head around the news space this nonstory is taking up. ScreamingMeemie Jan 2015 #40
I know. Me too yeoman6987 Jan 2015 #49
It's a scandal where no person was HappyMe Jan 2015 #44
So you're saying Tom Brady's balls are kind of dry? distantearlywarning Jan 2015 #92
I did it sarisataka Jan 2015 #53
Lol!! bravenak Jan 2015 #54
AND, sarisataka Jan 2015 #60
lol! HappyMe Jan 2015 #56
Tom Brady = Lance Armstrong??? n/t earthside Jan 2015 #57
Hope not.nt bravenak Jan 2015 #65
How insulting to Tom yeoman6987 Jan 2015 #119
You forgot an option Kalidurga Jan 2015 #58
Brady says he touches his own balls, though. bravenak Jan 2015 #63
I voted magically deflated because I suspect that is what actually happened.. sir pball Jan 2015 #62
Dammit!!! Did you just do MATH? And SCIENCE? bravenak Jan 2015 #64
Oh, I'm sure it was on purpose... Billy Boy is still shifty as ever sir pball Jan 2015 #67
I loved how he blamed Tom this morning. bravenak Jan 2015 #71
Would it be cheating ("legally"), though? sir pball Jan 2015 #86
I think there is a minimum pounds per square inch of pressure the balks must have. bravenak Jan 2015 #89
So far, it seems all the rules were followed regarding the balls. sir pball Jan 2015 #101
I think tampering occurred. bravenak Jan 2015 #103
I think it was deliberate and preplanned, through the magic of science. sir pball Jan 2015 #111
I think you may be on to something. bravenak Jan 2015 #113
That's what I've thought from the beginning. sir pball Jan 2015 #114
As long as the balls have the proper feel, I'm sure he's satisfied. bravenak Jan 2015 #116
Then it wasn't magic, it was science. Dark n Stormy Knight Jan 2015 #68
Well yes but that wasn't an option. sir pball Jan 2015 #72
Not that it really matters, but there was an option for "Pass." When you choose that option, Dark n Stormy Knight Jan 2015 #73
It was good. I like science.nt bravenak Jan 2015 #74
I added science. bravenak Jan 2015 #75
Very good! Dark n Stormy Knight Jan 2015 #76
Aww, you shouldn't have! sir pball Jan 2015 #82
Cool! I love science. Even if I don't 'get' all of it.nt bravenak Jan 2015 #84
There's something to help out in situations like this... Contrary1 Jan 2015 #66
Omg that was so awesome! bravenak Jan 2015 #69
thanks Obama! spanone Jan 2015 #70
I'm just here for the giggles! JustAnotherGen Jan 2015 #77
Everybody has jokes today! I'm cracking up.nt bravenak Jan 2015 #78
Can there be a who gives a shit there are more things to worry about option? minivan2 Jan 2015 #79
That's "don't care".nt bravenak Jan 2015 #81
No, silly. Gronk did. KamaAina Jan 2015 #80
Good thing nobody is talking about Davos, Yemen, or Sheldon Silver now! Man from Pickens Jan 2015 #83
? bravenak Jan 2015 #85
We'll probably never know. Nyc72dem Jan 2015 #87
I'd like to keep discussing these balls. bravenak Jan 2015 #88
I'll meet you at Stonewall in 20 min. Nyc72dem Jan 2015 #104
I don't know how it happened, but I definitely believe that Tom Brady's balls are inadequate distantearlywarning Jan 2015 #90
Inadequate. bravenak Jan 2015 #91
don't know/don't care workinclasszero Jan 2015 #93
The only person who can deflate Tom's balls KamaAina Jan 2015 #94
It could be a combination Aerows Jan 2015 #95
I will be watching!!!! Pre game!! There. I'm posting right here for the game. I love this. bravenak Jan 2015 #100
The rumor is John Harbaugh ratted them out. Johonny Jan 2015 #108
doesnt matter. he knew. he had to know. the number of footballs he has thrown over the years. seabeyond Jan 2015 #96
He's a ball expert. His job to know balls.nt bravenak Jan 2015 #102
It's times like this BainsBane Jan 2015 #97
Best press conferences ever. bravenak Jan 2015 #99
LOL, it's better on the net. lovemydog Jan 2015 #105
Tom Brady has deflated balls? jimlup Jan 2015 #106
I think he does it himself, personally. bravenak Jan 2015 #107
Seems like a push poll oberliner Jan 2015 #109
Lol, yes. bravenak Jan 2015 #115
Ah, so this must be when you decided to get payback R B Garr Feb 2015 #121
When Marshawn Lynch grabs his balls after a touchdown nilesobek Jan 2015 #110
He tried, lord knows he tried. bravenak Jan 2015 #118
I Have to post it- MerryBlooms Jan 2015 #112
'No one can resist my Schweddy Balls' lovemydog Jan 2015 #120
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