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Sat Jan 17, 2015, 12:09 PM Jan 2015

Has General Discussion Been Hostile to Religious Believers recently? [View all]

74 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I am a believer and the answer is definitely
18 (24%)
I am a believer and the answer is sort of
0 (0%)
I am a believer and the answer is not really
2 (3%)
I am a believer and the answer is definitely not
1 (1%)
I am not a believer and the answer is definitely
17 (23%)
I am not a believer and the answer is sort of
3 (4%)
I am not a believer and the answer is not really
1 (1%)
I am not a believer and the answer is definitely not
27 (36%)
One thing I do believe is that this poll is bullshit!
0 (0%)
I like to vote!
5 (7%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Yes. But that's not a recent occurrence on DU. GD, and most of DU have always bee pretty hostile to BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #1
What's wrong with that term? nt el_bryanto Jan 2015 #2
It sounds condenscending, even patronizing. Just my opinion. eom BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #3
What term would you prefer? nt. Mariana Jan 2015 #101
Definitely NOT "religious believers". How about Christians? Jewish? Muslims? Buddhists? BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #105
I don't see anything wrong with it nxylas Jan 2015 #106
I do. And I'd never use it. I always say, "people of faith" in instances like this. eom BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #109
that's still makes it about beliefs hfojvt Jan 2015 #334
That's why I believe that term, "people of faith" to be neutral. BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #366
Do the people of whom you refer ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2015 #201
No, I don't think it's condescending or insulting. Mariana Jan 2015 #108
Are you a person of faith, then? eom BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #110
I am and I see it as neutral Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #209
I am, too, and I don't see it as neutral. BlueCaliDem Jan 2015 #221
It might be used differently there Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #223
I think you're right nxylas Jan 2015 #268
It's not used an a pejorative fashion in the states. Mariana Jan 2015 #338
My wife had never thought of it as a pejorative either nxylas Jan 2015 #347
+1 treestar Jan 2015 #13
But is that aimed at edhopper Jan 2015 #23
I've seen it aimed both at the belief and the believer at the same time. HappyMe Jan 2015 #26
why it is usually banded edhopper Jan 2015 #28
It's usually not allowed in GD HappyMe Jan 2015 #35
+10 840high Jan 2015 #181
No you sound like a religious hater of homosexuals joeglow3 Jan 2015 #33
Not at all edhopper Jan 2015 #55
It depends on the critique el_bryanto Jan 2015 #82
This is kind of ironic as just this morning you were lecturing mormons cbayer Jan 2015 #112
Yes it is, I am saying their precepts are bullshit. edhopper Jan 2015 #165
So you are equating criticism of a set of ideas held by choice to a religious motto which equates Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #125
It is pretty clear what I am criticizing. joeglow3 Jan 2015 #206
Religion is about a lot more treestar Jan 2015 #297
At the belief might not be so direct treestar Jan 2015 #295
Well then edhopper Jan 2015 #298
I'm sure they do have a thick skin in many cases treestar Jan 2015 #299
I thought your premise edhopper Jan 2015 #300
It's not insulting treestar Jan 2015 #303
I tend to keep my talk about religion edhopper Jan 2015 #308
Well it is mythology phil89 Jan 2015 #290
Apparently you think your opinion in treestar Jan 2015 #296
You're correct that it's not recent. okasha Jan 2015 #210
+ pecwae Jan 2015 #315
Not really. HappyMe Jan 2015 #4
I'm sorry, but I am annoyed at the blatant disrespect for religious people.. OLDMADAM Jan 2015 #203
If you define hostile as disagreeing, then the answer is yes! DrewFlorida Jan 2015 #5
yup - there is a religious BOG here too Skittles Jan 2015 #152
People who believe in religion are generally dangerous to life everywhere. Zorra Jan 2015 #6
+1000. I make the same distinction as you do. dissentient Jan 2015 #7
Presumably that includes religious duers nt el_bryanto Jan 2015 #8
Do you believe in God, or in religion? nt Zorra Jan 2015 #20
I believe in God and I practice a religion. nt el_bryanto Jan 2015 #22
I specifically said generally. Does your religious organization current support limiting the Zorra Jan 2015 #32
I'm Mormon. el_bryanto Jan 2015 #34
Does the Mormon Church pay you to post here? nt Zorra Jan 2015 #43
No. I don't know where that is coming from. nt el_bryanto Jan 2015 #47
Does the Atheist Alliance for America pay YOU to post here?? whathehell Jan 2015 #156
This message was self-deleted by its author whathehell Jan 2015 #158
Wait, that was an option? Kurska Jan 2015 #199
They pink slipped me when they found out I wasn't an atheist. nt Zorra Jan 2015 #355
Do you feel it is ok to support an organization that deliberately harms others, Zorra Jan 2015 #49
You didn't answer my question above - why do you think the Mormon Church is paying me to post here? el_bryanto Jan 2015 #50
If your religion funded organizations that denied African Americans the right to marry, Zorra Jan 2015 #60
Am I on trial? I don't support NOM el_bryanto Jan 2015 #61
No. You posted an OP about religion being dissed in GD. I'm trying to Zorra Jan 2015 #89
There's a long answer to that question el_bryanto Jan 2015 #92
Cute. You think there would be no war or hate if religion disappeared. joeglow3 Jan 2015 #36
No, but war and hate really don't need any extra help, IMO. nt Zorra Jan 2015 #45
I can agree with that joeglow3 Jan 2015 #93
Do you think that every person that attends services HappyMe Jan 2015 #40
No. Better to trust in God than in religion. Zorra Jan 2015 #62
I find your views about people with beliefs to be pretty simplistic. HappyMe Jan 2015 #66
I get the liberal church/conservative church thing. I have no problem with Zorra Jan 2015 #104
That's just swell. rug Jan 2015 #127
Prevent conservatives from gaining political power would be my first choice. nt Zorra Jan 2015 #356
Wrong "his discussion began with an OP that posed a question about DUers dissing religion". uppityperson Jan 2015 #138
Right, religion is what's killing the planet and the people on it. lol. ND-Dem Jan 2015 #29
With core ideas like "God made this temporal world for man to conquer and rule", and greyl Jan 2015 #37
contrary to what you may believe, the christian religion has never been a monolith. and is still ND-Dem Jan 2015 #270
The religion is the basis for the killing. 4 killed in Niger ~ Zorra Jan 2015 #42
The basis for the killing is power politics. Religion is a tool of the powerful. Witness how our ND-Dem Jan 2015 #44
Sometimes, maybe. Governments have certainly used religious believers to Zorra Jan 2015 #48
sometimes used religion? almost always used religion, including ramping up religious feeling and ND-Dem Jan 2015 #74
The basis for the killing is power politics. AlbertCat Jan 2015 #184
I don't disagree, but the most powerful governments today are no longer religious. They just ND-Dem Jan 2015 #202
but the most powerful governments today are no longer religious. AlbertCat Jan 2015 #222
the religion of greed is "what's killing the planet and the people on it" DrDan Jan 2015 #63
agreed. but easier for the upper classes to blame it on religion. ND-Dem Jan 2015 #71
+1 liberal_at_heart Jan 2015 #213
Thank you. whathehell Jan 2015 #161
+1 n/t Matrosov Jan 2015 #73
And yet there are billions who believe in a religion and have not killed anyone. kelliekat44 Jan 2015 #75
Complete and utter bullshit. rug Jan 2015 #121
Chiliastic panic. okasha Jan 2015 #216
Distinction without a difference Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #211
Not true. I am a Buddhist who has no opinion on whether God exists or not. liberal_at_heart Jan 2015 #212
I'm not sure if Buddhism is a religion Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #217
I am a follower of Tibetan Buddhism and to many it is absolutely a religion with god like liberal_at_heart Jan 2015 #218
I don't see merely believing (or not believing) in a god as making something a religion. LostOne4Ever Jan 2015 #257
Wiki's definition isn't bad Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #258
Well in your case LostOne4Ever Jan 2015 #261
Not exactly Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #263
I guess my definition was faulty then LostOne4Ever Jan 2015 #265
M father is a Taoist :) Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #269
Why are these religious posts in GD TexasProgresive Jan 2015 #9
Because the moderators choose not to enforce that rule el_bryanto Jan 2015 #10
Please read below. Sissyk Jan 2015 #17
Your OP could be interpreted as disruptive meta Gormy Cuss Jan 2015 #52
Well you should definitely alert on me. See what happens. nt el_bryanto Jan 2015 #57
Alerting sends it to a jury. The topic was 'moderator' (i.e. host) locking. n/t Gormy Cuss Jan 2015 #58
Because Skinner told the Hosts to not enforce that rule. uppityperson Jan 2015 #139
High profile event treestar Jan 2015 #14
Hi, TexasProgresive Sissyk Jan 2015 #16
If you read my post, you would see I posted that. TexasProgresive Jan 2015 #18
Yes - after a few days of constant hosility and attacks a few more religious DUers will decide that el_bryanto Jan 2015 #39
"if they are religious they probably don't belong here anyway"? W.T.F? Clarify please uppityperson Jan 2015 #140
DU is hostile to religious DUers el_bryanto Jan 2015 #146
Thank you, I understand now and indeed. I agree. uppityperson Jan 2015 #147
I agree, Bryant whathehell Jan 2015 #164
I am not religious and completely agree - it is DrDan Jan 2015 #182
I'm starting to feel the same way Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #215
The internet in general is hostile to bullshit. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #280
As if to demonstrate the point... thucythucy Jan 2015 #305
when I learned I was wrong I said so. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #309
Whatever Warren. thucythucy Jan 2015 #312
You would be greatly missed. I, for one, enjoy your posts. BlueJazz Jan 2015 #374
That may be what they want -- Don't give it to them. n/t whathehell Jan 2015 #170
I think so. The hostility level is so high, it sure seems like the intent is to get rid of people. ND-Dem Jan 2015 #271
Exactly, whathehell Jan 2015 #279
The same thing has happened to some of our most wonderful feminists here. thucythucy Jan 2015 #359
Who to thank? edgineered Jan 2015 #11
By intolerance you mean that religionists el_bryanto Jan 2015 #12
The older I get, edgineered Jan 2015 #15
I'm so tired of this insulting bullshit el_bryanto Jan 2015 #21
So am I. whathehell Jan 2015 #166
in what way does that constitute a response to the question you were asked? maybe you need ND-Dem Jan 2015 #31
Oooh, by all means, produce these threads. rug Jan 2015 #133
ba ba ba ba edgineered Jan 2015 #191
Ah, no link! rug Jan 2015 #193
Unquestionably. And it always has been. LittleBlue Jan 2015 #19
This poll is bullshit. Iggo Jan 2015 #24
Thank you for your response - why is it bullshit? el_bryanto Jan 2015 #25
That was one of the options you provided in your poll. Iggo Jan 2015 #27
And then you posted to underline that you think this poll is bullshit el_bryanto Jan 2015 #30
Why? LittleBlue Jan 2015 #72
It was one of the available options of the poll. Iggo Jan 2015 #114
Personally, I haven't seen the hate of people associated WITH religion, so much as religion... MrMickeysMom Jan 2015 #38
I can't think of ONE Faux pas Jan 2015 #41
I take it you are one of those who believes that if someone does something good el_bryanto Jan 2015 #46
I'm looking for any example of something good Faux pas Jan 2015 #51
Religion is unable to do anything except through the people who believe in it. el_bryanto Jan 2015 #54
That's right, and Faux pas Jan 2015 #84
So if someone goes and shoots up a bunch of cartoonists and claims he is doing it for religious el_bryanto Jan 2015 #88
I'm not here to debate with you all day, k? Faux pas Jan 2015 #90
OK. Kind of chickenshit, but ok. Have a good day. nt el_bryanto Jan 2015 #95
An hour and a half is "until the end of time" or "all day"? huh. nt uppityperson Jan 2015 #143
Depends on when the cows come home jberryhill Jan 2015 #369
LOL. whathehell Jan 2015 #173
Can you think of one good thing a religious person has ever done? uppityperson Jan 2015 #141
Martin Luther King Jr. did some good things, wouldn't you say? whathehell Jan 2015 #169
Very much so.My reply was to "I can't think of ONE GOOD thing religion has ever done." uppityperson Jan 2015 #189
Right. whathehell Jan 2015 #192
Yes, that did occur to me, thank you for checking. The OP was about "religious believers" uppityperson Jan 2015 #196
Okay.. whathehell Jan 2015 #284
Mother Teresa has done many good deeds - do you deny that? DrDan Jan 2015 #186
Indeed, many have. My reply was to "I can't think of ONE GOOD thing religion has ever done." uppityperson Jan 2015 #188
You might want to do a bit of research on that one. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #286
the post asked "Can you think of one good thing a religious person has done" DrDan Jan 2015 #291
Yes, name some. mr blur Jan 2015 #292
ok - her work in creating a hospice for the poor in Calcutta DrDan Jan 2015 #293
Albert Schweitzer. whathehell Jan 2015 #306
Let me tell you a story Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #220
then you aren't thinking TorchTheWitch Jan 2015 #373
Hostile to certain aspects of many religions, but not 'to religious believers' muriel_volestrangler Jan 2015 #53
Have religious believers been hostile to general discussions lately? Anansi1171 Jan 2015 #56
not that I have noticed . . . DrDan Jan 2015 #64
Answer: NO. For one thing, they're generally too busy defending themselves whathehell Jan 2015 #174
Not really Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #226
I think we shouldn't be allowwd to discuss religion or politics olddots Jan 2015 #59
LMAO! beam me up scottie Jan 2015 #171
Yes, the forum should be restricted to cat videos and mutual exchanges of congratulations Yo_Mama Jan 2015 #287
Why no option for agnostics? thucythucy Jan 2015 #65
So am I, and I share your views and concerns. whathehell Jan 2015 #190
I feel very unwelcomed here as a person of faith and I have decided to take a DU break. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #67
You deserve a break. kwassa Jan 2015 #77
Thanks so much. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #333
Thank you for all your posts. thucythucy Jan 2015 #155
Thanks! i had enough of silence. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #323
I know exactly what you mean Peacetrain Jan 2015 #195
i am back. standing down is a bad idea. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #324
Hang in there ... Peacetrain Jan 2015 #328
I will my friend. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #330
..... Peacetrain Jan 2015 #331
ROFLMAO!!! truebrit71 Jan 2015 #342
Lol i am glad you got a good kick out of it. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #345
May the road rise up to meet you Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #227
I have that in my kitchen BainsBane Jan 2015 #228
I hope it brought a smile then Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #230
It did. Thanks. BainsBane Jan 2015 #232
You're very welcome n/t Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #235
Thanks my friend. remaining silent is just not for me. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #325
I got sick of my break! hrmjustin Jan 2015 #316
Welcome back! rug Jan 2015 #318
No ignore, it is too boring. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #321
LOL good! great white snark Jan 2015 #320
Thank you my friend! hrmjustin Jan 2015 #322
lol, welcome back Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #339
That explains it exactly. My heart belongs to this place. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #340
For myself, I'm thinking a vacation might be in order Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #341
You need to take care of yourself first. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #343
Yeah, I think you're right Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #352
And peace be with you. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #353
You actually have to leave in order for it to be considered a break... truebrit71 Jan 2015 #344
I never said religious privilege is not a thing. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #346
Sorry, what was that? I was taking a break from DU... truebrit71 Jan 2015 #348
Thank God! hrmjustin Jan 2015 #350
I guess a break from DU Puglover Jan 2015 #378
Glad you came back! Mariana Jan 2015 #362
Thank you very much my friend and I am glad you enjoy my posts. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #363
It's always been hostile to believers. NaturalHigh Jan 2015 #68
Yes, I've sometimes wondered if the site's name whathehell Jan 2015 #168
DU is often hostile towards religion(s) not just GD justiceischeap Jan 2015 #69
wait what? Are you saying that as a religious believer who is tired of DU telling him how stupid he el_bryanto Jan 2015 #76
If that is your conclusion, I think you have been hostile to history. rug Jan 2015 #137
"It was her fault for dressing like that" Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #229
logic, history and fact fail ND-Dem Jan 2015 #272
If your belief is firm, why would you care? cheapdate Jan 2015 #70
And if a believer says "I've questioned my beliefs, and on reflection I find them to be true." el_bryanto Jan 2015 #78
No, that would be tantamount to calling him or her a liar. cheapdate Jan 2015 #80
Well I've heard it said that believers are all intellectually dishonest or delusional el_bryanto Jan 2015 #81
No, I don't. People believe all kinds of things. cheapdate Jan 2015 #83
the "mushroom mind"? Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #231
I believe that vast, interconnected, webs of fungal mycelium cheapdate Jan 2015 #243
Fascinating idea Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #245
Here you go: cheapdate Jan 2015 #248
Thanks dude Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #249
Oh get the freaking quote right. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #281
"there are lines not to be crossed in civil discussion", and that is the question by the OP. uppityperson Jan 2015 #144
By "hostile" I assume you mean mocking and unfriendly? cheapdate Jan 2015 #172
I was quoting the OP, their question. uppityperson Jan 2015 #179
Two things went wrong... cheapdate Jan 2015 #200
It becomes draining Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #234
All true. That's the score. cheapdate Jan 2015 #237
I'm a believer and religion discussions don't bother me at all. grossproffit Jan 2015 #79
GD can be hostile to anyone on any given day, imo. Inkfreak Jan 2015 #85
I wonder if you'd care to launch a side by side comparison of shit said openly about LGBT people Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #86
The person who said that should be ashamed of themselves. I don't know if I'm expected to defend it el_bryanto Jan 2015 #87
The point is, if I am expected to endure such extreme hostility, I need to know if you are asking Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #91
I'm not saying I couldn't I'm saying it wouldn't accomplish anything. el_bryanto Jan 2015 #94
I'm asking you to define your terms. There is really no reason for you to get personal and start Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #97
OK apparently you feel I didn't take this seriously enough s- let's go through it. el_bryanto Jan 2015 #103
I vote HYPOCRITES Skittles Jan 2015 #153
Link? okasha Jan 2015 #219
Sinc you aksed, here it is. I have had posts hidden for calling this bigotry to light and the author Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #277
That is fucking vile. beam me up scottie Jan 2015 #327
Has religion been hostile to women and gay people recently? Arugula Latte Jan 2015 #96
I've just been told that is an unfair comparison to bring up. Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #98
That's not what I said, please don't distort my words. nt el_bryanto Jan 2015 #102
Your words are right there to be seen. And you had no problem speaking for me, 'you think this and Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #132
Have theists been hostile to women and LGBT people on DU recently? TexasProgresive Jan 2015 #111
RECENTLY? Skittles Jan 2015 #154
Not always. kwassa Jan 2015 #238
let me know when, say, the Catholic church approves of birth control Skittles Jan 2015 #246
One church out of many, and most Catholics practice birth control. kwassa Jan 2015 #247
it's a sample of mass misogyny, world-wide, that for some reason we are supposed to RESPECT Skittles Jan 2015 #252
OK. kwassa Jan 2015 #256
omg not the GOOD THINGS meme Skittles Jan 2015 #259
How does the Catholic Church cause poverty? kwassa Jan 2015 #311
Its opposition to birth control. beam me up scottie Jan 2015 #326
OK. I accept that. kwassa Jan 2015 #335
If you look at how the Catholic Church has behaved worldwide since its inception, Arugula Latte Jan 2015 #301
Not exactly. There is a long line of crimes done in the name of the Church .... kwassa Jan 2015 #313
Have theists on DU been hostile to them? Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #236
On a daily fucking basis... truebrit71 Jan 2015 #255
This message was self-deleted by its author LostOne4Ever Jan 2015 #99
It has been hostile to everyone (nt) LostOne4Ever Jan 2015 #100
Yes; and according to the rules religious topics are not allowed to be posted in General Discussion. Jeffersons Ghost Jan 2015 #107
Admin said it is right now, there is a Religion exception. eom uppityperson Jan 2015 #148
Sure, a week in which some religious believers were slaughtering satirists for blasphemy Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #113
I've been meaning to say how much I like your avatar. nt el_bryanto Jan 2015 #116
The other cup is better. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #118
I'll just have to imagine it. At any you must be pretty happy with how things are going. nt. el_bryanto Jan 2015 #119
No, I was horrified by how things went. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #122
I meant at DU - not in Paris. Naturally I was horrified with the various actions over there. el_bryanto Jan 2015 #126
They were completely connected, and the events in Paris were far more important. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #130
they always pull out the victim card Skittles Jan 2015 #157
Do you tithe to your church? trumad Jan 2015 #115
I do tithe, I don't believe my money goes to causes that I disagree with. nt el_bryanto Jan 2015 #117
But it does. PassingFair Jan 2015 #120
You might be making an assumption about "what is agreed with". nt. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #123
I support Marriage Equality - I've said so repeatedly el_bryanto Jan 2015 #128
The fact that you tithe to your church shows that to be a lie, at the very least... Humanist_Activist Jan 2015 #254
You believe gays suffer in hell after death and you don't believe your church should allow same sex Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #288
OK - you win. I knew that a lot of member out there had donated el_bryanto Jan 2015 #124
Enlightenment! PassingFair Jan 2015 #129
Yes I'm so happy to be enlightened i think I'll go slit my wrists. nt el_bryanto Jan 2015 #131
Maybe a visit to a mental health professional would be a better choice? PassingFair Jan 2015 #134
You hope i'm not joking? el_bryanto Jan 2015 #136
Seek help. nt PassingFair Jan 2015 #142
You really hope that I want to kill myself after finding out about this? el_bryanto Jan 2015 #145
Saying this: PassingFair Jan 2015 #149
And he triples down with the death wish. Incredible. uppityperson Jan 2015 #150
The point is that it would be disgusting and mean to joke about killing one's self about such a Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #159
I wasn't joking. PassingFair Jan 2015 #162
Yes, and it wasn't funny. n/t Aerows Jan 2015 #187
Suicide jokes Aerows Jan 2015 #183
I think this is a question of being irony deficient. whathehell Jan 2015 #304
just in case, here is the post. uppityperson Jan 2015 #151
Um, I think he's being ironic.. whathehell Jan 2015 #302
Jury results Aerows Jan 2015 #178
Have you known anyone who committed suicide? Mariana Jan 2015 #194
Please don't joke about that Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #240
And the reason why I left the catholic church. I could not live with myself, in good Luminous Animal Jan 2015 #214
Has GD Been Hostile to the Victims of an Extremely Violent & Deadly Attack? countryjake Jan 2015 #135
It has certainly been hostile to Muslim DUers. Fearless Jan 2015 #160
There are Muslim DUers? Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #241
I notice quite a bit of hostility toward Christianity mostly workinclasszero Jan 2015 #163
Oh, absolutely! whathehell Jan 2015 #176
Republianity Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #242
The thing is, hypocrisy. Here you are, after many posts about 'hostility to religion' but this post Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #278
No different than normal....I'd say it's the "normal" amount of hate. ileus Jan 2015 #167
Are religious believers some sort of special class, that should be protected?...nt SidDithers Jan 2015 #175
Yes. Obviously. Warren Stupidity Jan 2015 #283
I wasn't aware speaking truth would be considered hostile... AuntPatsy Jan 2015 #177
What you consider truth - I might not. 840high Jan 2015 #185
Perhaps you could start by distinguishing "opinion" from indisputable "truth". whathehell Jan 2015 #198
YES. 840high Jan 2015 #180
Yes GusBob Jan 2015 #197
Nope. It's pretty much the same as ever. unrepentant progress Jan 2015 #204
Is the Pope Catholic? Does the bear shit in the forest? Douglas Carpenter Jan 2015 #205
Yes, but that is nothing new. I think I'm going to start trashing those threads. They just liberal_at_heart Jan 2015 #207
I think so Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #208
lol AtheistCrusader Jan 2015 #375
I saw some things I thought were disrespectful herding cats Jan 2015 #224
Has religion been hostile to EVERYONE in the 99% recently? Uh, yeah. That's what it does. nt valerief Jan 2015 #225
No. Actually. kwassa Jan 2015 #239
I answered yes because I just read a post claiming they're apologists for public beheading kcr Jan 2015 #233
I'm a nonbeliever, and the answer is "so what?" enki23 Jan 2015 #244
No, but it's generally hostile to harmful or especially stupid beliefs, and it should be. LeftyMom Jan 2015 #250
if you support a church that is openly misogynistic and homophobic you are PART OF THE PROBLEM Skittles Jan 2015 #253
You need an option that says: BainsBane Jan 2015 #251
"It's been hostile, but believers deserve it because they are inferior" Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #262
I can understand BainsBane Jan 2015 #266
So that's 'pretty much what you've been told'? Catholic teaching is that I am 'inherently disordered Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #282
Yes, a most fascistic point of view.. whathehell Jan 2015 #307
I answered that I am a believer. But I have reservations. Enthusiast Jan 2015 #260
The Church of Preacher Casey... countryjake Jan 2015 #264
countryjake, that is fine! Enthusiast Jan 2015 #267
Nope, it is the other way around; those without religion are in the minority, impossible for ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #273
No, they're not, not here Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #274
How many people were surveyed? How many people are members of DU? ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #275
No problem Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #276
Nice poll design - my answer yes, but I don't care. Yo_Mama Jan 2015 #285
I don't think anyone's saying it's hate speech Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #289
Mostly fair points, I think. Yo_Mama Jan 2015 #294
Prophet, about your analogy to your lover, Manifestor_of_Light Jan 2015 #372
I'm not a believer, & I really don't care if there's been "hostility" to Religious "believers" in GD 2banon Jan 2015 #310
And it's a pretty shitty opinion. rug Jan 2015 #314
Likewise.. 2banon Jan 2015 #382
Two things Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #317
Do you think atheist should avoid evangelizing in GD. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #319
I've never seen atheists evangelizing anywhere, but maybe it happens in certain forums... 2banon Jan 2015 #380
I can't say I have seen believers evangelize in GD or DU. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #381
Really? Well then, I guess the whole discussion is one big misunderstanding! 2banon Jan 2015 #383
The point of the poll was to get people's opinion whether it has become hostile to people hrmjustin Jan 2015 #384
Don't know about you, but I was just catching up on reading posts up thread.. 2banon Jan 2015 #385
Thats a disappointing answer. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #386
I have not noticed any "evangelizing" in GD. HappyMe Jan 2015 #377
For the record it has gotten very hostile to believers. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #329
Your religion is hostile to women, racist and homophobic. LeftyMom Jan 2015 #332
What is Truly Ironic On the Road Jan 2015 #336
I wish I could rec posts Prophet 451 Jan 2015 #337
I would say there are certain Groups you can post in that are progressive, but as a whole I would liberal_at_heart Jan 2015 #365
Understand Christianity? Mariana Jan 2015 #367
Throw them to the lions!!! Katashi_itto Jan 2015 #349
99 definitely yes vs 61 definitely not. Number23 Jan 2015 #351
The truth is, religious people have been used to complete deference, until about ten years ago. Arugula Latte Jan 2015 #354
This is my take too. cemaphonic Jan 2015 #361
I'm wondering what the believers think about this type of hostility? Arugula Latte Jan 2015 #357
i am against restricting reproductive rights. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #358
The reality it has been worse of late here. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #360
I'm a non believer and I think there has been hostility here recently mountain grammy Jan 2015 #364
Jesus had things to say about people Mariana Jan 2015 #368
I think you make a very good point. thucythucy Jan 2015 #370
Thanks, and you make a good point also.. mountain grammy Jan 2015 #371
If you are going to have the conviction to follow your beliefs, then Jamastiene Jan 2015 #376
Why is it not enough to believe what you will and Skidmore Jan 2015 #379
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