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Stephen Retired

(190 posts)
Fri Jan 16, 2015, 12:40 PM Jan 2015

Who will be Hillary's running mate next year? [View all]

Personally, I'm pimping for Tom Brady, whom, sixteen days from now, will demonstrate that he is the Greatest Quarterback of All Time. But I'm also a realist, thus...

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Well, Booker is kind of a 3rd way neolib, so probably him. Erose999 Jan 2015 #1
Along those lines, Im bettin Hillary pix her "brotha from anotha motha" Jebbie Bush as her VP after he loses the Rethug nomination. InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2015 #41
Julian Castro Skink Jan 2015 #2
Yep, agreed 100%. eom MohRokTah Jan 2015 #11
I think it'll be Castro too...nt SidDithers Jan 2015 #18
That's who I want! MoonRiver Jan 2015 #21
The Texas Democratic Party has printed some Clinton/Castro 2016 bumper stickers Gothmog Jan 2015 #34
Not a chance. former9thward Jan 2015 #48
No doubt about that for me elfin Jan 2015 #73
yup, almost a no brainer n/m Rosco T. Jan 2015 #77
Easy call. joshcryer Jan 2015 #88
Other: M$M n/t cherokeeprogressive Jan 2015 #3
Hillary has to win the nomination first. cloudbase Jan 2015 #4
running mate winetourdriver Jan 2015 #5
Benny Netanyahu blackcrow Jan 2015 #6
"Bibi!" Of course! n/t Peregrine Took Jan 2015 #80
She's not going to be in the process that long. LeftyMom Jan 2015 #7
Come on, man! Stephen Retired Jan 2015 #90
How many did Joe lose? LeftyMom Jan 2015 #91
Gen. Wesley Clark thelordofhell Jan 2015 #8
Oh, if ONLY, lord! elleng Jan 2015 #62
Whoever Goldman Sachs approves. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2015 #9
+1 Octafish Jan 2015 #22
Jamie Dimon AtomicKitten Jan 2015 #83
+2 L0oniX Jan 2015 #95
Why does it really matter? No matter whom she picks many democrats won't vote for her. ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #10
We'll miss you when election season hits. eom MohRokTah Jan 2015 #12
No you won't. ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #15
Sure we will. You'll no longer be able to post once Election Season hits. MohRokTah Jan 2015 #16
Actually I don't have to do diddly squat ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #17
Ah, but I've saved a link to your post above. MohRokTah Jan 2015 #19
Damn you really need a life, enjoy saving the link! ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #20
Yeah, that was pretty weird. The_Commonist Jan 2015 #35
Don't worry, so he saves the post, if he alerts on it when a nominee is chosen it won't go to a jury Autumn Jan 2015 #56
DU STASI? ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #82
Are you the scold police? earthside Jan 2015 #76
Note quite that strong karynnj Jan 2015 #38
Have you ever been here during a general election? cyberswede Jan 2015 #86
That sounds an awful lot like a threat. Fearless Jan 2015 #46
A threat????? MohRokTah Jan 2015 #47
However what you said comes across as hostile. Fearless Jan 2015 #49
Just remarking on the poster's remark in the context of DU rules. MohRokTah Jan 2015 #50
Being passive aggressive and dismissive of another point of view does not help. Fearless Jan 2015 #51
I was being honest in the context of this fourm. eom MohRokTah Jan 2015 #53
To what end? Fearless Jan 2015 #54
Uh huh..... daleanime Jan 2015 #55
Honest? Autumn Jan 2015 #60
there is no rule saying you must post positive posts about the nominee backwoodsbob Jan 2015 #57
This must be your first time on the internet. nt TeamPooka Jan 2015 #89
You are not the only one. Neither will I. But, expect a lot of Loyaly Oath demands. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2015 #24
Bullies always do ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #25
Bullies that demand "Free Speech"....for themselves but not for others. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2015 #27
This is a free private forum and the owners of this place can do what they want, free speech ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #29
About anything? Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2015 #31
Well I do too but the owners of the site don't share the same POV ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #33
I've been here since 2001 and have yet to have DU tell me how to vote. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2015 #36
Me neither. Tired of all the Corporatist BS. benz380 Jan 2015 #32
That would be an unwise choice Renew Deal Jan 2015 #81
Many Democrats never vote for the nominee wyldwolf Jan 2015 #96
Not sure yet tabbycat31 Jan 2015 #13
Not someone from the northeast... brooklynite Jan 2015 #14
Democrats in the NorthEast blackcrow Jan 2015 #85
I don't know. I won't guess. MineralMan Jan 2015 #23
Brown of OH. hrmjustin Jan 2015 #26
Who says she's running? Man from Pickens Jan 2015 #28
Rupert Murdoch benz380 Jan 2015 #30
Hillary and Brady in the same post. Unrec. bigwillq Jan 2015 #37
She won't need one if she isn't nominated. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2015 #39
The Big Dog deaniac21 Jan 2015 #40
... madinmaryland Jan 2015 #63
I'm not convinced she will win the nomination. Motown_Johnny Jan 2015 #42
Other: Randy of the Redwoods. nt DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2015 #43
Goldman Sachs CentralMass Jan 2015 #44
It doesn't matter. It's irrelevent. She will lose. But for kicks let's say ... Lieberman. Fearless Jan 2015 #45
General Wesley Clark SummerSnow Jan 2015 #52
He will be Secretary of State. femmocrat Jan 2015 #64
You too, Snow! elleng Jan 2015 #66
There are some good choices... Mike Nelson Jan 2015 #58
Michelle Obama would be a great candidate. CK_John Jan 2015 #59
Jamie Dimon? backwoodsbob Jan 2015 #61
JESUS Warren DeMontague Jan 2015 #65
Whomever her owners (Goldman) tells her to pick. hifiguy Jan 2015 #67
Ming the Merciless HappyMe Jan 2015 #68
Haha Basic LA Jan 2015 #69
I'm hoping for Rep. Conyers shenmue Jan 2015 #70
Castro crazylikafox Jan 2015 #71
O'Malley, Castro brothers,Brown, Warren, Cuomo, too many. Thinkingabout Jan 2015 #72
Given Ferguson and Garner, I think O'Malley is out of the running for anything. Vattel Jan 2015 #74
SATAN! nt Logical Jan 2015 #75
Wait, she's already been nominated? SheilaT Jan 2015 #78
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Jan 2015 #79
Ooooh! Oooh! ME! Pick ME! genwah Jan 2015 #84
Raul Castro. Katashi_itto Jan 2015 #87
Kissinger Erose999 Jan 2015 #92
Lloyd Blankfein L0oniX Jan 2015 #93
Bank Of America. n/t benz380 Jan 2015 #94
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