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22. Manny...
Wed Jan 7, 2015, 02:15 AM
Jan 2015

Snow in my hair

Once strong

Courage with clear eyes

Haiku is my horse but poor as this attempt no doubt is, for you Manny, I try.

I can't help but feel tptb are trying to beat us into submission, I will not submit, or give up.

It's always easier to be against something than for something. joshcryer Jan 2015 #1
When was the last time Liberals took over a school board? MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #3
It's been done. joshcryer Jan 2015 #11
Left wingers in other countries are much more aggressive AZ Progressive Jan 2015 #17
To meager effect. joshcryer Jan 2015 #18
Here in my county in Florida, a racist homphobic right-winger has been trying to get on to djean111 Jan 2015 #42
that is something i am considering drray23 Jan 2015 #82
Please! MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #84
I tried to tell you that RobertEarl Jan 2015 #2
Sadly true. haikugal Jan 2015 #4
Start by writing that as a haiku. MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #6
Manny... haikugal Jan 2015 #22
fantastic BrotherIvan Jan 2015 #25
Thanks n/t haikugal Jan 2015 #28
!!! MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #64
Thanks for that Manny..... haikugal Jan 2015 #83
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jan 2015 #5
Um, Manny..... DeSwiss Jan 2015 #7
Ok. So what's the way forward? nt MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #9
We need a strategy and tactics and goals. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #14
Here's how we get there: joshcryer Jan 2015 #20
You think it's impossible so why try? rhett o rick Jan 2015 #39
Where did I say it was impossible? joshcryer Jan 2015 #53
How am I to interpret your response of "Good luck with that." other than you dont rhett o rick Jan 2015 #54
Not sure you have the will. joshcryer Jan 2015 #55
I am still missing your point. That we, or most people don't have the will so rhett o rick Jan 2015 #56
I'm wishing you luck. joshcryer Jan 2015 #70
josh is correct all this can be done but people have to vote belzabubba333 Jan 2015 #34
He isn't saying anything but the obvious. Too many people believe that merely voting will solve our rhett o rick Jan 2015 #41
IMO aspirant Jan 2015 #45
We need an organization like moveon.org or PDA. Work both inside and outside the rhett o rick Jan 2015 #15
You could start here: DeSwiss Jan 2015 #33
Yep. (eom) CanSocDem Jan 2015 #38
I like those monologues MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #71
The only war is the war that the 1-party system invented NightOwwl Jan 2015 #8
I was 3 minutes ahead of you. DeSwiss Jan 2015 #48
:) NightOwwl Jan 2015 #58
truth Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2015 #10
The Democratic party needs an overhaul, and some new themes dissentient Jan 2015 #12
excuse me, I have a life beyond message boards, I don't read every post and only answer hollysmom Jan 2015 #13
Sorry that I missed your polling post. JDPriestly Jan 2015 #16
The real question is, why do conservatives believe in their own causes much more than liberals? AZ Progressive Jan 2015 #19
"why do conservatives believe in their own causes much more than liberals?" Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2015 #23
Conservative views stem from fear, liberals from intellect. Kablooie Jan 2015 #29
But both are trapped behind The Wall of Fear NightOwwl Jan 2015 #57
The Republicans nilesobek Jan 2015 #21
Republicans don't fight. Unknown Beatle Jan 2015 #24
'We have nothing to fear but fear itself.' - FDR lovemydog Jan 2015 #26
From Franklin..... DeSwiss Jan 2015 #49
I think that sometimes asking for consent slows down momentum BrotherIvan Jan 2015 #27
Do we follow a leader aspirant Jan 2015 #46
I think that leaders are very important to any movement BrotherIvan Jan 2015 #51
I agree with you and raise you DonCoquixote Jan 2015 #30
I am a Democratic Party County Chairman in a rural Texas county and have been called a troll. Jim Beard Jan 2015 #31
i get called that all the time here and ive never voted for a republican belzabubba333 Jan 2015 #32
Are their a few issues/principles aspirant Jan 2015 #47
Reason enough to give pause, I'd say. DeSwiss Jan 2015 #50
This isn't a place to organize Democrats. PDittie Jan 2015 #35
Thank you....polls on DU mean nothing. Show up to the meetings if you want anything done. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #68
Apparently DU is mostly a bunch of keyboard warriors. Scuba Jan 2015 #36
And who are great with graphics! DeSwiss Jan 2015 #52
You're absolutely right, that is exactly what arthritisR_US Jan 2015 #37
What? Bobbie Jo Jan 2015 #40
Post removed Post removed Jan 2015 #43
Dude, I rarely bother reading your posts, having dipped in early on in my time here. Denzil_DC Jan 2015 #44
Funny how you rarely bother reading his posts yet have such a terse comment. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #59
This OP seems to be bemoaning lack of success in "galvanizing support." Denzil_DC Jan 2015 #60
Your post was alerted on. BeanMusical Jan 2015 #65
Unnecessary alert, whoever it was, but I'll be charitable and guess it was probably well-meaning. Denzil_DC Jan 2015 #66
Thanks for posting that. It's worth the laugh. And thanks for the rofl emoticon, nice touch. nm rhett o rick Jan 2015 #80
Yeah, I suck. MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #62
You don't suck, Manny. Denzil_DC Jan 2015 #63
Maybe it just proves that your fans are as averse to work as they are in discerning proper satire Number23 Jan 2015 #61
Oh my deity.....there it is. nt msanthrope Jan 2015 #69
That's a nasty thing to say about some kind people MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #72
What an interesting (and shockingly truthful) analogy, particularly all of the poop references Number23 Jan 2015 #73
I predicted your subject line almost perfectly. nt MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #74
Well, hell. Let's add "psychic" to that long list of "talents" along with "satirist!" Number23 Jan 2015 #75
What about self-aware? MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #76
The fact that you acknowledge that your posts are all poop is a good start. Number23 Jan 2015 #77
Hal has an answer for you: MannyGoldstein Jan 2015 #79
I rarely click on your posts here on DU. Why do you think I would click on something from you Number23 Jan 2015 #81
It's their leadership, media, think tanks, and wordsmiths that do the damage WhaTHellsgoingonhere Jan 2015 #67
They are winning because the Democrats no longer offer a counter balance AgingAmerican Jan 2015 #78
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