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Tue Apr 24, 2012, 01:32 PM Apr 2012

Anger motivates developer to purchase 3 apartments building to house homeless vets [View all]

Anger motivates developer to house vets

Real-estate developer Matt Heslin is an avid cyclist. As he rode the streets of Orange County and Los Angeles, something disturbed him greatly.

"As I rode, I continually saw very young homeless men and women," said Heslin. "I'd see them at the beaches, on freeway off-ramps, in river beds, and under bridges.

"In talking with these young people, I learned many of them are veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars."

Heslin says they've come home and have been turned loose into society without any reintegration plan to make the transition from soldier to civilian.


A grateful mother of two children who served in the Iraq war and was sleeping in a homeless shelter was the recipient of one unit. Another veteran of the war in Afghanistan bounced from his car to homeless shelters. Now, he has a bed, a stove, a couch and a place to call his own.

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Let's get 500 recs for this by day's end. Push for it, folks! Zalatix Apr 2012 #1
Yeah, really. If any event deserves attention, this is it. BlueIris Apr 2012 #33
And donations, too. This guy is actually doing something in a meaningful way. Zalatix Apr 2012 #35
That would be one hell of an accomplishment. Fearless Apr 2012 #40
True. Perhaps something more substantial should be done. Zalatix Apr 2012 #42
+100! Fearless Apr 2012 #43
It's plain for all to see.. atheous Apr 2012 #2
I thought the same thing...Bill O Liar riverbendviewgal Apr 2012 #8
The teachings of Jesus usrname Apr 2012 #19
Saint Rand would not approve of this altruism. Saving Hawaii Apr 2012 #28
But the Randians of this world have no problem profiting off the sacrifices made by others. Ikonoklast Apr 2012 #57
No she would not - charity enables parasites. SolutionisSolidarity Apr 2012 #68
nice thing to do..the ridiculous waste of war for profit xiamiam Apr 2012 #3
K&R tallahasseedem Apr 2012 #4
fantastic rtracey Apr 2012 #5
Matt Heslin is a hero himself siligut Apr 2012 #6
This is, on a smaller scale, what we will have to do in the end. Egalitarian Thug Apr 2012 #7
My Obama campaign t-shirt says: "One voice can CHANGE the world" FailureToCommunicate Apr 2012 #9
Vacant Florida Housing marias23 Apr 2012 #10
We've tried to integrate some housing for vets with TBI here, but the state won't do it. Instead, freshwest Apr 2012 #14
See? We don't need big government to coddle these people. progressoid Apr 2012 #11
I think you have hit it on the head. This will be the snappyturtle Apr 2012 #13
And the Mercenary Thugs were each getting what the a squad of grunts earns for the year... WCGreen Apr 2012 #12
Not a vet but have been homeless. This is great. jwirr Apr 2012 #15
Pardon me for leaking on this parade Piazza Riforma Apr 2012 #16
The difference... AmazingSchnitzel Apr 2012 #18
So you're telling me that a non-vet who lost his job and was tossed out on the street Piazza Riforma Apr 2012 #25
The scale is not static... AmazingSchnitzel Apr 2012 #29
Which clearly demonstrates exactly why it is vital that our government be the primary Egalitarian Thug Apr 2012 #47
There has to be some limiting factor... AmazingSchnitzel Apr 2012 #56
You say that is if it were a bad thing. How about we just try to catch up Egalitarian Thug Apr 2012 #60
The rest... AmazingSchnitzel Apr 2012 #70
+1000 Liberal_in_LA Apr 2012 #26
Yes. To advance the interests of a bullying empire for which Luminous Animal Apr 2012 #37
So, the abject failures of the PEOPLE in a democracy TahitiNut Apr 2012 #58
Amazing that someone could find fault here _ed_ Apr 2012 #22
It is "patriotic hero worship" Piazza Riforma Apr 2012 #24
And what does your bile stem from?..."Patriotic hero Resentment"? whathehell Apr 2012 #27
Thank you! I agree! Odin2005 Apr 2012 #39
The groups he rode by/talked to were veterans and he wanted to help them. gateley Apr 2012 #44
no pardon offered here for your pissing on one person's action magical thyme Apr 2012 #55
You are minimizing his deeds because he picked an arbitrary demographic LanternWaste Apr 2012 #65
I love Matt Heslin flamingdem Apr 2012 #17
100% caused by the GOP... Hands Down BanTheGOP Apr 2012 #20
K & R. n/t FSogol Apr 2012 #21
Looks like you can thank HUD for this, which Romney wants to dismantle. SunSeeker Apr 2012 #23
I was going to say this is the Government's responsibility, then I was heartened as I read it gateley Apr 2012 #46
Greed. SunSeeker Apr 2012 #48
I spent all day reading The Appeal by John Grisham. The last line in the book was gateley Apr 2012 #49
John Grisham is quite good at writing books about the justice system in its different forms nt Bodhi BloodWave Apr 2012 #59
K&R: Calling out all the mudruckers at Vanguard and/or Lisa Ling BrendaBrick Apr 2012 #30
Heslin is a Tea Party Republican karnac Apr 2012 #31
He is still a role model Teabagger DaveJ Apr 2012 #32
Either that or he is after the bucks karnac Apr 2012 #34
How do you know he was for the wars? Ron Paul wasn't. nt gateley Apr 2012 #45
So Heslin is a T(axed) E(nough) A(ready) Republican sucking off the taxpayers teat. Luminous Animal Apr 2012 #38
K&R varelse Apr 2012 #36
GHWB & GWB shimonitanegi Apr 2012 #41
Remember what GWB said about his 'ownership society'? pinboy3niner Apr 2012 #50
While I applaud what this guy is doing... MattSh Apr 2012 #51
Actually whats not working is the military here which must mean they need to divert money from cstanleytech Apr 2012 #53
K & R! lonestarnot Apr 2012 #52
K&R... MrMickeysMom Apr 2012 #54
There are shuttered hospitals The Wizard Apr 2012 #61
Good for him sylvi Apr 2012 #62
Finally! Multiply those he has seen by the thousands. juajen Apr 2012 #63
Excellent story! Iwillnevergiveup Apr 2012 #64
K&R Shame on Congress for not adequately funding veterans' programs. qb Apr 2012 #66
K&R Vidar Apr 2012 #67
REC!!! maveric56 Apr 2012 #69
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