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Assange looks like Gandalf. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #1
Co-incidence? You decide! dixiegrrrrl Nov 2014 #5
he should borrow Gandalf's belt snooper2 Dec 2014 #191
k/r nationalize the fed Nov 2014 #2
+1 daleanime Nov 2014 #7
"Assange claims" ... "where he fears" -- there's far too much bias in that phrasing starroute Nov 2014 #3
YOU are suggesting whatever dove-tails with your view. randome Nov 2014 #4
Evidence.... dixiegrrrrl Nov 2014 #11
Truth ... ucrdem Nov 2014 #27
The U.S. is happy where he is hack89 Nov 2014 #8
PoliceLeaks Octafish Nov 2014 #107
Alternate Headline: "Chomsky supports accused rapist". riqster Nov 2014 #6
And one by one we through the voices of Democracy under the bus. zeemike Nov 2014 #10
Not everyone who comments here is a friend of DU. n/t dixiegrrrrl Nov 2014 #13
And you are right. zeemike Nov 2014 #21
So calling an accused criminal an accused criminal makes one a non-friend of DU? riqster Nov 2014 #25
They can't handle the facts, riqster.. and you're sure a friend of Cha Nov 2014 #58
Yes, because democracy exists for men only BainsBane Nov 2014 #14
Well said. riqster Nov 2014 #19
Oh bullshit. zeemike Nov 2014 #20
You were in the room when the sex acts took place? riqster Nov 2014 #23
Well the facts are known zeemike Nov 2014 #24
So the Swedish justice system is pursuing the matter for what reason? riqster Nov 2014 #28
For the reason to put him in the hands of the Americans zeemike Nov 2014 #32
Uh-huh. Evidence supporting your thesis? riqster Nov 2014 #33
Chelsea Manning. zeemike Nov 2014 #37
Those are American judicial and legislative actions/atrocities. Not Swedish. riqster Nov 2014 #42
And it will be Assange's fate if he is extradited. zeemike Nov 2014 #44
I can't agree without some factual basis. Sweden plays it pretty straight as a rule. riqster Nov 2014 #45
It very silly to think he would have to go to Sweden 1st to get to the US.. EX500rider Nov 2014 #49
the UK can't touch him passiveporcupine Mar 2016 #206
Unlawful coercion, sexual molestation (two counts), and rape hack89 Nov 2014 #51
You don't know the facts of the case... SidDithers Nov 2014 #57
"emotion is used as a tool" to "divide us up" YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #79
And I understand you just fine. zeemike Nov 2014 #88
He is a rapist in the mind of the woman assaulted BainsBane Nov 2014 #118
And I can't understand when someone becomes so judgmental zeemike Nov 2014 #131
This message was self-deleted by its author Dont call me Shirley Nov 2014 #60
Not what their allegations state.. Cha Nov 2014 #66
That is simply false, as this evidence shows BainsBane Nov 2014 #117
Thanks for clearing that up. nilesobek Nov 2014 #133
I only got my info from DN. I did not know the allegations were anything other than framed. Dont call me Shirley Nov 2014 #141
Hold on. I wasn't calling for that. nilesobek Dec 2014 #171
Sneaky Assange blames his problems on the USA.. can't stand up and be responsible for his Cha Nov 2014 #65
Excellent post. YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #77
I would disagree with one thing that you wrote. Kali Nov 2014 #92
The 'major international security issues' are non-existent insofar as Assange is concerned. randome Nov 2014 #95
No attorney who wants to keep their license BainsBane Nov 2014 #119
That's a strong argument. nt el_bryanto Dec 2014 #179
For Chomsky, everyone else gets thrown under the bus if it means being able to attack the US stevenleser Dec 2014 #203
He needs to go through the process and be found guilty or not. riqster Nov 2014 #15
Well I hope you find yourself in that position some day. zeemike Nov 2014 #18
Oh, so Sweden is some sort of judicial hellhole? riqster Nov 2014 #22
No but they have the same corruption of government as we have. zeemike Nov 2014 #34
I share your mistrust as a general rule. But I have yet.to see examples in this case. riqster Nov 2014 #35
Well if you can't find it, it never happened. zeemike Nov 2014 #38
I woudn't go that far. But in such a case, I wouldn't assume it to be likely. riqster Nov 2014 #41
This is Sweden's Law on Rapists.. Cha Nov 2014 #67
Thank you. n/t YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #100
there is no universe where Assange OR Chomsky represent, in any way, Democracy. KittyWampus Nov 2014 #115
Hmmm, who to go with, Riqster or Chomsky? Not a tough choice. Comrade Grumpy Nov 2014 #12
Actually, neither. The Swedish courts are the only true authority. riqster Nov 2014 #16
Lol, you haven't been keeping up with this sham 'case' have you? Still not even a charge filed sabrina 1 Nov 2014 #26
If and when the Swedish courts take such steps, his legal status will change. riqster Nov 2014 #31
Where are the CHARGES? Amazing to see 'liberals' condone the imprisonment of a news editor for sabrina 1 Nov 2014 #61
Just show me the imprisonment brooklynite Nov 2014 #62
He long ago was in Sweden asking to speak to the prosecutor and was told 'she was too busy'. sabrina 1 Nov 2014 #104
I understand U.S. Intelligence put pressure on the Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #46
Sweden's PM was helped attain his position by KARL ROVE, an OLD FRIEND. He is known as 'Europe's sabrina 1 Nov 2014 #63
A lot of (parroted) conspiracy theories... YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #82
What are the charges you are speaking of?? sabrina 1 Nov 2014 #101
Forget it, (s)he's rolling... SidDithers Nov 2014 #108
OK, maybe she was a Western asset. nilesobek Nov 2014 #135
Last week a Swedish appeals court upheld Assange's arrest warrant hack89 Nov 2014 #53
Lol, of course they did. Just show us the CHARGES. There have never been any charges filed against sabrina 1 Nov 2014 #64
There are four charges specified in his arrest warrant hack89 Nov 2014 #69
It's been explained dozens of times, but some people just like to post zappaman Nov 2014 #70
I asked for CHARGES filed against him. What you gave me are years old allegations sabrina 1 Nov 2014 #102
So charges detailed in a legal arrest warrant are not really charges? hack89 Nov 2014 #110
He has not been charged with any crime. What about that is so difficult for you to grasp?? sabrina 1 Nov 2014 #146
An arrest warrant has to reference criminal charges hack89 Nov 2014 #148
This is pure unmitigated nonsense and the only reason I am wasting my time responding to it, is sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #172
Assange's lawyer testified under oath that the prosecutor wanted to interview him in Sweden hack89 Dec 2014 #173
Wrong, AGAIN. What is in black and white is the FACT that Assange was interviewed by the sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #175
So you are denying an actual, black and white trial transcript? hack89 Dec 2014 #176
There are NO Criminal or any other kind of charges filed against Assange. Are you still trying to sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #182
This message was self-deleted by its author hack89 Dec 2014 #183
Do you deny there is a valid arrest warrant for Assange? hack89 Dec 2014 #184
Still refusing to answer a simple question? Where are the charges you claimed existed? sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #186
Those accusations just survived a legal challenge two weeks ago hack89 Dec 2014 #187
Lol, the Swedish Court has been saying that for YEARS now but still they will not PROVE IT. sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #190
You need a trial to prove the charges. To have a trial you need a defendant hack89 Dec 2014 #192
Yes!! Exactly!! So, why has this Prosecutor REFUSED to file any charges?? sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #194
Because the Swedish system is different from ours hack89 Dec 2014 #196
We know the differences. And we know the Prosecutor has LIED about needing to sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #197
Has Assange agree to surrender if arrested following an interview? hack89 Dec 2014 #198
Where are the charges? Why have no charges been filed? Why would someone sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #199
People are arrested and taken into custody prior to indictment every day in America. hack89 Dec 2014 #200
Lol, OUR legal system? What does OUR legal system have to do with this? Was that a slip sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #201
It will all be over in 2020 when the statute of limitations runs out. hack89 Dec 2014 #202
Your conspiracy buzzword filled rants are amusing. Odin2005 Dec 2014 #204
What conspiracy buzzwords are you talking about? I deal only in facts. sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #205
I believe Assange's lawyer. Don't you? hack89 Dec 2014 #185
Where are the charges? A simple answer is all I am asking for. sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #188
I understand why you don't want to talk about him fleeing Sweden to avoid arrest hack89 Dec 2014 #189
Charges, this is about charges that were never filed, about a case that never existed. So sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #193
So you are saying Assange's lawyer lied under oath? hack89 Dec 2014 #195
Chomsky is a traitor and should be executed!!1!! BeanMusical Nov 2014 #9
They had a good month. ucrdem Nov 2014 #17
Boy is it easy to distract Americans from what really matters... NoJusticeNoPeace Nov 2014 #29
Bravo to both. K&R Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2014 #30
What I learned from this: rape is OK, provided you exposed US state secrets. Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Nov 2014 #39
Your loss. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #40
Post removed Post removed Nov 2014 #52
Supporting rapists is not a liberal position. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #54
+1...nt SidDithers Nov 2014 #59
False accusations of rape are exceedingly rare YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #75
Assange admitted it. joshcryer Nov 2014 #81
Exactly... SidDithers Nov 2014 #147
Now the brits have spent 10m Pounds to arrest him for questioning in a supposed Swedish sex crime. pa28 Nov 2014 #43
Well, if it's a "supposed" sex crime, that makes all the difference... brooklynite Nov 2014 #50
When was last time a government spent 10m to extradite somebody for questioning in a sex case? pa28 Nov 2014 #55
I wasn't aware that criminal investigations came with a budget... brooklynite Nov 2014 #56
He's a fugitive under British law, subject to British penalties. Should they forget him? nt msanthrope Nov 2014 #73
People granted political asylum are by definition labeled as "fugitives". pa28 Nov 2014 #93
He's a bail jumper. Should people on bail in the UK be allowed to skip merely msanthrope Nov 2014 #94
Criminals can't just walk into an embassy for legal relief. pa28 Nov 2014 #96
You think politics doesn't trump logic and common sense? randome Nov 2014 #97
I do and I believe I pointed that out upthread. pa28 Nov 2014 #99
He wasn't granted an asylum recognized by any cogent legal authority. And, as a criminal msanthrope Nov 2014 #98
He is actually a fugitive from British justice hack89 Nov 2014 #71
+1 YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #84
Assange asked for and received asylum from the government of Ecuador. pa28 Nov 2014 #89
Too bad diplomatic asylum is not recognized by international law hack89 Nov 2014 #90
Chomsky is awesome! He's also an example of why we need university tenure Wella Nov 2014 #47
... SidDithers Nov 2014 #48
I don't give a shite who hangs out with this asshole.. "Julian Assange Backs Ron and Rand Paul".. Cha Nov 2014 #68
I think ucrdem Nov 2014 #72
2 good men. I applaud them both! nt elias49 Nov 2014 #74
How is Assange remotely a "good man"? YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #76
Well there's Wikileaks...heard of it? nt elias49 Nov 2014 #78
Yes, and that doesn't negate the likelihood that he's a scumbag rapist YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #80
Post removed Post removed Nov 2014 #83
And now you show your true colors YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #85
What colors are you talking about? elias49 Nov 2014 #86
Can't trust those chicks- they'll fuck you over in a heartbeat hack89 Nov 2014 #87
7-0 Hide..... msanthrope Nov 2014 #91
Excellent hide....nt SidDithers Nov 2014 #109
Thank you. nt msanthrope Nov 2014 #124
That's what the CIA said. Octafish Nov 2014 #105
Oh so the CIA said it, then it must be wrong YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #113
CIA and Cuba are cause for dismantling the Agency. Octafish Nov 2014 #116
Oh dear...you are sourcing Israel Shamir, aren't you?? nt msanthrope Nov 2014 #126
Better than CURVEBALL. Octafish Nov 2014 #127
+1 Luis Posada Carriles was a member of a very special group nationalize the fed Nov 2014 #129
Los Amigos Terroristas de Bush Octafish Nov 2014 #138
Daniel fucking Hopsicker!!.... SidDithers Nov 2014 #140
Isreal Shamir works for Wikileaks, and is a noted Holocaust denier. Any DUer who wishes to know msanthrope Nov 2014 #130
Wow. zappaman Nov 2014 #132
Just another smear from zappaman. Octafish Nov 2014 #139
Reply #142. zappaman Nov 2014 #150
Yup. All the articles posted from Paul Craig Roberts support your assertion... SidDithers Nov 2014 #142
Supporting holocaust deniers is disgusting. zappaman Nov 2014 #152
And now he's calling a banned anti-Semite a "great DUer"... SidDithers Nov 2014 #154
It does make one wonder, don't it? zappaman Nov 2014 #155
Yet, what he wrote about Assange's accusers is true. Octafish Nov 2014 #137
So you support a holocaust denier? zappaman Nov 2014 #151
A troll banned for being an anti-Semite is a "great DUer"?... SidDithers Nov 2014 #153
I'm kind of surprised sharp_stick Nov 2014 #156
You are citing a DUer banned for Holocaust denial to prove that the Holocaust denier msanthrope Nov 2014 #158
That is not what I wrote. Octafish Nov 2014 #159
You are citing Israel Shamir. He is a noted Holocaust denier. One of the "great DUers" you msanthrope Nov 2014 #160
Not the only Holocaust denier he cites either. zappaman Nov 2014 #162
Lie down with dogs, don't be surprised when the fleas bite you in the ass. nt msanthrope Nov 2014 #163
... zappaman Nov 2014 #164
How am I supposed to know everyone banned and for what? Octafish Nov 2014 #165
Well....now that you know that Israel Shamir is a Holocaust denier and Wikileaks employee, and msanthrope Nov 2014 #167
You linked specifically to a troll banned for being an anti-Semite. zappaman Nov 2014 #161
Smear artist. Octafish Nov 2014 #166
No smears necessary to show you linked to an anti-Semitic banned troll. zappaman Nov 2014 #168
it's in their profile tammywammy Nov 2014 #169
Shhhhhh zappaman Nov 2014 #170
How do you know who has been banned for what? It's on their profile. nt msanthrope Dec 2014 #174
Banned anti-semite trolls are now "great DUers". zappaman Dec 2014 #180
Assange...like Officer Wilson, need not answer for his crimes. nt msanthrope Dec 2014 #181
Some of these responses downthread are hilarious...... marmar Nov 2014 #103
Sheer hypocrisy. Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2014 #106
They can be discussed without defending a rapist/predator YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #114
Don't forget "In no known universe can Chomsky or Assage represent in any Puglover Nov 2014 #121
That is the second greatest thread in DU history. n/t QC Nov 2014 #122
And NOONE needs to apologize for the Puglover Nov 2014 #123
Nope. No need to be an apologist, that's for sure. n/t QC Nov 2014 #125
How exciting! Assange appears on balcony! With Chomsky! Someone snaps a photo! struggle4progress Nov 2014 #111
LOL! zappaman Nov 2014 #112
Heheh... SidDithers Nov 2014 #120
I've been simultaneously bored and face palming reading this thread until now Number23 Nov 2014 #128
lol treestar Nov 2014 #143
You just redeemed this thread for me (nt) Recursion Dec 2014 #178
And, predictably, the smear/propaganda machine is on the job. woo me with science Nov 2014 #134
... SidDithers Nov 2014 #136
Julian has indeed save the world treestar Nov 2014 #144
Excellent post, thank you. As for the smear campaign, lol, same old names wherever you go. Same sabrina 1 Nov 2014 #145
It's telling that Assange refuses to face charges in Sweden YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #149
When you find yourself on the WRONG side of Assange and Chomsky... bvar22 Nov 2014 #157
They are on the wrong side of rape. nt msanthrope Dec 2014 #177
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