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Prophet 451

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8. the PtB don't WANT to eliminate poverty
Sat Oct 18, 2014, 12:27 AM
Oct 2014

A) Capitalism requires some poverty, requires some unemployment, to keep wages low.
B) Much of the country believes that, if you provide funds for people at the bottom, they'll get to like it there. They genuinely believe that making poverty "too comfortable" will stop people trying to do better.
C) Much of the country has been trained to resent anyone getting anything at all in welfare, has been trained to view a penny spent in welfare as a dollar stolen from them personally.
D) Much of the country still thinks in Dickensian terms, that the poor are poor because of some fault of their own, because they drink or take drugs or "don't have the habit of work" (our demonically evil DWP Sec).
E) The PtB is talking about alleviating "extreme" poverty on the fairly safe bet that, if you handle teh people actually starving in the streets, everyone will assume the problem has been dealt with. Anyone in poverty after that obviously doesn't work hard enough. The plebs, in both our countries, have been trained to only ever kick downward, to never question the oft-told myth that it's possible to make more from benefits than working and never consider that doesn't mean benefits are too high, it means wages are too low.

I grew up poor. Being disabled (I'm severely mentally ill and physically crippled), I'm still poor. And I have heard all the excuses, all the moralising, all the resentment. I';m for a national minimum guaranteed income but it'll take a real, blood-in-the-streets revolution before the PtB let that happen.

it depends on what you mean by the "least worst" level of poverty JI7 Oct 2014 #1
Who is qualified to judge what that is? People who've never been within a million miles of poor? Ken Burch Oct 2014 #2
i'm asking you what you consider to be the "least worst" level of poverty JI7 Oct 2014 #3
"least worst" would be, if nothing else, Ken Burch Oct 2014 #4
the reason you can't put them all together is there are people who struggle yet they view JI7 Oct 2014 #5
Obviously people with a little(even a very little) view people with nothing at all as the enemy. Ken Burch Oct 2014 #6
We can at the very least house everyone and have medical care and three meals of course Kalidurga Oct 2014 #7
But then, there'd be no incentive to NOT be poor Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #9
IT's like this: :sarcasm: Ken Burch Oct 2014 #14
Ah, thank you Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #15
Click on smilies. SamKnause Oct 2014 #23
It does, thankies Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #24
You are most welcome. SamKnause Oct 2014 #25
We could also help organize as many co-ops as possible Ken Burch Oct 2014 #10
Great idea Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #26
the PtB don't WANT to eliminate poverty Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #8
Well put. And I'm sorry for all the pain this system has put you through. Ken Burch Oct 2014 #12
Thanks man Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #21
It was actually closer than you might think . . . back in 1972 when McGovern made it a centerpiece KingCharlemagne Oct 2014 #16
I had no idea about that Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #22
Great post. woo me with science Oct 2014 #18
That I could rec posts. F4lconF16 Oct 2014 #29
Welcome, dude Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #31
But there are different degrees Marrah_G Oct 2014 #11
It's not about any particular place. Ken Burch Oct 2014 #13
K&R Another great OP from you tonight. woo me with science Oct 2014 #17
we are not going to end anything except our own individual lives, let's just realize that. LawDeeDah Oct 2014 #19
If they want to fight all levels of poverty, it has to start Warpy Oct 2014 #20
This is happening in Berkeley daredtowork Oct 2014 #27
In India, they lowered the calorie count for people to be declared in poverty whereisjustice Oct 2014 #28
Thank you. nt woo me with science Oct 2014 #30
Since I got injured at 26 UglyGreed Oct 2014 #32
"If we're gonna talk about poverty, let's talk about ending ALL poverty." Nice. pampango Oct 2014 #33
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