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19. I don't think what would happen is predictable if the stigma for sex work was to vanish.
Tue Sep 30, 2014, 11:02 AM
Sep 2014

It's possible with the low entry requirements that it would be like a fast food worker job with similar pay and benefits. Clearly some of the reason that people do sex work now is due to decent money earned quickly - not sure how appealing the line of work would be without the pay.

"For women whose station in life depends on securing the best marriage outcome possible" - this statement of yours, I don't know what it means.

But further down, are you saying men don't want love and relationships and family?

Insightful. Feral Child Sep 2014 #1
It covers a lot of angles here Blue_Adept Sep 2014 #3
Yes, it's quite well written. Feral Child Sep 2014 #11
That's a very interesting perspective, thanks for sharing IronLionZion Sep 2014 #2
Yup. Android3.14 Sep 2014 #4
Valid and helpful. Brickbat Sep 2014 #5
Pretty good for the issue of covers. aikoaiko Sep 2014 #6
No one topic can be covered in its entirety of course Blue_Adept Sep 2014 #21
I agree. aikoaiko Sep 2014 #22
If you live near a strip club, elderly Jewish men will knock on your door? Bad Thoughts Sep 2014 #7
Do you assign religions to all characters in a comic strip? FSogol Sep 2014 #9
No, I examine messaging for ethnic stereotypes Bad Thoughts Sep 2014 #12
Balding equals Jewish? FSogol Sep 2014 #14
I think it's the way the character is speaking sir pball Sep 2014 #15
it would be better if we could ban it... shaayecanaan Sep 2014 #8
It is interesting kcr Sep 2014 #10
Capitalism makes a commodity out of everything... shaayecanaan Sep 2014 #16
You are doing the same thing the author is doing. kcr Sep 2014 #17
I don't think what would happen is predictable if the stigma for sex work was to vanish. seaglass Sep 2014 #19
You're dead right... shaayecanaan Oct 2014 #26
Nice insinuations. Starry Messenger Sep 2014 #23
So what about us, and I do mean us, (now ex-) male sex workers? genwah Sep 2014 #20
It goes back to basic human rights titaniumsalute Sep 2014 #13
i stopped reading about 40%. saw intresting dichotomy. seabeyond Sep 2014 #18
great stuff- most women get this bullshit from men at some point- even here bettyellen Sep 2014 #24
My partner is a former sex worker Prophet 451 Sep 2014 #25
A friend of mine did that for a while. She also did phone psychic work for a while. LeftyMom Oct 2014 #27
Same here Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #28
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