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If you did anything other than post propaganda, you would know those things ARE clear. TheWraith Apr 2012 #1
Thanks, Wraith. elleng Apr 2012 #3
What are the very specific limitations on costs? Uncle Joe Apr 2012 #11
Why do you care? ProSense Apr 2012 #20
Because if the facts are as I believe them to be, it makes no difference who wrote column, the title Uncle Joe Apr 2012 #25
Bullshit! ProSense Apr 2012 #36
If he's racist, he should be condemned for his racism and perhaps he may change but if he's correct Uncle Joe Apr 2012 #46
Oh please ProSense Apr 2012 #50
Your problem is in not being able to separate the messenger from the message. Uncle Joe Apr 2012 #56
And ProSense Apr 2012 #59
Where and when Uncle Joe Apr 2012 #70
Well, ProSense Apr 2012 #95
1. The answer is obvious from my post because I don't agree with Duke's message. Uncle Joe Apr 2012 #111
I don't think some people realize how transparent their attempts Marr Apr 2012 #122
This ProSense Apr 2012 #126
I agree, Marr it is misdirection having nothing to do with the issue of the OP that being the ACA. Uncle Joe Apr 2012 #135
Right ProSense Apr 2012 #142
The OP is about the ACA, please answer my question from post #11 Uncle Joe Apr 2012 #160
2 ad hominem attacks. Quantess Apr 2012 #104
Oh ProSense Apr 2012 #106
But, the point of ad hominem attacks is that you ignore the veracity of the message Quantess Apr 2012 #114
Oh please ProSense Apr 2012 #117
You regularly post junk from Andrew Sullivan. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #79
Bullshit! n/t ProSense Apr 2012 #89
Not only do you post Sullivan and rec Sullivan threads, you totally defended him. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #94
Massive bullshit! n/t ProSense Apr 2012 #110
Selective memory. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #123
Nonsensical drivel. n/t ProSense Apr 2012 #127
lol. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #143
Wow! ProSense Apr 2012 #150
The thread you recced and noted your approval for was very recent. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #165
Uh-huh. Marr Apr 2012 #139
Ridiculous! n/t ProSense Apr 2012 #153
That was a different Prosense? Marr Apr 2012 #154
Well ProSense Apr 2012 #155
A simple "I'm sorry, I lied" would've sufficed. Marr Apr 2012 #158
Really, ProSense Apr 2012 #161
Uh-huh. Marr Apr 2012 #164
Absurd and rather telling too... LanternWaste Apr 2012 #245
In 2008, Prosense linked to a Sullivan article saying McCain wasn't tortured by Bush's definition. Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #166
According to prosense: girl gone mad Apr 2012 #167
Does Prosense make it a habit to post commentary by racists attacking Obama over and over again? n/t Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #169
Is it okay to post commentary by racists or not? girl gone mad Apr 2012 #171
Is it OK to say two articles and a recommend is "regularly posting Sullivan"? n/t Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #174
So posting commentary by racists is justifiable.. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #177
I imagine a relevant question should be LanternWaste Apr 2012 #246
There are several links listed in a post above mine. Marr Apr 2012 #168
One is the same article I referred to. Another is from 2007. The last is a recommend Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #172
How many posts do you require? Marr Apr 2012 #178
Imagine: wanting commentary that supports Obama posted here. Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #184
Constantly scouring the intenet for negative Obama opinion pieces and they will be found. Swede Apr 2012 #47
When it comes to dumpster-diving for something, anything to dog this president AtomicKitten Apr 2012 #173
+1 n/t FSogol Apr 2012 #23
On what planet? My group health insurance rates just went up by 40%. Zorra Apr 2012 #236
Most of the provisions don't kick in until 2014. Doremus Apr 2012 #239
Paul Craig Roberts is a racist asshole and a darling of hate site VDARE... SidDithers Apr 2012 #2
Thanks, SidDithers. elleng Apr 2012 #4
I can't ProSense Apr 2012 #7
Where did you learn Roberts is a racist? Octafish Apr 2012 #17
Here's his Google-cached page at VDARE, Octafish Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #19
VDARE is a pro-white power hate site founded by an immigrant NAZI. Octafish Apr 2012 #113
Dude. He wrote a fucking fundraising letter for them!!!... SidDithers Apr 2012 #121
I said 'Thank you.' Octafish Apr 2012 #147
Oh yeah. Thanks for calling me 'Dude.' Hadn't thought about that fellah for a while. Octafish Apr 2012 #157
That cache link is not working, either, Octafish. Sorry about that. Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #128
the webarchive links in my posts seem to be OK, Bolo... SidDithers Apr 2012 #129
Yes, the fundraising letter from webarchive is working OK. n/t Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #132
Hate-Crimes Bill Itself a Hate-Crime ProSense Apr 2012 #21
Gee. Do you think I'd support that? Octafish Apr 2012 #131
Seriously?... SidDithers Apr 2012 #22
Thanks for all that depth. Pat Buchanan and I go way back. Octafish Apr 2012 #144
My apologies for the tone of my replies...nt SidDithers Apr 2012 #162
+ 1. n/t truedelphi Apr 2012 #27
VDARE has been designated a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center SidDithers Apr 2012 #44
Post removed Post removed Apr 2012 #78
The racist is Paul Craig Roberts... SidDithers Apr 2012 #80
Likewise, you pretend to be an intelligent forum member brentspeak Apr 2012 #102
Holy fuck, you're defending Paul Craig Roberts... SidDithers Apr 2012 #105
Which just means that you know you lost this round and are tucking tail and running brentspeak Apr 2012 #107
Seriously... SidDithers Apr 2012 #112
NOt to mention the extremely racist war on drugs.. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #82
ROFL... SidDithers Apr 2012 #83
Such a joker. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #98
Such a joke...nt SidDithers Apr 2012 #170
. Dragonfli Apr 2012 #194
Here: ProSense Apr 2012 #5
You do understand that MediCaid is now under-funded and that many truedelphi Apr 2012 #24
what organizations are shutting down? cali Apr 2012 #38
Did you watch Sixty Minutes II last night? truedelphi Apr 2012 #45
Posting Obama hit pieces from 9/11 Truthers now, Better Believe It? Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #6
Lighten up. ProSense Apr 2012 #9
There's a group here that wants to read Obama hit pieces from right wing 9/11 Truthers? Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #10
Well, ProSense Apr 2012 #13
Some don't seem to care about the sources zappaman Apr 2012 #14
bingo AtomicKitten Apr 2012 #18
Actually, ProSense Apr 2012 #30
Can you prove that the average medical/loss ratio was lower before the insurance law was passed? Better Believe It Apr 2012 #26
Fuck the MLR ProSense Apr 2012 #31
classic response TransitJohn Apr 2012 #196
Since you clearly don't know the answer, either... randome Apr 2012 #33
I can't answer your question about this - but two things I do know abt the ACA truedelphi Apr 2012 #39
Hey, more misleading bullshit about the ACA! And this one straight from the Romney camp! Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #48
Different companies have different ratios, of course Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #43
And seven states have been granted federal waivers from the medical/loss ratio requirments! Better Believe It Apr 2012 #54
And as I'm documenting below, these waivers are for up to three years only Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #73
Only three years? Only? Whew ..... I was worried for a moment! Better Believe It Apr 2012 #125
One that I've found so far is three years, and the third is contingent on demonstration of need. Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #145
oh fuck. Now you're quoting the creator of Reaganomics? Is there anything you won't cali Apr 2012 #8
I think we should simply ignore him. randome Apr 2012 #12
nah, not as long as they get recced up. cali Apr 2012 #15
+1 Correct. n/t FSogol Apr 2012 #28
+1 Exactly. nt zappaman Apr 2012 #16
Republicans and a right-wing think tank were the original creators of the insurance industry law. Better Believe It Apr 2012 #32
say what? cali Apr 2012 #42
Obama is more of a Reaganite than the author.. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #85
You're actually defending Paul Craig Roberts?... SidDithers Apr 2012 #92
Yes, I would defend him against the accusation that he supports Reaganomics. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #108
OK, good to know that you'll go to the mat for a racist piece of shit like PCR...nt SidDithers Apr 2012 #124
Your ad hominem here is not that persuasive. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #163
Quit making excuses for the inexcusable... SidDithers Apr 2012 #192
I can't believe this thread. JTFrog Apr 2012 #238
Say what? So just because it was proposed by right-wing Republicans doesn't make it bad???!!! Better Believe It Apr 2012 #116
Try Republicare then. Whisp Apr 2012 #29
Do you have an opinion on the points made in the post or would you rather engage in personal attacks Better Believe It Apr 2012 #35
Getting a little sensitive there, BNBI. randome Apr 2012 #37
that was a personal attack just how? Whisp Apr 2012 #40
The alert on your post failed. Scurrilous Apr 2012 #51
I was willing to take a ding for that. Whisp Apr 2012 #58
My opinion was to rec this topic. truedelphi Apr 2012 #49
It is the opinion of many that the ACA is "Republicare" largely because it's a 20 year old GOP idea Dragonfli Apr 2012 #66
Prove that mathematically treestar Apr 2012 #34
Under "Obamacare" 27% to 32% of insurance premiums will go for profits and administrative costs ... Better Believe It Apr 2012 #52
Why do you keep calling it Obamacare? ACA is three letters. n/t Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #53
I don't call the law that. I call it the "Insurance Industry and Big Pharma Protection Act" Better Believe It Apr 2012 #61
Call the law by its name. ACA. Three letters. n/t Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #64
You can call it Shirley for all I care... SidDithers Apr 2012 #65
AKA the "I'm never going to stop campaignign against Obama on DU Act" dionysus Apr 2012 #90
Hello, such an act would release insurance companies from all regulation treestar Apr 2012 #214
That's a ProSense Apr 2012 #55
Maine waiver: for three years, third year contingency Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #60
A 65% medical/loss ratio for three full years!!!! You gotta be kidding! Wow! What a handout! Better Believe It Apr 2012 #130
65% for two years, BBI. With the third year contingent on showing the need. Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #134
Only two years. I stand corrected. What a relief! Think the insurance crooks will show a need? Better Believe It Apr 2012 #140
If they do, they might get the third year. Other states are finding their waivers denied. Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #175
Texas waiver: Ninth state waiver DENIED Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #62
Kansas and Oklahoma: MLR waivers DENIED Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #67
Nevada waiver: one year. New Hampshire waiver: two years. Both higher MLRs than requested. Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #71
Not getting into this clusterfuck, but I can tell that if you get sick in NV Egalitarian Thug Apr 2012 #99
Well, as far as the MLR situation is concerned, they've got one year to get that part in order. n/t Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #101
I'm really curious about your personal situation. cali Apr 2012 #74
Kentucky waiver: one year only, then back to the Federal mandate Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #76
Well done... SidDithers Apr 2012 #86
The facts ProSense Apr 2012 #133
Thanks Bolo Boffin. Completely debunked that propaganda. joshcryer Apr 2012 #149
+100 zappaman Apr 2012 #159
all businesses exist to profit treestar Apr 2012 #212
You do understand the concept that someone somewhere has to foot the bill. truedelphi Apr 2012 #57
Never mind all of that.. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #91
Thanks for a bit of truedelphi Apr 2012 #247
So prove it mathematically instead of hot air and anecdotal events treestar Apr 2012 #216
Please quite projecting. truedelphi Apr 2012 #222
Insurance for those who could not get it before due to pre-existing conditions is going to increase treestar Apr 2012 #235
And what if you can't afford the new and higher premiums charged to cover pre-existing conditions? Better Believe It Apr 2012 #241
Are you aware that some insurance comapnies have raised their rates over 45% in truedelphi Apr 2012 #242
I think you're on to something! Better Believe It Apr 2012 #244
And you have worked in hospitals how many years of yr life? truedelphi Apr 2012 #248
Its clear your motive is to undermine support of President Obama banned from Kos Apr 2012 #41
Is that your best or only defense of the insurance industry law? Better Believe It Apr 2012 #69
You were opposed to a primary challenge against Obama? Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #77
Why did you support a primary challenge to Obama? Never mind! Better Believe It Apr 2012 #109
I didn't support a primary challenge to Obama. Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #115
I didn't either. And you think I should have? Better Believe It Apr 2012 #137
Since you feel so strongly about slamming Obama every chance you get, yes Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #141
And what primary candidate do you think I should have supported? Better Believe It Apr 2012 #148
I don't know. You're the one that doesn't like Obama. n/t Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #151
He says he didn't either. JTFrog Apr 2012 #240
"The time you could actually have made a difference in the Democratic Party." great white snark Apr 2012 #179
I love counterpunch. Quantess Apr 2012 #63
Do they also give space to Paul Craig Roberts for his racist, anti-immigrant writings... SidDithers Apr 2012 #68
What, so now counterpunch is in question? Quantess Apr 2012 #75
The only true news source is Whitehouse.gov Marr Apr 2012 #180
And racists are OK if they agree with you about ACA...nt SidDithers Apr 2012 #190
Why deal with the message when you can dismiss the messenger, right? Marr Apr 2012 #202
Hey, I hear Pat Buchanan doesn't like ACA either... SidDithers Apr 2012 #208
Counterpunch used to make me crazy with their blatant lying and cali Apr 2012 #72
Paul Craig Roberts is a paranoid loser RZM Apr 2012 #81
+1... SidDithers Apr 2012 #88
So the US is not an evil fascist police state? girl gone mad Apr 2012 #93
Yep really RZM Apr 2012 #100
Heh. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #119
it's wealthcare, not healthcare.... mike_c Apr 2012 #84
keep trying. dionysus Apr 2012 #87
very trying. Whisp Apr 2012 #96
17 Recs for an article by a actual, dyed in the wool racist... SidDithers Apr 2012 #97
Come on ProSense Apr 2012 #103
It's a great rec listing tho... SidDithers Apr 2012 #118
Ooh, sounds threatening. Quantess Apr 2012 #136
Same ones that rec'd that other thread diminishing racism in favor of a class analysis. joshcryer Apr 2012 #138
That is so pathetic. FSogol Apr 2012 #187
Arguments in defense of the health insurance industry and big pharma. Better Believe It Apr 2012 #120
Please stop posting lying articles about Obama from racist rightwing 9/11 Truthers. n/t Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #146
That's not a response. It's yet another personal attack. Better Believe It Apr 2012 #152
If you didn't post lying articles about Obama from racist rightwing 9/11 Truthers, I wouldn't ask Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #156
i don't think you know what a personal attack is. dionysus Apr 2012 #200
Yes.. only post pro-Obama articles from racist rightwing 9/11 truthers. girl gone mad Apr 2012 #183
Got any? n/t Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #185
it just never ends, does it? spanone Apr 2012 #176
Barrel bottom scrapings. great white snark Apr 2012 #181
To me it is ALOT more. I have a child graduating college with a pre-existing condition. jillan Apr 2012 #182
Same here. My son is now covered under our insurance. n/t FSogol Apr 2012 #186
I wish people here could make an effort to understand that. AtomicKitten Apr 2012 #188
Reccing regardless of the writer due to lack of substantive responses identifying misinformation. TheKentuckian Apr 2012 #189
"I don't know if this guy is a racist or not"... SidDithers Apr 2012 #191
Sorry if you missed it. Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #226
I have a question BBI chowder66 Apr 2012 #193
A very good question and one I'm pleased to answer. Better Believe It Apr 2012 #211
Posting lying articles from rightwing 9/11 Truthers is no way to go about your stated goal. n/t Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #228
So now racists are credible sources? Bobbie Jo Apr 2012 #195
Yup. Transparency is awesome, eh?... SidDithers Apr 2012 #199
This thread typifies the new DU TransitJohn Apr 2012 #197
On the old DU, articles from racists weren't allowed...nt SidDithers Apr 2012 #201
nor were people allowed to openly campaign against democrats... now it's A-OK. dionysus Apr 2012 #203
Not true. brentspeak Apr 2012 #231
that's a statement of fact. i don't post 6 threads a day trying to convince DUers to vote against dionysus Apr 2012 #233
Thanks. TransitJohn Apr 2012 #205
As a point of reference... SidDithers Apr 2012 #215
That's another really good example. TransitJohn Apr 2012 #221
if hitler had any anti obama quotes they'd be posting them as well.. oblivious to reality... dionysus Apr 2012 #243
+100000000 woo me with science Apr 2012 #207
Didn't read the article, have no clue who the author is Autumn Apr 2012 #198
I don't know much about the author either but I think he made some good and valid points. Better Believe It Apr 2012 #206
i know, you never know what you're going to get next when you scour the net to find articles dionysus Apr 2012 #219
You sure you wanna do that?... SidDithers Apr 2012 #209
Sid I recommended it just because Autumn Apr 2012 #217
Whatever. You now know he's a racist... SidDithers Apr 2012 #220
"...nothing at all on what she posts, just a fucking shitload of personal attacks..." woo me with science Apr 2012 #227
The problem I have Sid is the lack of discussion on the articles merit Autumn Apr 2012 #229
This OP is about the ACA and its massive corporate suckage rudycantfail Apr 2012 #204
Which was written by a racist fuck.... SidDithers Apr 2012 #210
Andrew Sullivan is enamored of "The Bell Curve".. Fumesucker Apr 2012 #213
Feel free to present that information to him... SidDithers Apr 2012 #218
The point being.. Fumesucker Apr 2012 #223
2-4 to leave it, but I wasn't the first alert... SidDithers Apr 2012 #225
What do you think of this statement rudycantfail Apr 2012 #230
Shockley who co-invented the transister is also enamored of truedelphi Apr 2012 #249
Yep that was my take too. n/t truedelphi Apr 2012 #224
Wow, shocking. BlueIris Apr 2012 #232
So what's your opinion of the health insurance industry bill? Better Believe It Apr 2012 #234
Growth of Income Inequality Is Worse Under Obama than Bush ProSense Apr 2012 #237
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