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This should be fun leftstreet Aug 2014 #1
Well, she HAS been silent. nt HooptieWagon Aug 2014 #2
Has she made any statement on this issue? 4now Aug 2014 #3
. bravenak Aug 2014 #4
Busy resting her voice, I guess. Baitball Blogger Aug 2014 #72
Yes, prolly too busy taking a poll trying to decide what she should say about this important societal issue. . . . InAbLuEsTaTe Aug 2014 #102
She a finger in the wind type, yes she is. bravenak Aug 2014 #160
She has the kind of leadership we've been missing LittleBlue Aug 2014 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Aug 2014 #6
Ohhhh! Baitball Blogger Aug 2014 #73
whereisjustice? Rex Aug 2014 #7
Wow....the Hatred of Hillary runs deep.... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #8
It isn't hatred. But some believe that H. Clinton is a corporatist and as such, she has rhett o rick Aug 2014 #10
I told you not to even bother telling me that..... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #12
I don't speak that language. H. Clinton is a Wall f'n Street candidate. If you don't rhett o rick Aug 2014 #20
The person that makes the claim rock Aug 2014 #67
EXACTLY! VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #144
But-- but they *insisted* you not point out that fact. Marr Aug 2014 #80
At this point, you can't honestly believe that people ONLY oppose HRC Ken Burch Aug 2014 #116
SEE that is the point "virtually everyone else" doesn't agree with you all! VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #145
That's WHY she's silent Doctor_J Aug 2014 #15
She is NOT an announced candidate. She's a private citizen and if she WERE speaking out, pnwmom Aug 2014 #109
You continue to reiterate that she is not an "announced candidate" as if that means rhett o rick Aug 2014 #136
Apparently it matters not to the same people who are haranguing Elizabeth Warren VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #149
I don't understand why you think it's necessary to be deceptive. No one is "haranguing" rhett o rick Aug 2014 #165
EXACTLY! VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #148
+1000 n/t 2pooped2pop Aug 2014 #138
I don't see any hatred, just curiousity JaydenD Aug 2014 #17
+1. n/t Laelth Aug 2014 #50
LOL, I think you are missing the whole point! Classic! nt Logical Aug 2014 #21
No actually I get it alright.... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #37
here we go again...just like 2008 backwoodsbob Aug 2014 #48
No but I see a pattern forming here "Bob"... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #62
yep...here we go backwoodsbob Aug 2014 #86
No...there YOU go! VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #87
Lol, nice try, most of us including me want Warren! Keep trying! nt Logical Aug 2014 #60
and as soon as she did something YOU that doesn't suit your sensibilities.... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #63
Lol, note, worked on the Sebelius campaign when Kansas actually would.... Logical Aug 2014 #74
Hillary's never taken a bus; prolly wouldn't know what one looked like. InAbLuEsTaTe Aug 2014 #125
AND you know this how? VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #146
She's already done a few things I don't like. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Aug 2014 #77
AND she is rock solid not running.... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #90
from 2 days ago ... AtomicKitten Aug 2014 #110
And? VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #111
it appears Elizabeth has been misrepresented here AtomicKitten Aug 2014 #113
Hmmmm perhaps because she doesn't want to be continuously HOUNDED VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #143
Or maybe she believes AtomicKitten Aug 2014 #155
Or maybe you can read minds....and know hers better than she does??? VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #157
You sound asceered of Elizabeth Warren. AtomicKitten Aug 2014 #158
Why would I be "askeered"? I love her....I am the one though.....that takes her at her word! VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #159
"Hmmmmm smells of misogyny to me!" earthside Aug 2014 #64
of course not..... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #68
Meaning, of course ... earthside Aug 2014 #69
How about that misogynistic husband of hers? Runaround sue. JaydenD Aug 2014 #70
Soooooo Now we are getting to the heart of the matter.... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #147
You scream mysognist when someone crits Hillary for her Iraq War vote, JaydenD Aug 2014 #150
No funny YOU decide what Bill did was "misogyny" when you have no idea.... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #151
Let's talk about tradition, here is one: JaydenD Aug 2014 #152
Who called her an "evil whore" here? VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #154
How is it misogyny if most of the people who dislike Hillary want Warren? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Aug 2014 #76
Do you just wake up angry? nt Union Scribe Aug 2014 #88
Sounds to me like fredamae Aug 2014 #129
Call it whatever you want to make yourself feel better for your support for rhett o rick Aug 2014 #137
No hatred - Just seriously wondering why she is so quiet about this 4now Aug 2014 #24
She is NOT even a candidate yet...WTF is she supposed to say? VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #38
Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I'm getting mixed signals. Iggo Aug 2014 #49
I don't know.... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #55
Just leave it at "I don't know"! nt Logical Aug 2014 #75
You are right...YOU don't know.... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #98
You are looking silly on this topic. I think it will be a long two years for you. n-t Logical Aug 2014 #99
so a right winger is ok with you backwoodsbob Aug 2014 #119
You are doing a fine job building support for Hillary 4now Aug 2014 #96
LOL! Yup! With friends like VR . . . . . Divernan Aug 2014 #131
I see no hatred here. I see commentary on the lack of a response by what we are told is our best sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #30
WHY is she supposed to by YOUR estimation? VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #39
She could take a lesson from Gov. Patrick of Mass. He stated that he is 'sick and tired of sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #82
Yes...HE is a governor...DUH! VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #85
I have to confess I am looking forward to whatever lummox way she decides to weigh in. JaydenD Aug 2014 #92
You are sure you want to say that about a potential Democratic Candidate... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #94
Why would there be a problem with having problems with what she has said? JaydenD Aug 2014 #95
Hillary is a supporter of Bush War Policies. That makes here unacceptable to Democrats sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #100
Says you.... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #101
I was right last time. She lost, did she not, as was predicted based mainly on her support for Bush sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #105
who do these "Dems" generally support? VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #112
She isn't a candidate yet. And if she were speaking out, people would accuse her of grandstanding.nt pnwmom Aug 2014 #107
It's not hate, it's disgust. At least on my part. Scuba Aug 2014 #36
No I have been reading your posts.....you are covering your hatred with words... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #40
You're hilarious. Scuba Aug 2014 #41
No you are just not good at hiding your true feelings... VanillaRhapsody Aug 2014 #42
You're hilarious, but not a mind reader ... Scuba Aug 2014 #43
+1. n/t Laelth Aug 2014 #52
Too true. Union Scribe Aug 2014 #118
Yes, VR is good for comic relief. Divernan Aug 2014 #132
Lol, I agree, 'hilarious' is exactly right. The 'word' of the day is 'hatred'. Sooner or later they sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #167
Well, since her silence on Ferguson proves her complete indifference about racism, Ken Burch Aug 2014 #115
Maybe there might be some hatred after all. JaydenD Aug 2014 #124
You're right. Count me among those who can't stand her. chrisa Aug 2014 #130
Don't worry she's "inevitable" remember? Katashi_itto Aug 2014 #139
Why do you approach everything in terms of personalities? QC Aug 2014 #153
Let's review the the statements made by... brooklynite Aug 2014 #9
You left out PeeWee Hermin. What is your point?? Let me guess since you are so rhett o rick Aug 2014 #11
or, maybe she is waiting for Ferguson to raise $275,000 for her speaking fee whereisjustice Aug 2014 #13
ouch. No money, no speaky. JaydenD Aug 2014 #18
Ask and you shall receive. Chan790 Aug 2014 #14
now let's see how these facts are responded to DonCoquixote Aug 2014 #16
I'm not sure I would dignify Elizabeth Warren's 'tweet' with the label VanGoghRocks Aug 2014 #19
Really? You are that desperate? rhett o rick Aug 2014 #22
Should the Democratic nomination process reach California undecided, I would OF COURSE VanGoghRocks Aug 2014 #23
I hope that you're joking MannyGoldstein Aug 2014 #106
I hope that you're the one who is joking. If you can't think of a legitimate reason VanGoghRocks Aug 2014 #117
The problem isn't "legitimacy" unfortunately. Chan790 Aug 2014 #156
Ms Warren is not running for President, BUT Stellar Aug 2014 #44
Neither is Clinton. Iggo Aug 2014 #51
or so she says... Stellar Aug 2014 #121
Conjecture exactly. Iggo Aug 2014 #140
Agreed. Stellar Aug 2014 #142
Elizabeth Warren's "statement" is perfect. Laelth Aug 2014 #54
I like her response also. riversedge Aug 2014 #134
Notice how lame O'Malley's comment is. Vattel Aug 2014 #123
Rand Paul is saying what Democratic politicians should be saying 4now Aug 2014 #25
Fuck Rand Paul! nt msanthrope Aug 2014 #35
Not that I would vote for him BUT Stellar Aug 2014 #45
my man Martin O'Malley: bigtree Aug 2014 #27
I like O'Malley too. JNelson6563 Aug 2014 #84
Let's see if we can find leaders who don't have to wait to be told what they ought to do sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #29
thanks for that/ KittyWampus Aug 2014 #56
It sure as hell is a challenge for a serious politician. Orsino Aug 2014 #78
Com'on now, you are totally ruining the Hillary Derangement Syndrome many now suffer from. stevenleser Aug 2014 #83
WOW, sounds remarkably like the Obama Derangement Syndrome Stellar Aug 2014 #122
Her strategists have told her to keep her mouth shut. joshcryer Aug 2014 #26
Even Donna Brazile said she shouldn't say anything LondonReign2 Aug 2014 #66
That's because, especially lately, any time she speaks Union Scribe Aug 2014 #89
Donna Brazile must be a misogynist - what is the world coming to? Free Hillary! InAbLuEsTaTe Aug 2014 #103
She's joined in this silent protest by many, many other of our elected officials. sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #28
That's totally unfair MannyGoldstein Aug 2014 #31
They wouldn't make a focus group about something like this. joshcryer Aug 2014 #33
This the height of the summer season in the Hamptons AngryAmish Aug 2014 #46
Odd how she had no problem speaking out in favor of Bush's war and Bibi's massacre. Tierra_y_Libertad Aug 2014 #32
Yes, it is. Iggo Aug 2014 #141
and had she not been silent? wyldwolf Aug 2014 #34
Yeah, Hard Choices... Stellar Aug 2014 #47
Yes, not to run. We need a candidate not afraid to get out in front of issues on behalf of ordinary folks who are continually under attack. . . InAbLuEsTaTe Aug 2014 #104
Hear, hear! Stellar Aug 2014 #120
+1 treestar Aug 2014 #59
The folks complaining about her silence would be complaining about ... JoePhilly Aug 2014 #53
If she were speaking out, as a private citizen, they'd say she was grandstanding. nt pnwmom Aug 2014 #108
Not her problem treestar Aug 2014 #57
She is belatedly adhering to the don't say stupid stuff rule BeyondGeography Aug 2014 #58
Vintage Hillary. 99Forever Aug 2014 #61
I don't like her. But do we really want more politicians interfering in a small town like Ferguson? randome Aug 2014 #65
To be fair ...she has been spiraling down through a hail of bullets to land safely ...a lot. L0oniX Aug 2014 #71
Wall Street corporatists seldom deign to notice hifiguy Aug 2014 #79
Holding up a finger to see where the wind blows fadedrose Aug 2014 #81
All Chicken Littles are silent. It's an election year. mmonk Aug 2014 #91
K&R! mylye2222 Aug 2014 #93
DUzy!! KamaAina Aug 2014 #97
It's in the tradition of her "wave and smile" photo at the Lorraine Motel Ken Burch Aug 2014 #114
It would be far preferable for justice to be gotten by the citizens of Ferguson 6000eliot Aug 2014 #126
She's not a Presidential candidate, yet, and she's not an elected official... DonViejo Aug 2014 #127
whereas it was perfectly appropriate for her to publicly criticize her former boss and magical thyme Aug 2014 #161
Yes. eom DonViejo Aug 2014 #162
A few people have the means to contribute large amounts of resources to campaigns Depaysement Aug 2014 #128
Maybe she is waiting for all the facts. . The convience store video B Calm Aug 2014 #133
That's not her style - remember she believed the Dry Drunk and supported the Iraq invasion. JaydenD Aug 2014 #135
you are saying that a more telegenic person needs to be murdered by police... whereisjustice Aug 2014 #163
Sure does have the scent of pine around here...nt SidDithers Aug 2014 #164
Excellent response Oilwellian Aug 2014 #166
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