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Fri Aug 1, 2014, 10:31 PM Aug 2014

Thank you, President Obama, for 'MONTHS OF FIGHTING' to get the truth released to the public [View all]


President Obama surprised many Americans on Friday when he said at a news conference that, in the wake of September 11, 2001, "We tortured some folks, we did some things that were contrary to our values."

Obama was discussing the CIA's admission that it had snooped on Senate aid computers, which he connected to the US national security community's overreaches after September 11. His comment took many by surprise because he used the T-word — torture — to describe Bush administration practices that for years were described with softened phrases like "enhanced interrogation methods." By using such a clear, charged word, and one that has real legal implications, Obama seemed to have done something very significant.

And that gets to the actual significance of his statement today. Obama has been pushing, for months, for the Senate Intelligence Committee to release its classified 6,300-page report on Bush-era interrogation programs. Intelligence agencies and some lawmakers have opposed releasing the document, which is known colloquially as the "torture report." But Obama has said that opening it up to the public would be crucial for understanding post-9/11 abuses.

After a few months of fighting, Obama got his way: the report could be released to the public as soon as next week. The report is the result of an extensive investigation of rendition, detention, and interrogation programs (sometimes called RDI) and people who have seen it describe it to reporters as showing "horrific, systemic, and widespread" abuses, according to the Daily Beast. It does not use the word torture — a word that can have enormous legal implications if used in such an official document. But Obama does.


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Citing redactions, Feinstein delays release of report on CIA interrogations PoliticAverse Aug 2014 #1
he calls it "torture" but makes no attempt to strengthen the relevant criminal laws against torture, Vattel Aug 2014 #2
Does he have the votes for that? nt conservaphobe Aug 2014 #4
He did when he first took office. Vattel Aug 2014 #6
Maybe, maybe not. conservaphobe Aug 2014 #8
lol Vattel Aug 2014 #10
He didn't even bother trying to go after them AgingAmerican Aug 2014 #13
That is your perspective. conservaphobe Aug 2014 #16
You benefitted from the banks robbing the middle class? AgingAmerican Aug 2014 #21
Many of us have benefited from the ACA, which is where a lot of political capital was spent mountain grammy Aug 2014 #44
Was Nancy Pelosi aware of that? cheapdate Aug 2014 #51
I think he simply needs to enforce them, no? nt MannyGoldstein Aug 2014 #5
He could try, but they are very poorly written, Vattel Aug 2014 #9
A quick read of our Constitution would reveal that it the Congress who makes laws--- msanthrope Aug 2014 #37
Just can't pass up the snark. We all know who makes the laws and we all know that rhett o rick Aug 2014 #38
It's not snark--it's CIVICS. nt msanthrope Aug 2014 #52
Don't you mean Condescension? nm rhett o rick Aug 2014 #53
It is condescending to make posts blaming the President for not doing the job of Congress. nt msanthrope Aug 2014 #54
Don't be dense. The President pushes legislation all the time. Ever heard of Obamacare? Vattel Aug 2014 #57
??? MannyGoldstein Aug 2014 #3
Just because something SHOULD happen doesn't mean it is a viable option. nt conservaphobe Aug 2014 #7
Right AgingAmerican Aug 2014 #12
He would have virtually no support from the American people. conservaphobe Aug 2014 #15
Right.. AgingAmerican Aug 2014 #19
So, MannyGoldstein Aug 2014 #23
The precedent he's setting is far more dangerous Maven Aug 2014 #45
Yeah well facts make this crowd nervous. Rex Aug 2014 #18
Some times just making the effort sends the message. We we need to appologize to our rhett o rick Aug 2014 #55
They are all patriots Manny, what is wrong with you!? Rex Aug 2014 #17
Are people here pissed off because he mentioned the word torture? BainsBane Aug 2014 #11
I think they're exhausted from moving the goalposts around. nt conservaphobe Aug 2014 #14
I don't believe that a single member of DU believes that MannyGoldstein Aug 2014 #24
Why then are people suddenly pissed off today? BainsBane Aug 2014 #25
Maybe because the President won't enforce the law? MannyGoldstein Aug 2014 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author BainsBane Aug 2014 #31
Try to focus BainsBane Aug 2014 #34
Well I will try to explain it like this. zeemike Aug 2014 #39
Maybe because he apparently is dismissing our war crimes as " "We tortured some folks, we did some rhett o rick Aug 2014 #40
You'll have to forgive me BainsBane Aug 2014 #42
If you are asking if I am bitter, the answer is yes. rhett o rick Aug 2014 #47
Then it is the fact he didn't express the issue in the manner you wanted him to BainsBane Aug 2014 #49
I believe that the invasion of Iraq was illegal and a violation of US law and International Law. rhett o rick Aug 2014 #56
It is a war crime "but not technically illegal"? BainsBane Aug 2014 #59
If any American was surprised about that... Autumn Aug 2014 #20
A stronger worded statement would have been nice. Rex Aug 2014 #22
The torture wasn't limited to the CIA BainsBane Aug 2014 #26
Well they worked hand in hand with the CIA and in 3rd world countries. Rex Aug 2014 #30
I don't think we are BainsBane Aug 2014 #36
Regarding your last sentence, "Too Late." truebluegreen Aug 2014 #27
Meanwhile, he has full confidence in John Brennan markpkessinger Aug 2014 #28
I think that's the part that pisses people off. QuestForSense Aug 2014 #48
Kudos to the POTUS. Hekate Aug 2014 #32
So glad Conyers' on the ballot. His research on the IW in the Congressional Record is stunning. freshwest Aug 2014 #33
I appreciate the sentiments, BUT Jack Rabbit Aug 2014 #35
I think what you saw today is all you are going to get. nm rhett o rick Aug 2014 #41
Now don't get all sanctimonious... LuvLoogie Aug 2014 #43
You're certainly batting 1000... ChisolmTrailDem Aug 2014 #46
Appreciation for our embattled President flamingdem Aug 2014 #50
Good going President Obama! nilesobek Aug 2014 #58
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