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5. they dont care about decency..
Tue Jul 22, 2014, 11:33 PM
Jul 2014

You are right that no one with any decency can blame the victims here, BUT America, Israel and their apologists in the media and on here don't care about decency, they still blame the victims.

Just look at the mentality of Israel and its apologists.
They act horrified when a Palestinian suicide bomber or rocket blows up a place full of civilians inside Israel, they cry that the Palestinians are inhumane and brutal for targeting and killing innocents.

Yet when Israel itself levels an entire building with one massive bomb killing entire innocent families, they have the gall to try and place the blame on the Palestinians.

Somehow when a Palestinian kills a handful of Israeli, it proves in their eyes that the Palestinians are brutal, yet when Israel kills 150 children they act like they were forced to do it against their will.

Its madness I tells ya.

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