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1. Imagine the response if Hamas killed that many Israeli children....
Tue Jul 22, 2014, 11:20 PM
Jul 2014

Its bad enough that they are massacring children and innocent women, but to make things worse, the Israeli's and their apologists that post on here have the gall to blame the victims for being targets of Israeli bombs and bullets.

Its truly baffles the mind how Israeli apologists (you know who you are), can try and convince others that the children being blown to bits by Israeli bombs are not the victims of the Israeli's who are sending the bombs, but the victims of Hamas. lol

This is how bad it has gotten in the U.S. Israel can do anything it likes, kill hundreds of children, women and innocents, bomb schools, target and bomb hospitals, and America (and its allies) and the Israeli apologists both in the media and on here can get away with blaming Hamas for missiles dropped from Israeli warplanes.

Just imagine if Hamas had of attacked a hospital in the middle of Tel Aviv, the world would be up in arms with condemnation calling the Palestinians brutal and inhuman, BUT Israel does it and the apologists actually dare to suggest that the Palestinians are the brutal and inhumane ones for not taking away the excuse for Israel to attack a hospital.

Its just laughable I tell ya.

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