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An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton [View all] babylonsister Jul 2014 OP
K and R bigwillq Jul 2014 #1
Nor mine. Why should we vote for a Hillary who claims she has seen Jesus and JDPriestly Jul 2014 #42
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Jul 2014 #2
how 'bout just, please don't run. n/t Dawgs Jul 2014 #3
She can run. bigwillq Jul 2014 #4
ok. i would rather she doesn't run. n/t Dawgs Jul 2014 #5
Wow! Marianne Williamson nails it! mahalo babylonsistah! Cha Jul 2014 #6
If you agree with this, do you agree the current administration should also not do these things? BrotherIvan Jul 2014 #9
+1 Scuba Jul 2014 #16
Yes. And, don't worry.. no one is holding Hillary to a higher standard. It's just common Cha Jul 2014 #22
I agree with it, FoxNewsSucks Jul 2014 #29
Unless we get the Corpratists out of Congress and off the Benches it wouldn't change much! Dustlawyer Jul 2014 #50
Such bullshit! They way you guys have treated this president with all your double standards? PLEASE! Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2014 #36
I was actually asking if there will be a double standard for the next Democratic candidate BrotherIvan Jul 2014 #38
There always is. Democrats are never ever satisfied with their candidates, so we get angry and stay Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2014 #39
If you believe that Democrats must bow to corporate interests to be elected BrotherIvan Jul 2014 #55
See, you're part of the problem. I did not say that and I DO NOT believe that. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2014 #56
It is the only logical conclusion from your posts BrotherIvan Jul 2014 #57
The question ain't whether the candidate is electable. Hoppy Jul 2014 #68
I do believe that the current administration should not do these things. JDPriestly Jul 2014 #44
And that says it. Balls in your court now Hillary. jwirr Jul 2014 #7
Alerting for testicles reference. (j/k) lovemydog Jul 2014 #35
Have you ever heard of basketball? It is played on a court!!! jwirr Jul 2014 #62
"(j/k)" means "just kidding". nt awoke_in_2003 Jul 2014 #64
Sorry. I did not know that - too old and am just learning this new way of communicating. Thanks jwirr Jul 2014 #65
no problem, glad to help. awoke_in_2003 Jul 2014 #67
Just who would you back who has been in politics who has not taken contributions from corporations? Thinkingabout Jul 2014 #8
A more relevant question for this thread is who the hell is Marianne Williamson? wyldwolf Jul 2014 #12
By the information she has on her site she has not decided how she will run as Independent and has Thinkingabout Jul 2014 #18
One of the many things Jimmy Carter, George McGovern and Hillary Clinton have in common... wyldwolf Jul 2014 #20
Reality is running for a national office takes a lot of money, corporations donate to candidates on Thinkingabout Jul 2014 #37
Marianne Williamson is great. She is a spiritual leader on the left. JDPriestly Jul 2014 #45
She does declare as a democrat nor does she know if she will caucus with the Democrats which Thinkingabout Jul 2014 #47
She can't run in November. She will not be in Congres. JDPriestly Jul 2014 #58
The point is she has said her position is she did not know how she would run and id she ran as an Thinkingabout Jul 2014 #59
Yes, Marianne Williamson has an opinion about Hillary.. Fucking GMO and their poisonous Cha Jul 2014 #24
I stand with pro science Democrats like Jimmy Carter and George McGovern in their support for GMOs wyldwolf Jul 2014 #27
Yeah, you stand with them.. I stand with my friends in the Hawaiian Islands who don't want anything Cha Jul 2014 #31
Show us any anecdotal or empirical evidence GMOs are bad. wyldwolf Jul 2014 #32
From wiki, and I am familiar with her via sister: babylonsister Jul 2014 #25
Woman speaks the truth. Skidmore Jul 2014 #10
who then? blackapron Jul 2014 #11
Other choices will emerge, imo bigwillq Jul 2014 #14
Hillary has a lot of baggage in that unstoppable train and a lot of CYA to do. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2014 #13
Clinton is hyping the inequality rhetoric. joshcryer Jul 2014 #15
another attack on Clinton - this one pretending that there's something Clinton could do bigtree Jul 2014 #17
Not an attack, one person's opinion. Since I haven't babylonsister Jul 2014 #19
it actually is an attack, and the same old same old wyldwolf Jul 2014 #21
The question is whether a candidate who relies on so much corporate funding is worth electing. JDPriestly Jul 2014 #46
it's an attack, a cute one, but still an attack bigtree Jul 2014 #23
Point, bigtree Hekate Jul 2014 #49
Thanks.. this would be good in the OP.. since some have no clue who Marianne Williamson is.. Cha Jul 2014 #26
And, so what if it is an attack? no one has a right to "attack" Hillary with how she feels about Cha Jul 2014 #33
hi, Cha bigtree Jul 2014 #34
I agree that she has a right to speak out.. regardless of her "yada yada yada" attitude toward Cha Jul 2014 #41
sure, Cha, she can speak out all she wants bigtree Jul 2014 #48
I know how you feel, bigtree.. after I read the whole thing Cha Jul 2014 #51
GMO's threaten our food supply bigtree Jul 2014 #53
Thank you for this!!!! "My concern is with the elimination of native species of plants." That's Cha Jul 2014 #54
That is the weirdest nonendorsement endorsement I've ever read. aikoaiko Jul 2014 #28
k/r 840high Jul 2014 #30
Could Not Agree More cantbeserious Jul 2014 #40
It's way too late. delrem Jul 2014 #43
well done! nt G_j Jul 2014 #52
So... people will vote for her if she changes completely who she is? Blue_Adept Jul 2014 #60
Kicked and recommended! Enthusiast Jul 2014 #61
I'm not into this woman, but K&R for important points.. n/t 2banon Jul 2014 #63
If HRC is nominated Thespian2 Jul 2014 #66
R, R, R fadedrose Jul 2014 #69
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