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k&r for Bernie Sanders. n/t Laelth Apr 2014 #1
It is time.... SCVDem Apr 2014 #2
I want to see Iwillnevergiveup Apr 2014 #3
As Bob Dylan sang Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2014 #5
Oh, he's finally fed up? What took him so goddamned long? And what kind ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2014 #4
Do you know how clueless you sound? Google works. Hell, babylonsister Apr 2014 #10
Apparently it is you who are clueless - as to how informed I am. I have followed politics every ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2014 #16
If you know him, then why did you ask what took him so long? pnwmom Apr 2014 #18
Yes, he has always been a strong, consistent voice. But the OP's source describes him as ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2014 #20
Considering his age and lack of a national organization, I will be surprised if he runs. pnwmom Apr 2014 #23
I can tell you this. If he runs as a Democrat and challenges Hillary, I will support him. nt ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2014 #24
Aren't you special. babylonsister Apr 2014 #19
Yes, I am special. And your dig at me is still wrong and always will be. I also respect his ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2014 #21
Sanders is one of the most outspoken progressives in the Senate. pnwmom Apr 2014 #15
I do know that. Read post 16. nt ChisolmTrailDem Apr 2014 #17
Another little push for him to get into the 2016 race? polichick Apr 2014 #6
I don't know if that would ever work, but babylonsister Apr 2014 #11
K&R Bobbie Jo Apr 2014 #7
K&R Digit Apr 2014 #8
K & R for Bernie! n/t RoccoR5955 Apr 2014 #9
I hope richie richers loose their asses. lonestarnot Apr 2014 #12
K&r... spanone Apr 2014 #13
The precedent set makes us a defacto oligarchy. joshcryer Apr 2014 #14
I bet Sen Sanders can tell the Difference between the Dems and the recons.. Cha Apr 2014 #22
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