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Fox math! NuclearDem Mar 2014 #1
The real problem is that 8 out of every 6 Fox viewers vote. tecelote Mar 2014 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author demwing Mar 2014 #42
Fox News Math jsr Mar 2014 #2
Well, it is +/- 3% nt Earth_First Mar 2014 #6
I get it, but more like +/- 100%. Just sayin. nm rhett o rick Mar 2014 #16
That make's it scientificey. progressoid Mar 2014 #44
Is that a futurecast? House of Roberts Mar 2014 #3
Maybe it's one of those Back to the Future events Whisp Mar 2014 #7
lol. precious. Whisp Mar 2014 #4
Awww that's so cute. They are trying to do math. mucifer Mar 2014 #5
I don't think this poll says what they hope it says. Sheepshank Mar 2014 #8
Fox News never did know what time it is. nt pinboy3niner Mar 2014 #11
I only watch Fox News when I'm in the mood for really bad sci-fi. nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #9
Even Dark Star awoke_in_2003 Mar 2014 #24
lol yes! nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #40
I almost spewed beer... awoke_in_2003 Mar 2014 #46
That's is like a mood-altering substance lol nt Sarah Ibarruri Mar 2014 #48
Fox news is silly Token Republican Mar 2014 #10
Guessing that's the case too, but with Faux, ya just never know! Cooley Hurd Mar 2014 #13
Impossible. 85% of liberal Dems support this President on everything. eom PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #12
And that's just on DU. DavidDvorkin Mar 2014 #14
this happened for real once on Fox Enrique Mar 2014 #15
As possible as that slide is, I assume it's a joke. nm rhett o rick Mar 2014 #17
it could just be backwards, and inclusive hfojvt Mar 2014 #21
The way it is posted is so crazy, I have a hard time that even Fox could be so rhett o rick Mar 2014 #22
But this is a poll of Faux watchers. I vote in Ed's polls. jwirr Mar 2014 #18
You can tell it's a fake. Fox news viewers don't know what vehemently means. nt okaawhatever Mar 2014 #19
LOL! reformist2 Mar 2014 #20
It's only March 22. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #23
Isn't "vehemently" rather a large word for Fox's audience? ... & maybe too large for Fox itself. nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2014 #25
Well the actual poll choices were: "Obama bad." "Ugh Obama bad." and "Ugh! Me hate Obama!" Liberal Veteran Mar 2014 #43
Lower left corner credits "Clyde the Slyde". Parody. nt Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2014 #26
This is what they mean by the new math lostincalifornia Mar 2014 #27
There were 138 people polled ... huge sample ...nt MindMover Mar 2014 #28
Do you suppose it was a random sample? Jack Rabbit Mar 2014 #30
That reminds me of a Bill Clinton joke Jay Leno told Martin Eden Mar 2014 #33
Can we get this as a pie chart? TexasTowelie Mar 2014 #29
Hah! Egnever Mar 2014 #32
Only radical morons watch Pox The Wizard Mar 2014 #31
C'mon, people. Fox News serves a vital purpose. Rozlee Mar 2014 #34
Well then tavernier Mar 2014 #36
Oh, Jeeezus Puhleezus.... elzenmahn Mar 2014 #37
A fine example of what their 'voter fraud' legislation can do for the team. bkanderson76 Mar 2014 #38
Leave it to Fox "News". Enthusiast Mar 2014 #39
Now ain't that a kick in the ass lillypaddle Mar 2014 #41
They can't add and never could tell the truth! BlueJac Mar 2014 #45
What would it take for those 138%ers to approve? Cha Mar 2014 #47
If he became John Poet Mar 2014 #49
You got that one, John.. Welcome to DU. Cha Mar 2014 #50
Thanks :) John Poet Mar 2014 #52
Typical FOX viewer belives it. liberal N proud Mar 2014 #51
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