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Fri Mar 14, 2014, 12:11 PM Mar 2014

Should America work towards becoming a gun-free Country? [View all]

Should we be passing legislation to remove items that serve no purpose but causation of death from our great Nation?

97 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
26 (27%)
71 (73%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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No (nt) bigwillq Mar 2014 #1
Let's start with alcohol LittleBlue Mar 2014 #2
Responsible use of molecules are fine... TampaAnimusVortex Mar 2014 #23
. Lurker Deluxe Mar 2014 #72
You want to ban target shooting also? TampaAnimusVortex Mar 2014 #255
Nazi references are uncalled for sarisataka Mar 2014 #258
We tried that..didn't work. shraby Mar 2014 #45
^^^This^^^. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #53
Hmmm, how about "Safe, legal....and rare" first? :) n/t Pholus Mar 2014 #3
Is that not "working towards.." ? eom PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #5
That presumes the goal is the complete eradication of guns. Pholus Mar 2014 #7
That is the point to this poll. PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #12
Ok. I think it's counterproductive. Pholus Mar 2014 #16
"I personally would like to see a goal of "complete eradication." Then you should go immediately Ghost in the Machine Mar 2014 #159
A tiny minority of authoritarians would be the answer. . pipoman Mar 2014 #265
Yes, but it will never happen. CaliforniaPeggy Mar 2014 #4
Always love a push poll on DU. former9thward Mar 2014 #6
How is it a push poll? PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #9
"items that serve no purpose but causation of death from our great Nation" former9thward Mar 2014 #15
what other purpose does a gun serve besides death? PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #24
How about target shooting? CVN-68 Mar 2014 #31
I can target shoot with a rubber bb low power air rifle. eom PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #32
Good for you. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #33
But you are not *required* to have firearms to shoot at targets. baldguy Mar 2014 #179
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #180
Really? JJChambers Mar 2014 #229
As if every target has to be 1000 meters away. How arbitrary. baldguy Mar 2014 #238
Yahoos. Straw Man Mar 2014 #288
I'm talking about gun owners, but you knew that. baldguy Mar 2014 #307
No, you were talking about target shooting. Straw Man Mar 2014 #316
The RW merry-go-round you're trying to start usually has a longer refresh cycle baldguy Mar 2014 #328
Do you have anything substantive to offer in rebuttal? Straw Man Mar 2014 #329
Here's one UglyGreed Mar 2014 #312
One? Straw Man Mar 2014 #317
Was not a shooting range HoustonDave Mar 2014 #333
The post I replied to UglyGreed Apr 2014 #353
Or a bow and arrow, or darts for fucks sakes. But we have sandy hook because Adam Lanza's mom just Erose999 Mar 2014 #59
How many of those can reach 600+ yards? oneshooter Mar 2014 #223
Are there no times where death is necessary? Bazinga Mar 2014 #38
Good point but it appears that even a push poll on guns posted on a very liberal ... spin Mar 2014 #91
Apparently there's a Push Poll Corollary... Lizzie Poppet Mar 2014 #136
Maybe because most DUers have guns? Eleanors38 Mar 2014 #245
It could be pointed out that if only ultra conservatives owned firearms ... spin Mar 2014 #246
Not to mention one that isn't going in the direction it was pushed... Lost_Count Mar 2014 #13
I did not expect a landslide. PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #39
Why is that? Lost_Count Mar 2014 #52
a 1/3 of respondents on a definitionally left leaning website using emotionally laden push polling whatthehey Mar 2014 #78
It shouldn't. One a very progressive message board, you can't even get a plurality Common Sense Party Mar 2014 #140
hmm PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #141
I'd say a few have. But by "real" people I'm referring to putting a ballot initiative Common Sense Party Mar 2014 #142
no... Blue_Tires Mar 2014 #8
The NRA sponsors a LOT of training across the country. Badly needed safety training that is hard geckosfeet Mar 2014 #25
Well, something isn't getting through... Blue_Tires Mar 2014 #35
Yes. I know. Training is generally a state level mandate. Some states require geckosfeet Mar 2014 #48
What about those that hunt? CVN-68 Mar 2014 #10
No. I want to keep my firearms. Throd Mar 2014 #11
Throw them all in the ocean damnedifIknow Mar 2014 #14
No thanks. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #17
Oh great, just what we need, ZombieHorde Mar 2014 #228
Gun-free? No. The_Commonist Mar 2014 #18
Gun violence marions ghost Mar 2014 #19
Yay, a gun control thread that falls outside of the "Big News" parameters NightWatcher Mar 2014 #20
There have been several shooting threads recently in GD. PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #27
Correction: Gun banners hold censorship power in GD. Eleanors38 Mar 2014 #247
Absolutely not. MicaelS Mar 2014 #21
No MO_Moderate Mar 2014 #22
I don't necessarily think that we need to get rid of guns entirely Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2014 #26
A little understatement PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #28
Maybe it was Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2014 #30
America should work sarisataka Mar 2014 #29
We should enact laws making it mandatory that guns be buried randr Mar 2014 #34
What, no more Zimmermans, Lanzas, Militia boys, intimidators, public toters , bigots with gunz, etc. Hoyt Mar 2014 #36
I think that everybody should go to a gun show...... at least once. rdharma Mar 2014 #42
+100. (nt) Paladin Mar 2014 #61
I'd have to get deflead afterwards Crunchy Frog Mar 2014 #120
Firearms ownership should be more closely regulated. rdharma Mar 2014 #37
If they serve no purpose but causation of death... dilby Mar 2014 #40
Good question. The UK seems to do just fine. eom. PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #47
Except of course for the fact that they do have access to firearms... Lost_Count Mar 2014 #54
Just fine. Straw Man Mar 2014 #289
Sorry, but most people don't equate human and animal death. Deep13 Mar 2014 #65
Gun prohibition is opposed by 2/3 of Americans. Lasher Mar 2014 #41
And the other third marions ghost Mar 2014 #43
I don't think my rights should end where your irrational fear begins. Lasher Mar 2014 #51
You are guaranteed that (s)he will not be shooting you. ((S)he does not have a gun) PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #55
Oh come on, what are the chances of that? Lasher Mar 2014 #70
Reminds me of a Carlin bit... Lost_Count Mar 2014 #145
Statistics PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #147
Yes... statistics... Lost_Count Mar 2014 #149
"Odds" do not a 2A justification make. Loudly Mar 2014 #205
Not entirely sure what that means... but... Lost_Count Mar 2014 #210
Many share my "irrational fears"... marions ghost Mar 2014 #57
No, there is not more to worry about than I think. Lasher Mar 2014 #63
People don't live by statistics marions ghost Mar 2014 #73
No, I have never been in a hospital lockdown. Lasher Mar 2014 #90
Talk about irrational fears... marions ghost Mar 2014 #151
Interesting. NutmegYankee Mar 2014 #164
I find most people marions ghost Mar 2014 #166
I think a gun will propel lead bullets really fast. NutmegYankee Mar 2014 #170
Whatever marions ghost Mar 2014 #206
Do you really think you'll be shot on any given day? NutmegYankee Mar 2014 #213
Once again statistics... marions ghost Mar 2014 #214
Yeah, how dare I use facts. NutmegYankee Mar 2014 #217
This group is for realistic gun control marions ghost Mar 2014 #236
I read it, I just don't believe you NutmegYankee Mar 2014 #237
oh for petes whatever marions ghost Mar 2014 #240
Not sure where you thought I was whining. NutmegYankee Mar 2014 #241
Selected this for you marions ghost Mar 2014 #248
It is not more a fetish than wanting to keep abortions legal is The Straight Story Mar 2014 #257
Imagine a country marions ghost Mar 2014 #261
I don't really agree with your view The Straight Story Mar 2014 #263
You've described it well... marions ghost Mar 2014 #264
Luck? Hmm... Lost_Count Mar 2014 #335
Talk to people marions ghost Mar 2014 #336
I chuckle... Lost_Count Mar 2014 #339
Re Facts marions ghost Mar 2014 #342
My life was saved by a person with a gun (nt) JJChambers Mar 2014 #231
A fear isn't deemed rational sarisataka Mar 2014 #173
You must live in a nice world marions ghost Mar 2014 #207
I live in the real world sarisataka Mar 2014 #211
" All I'm asking is for real gun control" Please feelfree to describe that for us. n/t oneshooter Mar 2014 #225
This group will tell you marions ghost Mar 2014 #235
That group is as phony as the Kochs' Americans For Prosperity friendly_iconoclast Mar 2014 #338
Not sure why marions ghost Mar 2014 #341
You're 0 for 2 for accuracy -they weren't "endorsed" by MAIG, they were taken over by them friendly_iconoclast Mar 2014 #346
There was a fatal shooting right outside my son's school the other day. Arugula Latte Mar 2014 #80
Gun violence has fallen by nearly 50% in 25 years, though NickB79 Mar 2014 #87
On point flying rabbit Mar 2014 #230
To be clear, we could still use some new gun laws NickB79 Mar 2014 #239
Agreed. Very important. nt Eleanors38 Mar 2014 #251
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #44
Yes, the 70 y/o man with a cane thread got my mind on it this a.m. eom PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #49
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #50
So you are for carrying, accumulating guns because you are afraid of the police? Hoyt Mar 2014 #76
I'm far more afraid of cops than the general public. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #81
I'm far more concerned about bigoted, yahoos carrying gunz in society. Hoyt Mar 2014 #84
I personally know several liberal dems who have CCW's CVN-68 Mar 2014 #88
Go to a gun show, gun store, gun promotional march, etc. Tell me what you see. Hoyt Mar 2014 #100
I've been to plenty of gun shows. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #103
Diverse crowd? LMAO. Post a couple of photos of those diverse crowds. Still LMAO. Hoyt Mar 2014 #106
Are you kidding me? CVN-68 Mar 2014 #108
You can't prove it to me. Plenty of images on the "internets." Post a few of those. Hoyt Mar 2014 #119
You are wasting your time with Hoyt hack89 Mar 2014 #107
Thanks for the information. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #109
Welcome to you, a member of the latest pro-gun cadre here at DU. Paladin Mar 2014 #112
Thank you for the welcome. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #116
To some people here yes it is a very bad thing. AnalystInParadise Mar 2014 #148
Meh. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #162
He's on the wrong side of other issues as well. Union Scribe Mar 2014 #200
Got to be "liberal" on something, might as be the same thing as DiFi. TheKentuckian Mar 2014 #208
Right. I'm sure they listen to both kinds of music, too. baldguy Mar 2014 #181
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #182
. baldguy Mar 2014 #195
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #197
And yet ... Straw Man Mar 2014 #290
Murders are not the only adverse effect of gunz. The white wing gun hatred has a toll too. Hoyt Mar 2014 #292
Really? Kingofalldems Mar 2014 #188
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #191
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #127
Of course we should work on become truly free. And civilized. villager Mar 2014 #46
I wish we could shenmue Mar 2014 #56
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #67
True shenmue Mar 2014 #68
"A gun" is not so bad. A bunch of gunz or carrying one in your pants while at Chuck E Cheese is bad. Hoyt Mar 2014 #77
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #135
Mostly agree. However, I don't think poverty is what prompts folks to carry and accumulate gunz. Hoyt Mar 2014 #139
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #144
I think the Army still needs its guns. Deep13 Mar 2014 #58
You are correct. PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #60
The irony of this post and your handle is stupefying. . pipoman Mar 2014 #266
stupefying is equating guns and power. PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #269
"Power to the People" advocates ceding enumerated pipoman Mar 2014 #272
... PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #273
Well you are at odds with virtually every constitutional pipoman Mar 2014 #278
It doesn't fit because he doesn't want it to... Lost_Count Mar 2014 #282
Cars kill way more people than firearms, ZombieHorde Mar 2014 #262
over 300 million privately owned guns in the United States rollin74 Mar 2014 #62
On January 1, 1863 there were 3.1 - 4 million privately owned people in the United States. PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #66
We have? CVN-68 Mar 2014 #74
yes you are right Titus Mar 2014 #160
Let's just leave things as they are for another decade, and there will be 400 million to deal with. Hoyt Mar 2014 #79
We are? CVN-68 Mar 2014 #82
Kind of like cigarettes, folks will get tired of yahoos polluting society with gunz. Hoyt Mar 2014 #83
Highly doubtful. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #85
Can't just concentrate on the "murder" rate. Gunz facilitate a lot of intimidation and embolden Hoyt Mar 2014 #86
Bull. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #89
Fact, face it. Hoyt Mar 2014 #97
Bull X2. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #101
And guns intimidate felons and armed robbers too. SQUEE Mar 2014 #308
I'll check out your favorite gun shows, give me names. Hoyt Mar 2014 #309
I don't attend "gun shows". SQUEE Mar 2014 #311
So you haven't been to any gun shows to offer an opinion of the level of diversity. OK thanks. Hoyt Mar 2014 #313
OH how funny, how terribly rich. SQUEE Mar 2014 #315
Gun toters seem to believe they can spot a criminal in time to react. They can't. Hoyt Mar 2014 #320
Why are you trying to preach safety to me? SQUEE Mar 2014 #321
Chances of running across "the wrong sheep" are so small, it is irrational to worry about it. Now Hoyt Mar 2014 #322
So you take your life in your hands. And continue to project your bigotry and hate. SQUEE Mar 2014 #324
Yep, I am definitely bigoted against those who think gunz improve society. Hoyt Mar 2014 #325
Of course you are; they were an occupational hazard to you at one time: friendly_iconoclast Mar 2014 #330
Once again stalker, read it in context. Hoyt Mar 2014 #331
Some recovering alcoholics think that *everyone* who drinks has a problem... friendly_iconoclast Mar 2014 #337
If you drink while carrying or playing with a gun, you do have a problem. Hoyt Mar 2014 #340
I don't drink either.. SQUEE Mar 2014 #343
Considering how low the liklihood is, that sounds a bit irrational. Hoyt Mar 2014 #348
I have been told, people have been known to lock others in, all the while threatening SQUEE Mar 2014 #349
Sorry, that sounds irrational and we are not in a war zone. Hoyt Mar 2014 #351
... SQUEE Mar 2014 #352
I don't drink, but I also don't prattle on about the evils of alcohol friendly_iconoclast Mar 2014 #347
It is working well in Connecticut Titus Mar 2014 #158
That would require every square inch to have exactly zero possible use One_Life_To_Give Mar 2014 #64
The sentence above the poll does not follow from the subject line. Orsino Mar 2014 #69
NO KamaAina Mar 2014 #71
Nope. nt Demo_Chris Mar 2014 #75
"from our great Nation". VScott Mar 2014 #92
Welcome to DU PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #94
The World Is Horrified otohara Mar 2014 #171
Yes. It will be ugly for a while, but it's worth it ecstatic Mar 2014 #93
I agree PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #95
Momentum is going towards big changes to the status quo in very many areas, this one included. CVN-68 Mar 2014 #104
I do not care to answer but, [strike]the majority[/strike] many PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #105
What does low post count have to do with my question? CVN-68 Mar 2014 #111
The path we are on has seen a huge decrease in violence in America hack89 Mar 2014 #98
How low would violence be if we didn't have a bunch of armed folks running around? Hoyt Mar 2014 #122
"It is not falling fast enough" is not the snappiest battle cry, is it? hack89 Mar 2014 #123
No, any losing streak is due to yahoos in NRA and other gun lobbying groups. Hoyt Mar 2014 #124
You keep believing that. nt hack89 Mar 2014 #125
I'll play... How low would it be? cherokeeprogressive Mar 2014 #126
Pretty low. Why can you tell me what you think, and I can't do the same. Hoyt Mar 2014 #131
I don't carry guns. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2014 #153
I think we should focus on creating a country woo me with science Mar 2014 #96
Ridding ourselves of tools of inhumanity PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #99
Then we'll go back to using knives and clubs and bows Lurks Often Mar 2014 #118
And small folk like me would be extra screwed. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2014 #137
True fascisthunter Mar 2014 #102
Can we start with a gun-free DU? nt Gidney N Cloyd Mar 2014 #110
DU haz gunz? JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2014 #209
Wow. That is not a loaded question. joeglow3 Mar 2014 #113
Nope. n/t Skip Intro Mar 2014 #114
Should we? Yes. Will we? Not a chance in the world. PeteSelman Mar 2014 #115
I voted yes, but I wouldn't actually go so far as to completely eliminate them. Crunchy Frog Mar 2014 #117
I'd rather go "Safe, Legal, Insured and Responsible". Xyzse Mar 2014 #121
Insurance Calista241 Mar 2014 #163
Insurance: Xyzse Mar 2014 #334
Your own OP proves it is impossible, GD was declared a gun-free zone Bluenorthwest Mar 2014 #128
Interesting. Anti-gun views are now protected in GD... Eleanors38 Mar 2014 #254
PowerToThePeople, are you surprised by the response to your poll? n/t Skip Intro Mar 2014 #129
I am pleased with the results PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #132
I am too. I thought a vast majority here would be for it. Skip Intro Mar 2014 #134
No Dwayne Hicks Mar 2014 #130
I vote no only because I live in wild country Warpy Mar 2014 #133
YES mwrguy Mar 2014 #138
How would you like to see us "work towards" achieving this lofty goal? Common Sense Party Mar 2014 #143
That's a waste of resources that should go elsewhere WhaTHellsgoingonhere Mar 2014 #146
Regulation, registration, and licenses, absolutely. WatermelonRat Mar 2014 #150
Nope Duckhunter935 Mar 2014 #152
I would love to see it .... etherealtruth Mar 2014 #154
Jeez how about going for "sanely regulated" first? 0rganism Mar 2014 #155
I think we have this about right in the UK. Donald Ian Rankin Mar 2014 #156
Yeah, sure their tightly restricted. Boudica the Lyoness Mar 2014 #234
I vote no hollowdweller Mar 2014 #157
Ideally - I suppose - but given the culture you might as well hope for a prayer-free Country Douglas Carpenter Mar 2014 #161
Only because guns can actually affect change... Lost_Count Mar 2014 #175
Absolutely. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #165
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #168
Good for you. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #177
The use of bows & arrows and atlatls & spears requires a not insubstantial amount of skill. baldguy Mar 2014 #187
If it were up to me, we'd go back to a flintlock/musket only country... MrScorpio Mar 2014 #167
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #169
Hey, no one's talking about banning guns... MrScorpio Mar 2014 #172
Keep beating that dead horse. Jenoch Mar 2014 #174
Well regulated NutmegYankee Mar 2014 #176
"no one's talking about banning guns" Union Scribe Mar 2014 #199
Meaning in my subthread MrScorpio Mar 2014 #201
Yes geomon666 Mar 2014 #178
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #183
Learn how to actually hunt. geomon666 Mar 2014 #185
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #186
Good for you. geomon666 Mar 2014 #189
Do you hunt for your food? Kingofalldems Mar 2014 #190
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #193
I do! I do! And I keep a gun handy for self-defense. Eleanors38 Mar 2014 #350
No. Not gun-free although I would never purchase a firearm myself. BlueCaliDem Mar 2014 #184
Of course those charged with pipoman Mar 2014 #267
Which just goes to show BlueCaliDem Mar 2014 #285
Even liberal judges know that the definition of "well regulated" pipoman Mar 2014 #286
Yes, even liberal judges know the ACCEPTED definition of "well regulated militia" BlueCaliDem Mar 2014 #296
Surely you have some evidence that SCOTUS pipoman Mar 2014 #299
Thats a convenient fiction... beevul Mar 2014 #287
The only convenient fiction here BlueCaliDem Mar 2014 #297
Uh huh. beevul Mar 2014 #319
I see the gun nuts here aren't trying to justify their fetish as protection againt the govt baldguy Mar 2014 #192
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 2014 #196
I never understood that particular belief hack89 Mar 2014 #198
guns are to Democrats as abortion is to Republicans WhaTHellsgoingonhere Mar 2014 #194
No We Should Not Vogon_Glory Mar 2014 #202
I could probably be on board with this line of thinking. eom PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #203
I Think About The UK's Firearms Prohibition And ask Why Vogon_Glory Mar 2014 #204
Are there any gun free countries? jwirr Mar 2014 #212
Australia marions ghost Mar 2014 #215
Thank you for the info. I could go for that idea. However, we have a long way to go to get this jwirr Mar 2014 #218
We have a long way to go marions ghost Mar 2014 #219
Dream on. Straw Man Mar 2014 #291
I know what its like to live there marions ghost Mar 2014 #310
Info? Straw Man Mar 2014 #314
We have to take care of the e-cigs first; you eat an elephant one bite at a time. TransitJohn Mar 2014 #216
A mom breast fed her kid while smoking e-cigarettes and husband open carried at Olive Garden! Initech Mar 2014 #221
Neglectful sarisataka Mar 2014 #222
Never happen! B Calm Mar 2014 #220
Sorry you feel that way PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #224
Should be the goal of humanity, not just our country. nt tridim Mar 2014 #226
A poll like this is a brightly-wrapped gift to the pro-gun movement. Paladin Mar 2014 #227
Spot on! uncommonlink Mar 2014 #232
Doubt it marions ghost Mar 2014 #242
What is the purpose of the tool, if not "causation of death?" PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #244
2 things... Lost_Count Mar 2014 #253
Ok, death and terrorism PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #274
No Go Vols Mar 2014 #233
The question is worded in a slanted way. PlanetaryOrbit Mar 2014 #243
Eh?--this is DU marions ghost Mar 2014 #250
Gun free cops n/t reddread Mar 2014 #249
My son and others I know enjoy hunting fadedrose Mar 2014 #252
No thank you Separation Mar 2014 #256
Abso-fucking-tively! We need to have way fewer gun-fetishers in the country. madinmaryland Mar 2014 #259
Yes send all the gun nuts to pacifist camp until they undeterred Mar 2014 #260
I have so far refrained from participating in this thread. Jenoch Mar 2014 #268
We would not jump right to "gun-free" PowerToThePeople Mar 2014 #270
If the 'work towards' included an attempt Jenoch Mar 2014 #271
I answered "no", because it is not even remotely possible, nor is it advisable. Yo_Mama Mar 2014 #275
Who trusts whom, would the watchers disarm too? Hence, I said no. We are not advanced RKP5637 Mar 2014 #276
This poll results show why the anti-gunners are failing and will fail. aikoaiko Mar 2014 #277
See what I mean, PowerToThePeople? (nt) Paladin Mar 2014 #279
"[Paladin] gave up on establishing any meaningful dialog on firearms restrictions some time ago." aikoaiko Mar 2014 #280
It still has its entertaining aspects. Like that 2008 DU poll..... Paladin Mar 2014 #281
I missed that little jewel. Shows what's most important to them. Very sad. Hoyt Mar 2014 #293
Do you have a link.? Nt hack89 Mar 2014 #294
Find it yourself. It'll mean more to you, that way. (nt) Paladin Mar 2014 #295
Pulled it out of your ass, didn't you? hack89 Mar 2014 #300
No, I just don't do leg work for pro-gun extremists. Paladin Mar 2014 #301
I am one of those gray beards - I have been here since 2005 hack89 Mar 2014 #303
The feeling's mutual. Paladin Mar 2014 #304
So be it. See you around. nt hack89 Mar 2014 #305
You know it exists, just like this one where you guys called me a liar. Hoyt Mar 2014 #323
It took you longer to type that then it would to provide a link hack89 Mar 2014 #327
confusing two issues.. 2banon Mar 2014 #283
Work towards.. Calista241 Mar 2014 #284
Hillarious. nt Demo_Chris Mar 2014 #298
Just ridding the country of hand guns would be good. liberal N proud Mar 2014 #302
Right after we work towards having everyone flap their arms to fly eridani Mar 2014 #306
Should this poll have more than yes/no options? ScreamingMeemie Mar 2014 #318
Aren't you worried we will be conquered by some other people after our military gives up its arms? Threedifferentones Mar 2014 #326
NO SkatmanRoth Mar 2014 #332
AMONG THE MANY JUST USES FOR A GUN ARE... discntnt_irny_srcsm Mar 2014 #344
That's the good thing about firearms they're designed to save lives. ileus Mar 2014 #345
Yes. (nt) stone space Dec 2014 #354
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