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2. Dems' only hope: register, register, register voters--and GOTV in a BIG way.
Thu Feb 20, 2014, 08:44 AM
Feb 2014

Dems also need to start working NOW to make sure that Dem voters all have the necessary IDs in states that have passed restrictive voter ID bills.

5. The Democratic platform is uninspiring. Scuba Feb 2014 #1
What Democratic platform? n/t 1awake Feb 2014 #3
"Not the Republican" and a minimum wage raise to an amount still below the poverty level. Scuba Feb 2014 #4
I could say what I think of 1awake Feb 2014 #5
Still a huge step up from 2010's "The Summer of Recovery" and "Stop Whining" N/T Chathamization Feb 2014 #20
Here it is from 2012. Just try to find some definitive statements... Egalitarian Thug Feb 2014 #7
I don't see any spelling errors jsr Feb 2014 #9
Lol! PotatoChip Feb 2014 #12
That is the biggest wall of text I ever saw lol 1awake Feb 2014 #14
Absurd complexity usually hides bad intentions. I got through most of it and didn't Egalitarian Thug Feb 2014 #17
The platform exists it just is not followed wocaonimabi Feb 2014 #8
6. Some on the left think endless whining is a more effective political strategy JoePhilly Feb 2014 #10
Yep. Whine about the Republicans instead of honing policy and grooming candidates. Scuba Feb 2014 #15
Yea, that's how President Obama won a second term ... JoePhilly Feb 2014 #18
It is an odd strategy, isn't it? nt redqueen Feb 2014 #16
Dems' only hope: register, register, register voters--and GOTV in a BIG way. tblue37 Feb 2014 #2
+1 JoePhilly Feb 2014 #11
kicking for those just waking! NRaleighLiberal Feb 2014 #6
A "HUGE" advantage? This reporter is clearly on the side of the GOP Sarah Ibarruri Feb 2014 #13
Talking Points Memo is "clearly on the side of the GOP", eh? Oh you kids these days. Bucky Feb 2014 #19
His exclusive focus on the GOP, while ignoring everything the Dems have going for it, was obvious Sarah Ibarruri Feb 2014 #21
TPM has a pretty strong track record for prognostication. Bucky Feb 2014 #22
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