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Thu Jan 23, 2014, 10:00 PM Jan 2014

Ah, jeez, that damned woman will be the death of the Democratic Party [View all]

Know what she said tonight at a talk in New York City?

Q: Who does our government really work for?
A: Answer right now is a sad one. But we're going to change that.

What next? What next? Taxing the Job Creators at the same rate as the Little People? No sensible, common-sense cuts to Social Security? Making bankers actually follow the rules? Restoring cuts to food stamps and unemployment benefits? Handing Republicans their asses on a serving dish, flambeed and sauced with a delightful mango-balsamic reduction?

@#$%. She's ruining it. She's ruining everything.


Third-Way Manny
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Vanity Post ALERT. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2014 #1
Where! Where! MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #16
I used to wonder why the right wing said liberals thought Obama was the Messiah. JoePhilly Jan 2014 #64
I used to wonder too... Fumesucker Jan 2014 #68
Can you imagine ... JoePhilly Jan 2014 #71
This place cracks me up Fumesucker Jan 2014 #75
Hillary was "inevitable" last time. JoePhilly Jan 2014 #77
Some DUers seem to like Andrew Sullivan Fumesucker Jan 2014 #78
Notice the date on that ... 2012, not 2008. JoePhilly Jan 2014 #80
The rhetorical contortions some go through to defend all things Obama should give you a clue Fumesucker Jan 2014 #90
Are you kidding? You can see it right here on DU. cui bono Jan 2014 #101
We can't let the corporate Media... Rockyj Jan 2014 #91
That is one scary picture, man... Titonwan Jan 2014 #73
I think she already is the messiah for some on this board dlwickham Jan 2014 #107
I remember when I thought, years ago, that BHO was good but didn't have a chance. panader0 Jan 2014 #2
You are too funny, my dear Manny! CaliforniaPeggy Jan 2014 #3
Wow! an incomplete website and a poster! That'll do the trick... brooklynite Jan 2014 #4
And hopefully it will STAY that way. MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #7
Ah, I seen what you done there! Titonwan Jan 2014 #74
8,143 followers frylock Jan 2014 #19
LOL MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #21
So, at that rate, Warren will be ready in 2024... brooklynite Jan 2014 #28
keep talking frylock Jan 2014 #30
Warren's already picked out a campaign theme song!!! MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #31
And she'll be going up against Clinton's VP, Julien Castro. joshcryer Jan 2014 #52
Elizabeth Warren is not as well known, doesn't have the name recognition, of Hillary. JDPriestly Jan 2014 #40
Neither did Barack Obama in 2006 azurnoir Jan 2014 #44
Yes. Could change quickly now. Hillary has a lot of baggage. JDPriestly Jan 2014 #50
Hillary???...... Out of Touch???? bvar22 Jan 2014 #103
Using that logic, Lets all vote for @aplusk bobduca Jan 2014 #20
I didn't know about it, so now I'm going to sign up. Make that 8,142 followers and I will tweet it sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #33
funny thing is, EW is more likely to be part of the latter than the former arely staircase Jan 2014 #94
what serious democratic leader has actually said that about her? nt arely staircase Jan 2014 #5
If you clap your hands enough, Tinkerbell will live!!... SidDithers Jan 2014 #6
Hey, at least, he is only clapping. That is far better than what you are doing. n/t xocet Jan 2014 #15
You are always taking pot shots but I never see you commit yourself. Who do you favor? rhett o rick Jan 2014 #32
Christie had so many supporters here, and in the Democratic Party itself. But we're not hearing sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #34
If Christie had changed parties, there are some here that would have loved him. nm rhett o rick Jan 2014 #37
Oh they loved him anyway. And 61 Democrats in NJ endorsed him leading the Dem voters to think their sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #38
Dems do that A LOT! Especially in certain areas in the South and in California. 2banon Jan 2014 #98
"H. Clinton-Sachs" Titonwan Jan 2014 #76
What do you stand for besides ineffectivelly sniping at Manny, Sid? ...... marble falls Jan 2014 #83
Smear merchant slash bobduca Jan 2014 #92
Also, fierce advocate for colonic health Dragonfli Jan 2014 #99
Oh ...your still here L0oniX Jan 2014 #96
Thank you Manny for watching ... GeorgeGist Jan 2014 #8
Bring it on. I always say, the more primary candidates, the merrier. (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #9
The fact is, she is extremely brave G_j Jan 2014 #10
You can bet the NSA has a folder on her. nm rhett o rick Jan 2014 #35
I love how the Third Wayers expose themselves. Scuba Jan 2014 #11
I am PROUD of who I am! MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #12
Please pass the K-Y. Scuba Jan 2014 #13
Goldman-Sachs has purchased almost all the K-Y, and MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #17
Don't put Detroit mstinamotorcity2 Jan 2014 #97
It's stored with the aluminum: MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #100
K-Y is soooooo passe, Bohunk68 Jan 2014 #59
You people? (nt) Control-Z Jan 2014 #27
there oughtta be a mandatory retirement age MisterP Jan 2014 #39
What did she know AgingAmerican Jan 2014 #14
I hear Hillary's got a plan... blkmusclmachine Jan 2014 #18
yep, it's called awoke_in_2003 Jan 2014 #25
I wouldn't be surprised if she asked Warren to be her running mate. sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #36
Both from the Northeast. Won't happen. JDPriestly Jan 2014 #41
Well, Hillary spent 20 years in Arkansas, Art_from_Ark Jan 2014 #47
She lives in New York, and lived in D.C. before that. JDPriestly Jan 2014 #48
So that's a little less than 1/3 of her life Art_from_Ark Jan 2014 #49
It's the most recent 1/3 of her life. Where she spent her childhood or went to college (Northeast) JDPriestly Jan 2014 #51
Well, I live in Japan, Art_from_Ark Jan 2014 #53
I assume that you are not running for political office. JDPriestly Jan 2014 #55
If I were running for political office, Art_from_Ark Jan 2014 #56
Odds are good you'd get major pushback on that score. MADem Jan 2014 #104
I'd just have to counter them Art_from_Ark Jan 2014 #109
Here nor there- it doesn't matter. Titonwan Jan 2014 #79
She is a difficult woman. zeemike Jan 2014 #22
She will Rock the Senate! sheshe2 Jan 2014 #23
But give credit where credit's due: MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #29
Why do you keep revising history? joshcryer Jan 2014 #46
Larry Summers was just doing her - and all America - a huge favor! MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #63
She didn't want it. joshcryer Jan 2014 #66
I hope it's not too late! You may have already! MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #67
Support Jobs Obama America joshcryer Jan 2014 #69
Enjoy: ProSense Jan 2014 #72
Team Inevitable Cheer Squad bobduca Jan 2014 #93
I think you've said something of profound significance, here. MADem Jan 2014 #102
Here: ProSense Jan 2014 #70
She is so good in the Senate representing Massachusetts that I want her to run for the presidency JDPriestly Jan 2014 #42
If Hillary is smart blue14u Jan 2014 #24
When I prepare Republican for dinner AAO Jan 2014 #26
My Gawd!! RobertEarl Jan 2014 #43
How much have they raised? joshcryer Jan 2014 #45
She grows on me more and more.. fadedrose Jan 2014 #54
I doubt Liz is going to run... Jasana Jan 2014 #57
For a minute there, anasv Jan 2014 #58
Recommended X 1000! Enthusiast Jan 2014 #60
I'm ready for Warren n/t. ZM90 Jan 2014 #61
She doesn't have the charisma necessary. NCTraveler Jan 2014 #62
Elizabeth is a great woman. Titonwan Jan 2014 #81
I think many people on this board will be pleasantly surprised if Warren runs. NCTraveler Jan 2014 #82
Sorry, I'm never supporting HRC Titonwan Jan 2014 #84
I think you have serious reading comprehension problems. NCTraveler Jan 2014 #87
I Hope BrainDrain Jan 2014 #65
...said no one at all. Richardo Jan 2014 #85
Haven't you heard the Good News? MannyGoldstein Jan 2014 #88
thank goodness, at last heaven05 Jan 2014 #86
And infrastructure! I hope to gawd we never invest in that! JNelson6563 Jan 2014 #89
I know, a lot of blood sweat an tears has gone into the effort to make Wall Street love Democrats... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2014 #95
Third Way Types (AKA Neo-Democrats) Have Helped Bring Us This Glorious And Rising Inequality colsohlibgal Jan 2014 #105
May Senator Warren precipitate the death of corporatist governance which is fast-ly moving our indepat Jan 2014 #106
No worries. She's still uninevitable. jsr Jan 2014 #108
What has she accomplished, exactly? treestar Jan 2014 #110
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