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Wed Jan 15, 2014, 12:12 PM Jan 2014

Wikileaks has just published a draft of the enviromental chapter of the TPP: It's bad. [View all]

The Obama administration could be selling out environmental protections in order to cement a complex international trade deal, according to new documents revealed on Wednesday by WikiLeaks. Today, the whistle-blowing organization published the Environment Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a bilateral agreement that has been in the works since 2010 — confirming critics' fears that the plan will be bad news for the planet


Now, WikiLeaks has unveiled the proposed environmental chapter, and says the Obama Administration's environmental demands are weak:

When compared against other TPP chapters, the Environment Chapter is noteworthy for its absence of mandated clauses or meaningful enforcement measures. The dispute settlement mechanisms it creates are cooperative instead of binding; there are no required penalties and no proposed criminal sanctions. With the exception of fisheries, trade in 'environmental' goods and the disputed inclusion of other multilateral agreements, the Chapter appears to function as a public relations exercise.

The Sierra Club's Responsible Trade Program director Ilana Solomon told The New York Times that the draft deal, if confirmed, would undo environmental protections enacted by the U.S. Solomon said, "it rolls back key standards set by Congress to ensure that the environment chapters are legally enforceable, in the same way the commercial parts of free-trade agreements are."



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kick, kick, kick and I will keep kicking it cali Jan 2014 #1
It is truly appalling and it certainly shows why it all had to be so 'secret' sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #91
Keep up the good work cali SamKnause Jan 2014 #2
thank you Sam. This is by far and away the most urgent issue cali Jan 2014 #3
Reply SamKnause Jan 2014 #8
seconded n/t BelgianMadCow Jan 2014 #116
THANK YOU Wikileaks lunasun Jan 2014 #4
Indeed. Big, big thanks to Wikileaks. cali Jan 2014 #7
Once again doing the heroic heavy lifting for We the People:-) grahamhgreen Jan 2014 #120
Selling out on the environment in order to sell out labor. Somehow that does not sound like the jwirr Jan 2014 #5
Well, it does sound like the ones after Carter. LiberalArkie Jan 2014 #55
Joint analysis of leaked chapter by Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council and cali Jan 2014 #6
Kick bobduca Jan 2014 #9
the people I want to see comment are the members of the BOF cali Jan 2014 #11
you'd think with their North Korean-level capacity for cognitive dissonance they'd have no problems MisterP Jan 2014 #69
Obama has to know this is a huge mistake. Baitball Blogger Jan 2014 #10
I don't get it. cali Jan 2014 #13
All I can tell you cali, is that the man has a knack for turning things around Baitball Blogger Jan 2014 #20
K&R! G_j Jan 2014 #12
Nobody cares Savannahmann Jan 2014 #14
I was just thinking along the same sad lines cali Jan 2014 #15
Beyond depressing. 840high Jan 2014 #17
But ProSense Jan 2014 #19
which has nothing to do with this vital issue. cali Jan 2014 #23
The environment isn't the "vital issue"? n/t ProSense Jan 2014 #26
we're talking about the TPP and it's impact on the environment. cali Jan 2014 #27
The environment is A vital issue. And these releases show that sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #104
The TPP and Keystone TiberiusB Jan 2014 #109
Wow! NuclearDem Jan 2014 #30
+1. good response. pretty weird response. cali Jan 2014 #32
Astute! n/t ProSense Jan 2014 #34
a good summation of your post- alas. cali Jan 2014 #37
I won't put that person on ignore, ronnie624 Jan 2014 #126
We are all supposed to pretend they are a serious poster bobduca Jan 2014 #130
The Schweitzer article is nearly 2 years old, and he's no longer governor hatrack Jan 2014 #119
+1. jsr Jan 2014 #28
There are a large contingent of Democratic voters Maedhros Jan 2014 #33
They do care about them. To the extent they profit from them. raouldukelives Jan 2014 #95
nailed it frylock Jan 2014 #58
+ a gazillion. nt Mojorabbit Jan 2014 #73
You summed it up. But in the real world, away from political forums, where sabrina 1 Jan 2014 #106
I care :-) grahamhgreen Jan 2014 #121
kick 840high Jan 2014 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author ProSense Jan 2014 #18
Kicked and recced. cinnabonbon Jan 2014 #21
"The report indicates that the United States has been pushing for tough environmental provisions, pampango Jan 2014 #22
The U.S. gave in to Peru etc. cali Jan 2014 #25
Your post was that the US "could be selling out environmental protections in order to cement" a deal pampango Jan 2014 #29
the draft was written on November 24th- the last day of the last talks cali Jan 2014 #31
"pretty clear that the USTR will give in to just about anything in order to ink this "trade" deal" pampango Jan 2014 #35
no, it's in the evidence and the analysis from organizations like cali Jan 2014 #36
Why are tough environmental provisions still part of the draft agreement if every other country pampango Jan 2014 #38
those provisions are window dressing. they are meaningless. cali Jan 2014 #40
I would agree that allowing member countries to use national sovereignty to resist compliance is bad pampango Jan 2014 #43
this is a bad deal in so very many ways. This is just the latest installment confirming that cali Jan 2014 #47
I agree that he should back out of it if the labor and environmental parts are not strong and pampango Jan 2014 #53
I would LOVE to see him find a face saving way to back out of this cali Jan 2014 #54
Can you defend THIS? bvar22 Jan 2014 #94
... bobduca Jan 2014 #105
No. As I have often posted, environmental standards should not be voluntary. National sovereigty pampango Jan 2014 #117
"Obama MAY have fought hard" ??!! LOL bvar22 Jan 2014 #122
Hey, I'm just quoting the report released by Wikileaks. pampango Jan 2014 #123
They don't share the goals for one reason. joshcryer Jan 2014 #113
+1000 NealK Jan 2014 #107
Bullshit, they are an intellectual property protection. joshcryer Jan 2014 #112
Obama's only stalling in hopes of getting approval for fast track authority. Divernan Jan 2014 #44
It's difficult to look at the evidence and not come to that conclusion cali Jan 2014 #45
So this draft is for show only (even though it was secret and only revealed by Wikileaks) and pampango Jan 2014 #50
pampango, the US has a LOT to gain by pressing for enviromental standards. joshcryer Jan 2014 #111
West Virginia gave us a fresh view dickthegrouch Jan 2014 #24
What a surprise. nt Zorra Jan 2014 #39
Sickening dorkzilla Jan 2014 #41
Obama proposal rolls back environmental protections; hits new low in selling out! Divernan Jan 2014 #42
K & R !!! WillyT Jan 2014 #46
Kick.... daleanime Jan 2014 #48
I hear you. well, thanks for posting in this thread cali Jan 2014 #49
I hear ya..... daleanime Jan 2014 #52
K & R historylovr Jan 2014 #51
K&R silverweb Jan 2014 #56
k and r.. xiamiam Jan 2014 #57
*sigh* K&R nt laundry_queen Jan 2014 #59
This is fucking disgusting. bunnies Jan 2014 #60
"And it pisses me off to no end that I voted for the man in charge of this bullshit." pampango Jan 2014 #65
Damn right he's still the man in charge. bunnies Jan 2014 #68
He's the man in charge of the US. He's not in charge of Australia or Canada or any of the others. pampango Jan 2014 #71
I get that he pushed... bunnies Jan 2014 #76
"Threaten to walk and then see what happens... just don't give in and move on." Great idea! pampango Jan 2014 #79
Do you know that this "thing", the tpp... bunnies Jan 2014 #81
It does not do anything yet. There is not a final, much less agreed to, draft of it. pampango Jan 2014 #82
the wisdom to walk away is exactly what he needs. bunnies Jan 2014 #83
you're hanging on to that like it's a life raft cali Jan 2014 #74
Indeed I am. And I must say it is a damn good life raft. The OP is about the environmental chapter pampango Jan 2014 #77
it doesn't seem as if the admin has rejected the draft cali Jan 2014 #78
They may not have rejected it. I don't know. But they have not accepted it either as far as we know. pampango Jan 2014 #80
the occult TPP is fab for Corporations, toxic for human beings Berlum Jan 2014 #61
KR El_Johns Jan 2014 #62
K&R. thank dog for Wiki. magical thyme Jan 2014 #63
for sure. now if only the MSM would stop fucking hiding this and the TPIP cali Jan 2014 #64
We are so fucked. City Lights Jan 2014 #66
The deranged Assange/WL haters should be along soon to spew bile whatchamacallit Jan 2014 #67
nah, they largely stay out of threads about the TPP cali Jan 2014 #70
You know them by their absence. They will not speak to the TPP. Conservatives the lot, rhett o rick Jan 2014 #118
Sounds like every other trade deal The2ndWheel Jan 2014 #72
actually, it's worse than NAFTA or CAFTA cali Jan 2014 #75
And every international agreement is increasingly non-binding The2ndWheel Jan 2014 #86
This message was self-deleted by its author pa28 Jan 2014 #85
Thank God for Wikileaks...this is just fucking nuts how irresponsible it is. No one Jefferson23 Jan 2014 #84
kr Norrin Radd Jan 2014 #87
TPP is TERRIBLE for the planet & 99% of its people; & that's why they're hiding it from public view! blkmusclmachine Jan 2014 #88
Tell your friends, family and acquaintances that the TPP is a job killing agreement. Enthusiast Jan 2014 #89
K&R Titonwan Jan 2014 #90
Some direct quotes from the draft agreement released by WikiLeaks: bvar22 Jan 2014 #92
resistance to voluntary adoption is futile bobduca Jan 2014 #108
It is when the west owns renewable energy intellectual property. joshcryer Jan 2014 #115
HAHA! That's totally superceded by the Intellectual Property Chapter. joshcryer Jan 2014 #114
What "facts" don't I have straight? bvar22 Jan 2014 #124
the IP chapter is on that page joshcryer Jan 2014 #127
Bullshit. bvar22 Jan 2014 #128
countries will be BEHOLDEN under TPP joshcryer Jan 2014 #129
Odd that Wikileaks couldn't spell Environment dipsydoodle Jan 2014 #93
Damn English and their silent consonants. adirondacker Jan 2014 #102
K & R. dchill Jan 2014 #96
The Oligarchs, Corporations And Banks Own And Control The Politicians That Own And Control Us cantbeserious Jan 2014 #97
k&r nt steve2470 Jan 2014 #98
This just makes me sick! We are acting like there is no tomorrow, and because of that Dustlawyer Jan 2014 #99
K & fucking r! n/t wildbilln864 Jan 2014 #100
k and r--and happy birthday to wiki online niyad Jan 2014 #101
k/r marmar Jan 2014 #103
K&R. This is what's important, not that loser from Jersey. anti partisan Jan 2014 #110
Kick Hun Joro Jan 2014 #125
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