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Nye Bevan

(25,406 posts)
Sat Oct 26, 2013, 12:32 PM Oct 2013

Has the banning of dkf made you more reluctant to criticize certain things on DU? [View all]

Things like drones, NSA surveillance, and the ACA?

dkf scrupulously followed DU community standards, as enforced by the community moderating system (no hidden posts at all in the last 90 days). So dkf was not banned for violating community standards (which he or she never did, at least in the past 3 months) but for the substance of his or her posts. Certainly dkf was known for vociferously criticizing things like the drone program, NSA surveillance, and the ACA, and by all accounts the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back" was a recent thread criticizing the Healthcare.gov website. I never did see any threads by dkf praising President Obama, so perhaps the deciding factor was the unbalanced nature of his or her posts; all criticism (albeit criticism that scrupulously stayed within community standards as defined by the admins and the jury system), and no praise.

In one sense the banning of dkf was the mother of all admin overrides of the jury system. Which of course, as the owners of the website, they have every right to do. I am in no sense criticizing the banning of dkf; the owners of a discussion board have every right to exclude whomever they please. I am more interested in people's reactions to this.

So- knowing that even if you stay 100% within community standards and can be banned for the substance of your posts, will you be more careful about criticizing drones, NSA surveillance, the ACA, etc. on DU?

32 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes. I will be more reluctant to post criticism of things like that, or perhaps I will be more measured with my criticism.
0 (0%)
No. I will still criticize things like that just as much as before, but I will be more careful to round out my posting history with some praise of the President.
0 (0%)
No. I will not change my posting behavior in the slightest. I will criticize those things just as much as I ever did.
21 (66%)
Not applicable. I don't have a problem with those things so I don't post criticism of them anyway.
2 (6%)
Something else.
2 (6%)
Who or what is or was dkf? I have no idea what you are talking about.
7 (22%)
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Is it OK for you to ask this? AnotherMcIntosh Oct 2013 #1
Is it ok for you to even post on the thread? nt msanthrope Oct 2013 #32
"I am in no sense criticizing the banning of dkf" Kolesar Oct 2013 #57
Oh, I wouldn't criticize that either. AnotherMcIntosh Oct 2013 #84
IBTL. Mika Oct 2013 #2
Dito! Heather MC Oct 2013 #25
I think that everyone probably thinks about this, but it should not affect their posts. Th1onein Oct 2013 #3
Fuck no trumad Oct 2013 #4
Only the ratfuckers should fear. nt msanthrope Oct 2013 #6
+1...nt SidDithers Oct 2013 #22
+1 BootinUp Oct 2013 #43
Lots of people were oddly miffed dkf got the banhammer. Ikonoklast Oct 2013 #52
Agree to that. nt Doremus Oct 2013 #79
Thank you. And Lord knows that appears to be EXACTLY what they are doing. Number23 Oct 2013 #154
Between WillyT's thread and this one, the flypaper couldn't be stickier. msanthrope Oct 2013 #157
This is what happens when the echo chamber starts to burst for those who have propped up Number23 Oct 2013 #170
+1 n/t FSogol Oct 2013 #171
+100! nt zappaman Oct 2013 #178
+1 - nt Ohio Joe Oct 2013 #19
+1 eom BlueCaliDem Oct 2013 #80
You Better Believe It! nt msanthrope Oct 2013 #5
Main problem I see is that, these last few days, dkf was rooting for ACA's failure Mass Oct 2013 #7
I can actually see some sense in rooting for the ACA to fail. Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #12
Sure. So we should root for millions of people to suffer and/or die Mass Oct 2013 #17
No. We should not root for anyone to "suffer and die". Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #21
Totally agree with your position, in this case, but this is not the position Mass Oct 2013 #23
That is not at all what dkf was advocating for. SolutionisSolidarity Oct 2013 #59
some people here seem to think exactly that. Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #94
I Know, Sir: She Was Practically An Ambassador From The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page.... The Magistrate Oct 2013 #110
then perhaps THAT is the problem... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #76
I think your assumption that "no hides" = "stays within community standards" is shaky. winter is coming Oct 2013 #8
I've seen it happen. Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #18
I doubt they hid it. I suspect they deleted it, since posting personal info is a big no-no. winter is coming Oct 2013 #27
I think I served on that jury. murielm99 Oct 2013 #38
dfk never had any effect on me fadedrose Oct 2013 #9
No, and for the record, I am against all those things - the drones, NSA spying, and the ACA quinnox Oct 2013 #10
Against ACA? Well I am for single payer which puts me at odds with ACA I guess. L0oniX Oct 2013 #39
yup, same here quinnox Oct 2013 #40
"abomination" oh come one now ...you are being too kind. L0oniX Oct 2013 #41
heh heh quinnox Oct 2013 #42
Disagree treestar Oct 2013 #53
It's all we could get for now and they both know it... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #78
Is this supposed to be news? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #77
You've got to be kidding me, both with liberalhistorian Oct 2013 #11
Hence my use of the word "vociferously" (nt) Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #16
+1000 Starry Messenger Oct 2013 #60
Starry, have you noticed that we haven't had to contend liberalhistorian Oct 2013 #182
^this^ is reality. nt Zorra Oct 2013 #74
+1000 x infinity nt Doremus Oct 2013 #85
1000 x infinity is just plain old infinity. Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #141
I really don't care Gman Oct 2013 #13
He did post positive (For Democrats) OP's from time to time. Savannahmann Oct 2013 #14
Thanks, I missed that one. Too little, too late? (nt) Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #15
It changed it's tune a little wickerwoman Oct 2013 #36
True Story Savannahmann Oct 2013 #71
good points questionseverything Oct 2013 #133
Have another look at the Terms of Service for DU. wickerwoman Oct 2013 #162
After reading your comment, I almost feel like my Meta thread was a bad thing. stevenleser Oct 2013 #136
I never saw anything whatsoever positive about Dems from that one. kestrel91316 Oct 2013 #65
Missed a choice. HubertHeaver Oct 2013 #20
I'll add that as an option. Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #24
Thanks HubertHeaver Oct 2013 #69
Someone who critized NSA spying and drones, but then touched the third-rail re the ACA. AnotherMcIntosh Oct 2013 #122
Nope. bravenak Oct 2013 #26
I actually do not care etherealtruth Oct 2013 #28
Same here. nt Mojorabbit Oct 2013 #177
no idea who DFK is or what is going on. nt Deep13 Oct 2013 #29
Dkf was/is a republican and this site is for Democrats only. Kingofalldems Oct 2013 #30
10 years on DU ...wow L0oniX Oct 2013 #34
I'm beginning to wonder what the benefit is supposed to be from chatting on this site. L0oniX Oct 2013 #31
Well, it's not here so that RW shills can post their talking points all day long. kestrel91316 Oct 2013 #66
So you admit you are not one of us? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #81
define "us" Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #89
Liberals who want to work "within the system" VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #93
you're funny. Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #95
No actually I am being perfectly serious...it says "within the system" right there... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #100
I am going to ask you a question I hope you can answer. sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #135
Where did I say Most? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #138
Can you define 'the system'. Right now, eg the 'system' is being sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #144
ie within the political system....you know the Democrats... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #145
You said that already and it still makes no sense. You seem to be sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #147
It makes perfect sense and you know it.... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #148
Do you support cuts to SS ? Is your definition of 'far, far left sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #149
This is why I don't bother. Ask a direct question and get back word salad. Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #161
The fringe is exactly what it is.... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #166
You will be assimilated. L0oniX Oct 2013 #165
Another one hits the ignore dungeon. Enjoy! L0oniX Oct 2013 #163
I miss some of the freewheeling dialog lumberjack_jeff Oct 2013 #117
No, the banning of certain other people Blue_In_AK Oct 2013 #33
+1 L0oniX Oct 2013 #35
The owners of this board can do what they want... polichick Oct 2013 #37
Change....like the Teaparty expects the Republicans to change? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #83
The tea party is a bogus front for the 1%... polichick Oct 2013 #97
No actually they are not....they are funded by them...but there ARE people in that party who VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #99
Well, there is some dispute over who they are at this point - but who cares? polichick Oct 2013 #118
I still don't miss Meta (Nt) Recursion Oct 2013 #44
Ask the Administrators is so much more civilized. Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #46
If you have dkf type arguments to make, take them to Reddit. SolutionisSolidarity Oct 2013 #45
This was a question, not an argument. Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #47
You've made several posts lamenting the loss of this poster. SolutionisSolidarity Oct 2013 #56
If by "several" you mean "zero" then you are correct. (nt) Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #63
Facts have ruined many of good story, including apparently this one. AnotherMcIntosh Oct 2013 #120
Well, there's the OP concern poll, plus your comments in WillyT's post. SolutionisSolidarity Oct 2013 #164
"We" believe in MANY things demwing Oct 2013 #67
The TOC clearly state that this is a liberal site, so if you aren't one, then please STFU. SolutionisSolidarity Oct 2013 #68
What is a liberal? demwing Oct 2013 #75
Dfk was a right winger. That got them banned. If you are like them, it will happen to you too. SolutionisSolidarity Oct 2013 #86
Still waiting for that list demwing Oct 2013 #88
Please hold your breath. SolutionisSolidarity Oct 2013 #91
That's exactly what I thought demwing Oct 2013 #98
Sorry, cowpoke, this ain't my first dance at the internet rodeo. SolutionisSolidarity Oct 2013 #159
its more than that...it says "within" the system... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #92
Fair enough. Until the Republicans are defeated, splinter factions have to be crushed. SolutionisSolidarity Oct 2013 #96
No, it gives me hope that we can roody Oct 2013 #48
It won't change the way I post. In_The_Wind Oct 2013 #49
Interesting Aerows Oct 2013 #50
He moved up on the depth chart. nt ProudToBeBlueInRhody Oct 2013 #55
True that, lol. BootinUp Oct 2013 #102
Something else... pipi_k Oct 2013 #51
Its made me reluctant to post in any dfk meta thread NoOneMan Oct 2013 #54
Nope. Igel Oct 2013 #58
No--it was his/her blatant use of obvious tblue37 Oct 2013 #61
No. I have always been against things like drones, NSA surveillance, Autumn Oct 2013 #62
DKF did nothing but post negative stuff about liberals and liberal policies kestrel91316 Oct 2013 #64
She seemed to express her opposition to NSA spying and drones on a regular basis. AnotherMcIntosh Oct 2013 #106
she pushed rightwing propaganda and talking points. geek tragedy Oct 2013 #70
+1 gollygee Oct 2013 #82
I ain't sorry to see dkf showed the door: trolls is just gonna troll struggle4progress Oct 2013 #72
'dkf' had at least five hidden posts on DU3 - I have no idea how many deleted on DU2. Make7 Oct 2013 #73
I think you missed the Whole Point of the banning. Whisp Oct 2013 #87
I was chased out of Interfaith for asking Christians direct questions. Manifestor_of_Light Oct 2013 #90
Voltaire was chased out of a few neighborhoods. AnotherMcIntosh Oct 2013 #107
Nope. Iggo Oct 2013 #101
dkf's banning was NOT "the mother of all admin overrides of the jury system" or anything else... Spazito Oct 2013 #103
I can see the dilemma for the admins here. Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #113
If the admin's goal was solely to generate traffic by encouraging posters like dkf.... Spazito Oct 2013 #129
Indeed! +1 eom Purveyor Oct 2013 #150
It's not a question though of wanting DU to be a 'clone of the Barack Obama group' LeftishBrit Oct 2013 #175
Perhaps "clone of the Barack Obama group" was an exaggeration Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #176
Your Poll, Sir, Is High-Grade Bull-Shit The Magistrate Oct 2013 #104
Thank you, Sir shanine Oct 2013 #125
^What you said^ n/t Violet_Crumble Oct 2013 #127
I agree. The admins are extraordinarily lenient when enforcing the TOS steve2470 Oct 2013 #155
Exactly. zappaman Oct 2013 #180
The reason I voted 'yes' is because as we move forward with the legalization of marijuana.. Tikki Oct 2013 #105
Worried, Nye? Lol. morningfog Oct 2013 #108
LOL! Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #111
The OP is one who prides himself on skirting the line. morningfog Oct 2013 #116
Terrified. Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #119
Lol. morningfog Oct 2013 #121
I yam what I yam. Bulls-eye and all. lumberjack_jeff Oct 2013 #109
I've certainly made some enemies here. Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #123
I disagree with you about NAFTA and Citizens united. lumberjack_jeff Oct 2013 #124
Thanks, and I'm glad there's somewhere on the internet where we can debate stuff like that Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #128
I am more careful than I used to be... defacto7 Oct 2013 #112
I'm as big an asshat as always Coyotl Oct 2013 #139
The TOS trumps community standards. Gormy Cuss Oct 2013 #114
Why? Rex Oct 2013 #115
No, coz unlike dkf, I'm not a RW troll... Violet_Crumble Oct 2013 #126
A lot of people suspected DKF was a RW troll Renew Deal Oct 2013 #130
He/she supported too many repub/rw things. It was NOT "the mother of all admin overrides..." uppityperson Oct 2013 #131
Cutting and pasting from post 103 here: Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #132
You forgot to bold the most important bit... Violet_Crumble Oct 2013 #142
no because I'm not a RW troll nt arely staircase Oct 2013 #134
Why would banning a troll make me cautious, unless I was a troll? OregonBlue Oct 2013 #137
No, why should it? I'm not a Republican. BainsBane Oct 2013 #140
No. I won't post on some of the Forums because it's not worth the hassle of dealing with the hobbit709 Oct 2013 #143
Goodness no! LeftishBrit Oct 2013 #146
MIRT had nothing to do with the nuking... Violet_Crumble Oct 2013 #151
Post edited to take this info into account. LeftishBrit Oct 2013 #152
I voted No, because I will not change. I am aware what defending liberal positions might cost. nt Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #153
You think dfk got banned because of the defense of liberal positions? nt msanthrope Oct 2013 #158
I don't follow that stuff, sorry... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #168
What liberal positions did dkf exhibit exactly? Rex Oct 2013 #160
I have no idea who DKF is or what he posted about... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #167
There's a crew that's keep Mead afloat with notebook sales over these kind of things. ScreamingMeemie Oct 2013 #179
It actually is a little creepy... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #181
There are plenty of DUers who have no interest whatsoever in any opinion that differs from theirs, Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #183
That is blatantly untrue. I have disagreed extremely publicly with the President on half a dozen stevenleser Oct 2013 #184
So what did 121 DUers (many long-termers and/or star members) do to get banned from the BOG? Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #185
Obviously they picked a fight in the BOG forum BootinUp Oct 2013 #187
That is a different question. You said you had to agree with everything. Thats not true. nt stevenleser Oct 2013 #188
Me too BainsBane Oct 2013 #169
Huh? NoGOPZone Oct 2013 #156
I ran across this illuminating quote today, maybe you will find it kenny blankenship Oct 2013 #172
That is profound. Lasher Oct 2013 #173
Revisionist crap. S/He defended racists like Zimmerman at every ecstatic Oct 2013 #174
I sure as hell don't criticize like DKF did and I also like the "mosque" at ground zero DevonRex Oct 2013 #186
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