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Tue Oct 8, 2013, 01:35 AM Oct 2013

Do you agree that Veterans should be shut out of Memorials on the National Mall, honoring THEM... [View all]

at the risk of being arrested, but that others should be allowed to PROTEST on the National Mall, the government's policy concerning immigration?

Memorials dedicated to those who sacrificed ALL THEY HAD TO GIVE and in doing so made this country a PLACE where immigrants the world over wished to come, are CLOSED to their Survivors. Memorials dedicated to those who followed in their footsteps and helped protect what their Ancestors died for are CLOSED to them, so they cannot go and pay their respects to those people who stood beside them and helped (or so they believed, possibly mistakenly) PROTECT the freedoms we today hold so deeply.

Yet tomorrow, SEIU is hosting a PRO-IMMIGRATION rally on the same ground that those people ARE BARRED FROM TREADING ON at the moment.


Do you think this is right?

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8 (44%)
10 (56%)
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This isn't about the parks. That's a made-up issue. nt Deep13 Oct 2013 #1
The National Mall isn't closed to vistors? It's not open to tomorrow's protest? See PARK anywhere cherokeeprogressive Oct 2013 #2
I don't care. Deep13 Oct 2013 #6
Since you don't care everyone else has to feel the same way? Decaffeinated Oct 2013 #10
For some, it's much MORE than a vacation... It's about HONORING those they SERVED with. cherokeeprogressive Oct 2013 #11
Let's tell that 92 year old vet in the wheelchair Abq_Sarah Oct 2013 #14
It's not HIS turn tomorrow... cherokeeprogressive Oct 2013 #16
The WWI Memorial is open REP Oct 2013 #3
Moot, then? cherokeeprogressive Oct 2013 #4
Re-read my post REP Oct 2013 #5
Yeah, it's not on the Mall. cherokeeprogressive Oct 2013 #7
Right. Because there is no national WWI Memorial REP Oct 2013 #8
That's the museum Abq_Sarah Oct 2013 #12
It's attached to the Memorial REP Oct 2013 #15
There is a WWI Memorial on the National Mall jonsiee Oct 2013 #35
Welcome to DU gopiscrap Oct 2013 #50
Guess all the WW I vets can see it while they are still living then. dkf Oct 2013 #40
I'm a veteran, but the national mall belongs to all of us Agnosticsherbet Oct 2013 #9
I'm all for that. Abq_Sarah Oct 2013 #13
A hike isn't freedom of speech. n/t Agnosticsherbet Oct 2013 #17
If I express my political opinions while hiking Abq_Sarah Oct 2013 #19
Veterans are not being denied access to the WWII Memorial pinboy3niner Oct 2013 #18
And another right-wing talking point shot down. LAGC Oct 2013 #20
It should be open to everyone Abq_Sarah Oct 2013 #21
The Vietnam Memorial is open as well? cherokeeprogressive Oct 2013 #22
The article is from 10/2. cherokeeprogressive Oct 2013 #27
It was closed. Nuclear Unicorn Oct 2013 #37
Only the hypocritical show boating republicans B Calm Oct 2013 #23
I am sorry. I have zero respect for this post. IdaBriggs Oct 2013 #24
+1 nt Javaman Oct 2013 #25
+1 Exactly. n/t FSogol Oct 2013 #26
+1000 djean111 Oct 2013 #28
Could not agree more, excellent post. Agschmid Oct 2013 #33
The WW2 memorial is, by law, privately funded. Nuclear Unicorn Oct 2013 #38
The cops are working for free. IdaBriggs Oct 2013 #41
The corporations pay big $$ for their propaganda RandiFan1290 Oct 2013 #48
As a vet I see this as a BS issue. They should be closed with everything else. Katashi_itto Oct 2013 #29
I think the Boehner should put the fucking bill up for a vote Marrah_G Oct 2013 #30
If we can't have meat inspectors, please don't have BlueToTheBone Oct 2013 #31
^=== This. nt IdaBriggs Oct 2013 #43
I'd rather honor them by making sure their grandchildren have lunch DonRedwood Oct 2013 #32
"honor them by making sure their grandchildren have lunch or attend Head Start" Nuclear Unicorn Oct 2013 #39
I think this is nonsensical bullshit dressed up in a flag Spider Jerusalem Oct 2013 #34
If National Parks are closed.... HooptieWagon Oct 2013 #36
This is hardly a fair poll question. nolabear Oct 2013 #42
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2013 #44
The whole issue is just more BS from the GOP SoCalDem Oct 2013 #45
Do you think it is alright for people to be exploited for Skidmore Oct 2013 #46
WashDC live cam link. tourist all over the place. Just workers Rs have shut-out from their jobs Sunlei Oct 2013 #47
It's not the same ground. This is right wing bullshit. Memorial is National Park Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #49
It's more important for vets to be taken care of than to go to a memorial. n/t cynatnite Oct 2013 #51
Everyone should feel the pain. BluegrassStateBlues Oct 2013 #52
This sounds Fox Newsy. nt Lex Oct 2013 #53
The shutdown of the government is wrong. My understanding is that for saftey reasons hrmjustin Oct 2013 #54
the law applies to EVERYBODY!!! gopiscrap Oct 2013 #55
I think the grounds should be open but the buildings closed. kestrel91316 Oct 2013 #56
Us veterans WovenGems Oct 2013 #57
Your argument mirrors the GOP's talking point de jour. AtomicKitten Oct 2013 #58
Wonderful graphic, and the most relevant response to date. LanternWaste Oct 2013 #63
I'm always surprised when RW memes are dragged here. AtomicKitten Oct 2013 #64
I voted yes just to piss you off Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #59
Please tell me how this is any different from a certain "EX"-DUer who would bullwinkle428 Oct 2013 #60
I Don't Get RobinA Oct 2013 #61
Maybe direct these questions to a rethug? ecstatic Oct 2013 #62
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