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Thu Oct 3, 2013, 11:55 AM Oct 2013

This message was self-deleted by its author [View all]

This message was self-deleted by its author (Ichingcarpenter) on Fri Oct 4, 2013, 07:22 AM. When the original post in a discussion thread is self-deleted, the entire discussion thread is automatically locked so new replies cannot be posted.

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Heh. I got to be the first rec. Cerridwen Oct 2013 #1
The air smells less douchey today around here. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Oct 2013 #2
A Summers Eve Kind Of Scent! n/t HangOnKids Oct 2013 #9
. Guy Whitey Corngood Oct 2013 #43
I've noticed the exact opposite, I'm afraid. nt AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #235
Aww, do you miss your friend? nt Guy Whitey Corngood Oct 2013 #279
No need to act like a condescending ass, dude. nt AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #297
Then why are you, dude? nt Guy Whitey Corngood Oct 2013 #299
This message was self-deleted by its author mahina Oct 2013 #13
Who, what? Cerridwen Oct 2013 #30
sorry, I didnt notice your link the first time. mahina Oct 2013 #39
No problem. Cerridwen Oct 2013 #42
what about BBIs supporters? joshcryer Oct 2013 #227
I seem to remember BBI had a real hatred for the president. Cerridwen Oct 2013 #244
and regularly got 100s of recs joshcryer Oct 2013 #247
So did I remember the right poster? Cerridwen Oct 2013 #251
Good riddance, I'd say... cynatnite Oct 2013 #3
I never posted on his threads Ichingcarpenter Oct 2013 #14
Good riddance. Between him and emilyg's zombie getting banned, some good geek tragedy Oct 2013 #4
Who was emilyg's zombie? nt MH1 Oct 2013 #53
my theory: geek tragedy Oct 2013 #70
That one Sissyk Oct 2013 #71
My "ignore" list just got a little shorter. n/t GoCubsGo Oct 2013 #95
I don't have anyone on ignore Sissyk Oct 2013 #108
I usually don't, either. GoCubsGo Oct 2013 #118
I understand! Sissyk Oct 2013 #120
I love "Trash this Thread"! GoCubsGo Oct 2013 #125
I have used ignore three times... awoke_in_2003 Oct 2013 #295
A good call on that one. nt msanthrope Oct 2013 #111
That was an excellent PPR, too Aerows Oct 2013 #179
oh happy day joshcryer Oct 2013 #226
Git outa hera! lonestarnot Oct 2013 #5
Put him on ignore ages ago LittleBlue Oct 2013 #6
Finally, that trash was stinking up the place quinnox Oct 2013 #7
He was big NSA supporter I recall. Puzzledtraveller Oct 2013 #8
Irrelevant. The main thing is his language was constantly over the top Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #19
His message was divisive AgingAmerican Oct 2013 #102
When he was first posting here, most people's messages were divisive on all sides Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #106
His was intentionally divisive AgingAmerican Oct 2013 #113
I think it is very relevant. nt Mojorabbit Oct 2013 #214
Very Relevant and Most Authoritarian. Octafish Oct 2013 #286
It wasn't just his language, it was the message, which he delivered on behalf sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #311
I knew it! LiberalAndProud Oct 2013 #10
LOL! Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #11
I believe that poster specialized in creating division. Uncle Joe Oct 2013 #12
Yes, to drive advertising hits by traffic to his blog; or maybe more nefarious purposes. nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2013 #57
His blog is a well-known anti-Left troll site. It is amazing it got any play sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #74
Happy Ureppy Yoropiku Ne! Bonobo Oct 2013 #15
Bye you Fucker tkmorris Oct 2013 #16
That is poetry tk HangOnKids Oct 2013 #23
Well, he fooled at least 159 people. Nye Bevan Oct 2013 #17
He made some good points initially Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #25
He was always a Left Basher, well known on Dem forums where he created nothing sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #85
I don't have time to build a dossier on every DU poster. I judge posts on their merit Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #96
difference of opinion is not the issue with trolling CreekDog Oct 2013 #129
Fine. Just so you know....he became more abrasive IMO and I haven't rec's any of his stuff Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #132
I agree with you on your last sentence for what it's worth. n/t sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #313
Well, no need to worry about this one anymore. As most people here knew sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #308
Those "good points" marked him as a troll from the get go. cthulu2016 Oct 2013 #90
I will ignore the ridiculous broad brush of your post and say Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #93
Safetykitten bit it too? YAY! xfundy Oct 2013 #156
That was pretty innocuous. I take greater issue with those who rec'd THIS one: PassingFair Oct 2013 #185
Most of them are on my jury blacklist. nt Mojorabbit Oct 2013 #216
And, on my IL. n/t chervilant Oct 2013 #250
I am also sceptical of people who do a nice thing and race to DU to tell everyone about it grantcart Oct 2013 #198
I get a thrill out of doing good things. Th1onein Oct 2013 #322
So center-right type people (or even trolls) can't ever do good things? a2liberal Oct 2013 #293
worse that he "fooled" 40 people hfojvt Oct 2013 #327
Hopefully this is just the first step to an ideologically pure DU. el_bryanto Oct 2013 #18
Exactly.... Tikki Oct 2013 #28
YOu can still read his piece-of-crap posts over at his piece-of-crap blog MNBrewer Oct 2013 #189
Insulting Democrats AgingAmerican Oct 2013 #206
Oh bullshit Bryant tkmorris Oct 2013 #29
Well no - presumably if he were posting stuff you agreed with there'd be no problem el_bryanto Oct 2013 #36
Not really tkmorris Oct 2013 #55
He wasnt posting opinion AgingAmerican Oct 2013 #213
favorite targets... you nailed it fascisthunter Oct 2013 #242
I prefer to put it this way. backscatter712 Oct 2013 #37
While MichiganDems latest posts aren't that great do you really think he's a freeper? nt el_bryanto Oct 2013 #41
Yeah, I do. backscatter712 Oct 2013 #44
I always took him or her to be a centrist democrat - to the right of many if not most on this board el_bryanto Oct 2013 #46
You lost that bet HangOnKids Oct 2013 #50
I always took him to be the Progressive Dem hating troll he was. sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #88
Same, a very status qou don't rock the boat centrist dlc'er Puzzledtraveller Oct 2013 #140
Thank you! HangOnKids Oct 2013 #48
I came here to read opinions and ideas....not to learn to dance. Tikki Oct 2013 #49
What exactly does dancing have to do with ANYTHING posted in this thead? HangOnKids Oct 2013 #54
Did you think I had doubts?..I know exactly how I feel.. Tikki Oct 2013 #63
Good for you! HangOnKids Oct 2013 #69
you could always visit "the peoples view" and read more left bashing there quinnox Oct 2013 #60
Or I can stay here and read views from Democrats moderate and to the left... Tikki Oct 2013 #100
Troll blog. RW pretending to be radical center - or is it the other way around? leveymg Oct 2013 #292
OK - i obviously responded to the one above before you edited your message el_bryanto Oct 2013 #61
He was a troll and a Freeper Hydra Oct 2013 #89
Do you know what the term Freeper refers to? el_bryanto Oct 2013 #103
Remember Operation Mind Crime? Hydra Oct 2013 #107
People have accused me of being a Secret Freeper for years el_bryanto Oct 2013 #109
We always suspected he was just here disrupting Hydra Oct 2013 #116
And Constant Suspicion and Distrust of your Fellow DUer el_bryanto Oct 2013 #126
Not really, no Hydra Oct 2013 #131
Well obviously if I posted something you disagreed with i'd expect you to disagree with me el_bryanto Oct 2013 #137
OMC lied about his wifes cancer?!! bunnies Oct 2013 #152
That caught my eye, too. While I'm sure it was karmically good to have said all those prayers... Hekate Oct 2013 #270
It exposes the true mentality of a freeper, I guess. bunnies Oct 2013 #281
Wow. I thought that that was just a rumor. Th1onein Oct 2013 #323
in some ways it still is hfojvt Oct 2013 #333
And if you consistently posted OPs whose only point was to divide and disrupt, they might have had Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #153
I think you give Mich way to much credit. DeadEyeDyck Oct 2013 #254
I wasn't giving him that much credit Hydra Oct 2013 #259
Check out the recs on those 2 OPs Vanje Oct 2013 #305
He was a troll, of whatever origin. The TPP posts were textbok purity trolling... JHB Oct 2013 #73
How can you tell a purity troll for sure? el_bryanto Oct 2013 #79
He posted inflammatory OPs and never ever came back to debate the responses. That's trolling. nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2013 #144
He also never had a separate opinion, just parroted that one blog. grantcart Oct 2013 #273
Even though said posts were actually CALLING OUT *actual* purity trolls...... AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #234
No, I'm not. Now a question for you: Do you honestly see it that narrowly? JHB Oct 2013 #271
Someone is considered a troll for posting from a Democrat's site treestar Oct 2013 #75
Someone is considered a troll for dropping flamebait bunnies Oct 2013 #104
Yes, I hope it is. sibelian Oct 2013 #91
Exactly - what do people think this is - some kind of Discussion Board? nt el_bryanto Oct 2013 #97
The ppr'd troll did not think it was a discussion board, he never discussed just posted Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #187
Um, no. jeff47 Oct 2013 #112
Nor do we need people posting against the terms of service... LanternWaste Oct 2013 #173
hmmmm - occasional and petulant poster . . . . who could that be referring to? nt el_bryanto Oct 2013 #177
I don't know. "Liberals are the problem" is a pretty common meme at DU Doctor_J Oct 2013 #283
'bout time warrior1 Oct 2013 #20
Nicely done. Thanks DU! Scuba Oct 2013 #21
Good riddance to that nazi shitbag! backscatter712 Oct 2013 #22
DU rec SixString Oct 2013 #24
This thread is so gonna be locked. Puglover Oct 2013 #26
Not!!!! mwooldri Oct 2013 #291
Oh what a huge bummer. StrictlyRockers Oct 2013 #27
A photo for the memorial table hootinholler Oct 2013 #31
Haha. City Lights Oct 2013 #32
Woohoo!!! bunnies Oct 2013 #33
lol quinnox Oct 2013 #40
Oh wow sharp_stick Oct 2013 #34
SafetyKitten too!? Raffi Ella Oct 2013 #47
So long ass wipe, LOL K&R B Calm Oct 2013 #35
Fantastic. Raffi Ella Oct 2013 #38
Back to School Moment Coyotl Oct 2013 #45
Good...that dude was not right alcibiades_mystery Oct 2013 #51
I don't just dance on it ...I shit on your grave michigandem58! L0oniX Oct 2013 #52
Is it a 90 day ctsnowman Oct 2013 #56
says "Troll" on the transparency page. bunnies Oct 2013 #62
Thanks for the response. ctsnowman Oct 2013 #65
Anytime. bunnies Oct 2013 #67
k&r idwiyo Oct 2013 #58
IBTL OnyxCollie Oct 2013 #59
Didn't realize that one... awoke_in_2003 Oct 2013 #64
THANK YOU ADMINS! Rex Oct 2013 #66
Check out the names of those that recommended his Farewell Flameout. Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #68
The usual inhabitants of the great morass. hobbit709 Oct 2013 #72
I noticed that too - a lot of familiar names. backscatter712 Oct 2013 #76
My my my look at all those BOG hosts. Rex Oct 2013 #81
The BOG is easily played, it seems cthulu2016 Oct 2013 #83
I don't think they care if the Hippie Puncher is troll whatchamacallit Oct 2013 #165
Yep. n/t QC Oct 2013 #169
I got a post hidden for explicitly naming them muriel_volestrangler Oct 2013 #202
Ugh. Rex Oct 2013 #204
The BOG was the weakest link and MD58 used them. JimDandy Oct 2013 #312
Well I watched them try a weak dodge in making HoF comments. Rex Oct 2013 #314
Maybe all these folks should be banned too? n/t el_bryanto Oct 2013 #84
That would be the first thing that would occur to the authoritarian mindset. Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #87
Really? Is that the standard? Ban posters because they recc'd a thread you didn't like? msanthrope Oct 2013 #142
I don't it is a ridiculous idea. Rex Oct 2013 #146
Well, I recc'd that thread simply because another poster started making a big deal about who recc'd msanthrope Oct 2013 #148
And that is why I don't think banning people for recc'ing Rex Oct 2013 #154
Recign a thread is a message to others - 'worth reading' muriel_volestrangler Oct 2013 #207
Maybe it means that to you, but you don't control what it means to others. And I can't msanthrope Oct 2013 #219
It means that because that's the meaning of the word muriel_volestrangler Oct 2013 #224
No--you don't have to read anything extra into what I do. One would hope you msanthrope Oct 2013 #225
Because there's that "Greatest Threads" tab? The 'Recs' column? muriel_volestrangler Oct 2013 #239
Not the rest of us pintobean Oct 2013 #246
Oh please spare me the hyperbole. There was no enemies list and no punishment desired. cui bono Oct 2013 #324
It was sarcasm, Kolesar Oct 2013 #166
He's not responding. nt msanthrope Oct 2013 #167
No, they should be fucking ashamed of their behavior. nt. Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #155
I'm not ashamed. And I won't be ashamed for asking to be on the enemies list. msanthrope Oct 2013 #158
Why would you rec an OP whose only point was to divide us when we were Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #170
Because a poster on that thread posted the names of the people who rec'd the thread. msanthrope Oct 2013 #203
So you rec'd it in solidarity with the people who rec'd it in agreement with Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #221
No--I rec'd it because I want to be on the enemies list of anyone who thinks rec lists msanthrope Oct 2013 #222
Good to know you are so reactionary you will rec something regardless of whether or not you believe cui bono Oct 2013 #326
like BBIs fans? joshcryer Oct 2013 #228
Banning someone for cheering on an obvious, hate spreading, divisive TROLL? bvar22 Oct 2013 #238
Here's hoping. Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #256
For many of them, it's part of a more long-term history of douchebaggery. backscatter712 Oct 2013 #261
I only see 1 or two names missing there Hydra Oct 2013 #94
In fairness, I baited SidDithers.... Junkdrawer Oct 2013 #98
In fairness he "DU rec'd" just about every other post by that idiot. Nt. Warren Stupidity Oct 2013 #263
Hence my post. n/t Junkdrawer Oct 2013 #264
It's important to keep these guys in mind nashville_brook Oct 2013 #160
I got a post hidden in that thread....can it be revoked? PassingFair Oct 2013 #188
I don't know. I've had two replies hidden for K&Ring someone else's thread, and one Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #199
LOL - I thought the same thing when I saw your hidden post... cyberswede Oct 2013 #258
Idwio's name is way out of place on that list, she was either reccing for exposure or by mistake Dragonfli Oct 2013 #229
And I'm glad to admit I was rec #21. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #232
The only things that screwed us in 2010 were the actions of the Democratic Party leadership Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #243
I don't doubt the Party had it's share of screwups. But again, that only forms part of the picture. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #245
The leadership certainly screwed up big-time in Arkansas in 2010 Art_from_Ark Oct 2013 #306
empirical data says you're wrong Union Scribe Oct 2013 #255
Are you calling him emo??? cui bono Oct 2013 #328
Not really. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #331
Let me ask you something, AverageJoe90? Th1onein Oct 2013 #325
You betcha. But what's the point? nt AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #332
I'm tired of hearing about "Emoprogs." Th1onein Oct 2013 #329
yup... fascisthunter Oct 2013 #249
Not a few BOGer recs. n/t L0oniX Oct 2013 #267
Actually I'm on that list. gulliver Oct 2013 #289
Looks like the passenger manifest on the SS Douchetanic. Hassin Bin Sober Oct 2013 #315
LOL Vanje Oct 2013 #316
Post removed Post removed Oct 2013 #77
I think most of us know them by heart AgingAmerican Oct 2013 #86
they are strangely silent for the last few days SwampG8r Oct 2013 #99
They can't understand why all of DU isn't in lockstep with them AgingAmerican Oct 2013 #110
Perhaps, in a mass fit of pique, all the hosts will resign, leave, and Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #143
They didn't hand out free brown shirts? L0oniX Oct 2013 #275
... AgingAmerican Oct 2013 #288
They're waiting for new talking points MNBrewer Oct 2013 #191
I'm sure some sensible professional will help them out. L0oniX Oct 2013 #276
Go to the blue links jsr Oct 2013 #302
... L0oniX Oct 2013 #309
"Forever in Blue Jeans" jsr Oct 2013 #310
You may have had a few BOGers on that jury. L0oniX Oct 2013 #268
I'm right here, dude. nt msanthrope Oct 2013 #162
And what is your opinion on the troll being banned AgingAmerican Oct 2013 #197
If admin bans someone, it's for good reason. nt msanthrope Oct 2013 #205
Agree AgingAmerican Oct 2013 #208
Use of "Ignore" is our friend there. KoKo Oct 2013 #114
How many DUers do you think we need to toss out? el_bryanto Oct 2013 #115
my opinion has no sway SwampG8r Oct 2013 #121
Liberal is a wide field; President Clinton and Obama might well describe themselves as Liberal el_bryanto Oct 2013 #128
when either of them has been ppr'ed SwampG8r Oct 2013 #130
But you do think there's another group of people that needs to be tombstoned, right? el_bryanto Oct 2013 #139
you misread me SwampG8r Oct 2013 #149
I do think the "I have no power to do it" response is, well, weak. el_bryanto Oct 2013 #193
I have a little terrier here that, I'm sure would describe himself as a liberal, too. Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #168
Exactly my point - liberal is in the eye of the beholder. el_bryanto Oct 2013 #175
But it's a point based on a false assumption. Liberal is not in the eye of the beholder Egalitarian Thug Oct 2013 #182
One could argue that the policies of Obama and Clinton did those very things; el_bryanto Oct 2013 #186
LOL ...heh ...they only said that to get votes. Lot's of lefties are under the bus. L0oniX Oct 2013 #274
they usually get themselves tossed out. it might take time xiamiam Oct 2013 #233
I want you to bring that up to Admin. Seriously. Because if that's the standard--- msanthrope Oct 2013 #164
Oh well, no more Third Way Spanny for us. NuclearDem Oct 2013 #78
Yay! AgingAmerican Oct 2013 #80
Ah, good. Blue_In_AK Oct 2013 #82
and Boom goes the Dynamite! adirondacker Oct 2013 #92
Going to miss those PMs urging me to rec his posts. GoCubsGo Oct 2013 #101
Seriously? Sissyk Oct 2013 #117
Didn't read my whole post, did you? n/t GoCubsGo Oct 2013 #119
Just read it wrong, I guess. Sissyk Oct 2013 #124
No biggie. GoCubsGo Oct 2013 #127
I read it the same way. bunnies Oct 2013 #136
Thanks! Sissyk Oct 2013 #138
yep I never recd one joshcryer Oct 2013 #230
Finally!!! Warpy Oct 2013 #105
Hmmmmmmm, interesting.. Peacetrain Oct 2013 #122
YESSS!! Today has the makings of a good day. lpbk2713 Oct 2013 #123
LOL, this thread prompted me to review my Ignore list ... Myrina Oct 2013 #133
good riddance.... mike_c Oct 2013 #134
But who will supply us with "the truth" from The People's View? winter is coming Oct 2013 #135
Sounds vaguely Soviet when you put it that way.... Junkdrawer Oct 2013 #141
Go read it every day since you like it. Just don't post it here & run away like michigandem58 did. Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2013 #150
Sorry; didn't realize this was needed. winter is coming Oct 2013 #151
And who will the BOG hosts rally 'round now? QC Oct 2013 #172
Maybe they will adopt a new baby BOGie ...aww how cute ....ewww what's that smell? L0oniX Oct 2013 #272
The "Trans traitor" thread of August 24th should have earned him a one-way bullwinkle428 Oct 2013 #145
I despise grave dancing. last1standing Oct 2013 #147
Whew. I always worry about opening these threads leftstreet Oct 2013 #157
lol quinnox Oct 2013 #211
Rec! whatchamacallit Oct 2013 #159
About time! LondonReign2 Oct 2013 #161
thanks juries and admins carolinayellowdog Oct 2013 #163
let's all guess what his new name will be Skittles Oct 2013 #171
PeePeeView Aerows Oct 2013 #176
michigandem58.5 smokey nj Oct 2013 #210
Probably something real tricky and clever. lpbk2713 Oct 2013 #223
bluedemliblefty7 nt Zorra Oct 2013 #269
Probably something like Most-Progressive-Liberal-Democrat-Ever jsr Oct 2013 #307
I really hate grave dancing Aerows Oct 2013 #174
Normally I hate seeing people banned... dkf Oct 2013 #178
Buh..Bye! blackspade Oct 2013 #180
Rec because this pisses off all the right people!!!!! Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #181
I noticed that, too Aerows Oct 2013 #184
Sit across the border and toss turds into the punchbowl with their universal healthcare neverforget Oct 2013 #196
+1 ^^^this^^^ LMFAO L0oniX Oct 2013 #277
There is a God!! G_j Oct 2013 #183
That poster PM'd me a couple times to rec a thread of his JonLP24 Oct 2013 #190
Me too fadedrose Oct 2013 #194
He PM'd me too for a REC. bvar22 Oct 2013 #218
i never heard of anyone sending a message asking for a rec.. 2 mentions on this thread xiamiam Oct 2013 #236
OMG that is so "this message (word) hidden in fear of a shitty jury decision" L0oniX Oct 2013 #278
I know about 50 other names who should have gotten the axe, too.... Blue_Tires Oct 2013 #192
One less BOG dweller MNBrewer Oct 2013 #195
What's wrong with the BOG? Jamaal510 Oct 2013 #319
It was an emotional time! WorseBeforeBetter Oct 2013 #200
Good. (nt) Paladin Oct 2013 #201
Who? Oh yeah, ignore list nadinbrzezinski Oct 2013 #209
there is no joy in BOG-ville, sad news quinnox Oct 2013 #212
To be fair Quinnox Puglover Oct 2013 #240
Sure, there are a few of those types who don't seem to share that mentality quinnox Oct 2013 #318
Quais Douglas Carpenter Oct 2013 #215
Hope I'm not too late for some grave dancing. bvar22 Oct 2013 #217
Band is still onstage, bvar. Wanna dance? Zorra Oct 2013 #266
Total troll. Quantess Oct 2013 #220
That hit piece was written... TeeYiYi Oct 2013 #287
A real damn shame, to be honest. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #231
Well, lucky for you - you can still hang out at the Peoples View blog to your heart's content. scarletwoman Oct 2013 #257
AverageJoe90, you're kind of stuck on a loop today. Blue_In_AK Oct 2013 #262
She left him for a emotarian firebagger. n/t QC Oct 2013 #282
Oh, man, that SUCKS! Blue_In_AK Oct 2013 #294
Used to be one myself. n/t AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #301
Disseminating what was otherwise valuable information? whatchamacallit Oct 2013 #290
+1 Jamaal510 Oct 2013 #320
Thanks, Jamaal. AverageJoe90 Oct 2013 #330
K&R Katashi_itto Oct 2013 #237
ha ha... some around here seemed to like him fascisthunter Oct 2013 #241
One less poop in the punchbowl, to be sure. Warren DeMontague Oct 2013 #248
Some graves can never be danced on enough. QC Oct 2013 #252
I got rebuked heaven05 Oct 2013 #253
Troll, troll, troll G_j Oct 2013 #265
Delightful news! Thank you for posting this! scarletwoman Oct 2013 #260
Now he's trolling from the grave. pintobean Oct 2013 #280
Well deserved. SaveOurDemocracy Oct 2013 #284
THANK YOU ADMINS LostOne4Ever Oct 2013 #285
Here lies a disruptor. He disrupted, poorly. sakabatou Oct 2013 #296
Obvious RW troll. Good riddance. jsr Oct 2013 #298
Holy Shit at that transparency. So long then and good riddance! I was wrong about him. freshwest Oct 2013 #300
The only question I have... JimDandy Oct 2013 #303
Good question. jsr Oct 2013 #304
what a childish thread iamthebandfanman Oct 2013 #317
On the contrary, I think this is one of the best threads I have seen on DU in a while quinnox Oct 2013 #321
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