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Just Saying

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105. The BOG is far too often used as a strawman.
Tue Sep 10, 2013, 06:37 PM
Sep 2013

There are probably about 5 people who post there regularly and there's no reason to believe they didn't vote in that poll or to assume they supported bombing Syria.

I support the President but do not support an attack on Syria.

Not all of them Warpy Sep 2013 #1
There were/are very, very few DU hawks 100% behind Obama striking Syria. KittyWampus Sep 2013 #2
Yep Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #7
I'm referring to the DUers who, until today, supported Obama's decision to strike Syria whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #22
I don't think they were supporting the decision to strike Syria as much as they were pnwmom Sep 2013 #26
Bullshit whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #28
If they are just 8% of DU (see #7), don't worry about them too much. n/t pampango Sep 2013 #39
Actually 5% Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #42
That number only comes from those that voted in that poll. RC Sep 2013 #100
The BOG is far too often used as a strawman. Just Saying Sep 2013 #105
"The BOG is far too often used as a strawman." It's like fighting freepers, we shouldn't have to do Tarheel_Dem Sep 2013 #162
What about Andy823 Sep 2013 #124
Yes, you hit my nail in the head. I feel, and still do, that the gas attacks must stop, all over the lumpy Sep 2013 #78
Perhaps, but that goal is nonsense BlueStreak Sep 2013 #110
Yes they were AgingAmerican Sep 2013 #147
No, it was just about supporting Obama 100% Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #149
They made substantial noise? Bullshit Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #36
They were calling people "Peace purists" AgingAmerican Sep 2013 #148
1 poster used that phrase leftynyc Sep 2013 #156
Try using the search function AgingAmerican Sep 2013 #158
You didn't see anyone calling leftynyc Sep 2013 #163
must of been one huge honking mofo big hawk Whisp Sep 2013 #44
Yep Andy823 Sep 2013 #121
Right, "Incredibly small" whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #11
This whole thing has really got you pissed off sharp_stick Sep 2013 #3
....I'm beginning to think that we need to lay off the Obama worshippers... sibelian Sep 2013 #6
+100000 It's a disturbing phenomenon, woo me with science Sep 2013 #20
I read that on DU this morning! snooper2 Sep 2013 #56
Agree 100%! n/t SylviaD Sep 2013 #80
When the Bushbots did it, we questioned their sanity... HooptieWagon Sep 2013 #82
It's actually quite reactionary. Fantastic Anarchist Sep 2013 #106
Good point. HooptieWagon Sep 2013 #35
I really don't know what to do about it. sibelian Sep 2013 #47
Almost every person on this branch of this thread is a 9/11 Truther. Including the OP. Bolo Boffin Sep 2013 #57
Errrr... no I'm not. sibelian Sep 2013 #64
If you're not, then I apologize to you. Bolo Boffin Sep 2013 #84
I have no problem with the term. sibelian Sep 2013 #137
A swing and a miss whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #146
Are you saying you are no longer a 9/11 Truther? That's welcome news. Bolo Boffin Sep 2013 #153
Obsessively hanging at the liberal forum bashing the Pres is sign of mental illness Kolesar Sep 2013 #60
Not sure if missing sarcasm smilie? nt sibelian Sep 2013 #65
^ This. This is maybe the most succinctly descriptive way I've seen it put thus far. nt Poll_Blind Sep 2013 #73
Agree 100%! n/t SylviaD Sep 2013 #79
I just put them on Ignore Demeter Sep 2013 #96
My list is out of hand, but they wore me down: truebluegreen Sep 2013 #135
LOL, so they own you and you get defensive? n-t Logical Sep 2013 #89
Yeah that's it sharp_stick Sep 2013 #130
LOL, deductive reasoning is you thinking someone is pissed because they think you are wrong. n-t Logical Sep 2013 #132
Stop drinking sharp_stick Sep 2013 #133
Make believe is fun for you I understand. Keep it up. Reality sucks at times. n-t Logical Sep 2013 #134
Yeah... aren't you the guy who is constantly slamming Obama? DontTreadOnMe Sep 2013 #4
Actually I spend more time slamming his drooling acolytes. whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #5
so is your comment about Obama supporters worse than mine about Putin lovers? Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #10
If anybody ought to be loving Putin right now it's you whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #14
so you basically admit it's not about policy but slamming other DU'ers. KittyWampus Sep 2013 #61
Its always nice when somebody lets the mask slip slightly Bodhi BloodWave Sep 2013 #145
Obsessive #2 ... eom Kolesar Sep 2013 #63
And that was a prediction that we racist, paulits, you fill in the rest of the insults nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #8
Chess-playing peace maker NoOneMan Sep 2013 #9
WTF do you care? If the end result is what you claimed you wanted, what does it matter? Tarheel_Dem Sep 2013 #12
I think you can call out bullshit and still be happy people aren't going to be bombed NoOneMan Sep 2013 #16
Speaking of "bullshit". Tarheel_Dem Sep 2013 #21
I'm not convinced they are happy Shivering Jemmy Sep 2013 #83
"It'd be best if Obama had bombed Syria" NoOneMan Sep 2013 #95
Shouldn't the important issue be results? Liberal Veteran Sep 2013 #13
your analysis of DU'ers lacks so much intellectual acuity, it must be either deliberate Sheepshank Sep 2013 #15
Just check out the sharp_stick Sep 2013 #17
Oh Lord. Thanks, I needed that. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2013 #23
At least my transparency page doesn't show I like to blow up children in oil-rich lands. whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #25
Well alrighty then! You certainly told me! Tarheel_Dem Sep 2013 #33
Well, her transparency page shows nothing. Yours, however....nt msanthrope Sep 2013 #38
Whatever whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #46
And, check out this.. Cha Sep 2013 #141
Cha, you are just a veritable fount of information. I don't visit that forum, and would never have Tarheel_Dem Sep 2013 #150
As you read.. whatever it is.. Cha Sep 2013 #152
You Better Believe It! Tarheel_Dem Sep 2013 #159
Ahahaha... SidDithers Sep 2013 #41
I don't think it's deliberate. n/t zappaman Sep 2013 #74
Some people try to divide DUers.... panader0 Sep 2013 #18
The BOG is nothing if not inconsistent. DesMoinesDem Sep 2013 #19
lmao Hydra Sep 2013 #24
+1 LOL LondonReign2 Sep 2013 #90
DUZY! Demeter Sep 2013 #101
They were for bombing before they were against it. Fantastic Anarchist Sep 2013 #112
Way to willfully ignore and oversimplify a complex situation CakeGrrl Sep 2013 #27
I'll issue an apology if we're still not at war 3 months from now. whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #30
Bookmarking...nt SidDithers Sep 2013 #43
+1000 CAG Sep 2013 #31
Those that throw around terms like, 'Obama, Kerry etc, are lying warmongers etc.' are the ones lumpy Sep 2013 #87
sez the "love it or leave it" guy frylock Sep 2013 #118
you fail. and the reason is all the days you did not listen to what your fellow duers were saying seabeyond Sep 2013 #29
And Hell just froze over, because I agree with Seabeyond....nt msanthrope Sep 2013 #40
No, that's not what's happened at all. sibelian Sep 2013 #48
did he not agree to it? seabeyond Sep 2013 #52
Hear,,, Hear! NT Cryptoad Sep 2013 #71
If Obama had ignored it all what would the outcome be again? Please, proceed. The Straight Story Sep 2013 #32
What the hell do you care? HappyMe Sep 2013 #34
That's sooo 10 minutes ago.... Junkdrawer Sep 2013 #37
I think most 'hawks' were just waiting for more info and time to pass Whisp Sep 2013 #45
So... just to be clear... sibelian Sep 2013 #49
you weren't clear at all. Whisp Sep 2013 #50
du rec. xchrom Sep 2013 #51
Interesting blog you took that from...nt SidDithers Sep 2013 #55
I dont give a fuck about - I'm interested in the 'image' worship xchrom Sep 2013 #75
You Better Believe It! Tarheel_Dem Sep 2013 #160
OMG! The patron saint of drones! Divernan Sep 2013 #81
"DU...100% behind Obama...praise him as a prince of peace" ProSense Sep 2013 #53
I imagine the corollary is just as true LanternWaste Sep 2013 #54
Putin is the Prince of Peace! Kolesar Sep 2013 #59
They were against the strike before they were for the strike. rug Sep 2013 #58
Obama is infallible and omnipotent. morningfog Sep 2013 #62
lol, perfect! quinnox Sep 2013 #66
That's the shape of things alright. whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #68
BREAKING: President's supporters now support the President! Motown_Johnny Sep 2013 #67
!!! Tarheel_Dem Sep 2013 #161
They are not hawks. They are not doves. Jakes Progress Sep 2013 #69
what a totally offensive thing to say. can i say you are morally deficient because seabeyond Sep 2013 #76
You're the one who is inaccurate/twisting "moral center" into "morally deficient" Divernan Sep 2013 #94
ok. not moral defeiciency. just throw in moral center to what i posted. lordy. lol seabeyond Sep 2013 #97
If the shoe doesn't fit, then don't wear it BlueStreak Sep 2013 #114
Thats my analysis. HooptieWagon Sep 2013 #85
This is consistently a concern. It isn't a secret either many of these folks openly mock core values TheKentuckian Sep 2013 #103
Definitely. Not all of them, quinnox Sep 2013 #98
Agree. Jakes Progress Sep 2013 #136
Go read his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech,,,,,,,,,, nt Cryptoad Sep 2013 #70
Well, no one can ever accuse you of Skidmore Sep 2013 #72
Straw Man Alert treestar Sep 2013 #77
One would think all that flip-flopping would hurt. RC Sep 2013 #86
It is the cheerleader crowd. Give them a break. n-t Logical Sep 2013 #88
What's a hoot is how disappointed the bashers are.. DCBob Sep 2013 #91
really? i missed the thread where those who were against a strike are disappointed.. frylock Sep 2013 #119
I seriously believe there are many here.. DCBob Sep 2013 #125
i think that number is signifigantly lower than you'd like to believe frylock Sep 2013 #127
I hope so but I really wonder sometimes. DCBob Sep 2013 #128
Maybe I'm a 'hawk,' but I am in favor of countries being punished for committing TrollBuster9090 Sep 2013 #92
Maybe you were just unfairly maligning their motivation and mischaracterizing their position? n/t Ian David Sep 2013 #93
that never happens here frylock Sep 2013 #120
The tortured twisting is enough to give a sane person WHIPLASH. bvar22 Sep 2013 #99
And now they're pretending THEY were just bluffing too Union Scribe Sep 2013 #102
of course they were in on it. they're close, personal friends with obama.. frylock Sep 2013 #122
WRONG. Brigid Sep 2013 #104
whatchamacallit appears to have lost his gitchygoomie doohickey. n/t Whisp Sep 2013 #107
Now with more nuts! zappaman Sep 2013 #108
oh! now we can take bites out of him without feeling guilty. Whisp Sep 2013 #109
OMG!!! greatauntoftriplets Sep 2013 #151
Another tantrum from a serial basher. great white snark Sep 2013 #111
Kick Yandorio Sep 2013 #143
It is possible to be on both sides of this fence randr Sep 2013 #113
And I remember... CSStrowbridge Sep 2013 #115
i don't recall that. there are concerns as to who is responsible for that attack.. frylock Sep 2013 #123
K&R NealK Sep 2013 #116
I know, right? THANK GOD HE PLANNED THIS ALL ALONG! DirkGently Sep 2013 #117
It's funny to see people who, a week ago, were saying we HAD to punish him for using Sarin, hughee99 Sep 2013 #126
Perhaps they'll be back into strike mode once Pres. Obama speaks tonight. polichick Sep 2013 #129
WAAAH! JaneyVee Sep 2013 #131
wait, WAIT - now it has evolved to BOTH!!! Skittles Sep 2013 #138
I saw that whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #139
K&R idwiyo Sep 2013 #140
And some DUers will never be satisfied IronLionZion Sep 2013 #142
No matter what the outcome was, JoeyT Sep 2013 #144
Just having lunch, really. woo me with science Sep 2013 #154
Those who were predicting a 2nd Iraq War in Syria are now struggling JoePhilly Sep 2013 #155
This is like the Republicans who were upset OBama killed Bin Laden JI7 Sep 2013 #157
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