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Mon Sep 9, 2013, 02:40 PM Sep 2013

BREAKING: George Zimmerman has been taken into custody after an altercation involving a gun. [View all]

BREAKING: George Zimmerman has been taken into custody after an altercation involving a gun.


George Zimmerman has been taken into custody in Central Florida on Monday after an incident involving a gun with another person.

Lake Mary police say they were called to a house on Sprucewood Road Monday afternoon after a report that Zimmerman was involved in an altercation with another person with a threat involved.

No other details were immediately available.


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Thank God, Putin was there to stop the carnage Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #1
His now-estranged wife has said that liberalhistorian Sep 2013 #18
is it too much to imagine this is pathalogical? Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #21
Believe it or not, a couple of comments liberalhistorian Sep 2013 #27
All that, and he has a gun. TinkerTot55 Sep 2013 #101
Good think he was put away before that could happen Aerows Sep 2013 #31
Come on, you know it was because Obama is brilliant! cui bono Sep 2013 #23
Putin has bulletproof chest hair Dash87 Sep 2013 #24
o you devil you. Whisp Sep 2013 #44
Vlad would stand his ground!!!!!!! treestar Sep 2013 #102
Hunting big game sans shirt? Ding-dong. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #125
Oops! justiceischeap Sep 2013 #2
I have had a feeling this guy is a sociopath and wont be able to help himself from finding more VanillaRhapsody Sep 2013 #3
Glad I was sitting down when I received that shocking news. n/t winter is coming Sep 2013 #4
+1 MinneapolisMatt Sep 2013 #59
That didn't take long...nt msanthrope Sep 2013 #5
Damn that was fast nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #6
Thank G-d he hasn't killed anyone, again. Yet. leveymg Sep 2013 #7
he is a ticking time bomb nt. CitizenLeft Sep 2013 #8
OMG. This didn't take long./nt DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2013 #9
But...didn't he save a family trapped under and overturned SUV? KansDem Sep 2013 #10
Someone threatening him, again. Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #11
I imagine feeling threatened is his way of life right now Sheepshank Sep 2013 #138
What a thug. AZ Mike Sep 2013 #12
Bwaaaaaaaaaah hahahahha malaise Sep 2013 #13
Zimbo loves to brandish things Blue Owl Sep 2013 #14
The right turned him into an icon DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2013 #15
right-wing hero = left-wing zero Blue Owl Sep 2013 #47
Right-wing hero = AMERICAN zero meow2u3 Sep 2013 #63
The wife got out just in time. grasswire Sep 2013 #16
I wonder if she was the other person? arcane1 Sep 2013 #29
He threatened her and her father according to reports maddezmom Sep 2013 #49
She is fortunate Marrah_G Sep 2013 #64
She knows all his secrets, and may be a danger to his liberty JimDandy Sep 2013 #71
The only surprise is that it took so long. nt TBF Sep 2013 #17
He belongs on the board of the NRA along with Ted, John, and Ollie. Dawson Leery Sep 2013 #19
Mark O'Mara must be looking at a bigger home/nt DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2013 #22
That motherfucker is already getting liberalhistorian Sep 2013 #38
This will give you a chuckle. DemocratSinceBirth Sep 2013 #46
He did a good job defending a really bad client. JimDandy Sep 2013 #68
Lock his ass up before he kills again - nt Ohio Joe Sep 2013 #20
+1 Soylent Brice Sep 2013 #114
There's a surprise Aerows Sep 2013 #25
We talking about assad or zimmerman? The Straight Story Sep 2013 #26
Considering the story I'm replying to... Aerows Sep 2013 #37
That didn't take long. n/t BlueToTheBone Sep 2013 #28
A WKMG reporter tweeted that the incident allegedly involved his wife's family: Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #30
Domestic battery (again) nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #34
Whatever happened, I am sure he's not responsible. Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #42
The Wife and Father-In-Law were probably wearing hoodies. Fantastic Anarchist Sep 2013 #73
I imagine, yes. Wife staged it, she alerted police, alerted press, she hates me...waaah. Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #80
I can't stand him, either. Fantastic Anarchist Sep 2013 #99
This guy needs to locked up maddezmom Sep 2013 #41
Agreed, he is a loose cannon. Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #45
Now CNN is saying they found a gun at the scene but was not used in this altercation maddezmom Sep 2013 #62
Oh geeze, perhaps the mention from another source in this thread, there were no serious Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #65
Thank goodness the latest victim is still alive to testify. MoonRiver Sep 2013 #66
I can't rely on CNN for objectivity and more. They are getting as bad as FOX. olegramps Sep 2013 #74
Especially since they hired O'Mara liberalhistorian Sep 2013 #93
Wolf Blitzer is a boot licking creep. CNN's has become a GOP shill just like FOX. olegramps Sep 2013 #137
He just can't help himself. Ganja Ninja Sep 2013 #32
This guy is an unhinged threat to his community quinnox Sep 2013 #33
Too bad the jails are full to capacity felix_numinous Sep 2013 #35
They're calling it a case of domestic battery. pnwmom Sep 2013 #36
Murder/suicide on the installment plan graywarrior Sep 2013 #39
Report that it involves his soon to be ex wife's sufrommich Sep 2013 #40
. Go Vols Sep 2013 #43
Interesting, no significant injuries. So at least one person was injured on some level. n/t Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #48
More being reported: Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #50
from helio camera warrior1 Sep 2013 #51
Someone is about to owe me a beer. redgreenandblue Sep 2013 #52
I think Zimmerman has serious mental problems. avaistheone1 Sep 2013 #53
Don't mess with the Zimm JEFF9K Sep 2013 #54
Zimmerman's verdict makes him think he is James Bond with a License to Kill. Lint Head Sep 2013 #55
That was my first thought etherealtruth Sep 2013 #129
I can see it now, she slaps him and he pulls a gun. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2013 #56
DU servers will explode LittleBlue Sep 2013 #57
CNN quotes police as saying that Zimmerman is in "investigative custody." Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #58
not going good for ole poo sniffer... ileus Sep 2013 #60
This is what happens shenmue Sep 2013 #61
Give that fucker enough time. Fantastic Anarchist Sep 2013 #67
Is it wrong hoping some other idiot with a gun will shoot him? OverBurn Sep 2013 #69
A perfect a$$hole shoot by another a$$hole is only poetic justice. olegramps Sep 2013 #78
Unfortunately, yes demwing Sep 2013 #90
I'm shocked. Vashta Nerada Sep 2013 #70
to be fair, his wife does have a tan and was eating Skittles NightWatcher Sep 2013 #72
Well that didn't take long. NutmegYankee Sep 2013 #75
Leopards don't change their spots get the red out Sep 2013 #76
Sounds like Zman "touched" his gun during an argument. Something I think a lot of gun toters do to Hoyt Sep 2013 #77
theatened someone with a gun: get arrested; kill a black kid: noiretextatique Sep 2013 #79
Audio of the 9-1-1 call: The Straight Story Sep 2013 #81
Yikes! She sounded scared to death. Little Star Sep 2013 #91
Too bad he isn't like T. Cullen Davis was, filthy rich. duffyduff Sep 2013 #82
How does anyone in Florida get in trouble involving a gun these days? DFW Sep 2013 #83
Such a nice, pleasant young man, too. TheCowsCameHome Sep 2013 #84
He has suffered wnough already. Gained wt, lost his wife. Poor Georgie. uppityperson Sep 2013 #86
Screw Syria, NSA, Recession, Repro Rights, Fracking, etc. We got ZIMMY AGAIN! Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #85
AND Miley's latest dry-humpapalooza...THAT is what really matters NM_Birder Sep 2013 #92
Well, there's always pitbulls, too. Humpapalooza indeed. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #112
Yes, how dare we discuss the after-effects of a nationally significant trial. nt Tommy_Carcetti Sep 2013 #94
Discuss away! Choose your thread -- more of 'em dragged in by pitbulls, I see. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #113
Well you seem to be of the opinion that the story need not be discussed at all. Tommy_Carcetti Sep 2013 #118
Well, that is your opinion, Tommy... Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #121
No longer in custody according to this report maddezmom Sep 2013 #87
Yea, same in another source, too: Jefferson23 Sep 2013 #98
Is he not facing a civil suit for wrongful death? Generic Other Sep 2013 #88
It's my understanding that, under liberalhistorian Sep 2013 #95
There was a civil suit with his cousin that alleges long term sexual abuse not sure of the status. gordianot Sep 2013 #126
Surely he was just standing his ground. polichick Sep 2013 #89
He probably thought that she was looking him suspiciously, so he stood his ground MrScorpio Sep 2013 #96
She needs to get a restraining order on him STAT. And then she and her family kestrel91316 Sep 2013 #97
Gawker.com has the 911 call n/t Nevernose Sep 2013 #100
Gawker.com is reporting that neither the wife nor avebury Sep 2013 #104
I think they're probably too afraid liberalhistorian Sep 2013 #107
In my state no one gets to "press charges" Nevernose Sep 2013 #115
Well, complain jane Sep 2013 #103
Time Magazine's Man of the Year complain jane Sep 2013 #106
Maybe complain jane Sep 2013 #105
Occam's Razor.... Tommy_Carcetti Sep 2013 #110
He BLAMED HIS WIFE and they LET HIM GO....!!!!! MADem Sep 2013 #108
Just read a tweet that said the house had video cameras and they were going to check them out maddezmom Sep 2013 #109
Who was the woman mentioned during the call? Nevernose Sep 2013 #116
Not sure maddezmom Sep 2013 #124
. blkmusclmachine Sep 2013 #111
Someone needs to send him a strong message. TheCowsCameHome Sep 2013 #117
George thinks he's invincible pokerfan Sep 2013 #119
We've always known he was a violent POS, but the jurors ecstatic Sep 2013 #120
He needs walls Aerows Sep 2013 #122
Hopefully nobody will get hurt when he committs the inevitable felony that will put him where he arely staircase Sep 2013 #123
Article UPDATED: no charges filed. ManiacJoe Sep 2013 #127
The Z Man is invincible ... napkinz Sep 2013 #128
+1 treestar Sep 2013 #131
There he goes again ... napkinz Sep 2013 #130
His soon-to-be-ex wife and her family. Police let him go (again) but took his gun. 911 recording ... Triana Sep 2013 #132
And the gun was returned to him maddezmom Sep 2013 #133
Jesus Christmas... Triana Sep 2013 #134
I would have thought if they were going to take it they would keep it maddezmom Sep 2013 #135
Until he threatens/shoots someone else. Triana Sep 2013 #136
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