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1. All they do is make you stronger and speed recovery from injury.
Sat Aug 24, 2013, 02:38 PM
Aug 2013

Exactly what you want from your $25 million dollar a year star athletes. It makes the entertainer better at entertaining, the same way smoking a joint might help a musician focus better during a performance. Acting as if cheating hasn't been going on from day one or that sports are somehow sacred or sancrosanct is ridiculous. Going to a sporting event is just like going to a concert or a movie or seeing a play.

I can't sell you on an idea that doesn't really make sense from a performance perspective.

All they do is make you stronger and speed recovery from injury. MrSlayer Aug 2013 #1
Pretty much my thoughts... Bay Boy Aug 2013 #3
corking a bat has the opposite effect on the ball trumad Aug 2013 #34
They have health risks, and if they're permitted they'll be mandatory. Donald Ian Rankin Aug 2013 #2
Steroids have a lot of negative effects. Are_grits_groceries Aug 2013 #4
Lots of things have side effects... Bay Boy Aug 2013 #6
That's no argument. Lots of other things shouldn't be required either for just those reasons. nolabear Aug 2013 #9
Really? Are_grits_groceries Aug 2013 #10
Can you make a case for the NFL requiring helmets? cthulu2016 Aug 2013 #12
A case can be made in the mind of a player Aerows Aug 2013 #28
Which is why the NFL has rules governing players cthulu2016 Aug 2013 #30
And I don't disagree Aerows Aug 2013 #32
There are OSHA issues when it's job related. gollygee Aug 2013 #38
If ALLOWED they become effectively MANDATORY. cthulu2016 Aug 2013 #5
Well stated LearningCurve Aug 2013 #27
Because sacrificing your health and wellbeing for your profession shouldn't be required. nolabear Aug 2013 #7
But it is widespread Aerows Aug 2013 #16
I think we Americans need more steroids, not less. Saboburns Aug 2013 #8
It is funny... sarisataka Aug 2013 #11
Societal views change Aerows Aug 2013 #14
I am more noting the double standard sarisataka Aug 2013 #18
I don't necessarily disagree with you Aerows Aug 2013 #21
Here is a way to play devil's advocate about health risks Aerows Aug 2013 #13
Because athletes are going to want Are_grits_groceries Aug 2013 #15
And this is true Aerows Aug 2013 #17
Worker safety issue. JVS Aug 2013 #19
Amphetimine usage among Air Force members Aerows Aug 2013 #23
The DEA should bust the military hard and confiscate their stuff for that kind of lawbreaking. JVS Aug 2013 #24
Cinderella should have been paid a fair wage Aerows Aug 2013 #25
Simple answer: it's cheating. Glassunion Aug 2013 #20
It's entertainment. So, banning steroids for pro-athletes is like banning make-up for actors. Tierra_y_Libertad Aug 2013 #22
At this point Aerows Aug 2013 #26
Because the players union has agreed that they do not want to abuse drugs to do their job Johonny Aug 2013 #29
Because it's CHEATING DiverDave Aug 2013 #31
^^^^THIS^^^ FSogol Aug 2013 #35
What age should kids start to artificially pump up The Straight Story Aug 2013 #33
It doesn't. flvegan Aug 2013 #36
Steroids increase the risk of injury because they don't strengthen the connective tissue jmowreader Aug 2013 #37
Your comment is kind of why Bay Boy Aug 2013 #39
Babe Ruth's stats were pretty damned good even by today's standards jmowreader Aug 2013 #40
Can you imagine the numbers if the Babe DiverDave Sep 2013 #42
Wouldn't a lower weight have hurt his HR production? jmowreader Sep 2013 #43
Unfair to players that refuse to use them. hack89 Aug 2013 #41
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