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20. I forgot to mention, in praising your other work
Thu Feb 23, 2012, 11:32 AM
Feb 2012

that I especially love the little image of the GOP elephant "having his way" with the poor ole USA!!!

You are brilliantly creative! Love the Mittster lounging on the silver spoon!

He looks like the office dink trying to act like a tough guy! MADem Feb 2012 #1
He looks unwell in the photo Mojorabbit Feb 2012 #4
Maybe he's taking advice from Jack Daniels and Jim Beam? nt MADem Feb 2012 #5
Mitty Mouse! CAPHAVOC Feb 2012 #9
If any comment I have seen this week deserves a DUzy, that's it!!! MADem Feb 2012 #12
He oozes something aint_no_life_nowhere Feb 2012 #2
From the color in hsi cheeks, I'd guess he's oozing bourbon Scootaloo Feb 2012 #3
"TIED DOWN, BUT STILL MOVING FORWARD!" trusty elf Feb 2012 #6
Ha! Thanks nt alphafemale Feb 2012 #11
WHERE did you get that and can I steal it nt MADem Feb 2012 #13
I made it myself. trusty elf Feb 2012 #14
That is, bar none, one of the very best, most fascinating, WONDERFUL works of art I have ever seen MADem Feb 2012 #15
You're very kind, thanks. trusty elf Feb 2012 #18
You are a FRIGGING GENIUS!!!! Where have you BEEN all these years!!! MADem Feb 2012 #19
Aw, shucks, thanks again! trusty elf Feb 2012 #22
I feel like I've stumbled into a wonderful, marvellous Museum of Political Art!!!! MADem Feb 2012 #24
Lordy lu, I'd forgotten about the GWB flags hifiguy Feb 2012 #23
OMG ROFLMAO BumRushDaShow Feb 2012 #25
"Cereal Lier!" trusty elf Feb 2012 #7
I forgot to mention, in praising your other work MADem Feb 2012 #20
Banner headline R.Blue Feb 2012 #8
Drudge is a serious Romneyative DCBob Feb 2012 #10
Mittens aide said "we have Drudge in our pockets" Ian62 Feb 2012 #16
Dude, I could so beat you in an arm-wrestling contest. HopeHoops Feb 2012 #17
They are leaving out that that pose was just the middle of a stretch followed by a yawn. Erose999 Feb 2012 #21
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