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Who cares about JustAnotherGen Jul 2013 #1
I wonder..... Politicalboi Jul 2013 #2
That was my first thought as I read the story: was the saved family black? AndyA Jul 2013 #7
That would be the headline tblue Jul 2013 #103
Zimmerman doesn't sound like a racist to me. Boudica the Lyoness Jul 2013 #226
"saved" NoOneMan Jul 2013 #3
True, false, what does it matter? Trayvon is still dead by Z's hand. WinkyDink Jul 2013 #4
The Sanford Police spent time to stage a truck rollover to make Zimmy look good? snooper2 Jul 2013 #5
He probably did pull somebody out Lee-Lee Jul 2013 #6
Oh please. There are many ways to do this. There are people who wanrt this guy to be a hero. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #8
It would mean a police department is complicit and more corrupt than even Hollywood portrays Lee-Lee Jul 2013 #14
Yes I think it is very possible. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #17
hard to believe they'd stage an accident, but someone could have called zimmy to the scene of HiPointDem Jul 2013 #25
I would be more likely to believe Lee-Lee Jul 2013 #30
i didn't think of a scanner, and he'd be the type to have one. HiPointDem Jul 2013 #45
There's an app for that. aquart Jul 2013 #163
All that would prove customerserviceguy Jul 2013 #219
? The response to the martin incident was pretty quick, within minutes of georgies's call. HiPointDem Jul 2013 #222
The EMT's got there before the cops customerserviceguy Jul 2013 #247
huh? HiPointDem Jul 2013 #251
That is the most likely way this ruse could have taken place. n/t JimDandy Jul 2013 #79
I agree. Zimmerman is still running around trying to be a hero. yardwork Jul 2013 #100
"Holster sniffer" mac56 Jul 2013 #110
I've heard of people who actually do the scanner thing. livingonearth Jul 2013 #162
I agree with this. City Lights Jul 2013 #32
You mean like how they assisted the defense? notadmblnd Jul 2013 #107
Is it possible he's sitting at the old friend's house listening to police scanner? Generic Other Jul 2013 #115
It's really not a big deal. Marr Jul 2013 #139
Maybe, but his actions no difference. Incitatus Jul 2013 #172
"It would be hard to stage a fake accident just for that" NoOneMan Jul 2013 #9
This Is Just Speculation On My Part... ChiciB1 Jul 2013 #78
+1 hedgehog Jul 2013 #104
Is there any evidence that the story is false? JVS Jul 2013 #10
There is no evidence either way. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #11
A statement from the Sheriff's Office ...... oldhippie Jul 2013 #34
I believe an incedent happened, I just do not take it at face value. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #36
What exactly would be enough proof for you to admit that? Pelican Jul 2013 #40
Video? If there is video I would more likely believe it was staged. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #44
Do you believe the family that wrecked was involved in this "setup"? Sissyk Jul 2013 #88
look I am not taking this at face value. If it is true I waill say i am wrong but I question it for hrmjustin Jul 2013 #92
So, for now, you do believe that all those people Sissyk Jul 2013 #95
I have no idea. I just question it. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #97
Is there any proof yet that this was a staged PR stunt yet? tumtum Jul 2013 #101
This happened 4 days after the verdict and this is the first we are hearing of it. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #102
But there's no proof that this is a staged PR stunt, is there? tumtum Jul 2013 #106
Well you not get me to say anything different unless you got proof. Why did it take so long to hrmjustin Jul 2013 #118
You're the one saying that this is a PR stunt, tumtum Jul 2013 #124
Yet they reported the suv was on fire, which does not seem true. Odd. uppityperson Jul 2013 #132
So you think that this was a PR stunt? tumtum Jul 2013 #135
It does not take that long to confirm a story like this. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #142
Do you have any proof that this story isn't true? tumtum Jul 2013 #145
I said several times that I have no proof. I do not believe this story to be true. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #148
Maybe, and sometimes a duck is just that, a duck. tumtum Jul 2013 #150
The fact that there were no injuries seems odd. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #153
If it was a PR stunt, wouldn't they have released it the day it happened? Travis_0004 Jul 2013 #187
maybe, but if it were a breaking news story now people could be questioned by reporters on the spot. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #190
There is now. EOTE Jul 2013 #272
Seriously? freakoutnation? tumtum Jul 2013 #274
This is the story I found. tumtum Jul 2013 #29
Some other news outlets reported a different location. blue neen Jul 2013 #218
So, there is no confirmation about this story? AsahinaKimi Jul 2013 #12
Abc has it but I have not seen anything anywhere else. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #13
WELL, looks like he will probably be visiting FOX AND FRIENDS... AsahinaKimi Jul 2013 #22
Honto desu ne. tblue Jul 2013 #114
un. AsahinaKimi Jul 2013 #158
This kind of conspiracy woo is as stupid as freeper woo. sufrommich Jul 2013 #15
+1 n/t tammywammy Jul 2013 #16
+1 it is incredibly dumb n/t Kurska Jul 2013 #21
You believe this story? hrmjustin Jul 2013 #24
Can you prove otherwise? tumtum Jul 2013 #31
No I can not. Do you believe this story? hrmjustin Jul 2013 #33
Why not? tumtum Jul 2013 #39
No injuries. Ok you can take this at face value all you want. I do not believe it. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #49
Fine, don't believe it, that's your perogative. tumtum Jul 2013 #53
I admit i could be wrong and if they prove me wrong i will admit it. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #54
What insult? tumtum Jul 2013 #55
I see nothing about a burning suv at your link. uppityperson Jul 2013 #116
In the link itself. tumtum Jul 2013 #122
I don't quite know how to phrase this correctly but wtf? uppityperson Jul 2013 #128
I concur, and I noticed that there was a question mark on the header. tumtum Jul 2013 #131
It was there when I posted. GreenStormCloud Jul 2013 #141
Funny how the story changes, being released after 4 days. FIRE! oops, wait, no fire, sorry.... uppityperson Jul 2013 #192
+1 N/T GreenStormCloud Jul 2013 #46
Haters gotta hate Seeking Serenity Jul 2013 #48
Ditto that Puzzledtraveller Jul 2013 #65
Woo is woo. Common Sense Party Jul 2013 #136
I'm personally more embarrassed at how quickly folks have lapped it up... Blue_Tires Jul 2013 #156
Agreed. I can understand anger at the verdict LittleBlue Jul 2013 #173
It's possible the guy helped a little, but didn't really save anyone. Dreamer Tatum Jul 2013 #257
No, it's certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the guy helped a little, Lionel Mandrake Jul 2013 #260
either way, it's irrelevant to the murder of an unarmed teenager that he stalked, confronted, and yurbud Jul 2013 #18
There is absolutely no evidence to the contray for this story. Kurska Jul 2013 #19
+100! n/t zappaman Jul 2013 #26
It's palusible but if they try telling me he shot the guy's seat belt to get him out Guy Whitey Corngood Jul 2013 #20
Could care less what Mr. Zimmerman did or didn't do. tumtum Jul 2013 #23
On the basis we are are all Trayvon Martin dipsydoodle Jul 2013 #27
Don't know if it is real, but that's just expected if there is a roll over. Xyzse Jul 2013 #28
No. Dawson Leery Jul 2013 #35
Sure, why not? sarisataka Jul 2013 #37
He felt threatened by the SUV so he shot the tire out, causing the rollover... Atman Jul 2013 #38
Occum's Razor would dictate the story is most likely true. ZombieHorde Jul 2013 #41
Ockham. (as in William of Ockham). He was quoting an old Latin phrase anneboleyn Jul 2013 #75
Both spellings are acceptable in the US. nt ZombieHorde Jul 2013 #76
I've seen Occam, but never Occum Vattel Jul 2013 #249
Well, there's that song--'Occum All Ye Faithful' pinboy3niner Jul 2013 #258
lol Vattel Jul 2013 #259
Don't have to stage the accident. Just have to stage the rescue. jeff47 Jul 2013 #105
I believe he was there jazzimov Jul 2013 #42
The car was on fire. GreenStormCloud Jul 2013 #51
Your link says NOTHING about it being on fire. I guess they changed the story. uppityperson Jul 2013 #121
The accident was staged by Reptilian Venusians to stimulate the sales of tinfoil hats. aristocles Jul 2013 #43
This is the only thing that makes sense. LearningCurve Jul 2013 #204
Was it on fire or not? Ino Jul 2013 #47
No injuries according to NBc. This is just weird. Not buying it. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #50
Why not? tumtum Jul 2013 #59
Just making a note. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #61
Thank you. tumtum Jul 2013 #64
Yes he did. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #66
NBC article now says "overturned" not "on fire". Firefighters show at car wrecks often just in case uppityperson Jul 2013 #123
Ok. But does that prove that this was a PR stunt? tumtum Jul 2013 #126
It proves you are reporting inaccurate information as reality. uppityperson Jul 2013 #129
No I'm not. tumtum Jul 2013 #140
And yet, for some reason, you do not acknowledge you were posting inaccurate info. You do not edit uppityperson Jul 2013 #191
Alcoa Quote wercal Jul 2013 #52
you win the thread. dionysus Jul 2013 #93
... Common Sense Party Jul 2013 #137
Believe what you will. I just don't take this at face value. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #56
I'm not going to say I don't believe it, however... OmahaBlueDog Jul 2013 #57
What is it you do not believe? cthulu2016 Jul 2013 #58
I think there was an incident. I just am skeptical about the story. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #60
The allegation is obvious Seeking Serenity Jul 2013 #62
More fox than abc. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #68
news is a business a huge business olddots Jul 2013 #63
If they can fake the moon landing, they could certainly fake something like this. Nye Bevan Jul 2013 #67
I can't tell whether you're joking or not. woolldog Jul 2013 #71
If he's stupid enough to illegally wire money from his jail cell, he's stupid enough try PR... LanternWaste Jul 2013 #87
The usual suspects billh58 Jul 2013 #69
... Puzzledtraveller Jul 2013 #72
I expected pushback on this. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #73
It's like W. Bush clearing brush on his ranch. eShirl Jul 2013 #70
Must of been UglyGreed Jul 2013 #74
Why would George Zimmerman, who has been in hiding for the past year, JimDandy Jul 2013 #77
Great point. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #81
Good post. nt raccoon Jul 2013 #112
That's EXACTLY What I Posted Earlier Myself... ChiciB1 Jul 2013 #177
Yes... color me skeptical when something too self-serving JimDandy Jul 2013 #195
Because he's a wannabe cop? Lionel Mandrake Jul 2013 #261
I never said the accident didn't happen. JimDandy Jul 2013 #262
One "AW Shit" wipes out ten thousand "Atta Boys" Half-Century Man Jul 2013 #80
The story doesn't say but I'd be surprised... Bay Boy Jul 2013 #82
Please tell me some of y'all are just pulling hrmjustin's leg. Sissyk Jul 2013 #83
Thats possible. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #85
Oh no. They got to you, too? Nye Bevan Jul 2013 #89
I think he helped this family and that he murdered Trayvon Martin... Demo_Chris Jul 2013 #84
Is this really bothering people so much? LittleBlue Jul 2013 #86
What's disgusting is how the MSM seems to have a stake in propping him up. CakeGrrl Jul 2013 #90
sure, he could pull someone out of a wreck, but he's still a murderous douche. nt dionysus Jul 2013 #91
He has shed innocent blood DearAbby Jul 2013 #94
Not without verification that the person saved has 0 ties (including financial) to Z, his lawyers, ecstatic Jul 2013 #96
Yes. Inkfreak Jul 2013 #98
he's trying to rehabilitate his wimp status. eom ellenfl Jul 2013 #99
Exactly and listening to police scanner Generic Other Jul 2013 #120
He "helped", not "saved" uppityperson Jul 2013 #108
It could also be he helped save. tumtum Jul 2013 #113
No injuries to any of them. How did he "save" them? All articles except fox say "overturned" uppityperson Jul 2013 #117
I wish you'd put in the option "Hell, no." nt raccoon Jul 2013 #109
Of course you don't. Vattel Jul 2013 #111
Was he wearing a superhero cape? graywarrior Jul 2013 #119
I'm not sure Catherine Vincent Jul 2013 #125
LOL Skittles Jul 2013 #127
LOL! They really got upset with me for daring to ask this. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #161
well they believed his ridiculous story Skittles Jul 2013 #165
The fact that it took four days to report this means nothing to them. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #166
of course Skittles Jul 2013 #174
Foxnews is probably going to buy the rights to the story. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #175
he thought nothing of targeting, stalking and killing a teenager Skittles Jul 2013 #176
I hope Trayvons family sues and gets any money that he gets. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #179
Read this response below hrmjustin Jul 2013 #220
what is a NASA truther? Skittles Jul 2013 #221
No idea but what caught my eye was "Face it... Z has a history of doing nice things for people." hrmjustin Jul 2013 #223
he's nice when he's not being a paranoid racist gun humping killer!!!!!!! Skittles Jul 2013 #232
This one seems to think Trayvon started it. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #233
well that's what all paranoid racist gun humping cowards think, hrmjustin Skittles Jul 2013 #234
It boggles the mind how they could think Trayvon started this. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #235
There's no way it's a staged event - too many people would have to be in on it tularetom Jul 2013 #130
Including you, perhaps. cthulu2016 Jul 2013 #134
^^^^^THIS Blue_Tires Jul 2013 #157
Gee, I thought he was "weak" and HappyMe Jul 2013 #133
I don't doubt that he helped pull people from a car. Marr Jul 2013 #138
Yes, if it's being reported that he "saved their lives" then that is most likely PR spin. Common Sense Party Jul 2013 #143
Yeah, I agree-- that seems awfully unfeasible. Marr Jul 2013 #151
Wasn't Cheney a bad guy in the Dick Tracy comic strip? n/t Common Sense Party Jul 2013 #152
Well - its over now JustAnotherGen Jul 2013 #144
I will suspect a hoax Shrek Jul 2013 #146
Almost certainly staged... Blue_Tires Jul 2013 #147
Thank you! hrmjustin Jul 2013 #149
Wait a minute...AND I just notice it happened LAST THURSDAY? Blue_Tires Jul 2013 #160
It took this long to find out. Just seems like bull to me. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #164
Are you really trying to argue that a rollover accident was staged by Zimmerman and his ilk? Gravitycollapse Jul 2013 #178
Like others said, I think he was waiting by the scanner Blue_Tires Jul 2013 #254
Just like I believe Jonny Depp was part Native-American before he was offered the role of Tonto. Ian David Jul 2013 #154
Did they unfurl a "Mission Accomplished" banner above the truck? n/t Ian David Jul 2013 #155
No, he didn't SAVE anyone. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time... Little Star Jul 2013 #159
Nothing that lying sack of shit says... 99Forever Jul 2013 #167
What a joke! Ahpook Jul 2013 #168
Took four days to report. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #169
holy cow, talk about conspiracy theorists nt markiv Jul 2013 #170
Took 4 days to report. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #171
This is goddamn insanity. Zimmerman did not stage a roll over accident. Gravitycollapse Jul 2013 #180
Why did it take four days to report on it. No injuries on the four people when the car hrmjustin Jul 2013 #182
Almost anything is more plausible than a staged rollover accident. Gravitycollapse Jul 2013 #184
Oh course they could have staged it. Yes I maybe wrong but it seems too odd to me. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #185
Do you understand the logistics involved with creating a rollover car accident? Gravitycollapse Jul 2013 #186
No I am not an expert on it. I could be wrong but I don't believe what I am being hrmjustin Jul 2013 #188
Do I think NoGOPZone Jul 2013 #181
The big think to me is there were no injuries at all and it took 4 days to get to the media. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #183
Exactly - this... HipChick Jul 2013 #193
no, they have no credibility with me JI7 Jul 2013 #189
Story seems legit to me maddezmom Jul 2013 #194
It sure is interesting all the people who told us not to judge until all the facts were out... Bjorn Against Jul 2013 #196
Well said! hrmjustin Jul 2013 #198
Thanks for not caving into them Bjorn Against Jul 2013 #200
I had a few that said I am making DU suck but I not going to keep silent on this. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #201
No, you are probably mostly right Bjorn Against Jul 2013 #205
This is the most likely thing. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #206
No we really don't, but the Sanford Police story is way too convenient Bjorn Against Jul 2013 #207
I would like to know who is the other person who helped pull the victims out. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #208
+1000 Blue_Tires Jul 2013 #255
"But Brawndo's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes." Ruby the Liberal Jul 2013 #197
Trayvon saved his father's life but Zimmy still took Trayvon's. nt Raine Jul 2013 #199
I think my IQ just dropped 40% GlashFordan Jul 2013 #202
Then don't read them. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #203
But it's amusing GlashFordan Jul 2013 #212
He killed Trayvon, beat his girlfriend, and hit a cop. Yeah what a swell guy. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #215
Oh ffs GlashFordan Jul 2013 #224
Do you think Zimmerman started in with Trayvon or vice versa? hrmjustin Jul 2013 #225
I wasn't there and neither were you GlashFordan Jul 2013 #227
Who are you more sympathetic towards? TM or GZ? hrmjustin Jul 2013 #229
"Sympathy" if you mean the real definition... GlashFordan Jul 2013 #230
Thank you for answering my questions. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #231
No questions really GlashFordan Jul 2013 #237
Justice was not served. and I disagree with you on Trayvon starting it. It is clear hrmjustin Jul 2013 #238
If you're arguing GlashFordan Jul 2013 #239
yes the law sucks. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #240
We agree GlashFordan Jul 2013 #241
Yes but we disagree on who started it. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #242
It probably didn't matter GlashFordan Jul 2013 #243
I believe Zimmerman threw the first punch. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #244
And where did the punch land? GlashFordan Jul 2013 #245
Maybe he missed. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #246
He killed an unarmed boy with a gun. rainy Jul 2013 #253
I have no reason to doubt it happened. I just wonder why I should care. Scootaloo Jul 2013 #209
Are his arms in casts now? libodem Jul 2013 #210
Great point! Does he have wounds on him? hrmjustin Jul 2013 #211
His lily white palms libodem Jul 2013 #213
read this. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #217
Wonder why he is hiding out on vacation libodem Jul 2013 #236
He's white? Lily white? Skip Intro Jul 2013 #228
depends on if he has a tan or not, but he's pretty light-skinned. you might even say pasty. HiPointDem Jul 2013 #252
Hell no! William769 Jul 2013 #214
Could have happened Spirochete Jul 2013 #216
Yes because I think he's a narcissist and has a hero complex justiceischeap Jul 2013 #248
Don't know and don't care. (no text) Quantess Jul 2013 #250
Read about the king of Publicity stunts S.A.M Jul 2013 #256
FUCK No! Gus Lammas Jul 2013 #263
This kind of "hero" usually doesn't make national headlines. moondust Jul 2013 #264
Will the father explain today how they staged the accident ? -nt Bonx Jul 2013 #265
My question is why do they need to explain anything. Seems like they will be promoting Zimmerman. hrmjustin Jul 2013 #266
I could care less. ananda Jul 2013 #267
Don't believe it for a second. tallahasseedem Jul 2013 #268
Kick! hrmjustin Jul 2013 #269
Woman "rescued" is daughter of cop who organized citizens' policing Dagny_K Jul 2013 #270
Thanks for the info. Is this certain that she is related to this guy? hrmjustin Jul 2013 #271
Additional info on Dana Gerstle Dagny_K Jul 2013 #273
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