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sofa king

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67. Come step under my tinfoil umbrella....
Tue Jun 4, 2013, 01:31 PM
Jun 2013

I cannot help noticing that all of these IRS "scandals" appear to be a concerted offensive on the part of Republicans against the IRS.

It's almost as if it's a preemptive strike against the IRS, an attempt to delay or derail some sort of pending investigation or disclosure, and to toss some water on it by first sullying the reputation of the Service.

Who might be inclined to do such a thing? My guess back in September was that Mitt Romney might turn out to be one of the worst Presidential candidates in history, if his subsequent prosecution for tax fraud burned into the results of the 2014 elections as well.

All of this may be the defiant squawk of the chicken(hawk) just before the hatchet falls.

They've had Gestapo status for years . orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #1
They are not my favorite agency nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #2
. orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #108
That would be the DHS Democracyinkind Jun 2013 #3
. orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #109
If you had just filed you wouldn't keep getting those phone calls snooper2 Jun 2013 #16
Your right . orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #112
Not an apt comparison Kelvin Mace Jun 2013 #29
. orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #110
The instant you invoke the Gestapo, the argument is over. 11 Bravo Jun 2013 #87
I gathered that early on, not quick enough . orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #106
Sorry for that totally out of line comparison, Ignorant on every level . orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #107
Even most educated people are inherently gullible. Propaganda has always been remarkably effective. Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #4
Yup, and somehow I got my doubts nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #5
The amount of money involved is a tempest in a teapot compared to the economy. Nimajneb Nilknarf Jun 2013 #7
Exactly nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #9
like the $1500/room. AlbertCat Jun 2013 #76
Yep ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2013 #154
government workers are not supposed to have any joy in their life Johonny Jun 2013 #6
Well, let's be honest, in issa's mind nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #8
They would love an all privatized military AAO Jun 2013 #118
there heaven05 Jun 2013 #126
I call 'em by their proper name nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #129
That could also happen to our military. mountain grammy Jun 2013 #152
true heaven05 Jun 2013 #160
Yes, I am educated on that AAO Jun 2013 #130
That, IMO, is the end goal nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #136
no insuult heaven05 Jun 2013 #161
I was hoping it wasn't - but wasn't sure - thanks for the update! AAO Jun 2013 #163
Issa believes the same thing his bud Grover does davidpdx Jun 2013 #156
Unless they are high officers in the military n2doc Jun 2013 #86
Employees should have lots of joy. lumberjack_jeff Jun 2013 #169
Meanwhile, Republicans spent $57Million trying to repeal Obamacare, which is impossible. JaneyVee Jun 2013 #10
There you go, two more million nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #12
$1500/night is obscene. That is why it is an easy story. NCTraveler Jun 2013 #11
for some reason, some here do not believe $1500 per night is excessive DrDan Jun 2013 #14
I make travel arrangements for people traveling on govt per diem rates tammywammy Jun 2013 #20
I think the key detail is what it was actually used for JHB Jun 2013 #49
Ahh, here it is from the report: tammywammy Jun 2013 #68
key word: "listed" at $1500/night RussBLib Jun 2013 #70
I think there are some clear issues with how this event was organized tammywammy Jun 2013 #73
False reporting by the media davidpdx Jun 2013 #157
I'd just like to know exactly what that meant: what was included, and for how many people? JHB Jun 2013 #41
Agree with all of your points. NCTraveler Jun 2013 #42
I have worked in the financial sector for years--granted, in the lower tier. But even during the Common Sense Party Jun 2013 #58
And when you organized a conference at a hotel... jberryhill Jun 2013 #79
Nobody paid that amount jberryhill Jun 2013 #78
I understand that. One of my post above alludes to other factors. NCTraveler Jun 2013 #83
People don't mind paying taxes for a government that works properly and respects their sacrifice. dkf Jun 2013 #13
Do you know why those suites are rented for top staff? nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #15
I've done hotel arrangements for a high VP of a govt contractor tammywammy Jun 2013 #21
February 2, 2010: President Obama Again Criticizes Trips to Las Vegas dkf Jun 2013 #22
Not what we are talking about, but we all know nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #25
Obama would have been the first one putting a kibosh on this had he known. dkf Jun 2013 #28
Why are you defending Issa? nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #31
This is the IGs audit report, not Issa. It came out today, and was dated May 31, 2013. dkf Jun 2013 #37
You said Vegas, not Anaheim nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #38
That was to show how Obama feels about excessive travel spending to show he doesn't feel as you do. dkf Jun 2013 #40
Hmm, hmm. nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #44
Well that's what everyone wants for Wall Street B2G Jun 2013 #48
Holy fuck! That report DESTROYS this "scandal"! ieoeja Jun 2013 #81
Actually, it may be worse ..... oldhippie Jun 2013 #93
The guy in charge of a conference with 2600 attendees is going to get comped. ieoeja Jun 2013 #97
Funny how you get no reply back. Rex Jun 2013 #100
Yeah I noticed that too dreamnightwind Jun 2013 #123
perfect example of why people gritch on your posts sad-cafe Jun 2013 #63
Not in that post, but dreamnightwind Jun 2013 #117
thank you. HOWEVER she constantly bitches about being bullied on DU sad-cafe Jun 2013 #141
Hmm, don't know about that dreamnightwind Jun 2013 #150
Really, REALLY? If you are tired of her, per her on ignore. If not, I would be interested in why.nm rhett o rick Jun 2013 #172
How in the world is saying that someone "despises the government" bullying? rhett o rick Jun 2013 #173
THANK YOU Skittles Jun 2013 #95
Read this nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #131
Where were you when Georgie Bush, the DimSon lost a billion dollars cash in Iraq? rhett o rick Jun 2013 #153
I was against the Iraq war from the beginning, even protested against it. dkf Jun 2013 #171
Well, you see, only the private sector can spend money on employee perks. They sinkingfeeling Jun 2013 #17
I know...it seems people have fallen for that nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #18
all that has changed - I spent 3 decades in 2 large corporations DrDan Jun 2013 #26
And most government employees have travelled, when they do, in coach nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #33
and . . . DrDan Jun 2013 #39
Let me give you the same you need to understand. nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #50
what do IRS collections have to do with anything? That is their mission. DrDan Jun 2013 #64
This is manufactured outrage nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #66
so because Issa is involved, any fiscal irregularities are excused. . . . DrDan Jun 2013 #74
$1500 for a week conference cost nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #91
so you are ok with a $4M junket . . . er . . . training conference in 2010 DrDan Jun 2013 #96
since rjen tbey have cut costs nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #102
they are to be commended for that DrDan Jun 2013 #111
And I will still say it nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #119
how about if we go after ALL waste and abuse Skittles Jun 2013 #134
Let's privatize the government nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #135
aw GEEEEE there's no OTHER possible solution!!! Skittles Jun 2013 #138
You grow up, this is a made up scandal nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #139
LOLOL Skittles Jun 2013 #140
Did you bother reading the material given to you nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #142
YES Skittles Jun 2013 #144
That's nice nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #146
my husband is at training right now. in texas. in a hotel. ejpoeta Jun 2013 #158
that's the difference Skittles Jun 2013 #174
I'm in IT. My employer has put me up in a hotel room often for training. Sorry your job sucks. n/t ieoeja Jun 2013 #166
self delete Skittles Jun 2013 #176
Only the ones worth the expense get sent to classes. ieoeja Jun 2013 #178
seems as thought the head of the IRS is taking action relative to this conference DrDan Jun 2013 #179
didn't see this posted on DU - but wanted to make sure you saw this DrDan Jun 2013 #180
$1500 was okay for Ken Starr prosecuting the BC BJ. Festivito Jun 2013 #19
You are comparing a blow job to security? nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #23
A big$ meeting room for Ken Starr VERSUS a big$ meeting room for IRS training. Festivito Jun 2013 #27
Let me repeat this nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #35
If security is the issue why don't they stay on military bases? thetonka Jun 2013 #43
I will ask again, how much money did the IRS collect nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #46
You seem to think that IRS Tax collection is equivalent to Corporate income thetonka Jun 2013 #56
No, I seem to think that they are doing their job nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #61
One bad dead does not excuse another thetonka Jun 2013 #82
You're absolutely right. randome Jun 2013 #24
Im not a fed employee but a state employee Puzzledtraveller Jun 2013 #30
Federal employees nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #32
"black ops" = semi-trailer truck loads of BALES of US money that was tossed into the waiting arms of patrice Jun 2013 #34
But that's ok, it's not the IRS. nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #36
I had a chat with one of those security-contractors once; he was glorifying God's plan for him, patrice Jun 2013 #45
Excellent place. nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #47
Residents are at their mercy & if they bitch too much, or WORSE try to organize the families, they patrice Jun 2013 #52
I know nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #53
There are some absafuckinglutely saintly Directors of Nursing out there & others who are machines. patrice Jun 2013 #55
The IRS would be well liked if they used their powers to investigate that sort of crap Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #65
The very fact that you're defending this B2G Jun 2013 #51
"Because they can, because we let them." pecwae Jun 2013 #54
+1 Skeeter Barnes Jun 2013 #75
Exactly B2G Puzzledtraveller Jun 2013 #164
Things are very sulphurdunn Jun 2013 #57
I know nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #62
$1500 feeds me for eight months Fumesucker Jun 2013 #59
Nobody paid $1500 for a room jberryhill Jun 2013 #80
Defense of excessive spending by those who nit pick from the middle class for a living Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #60
Great post, much truth Puzzledtraveller Jun 2013 #167
Come step under my tinfoil umbrella.... sofa king Jun 2013 #67
I will join you nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #69
What strikes me is the 75% reduction of spending on these conferences between 2010-2012 LanternWaste Jun 2013 #71
Yup, which tells me this is a false scandal nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #72
in the private sector, of course, such waste is glorified. unblock Jun 2013 #77
This video needs to go viral. CrispyQ Jun 2013 #84
dkf blew the lid off this "scandal" ieoeja Jun 2013 #85
I will nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #90
I'm not, people seem to love the misinformation machine in America Corruption Inc Jun 2013 #88
I spent some time behind a hotel front desk MrScorpio Jun 2013 #89
The internal report clarifies it nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #92
For the week… That works for me MrScorpio Jun 2013 #101
self deleting Skittles Jun 2013 #94
Not amazed, see it all the time. Rex Jun 2013 #98
We send SWAT teams with million dollar armored vehicles to arrest chemo grannies for getting high. Warren DeMontague Jun 2013 #99
Well, one doesn't need a license to practice politics. BadgerKid Jun 2013 #103
Dance, little man, dance! Warren DeMontague Jun 2013 #104
The problem is accountability YarnAddict Jun 2013 #105
Checks & Balances are what They've deleted .... orpupilofnature57 Jun 2013 #114
Here, page sixteen of the report nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #121
Nothing personal, but you getting caught up in this, "IRS" scandal means you're getting Dustlawyer Jun 2013 #113
Re-read the Op cause we essentially agree nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #120
K & R SunSeeker Jun 2013 #115
I thought the $400 toilet seat turned out to be a myth. tclambert Jun 2013 #116
The IRS is a popular taget. Lady Freedom Returns Jun 2013 #122
Especially when our lazy profession does not get over the headline nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #128
When I go to training, I pay 100.00 a night rustydog Jun 2013 #124
Please read this from their own report nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #127
If you want to know what they are allowed, you can visit this website Major Nikon Jun 2013 #133
I think you answered your own question RufusTFirefly Jun 2013 #125
I know, and the outrage will continue nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #137
Everything is being sold out from under us RufusTFirefly Jun 2013 #145
This message was self-deleted by its author mother earth Jun 2013 #143
And some have fallen for the bait, the hook and the fishing line nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #148
Agreed abelenkpe Jun 2013 #147
Shorter version: it's OK because others waste money too. Nye Bevan Jun 2013 #149
Even Shorter Version: America discovered IRS Nerds can't dance. Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2013 #151
I'm a state employee Puzzledtraveller Jun 2013 #165
I keep sayin'...... DeSwiss Jun 2013 #155
Continuing to miss the point. TNNurse Jun 2013 #159
Issa has changed focus and now gone for nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #170
+1000 nt Javaman Jun 2013 #162
The fact that it's comparatively trivial is a weak defense. lumberjack_jeff Jun 2013 #168
easy? it costs billions to purchase and run every tv and radio Doctor_J Jun 2013 #175
And that is part of the answer my friend. nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #177
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