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I want some of them donuts Kingofalldems May 2013 #1
7-Eleven sold the Homer donut a few years ago during its Simpsons promo derby378 May 2013 #9
Lard Lad? surrealAmerican May 2013 #26
I am still ticked that they pulled out exboyfil May 2013 #2
they can do nothing DonCoquixote May 2013 #10
They can easily retheme three of the rides exboyfil May 2013 #23
I sent them this very idea in 2002... Bennyboy May 2013 #3
What's the phone number for Moe's Tavern? backscatter712 May 2013 #4
I'd be checking for my friend Amanda. Last name: Hugginkiss. Aristus May 2013 #6
bwa!! CatWoman May 2013 #8
They should have a prank call line on a speaker phone. JVS May 2013 #11
I don't think I want a Krusty Burger dlwickham May 2013 #5
Puts hands together at the fingertips... TlalocW May 2013 #7
I'm holding out for a planned community complete with retirement facility. JVS May 2013 #12
Like this? KamaAina May 2013 #14
That looks like fun. HappyMe May 2013 #13
They should have an Itchy and Scratchy Land MrBig May 2013 #15
Uhhh MrBig May 2013 #16
Florida? KamaAina May 2013 #17
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2013 #18
What's a Simpsons theme park without the classic Springfield tire fire? Initech May 2013 #19
It's going to be nuclear-powered too! backscatter712 May 2013 #20
I'd like to wash down a Ribwich with a partially gelatinated non-dairy gum-based beverage. n/t hughee99 May 2013 #21
Krusty... Javaman May 2013 #22
can Six Flags get the South Park franchise ? olddots May 2013 #24
OMG DUFF BEER RedCappedBandit May 2013 #25
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