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Thu May 16, 2013, 10:09 PM May 2013

I was involved in a discussion a few nights ago that shocked and silenced me. [View all]

What is your position on spanking your kids?

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Never Okay.
30 (59%)
21 (41%)
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I think too many people have way too many definitions of spanking. napi21 May 2013 #1
^ this. I agree wholeheartedly. LiberalAndProud May 2013 #2
Everyone at the table said spanking was okay. I think it is wrong. But then I don't have kids. applegrove May 2013 #7
now see, i dont have kids either... smackd May 2013 #12
I came from a divorced home -- one parent spanked, the other did not. FourScore May 2013 #19
But it is very possible to make the line clear without spanking. pnwmom May 2013 #35
I never felt "hit". n/t FourScore May 2013 #40
I always preferred the spanking too. onpatrol98 May 2013 #77
While I do not believe in the wholesale usage of avebury May 2013 #57
Spanking only serves a purpose when you're dealing with toddlers? grntuscarora May 2013 #9
I disagree. You're not trying to get the child to understand napi21 May 2013 #92
my grandmother used to make zerosumgame0005 May 2013 #15
"Smacked a diapered bottom." Le Taz Hot May 2013 #46
So YOU suggest banging a couple of pans together? Yea. napi21 May 2013 #93
Are you suggesting loud noises Le Taz Hot May 2013 #95
No. But it sounded like YOU were. napi21 May 2013 #96
Yep Little Star May 2013 #54
My father would say the same abelenkpe May 2013 #59
You're talking about something far beyond "spanking". napi21 May 2013 #94
Yeah, you're correct abelenkpe May 2013 #97
It depends on the definition. Laid across a parents lap and hit with a ruler for not finishing uppityperson May 2013 #3
Right you are. If it is a matter of life and death of course. Not having children of my own applegrove May 2013 #5
I have 4 kids laundry_queen May 2013 #31
+100,000 vanlassie May 2013 #38
Thank goddess for parents like you! Le Taz Hot May 2013 #47
Thank you. PotatoChip May 2013 #68
You Rock, And Have Eloquently Stated My Position As Well Skraxx May 2013 #71
+/\/\+ G_j May 2013 #76
probably needs to be a couple more choices for people who don't have kids snooper2 May 2013 #4
should be done more often newmember May 2013 #6
Yep, that option wasn't there customerserviceguy May 2013 #41
Disagree. The message is, might makes right stanwyck May 2013 #83
Didn't hurt you none now, did it? Ikonoklast May 2013 #109
I force my kids to spank each other. nt ZombieHorde May 2013 #8
I used to swat their clothed bottoms if they had really misbehaved. CaliforniaPeggy May 2013 #10
There are alternatives to hitting that also "work." pnwmom May 2013 #36
I spanked my son once mokawanis May 2013 #11
"Discipline" is derived from "disciple" which means "to learn" True Earthling May 2013 #13
As a side note... Pelican May 2013 #24
As another side note, Le Taz Hot May 2013 #48
Yes yes... Pelican May 2013 #63
I'd like a link to that BklnDem75 May 2013 #65
It gets their attention tularetom May 2013 #14
If you were close enough to hit them, you were close enough to keep them from running in the street Luminous Animal May 2013 #86
I admit that I have at "terrible two" or around that age. mick063 May 2013 #16
It depends on the child LeftInTX May 2013 #17
My mom was master of the nerve pinch... Pelican May 2013 #32
Deliberately inflict physical pain on children? What a wonderful concept. Nye Bevan May 2013 #18
We are all animals newmember May 2013 #22
^^this^^ Puzzledtraveller May 2013 #66
I've never seen a mother dog strike her puppies. n/t pnwmom May 2013 #101
I have. MADem May 2013 #103
I think it is about communication to some degree The Straight Story May 2013 #20
^^^this^^^ LeftInTX May 2013 #33
Agreed. HappyMe May 2013 #52
My all-purpose solution for misbehaving toddlers is to pick them up. hunter May 2013 #21
It's not how I parent. Warren DeMontague May 2013 #23
I never had my own kids, but from my own experience as a kid and Cleita May 2013 #25
I was like that LeftInTX May 2013 #34
When I was in boot camp, we were surprised they didn't beat recruits up Recursion May 2013 #44
You must not have been at Parris Island stanwyck May 2013 #85
3rd battalion Recursion May 2013 #87
Semper Fi stanwyck May 2013 #89
That's EXACTLY right. Le Taz Hot May 2013 #50
I could count all the times I was spanked on both hands, and I deserved it every time. cherokeeprogressive May 2013 #99
I don't know Scootaloo May 2013 #26
As Damon Wayans said in his stand-up: BlueCaliDem May 2013 #27
I got the belt on a naked bottom until I was 15. I would never do that to a child. LiberalLoner May 2013 #28
Never. defacto7 May 2013 #29
Spanking (very sparingly and very minimal) helps connect bad behavior with reality on point May 2013 #30
It connect violence with problem solving. nt Pale Blue Dot May 2013 #64
Let's call it what it is: hitting. The euphemism disguises the fact that pnwmom May 2013 #37
Take a poll in prisons. Good luck finding anyone there who wasn't spanked vanlassie May 2013 #39
Same as "spanking" my pets... bunnies May 2013 #42
Those are the two options? (nt) Recursion May 2013 #43
If you're resorting to assaulting your children Le Taz Hot May 2013 #45
I do not spank my kids gollygee May 2013 #49
can't we just call it "enhanced" parenting? G_j May 2013 #51
I popped our children on the butt a few times when they were little liberal N proud May 2013 #53
I rarely "spanked" my kids deutsey May 2013 #55
It is seldom the right thing to do beemer27 May 2013 #56
Violence is never a good solution to a problem. Laelth May 2013 #58
never ever ever is it okay. Spartacus Maximus XL May 2013 #60
Welcome to DU. n/t Laelth May 2013 #74
No option for 'whenever necessary'? telclaven May 2013 #61
Welcome to DU. n/t Laelth May 2013 #75
Spanking teaches kids that violence is that way to deal with problems. Pale Blue Dot May 2013 #62
I was spanked on occasion Puzzledtraveller May 2013 #67
Good. I'm glad you learned that violence is not the way to handle problems. Pale Blue Dot May 2013 #69
It could be a chicken-and-egg thing...Maybe they were more disobedient to begin with. reformist2 May 2013 #73
Spanking is lazy parenting. JoePhilly May 2013 #70
Another Great Post On The Subject Skraxx May 2013 #72
I voted "rarely" though I never hit my son. Smarmie Doofus May 2013 #78
Remembering the echo down the school hall of a paddle smacking butts. think May 2013 #79
I got spanked often as a kid Spirochete May 2013 #80
I don't have children therefore I have no position on this. MadrasT May 2013 #81
if you have to spank, you're admitting defeat, and stanwyck May 2013 #82
I raised a kid. My friends raised and are raising kids. None spank. Spanking is child abuse. Luminous Animal May 2013 #84
I don't think spanking is OK marions ghost May 2013 #88
I don't approve of ANY acts of violence in the home. n/t demmiblue May 2013 #90
We can choose to break the cycle... Little_Wing May 2013 #91
Never spanked either of my kids. NaturalHigh May 2013 #98
Nothing wrong with a spanking... Demo_Chris May 2013 #100
Spanking is hitting, that's what's wrong with it. n/t pnwmom May 2013 #102
Spanking is hitting, yes... Demo_Chris May 2013 #106
I think it's the opposite. Hitting in any form harms the parent - child relationship. pnwmom May 2013 #110
When I was a kid, I remember getting spanked once bhikkhu May 2013 #104
It doesn't work on my kids. bravenak May 2013 #105
I never want my kids to be afraid of me DiverDave May 2013 #107
I used to be grounded! LOL! FrodosPet May 2013 #108
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