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12. Tear down Hillary Clinton to get Jeb, yeah, that's the ticket
Fri May 10, 2013, 08:41 PM
May 2013

but it will make some feel good I guess.

like those that unplug a fire hydrant full blast
keep it on all day and it's 100 outside

til later in the day there is a fire
and the fire hydrant is empty and the house burns down

only one who is happy is the arsonist who opened the hydrant in the first place, to watch the ashes

they want the democratic party to get down in the gutter
because they can deal with that

Reminds me of Jackie Robinson. What his enemies couldn't deal with is that they couldn't phase him, that he stared them down and remained calm and cool in the face of 100% negatism thrown at him.

Dr. King knew that too. Never stoop to their level.
They can't defeat it.

Stoop to their level and one already lost.

They can't touch President Obama, and in actuality, they are HELPING Hillary.
I predict 100 million votes for her in 2016.(the record is I think 69).

Exactly right. CaliforniaPeggy May 2013 #1
Dont forget about Cheney and Rumsfedt Thinkingabout May 2013 #2
Pretty confident we could pencil them in. Gravitycollapse May 2013 #4
It's absolutely laughable. We didn't even get an apology for WMD lies. JaneyVee May 2013 #3
Apologizing implies they made a mistake. They knew exactly what they were doing... Gravitycollapse May 2013 #5
Not only won't he apologize, he's proud of the destruction he's caused. JaneyVee May 2013 #6
Can I at least hit GWB with a shoe? Gravitycollapse May 2013 #8
I think that would be appropriate TxDemChem May 2013 #16
Oh, but no. Jamaal510 May 2013 #7
Obama himself told us we needed to "move forward" Skittles May 2013 #9
Ugggggggggggggh Gravitycollapse May 2013 #10
Stupid politics to demand that we 'turn the page, look forward not back' allowing them Bluenorthwest May 2013 #13
Is there something untrue on the post to which you responded? Hissyspit May 2013 #14
No. The fact that Obama said that garbage is what pissed me off. Gravitycollapse May 2013 #15
Oh, o.k. Hissyspit May 2013 #30
Just proves LostOne4Ever May 2013 #24
I'm not sure letting mass murderering fascists off the hook is doing what's "best for this country." Gravitycollapse May 2013 #25
When the country is split in two LostOne4Ever May 2013 #27
No, terrible, horrific idea. The longer we wait the more we forget. Gravitycollapse May 2013 #28
Nothing will bring those who died back LostOne4Ever May 2013 #29
Basic political theory: Political capital grows with usage. It is depleted when not used. Gravitycollapse May 2013 #31
Only on popular issues LostOne4Ever May 2013 #32
that was not it at ALL Skittles May 2013 #26
Just one Democratic congressperson or Senator needs to say this Gman May 2013 #11
Tear down Hillary Clinton to get Jeb, yeah, that's the ticket graham4anything May 2013 #12
Then Bush should have been 'hung drawn and quartered' for 9/11 Rosa Luxemburg May 2013 #17
Why Oh why did the dems decide to do "soft gloves" for 9/11 jimlup May 2013 #18
That's what I say LeftInTX May 2013 #22
And let's not forget that the war was started under completely false pretenses! Initech May 2013 #19
Can we just turn this into a rage thread? Gravitycollapse May 2013 #20
Rageaholics Iraq War Anonymous Initech May 2013 #21
Let's get some appropriate music going... Gravitycollapse May 2013 #23
I'd add this: Initech May 2013 #36
Damn right! Bush has gotten off scot-free after everything he's done. nomorenomore08 May 2013 #33
That would be a bad precedent. Shrike47 May 2013 #34
"If we actually started executing them, who would want to be president?" nomorenomore08 May 2013 #35
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