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Voice for Peace

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26. you're correct that there's a lot of woo out there
Sun Apr 28, 2013, 04:09 AM
Apr 2013

but if you let go of that, see past that, use your own
common sense, read some different sources with an open
mind, seek with humility to learn something that can
benefit humankind instead of defending things that are
poisonous to small living creatures.. just try it. It is
much more gratifying to learn something new than to
win a debate.

Would anyone here eat this? [View all] Archae Apr 2013 OP
actually, wild bananas were and are eaten by people, being one of the earliest domesticated plants. HiPointDem Apr 2013 #1
Exactly, selective breeding is genetic modification. Archae Apr 2013 #2
not exactly. old-fashioned selective breeding works from a 'palette' of already-existing genes HiPointDem Apr 2013 #5
This is why "GMO labeling" is a dead cause Scootaloo Apr 2013 #6
no, it's not. selective breeding is not analogous to modern genetic modification. HiPointDem Apr 2013 #7
Scientifically, it absolutely is Scootaloo Apr 2013 #11
What? Do you even know the basics of this subject? The term is defined, and not how you're using it Recursion Apr 2013 #13
no, old fashioned selective breeding is not analogous to modern genetic modification. not in HiPointDem Apr 2013 #14
thank you! Voice for Peace Apr 2013 #23
Agreed. Nt newfie11 Apr 2013 #30
+1000 truebluegreen Apr 2013 #69
This message was self-deleted by its author truebluegreen Apr 2013 #70
What if the modification results in exactly the same as what can occur naturally? DCBob Apr 2013 #103
but they don't. HiPointDem Apr 2013 #111
of course they could. DCBob Apr 2013 #117
they 'could' do other things too. and they do. HiPointDem Apr 2013 #118
no doubt... I agree there are issues to consider.. eg. unintended consequences. DCBob Apr 2013 #119
Not in the slightest. Educate yourself. Katashi_itto Apr 2013 #49
So youre saying all the kittehs and pups are GMO? darkangel218 Apr 2013 #107
Well, if "GMO" meant what you were pretending it does, you would be right Recursion Apr 2013 #10
Not dead at all. GMO labeling efforts roody Apr 2013 #58
Plant breeding and genetic engineering are two completely different things. kestrel91316 Apr 2013 #76
Not the same thing. For one I would eat that unaltered, wild banana and Cleita Apr 2013 #41
Selective breeding can NEVER in a million years insert kestrel91316 Apr 2013 #74
If you have access to specialty markets Warpy Apr 2013 #19
The green banana types cooked in Latin American cuisines are good, too pinboy3niner Apr 2013 #28
Anything that didn't immediately poison the diner Warpy Apr 2013 #88
Organic strawberries are different from non. And no, they aren't the same in most cases. uppityperson Apr 2013 #3
There is absolutely no strain of strawberries called "organic", they are the same plants Drahthaardogs Apr 2013 #53
They may be the same plants, but there is a huge difference between my home grown, hedgehog Apr 2013 #77
I bet yours, like mine, do not keep for the same period of time the non-organic store ones do either uppityperson Apr 2013 #86
I agree; one should never eat a food that doesn't go bad properly! hedgehog Apr 2013 #87
You make a very good point! RC Apr 2013 #120
That is true. Strawberries grown by the organic method are not the same as those grown with uppityperson Apr 2013 #85
and the organic strawberries Mnpaul Apr 2013 #121
Not always. LWolf Apr 2013 #97
Love bananas!! longship Apr 2013 #4
Selective breeding is not the same thing as direct genetic manipulation in the lab Fumesucker Apr 2013 #8
Thank you!!! GoCubsGo Apr 2013 #43
Organic sequesters atmospheric CO2; non-organic uses petro carbon Recursion Apr 2013 #9
Huh? Drahthaardogs Apr 2013 #51
That was true until a few decades ago Recursion Apr 2013 #68
Synthetic fertilizer derived from the haber-bosch process requires intensive fossil fuel inputs. antigone382 Apr 2013 #101
It's your thought that non-organic foods do not use CO2 during photosynthesis? Buzz Clik Apr 2013 #54
Nope Recursion Apr 2013 #63
It is exactly what you said. Buzz Clik Apr 2013 #64
Nope Recursion Apr 2013 #67
No, the petroleum based fertalizes provide nitrogen to the plants Salviati Apr 2013 #83
Wow. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. No longer. Buzz Clik Apr 2013 #84
Good point - Rodale is increasingly emphasizing the downstream hedgehog Apr 2013 #78
this could be a long thread olddots Apr 2013 #12
It usually is when someone blasts organic farming methods Warpy Apr 2013 #16
He isn't blasting organic at all. Buzz Clik Apr 2013 #57
That's rather childish thinking. Warpy Apr 2013 #89
Some organic methods build soil, some do not. Some organic practices are dangerous and polluting. Buzz Clik Apr 2013 #92
Exactly. I drink organic milk. I wonder if anyone could guess why. Honeycombe8 Apr 2013 #96
I expect it to be. Archae Apr 2013 #17
Then answer the posters above tkmorris Apr 2013 #21
It's you who has the 'woo' becaue you conflate GMO with crossbreeding using made up Bluenorthwest Apr 2013 #39
"woo" being merely that which does not validate your opinions. LanternWaste Apr 2013 #100
The problems with many GM crops Warpy Apr 2013 #15
Oh good god. Zoeisright Apr 2013 #18
See what I mean? Archae Apr 2013 #20
And yet you still don't answer. tkmorris Apr 2013 #22
The OP is claiming others have an agenda while clearly having one of their own n/t Fumesucker Apr 2013 #24
It would be an odd agenda to have tkmorris Apr 2013 #25
there are some people whose exposure to "natural foods" etc. has been primarily via woo operations Voice for Peace Apr 2013 #27
you're correct that there's a lot of woo out there Voice for Peace Apr 2013 #26
The poster is advancing an agenda rather than arguing in good faith Fumesucker Apr 2013 #29
I happen to suscribe to both Organic Gardening and Prevention magazine hedgehog Apr 2013 #79
You need to read up on "horizontal gene transfer" NickB79 Apr 2013 #104
I was wondering if anybody here would bring this up. Kali Apr 2013 #113
The US Fought wars over Non GM bananas to protect US Corporate Interests enjoyingyourpeasyet Apr 2013 #31
Wild bananas can be wonderful. fasttense Apr 2013 #32
Al Gore's, Bill Maher's and Ted Danson's publisher is a "woo progaganda source"? Heidi Apr 2013 #33
That's what struck me. I never considered Rodale as woo. OneGrassRoot Apr 2013 #34
Here are the "woo" publications they offer: cali Apr 2013 #35
Indeed. Thanks, cali. n/t OneGrassRoot Apr 2013 #36
Absolutely. I've long considered Rodale a progressive publisher. Heidi Apr 2013 #37
I disagree Marrah_G Apr 2013 #38
Hmmm, I am 70+ years old and no banana I have ever eaten has looked like the green ones you are jwirr Apr 2013 #40
Cause Cavendish bananas were selectively bred nadinbrzezinski Apr 2013 #60
That is what I was trying to say. Thanks. jwirr Apr 2013 #93
What apologist tripe edhopper Apr 2013 #42
BAN SELECTIVE BREEDING! MineralMan Apr 2013 #44
There's a difference between BlueToTheBone Apr 2013 #45
Idiotic whatchamacallit Apr 2013 #46
Cavendish bananas are not genetically engineered. QC Apr 2013 #47
Umm... modern GM splices in DNA sequences that produce insecticides. reformist2 Apr 2013 #48
Speaking of bananas and genetically altered crops: polly7 Apr 2013 #50
LOL! What a great thread. Buzz Clik Apr 2013 #52
Genetically altered or genetically modified? roody Apr 2013 #55
Now you've spoiled part of the fun. Buzz Clik Apr 2013 #59
Yup, once it ripens nadinbrzezinski Apr 2013 #56
More overwrought Science Poo Berlum Apr 2013 #61
Nonsense. You can get non-GMO, organic food everywhere. Buzz Clik Apr 2013 #65
But GMOs are occultly lurking just about everywhere Berlum Apr 2013 #71
"Organic" is a con -- a buzzword? gateley Apr 2013 #62
Sure I would burnodo Apr 2013 #66
I think I have eaten that. truebluegreen Apr 2013 #72
Complete FAIL. You are ignorant of basic science. Non-GMO modern bananas are diverse genetically KittyWampus Apr 2013 #73
Oh, and BTW Cavendish bananas are not GMOs. kestrel91316 Apr 2013 #75
What an assumption... Kalidurga Apr 2013 #80
Enjoy the Cavendishes while you can - they are suffereing from one of the drawbacks of hedgehog Apr 2013 #81
This post is total bullshit. bunnies Apr 2013 #82
This post is total bullshit from the usual RW sources. Flame bait. leveymg Apr 2013 #90
Agreed. They do not respond to the many posts explaining the difference. Pisces Apr 2013 #94
I dispute LWolf Apr 2013 #91
There are many reputable organic farms. Honeycombe8 Apr 2013 #95
Ever tasted wild strawberries? Generic Other Apr 2013 #98
I sure have, they really are good. IF I can ever find them! Archae Apr 2013 #99
You can grow them in your own yard Marrah_G Apr 2013 #102
This argument seems to be based around semantics, in my opinion. ZombieHorde Apr 2013 #105
I get your point and tend to agree with you but.. DCBob Apr 2013 #106
Is Organic Better? Ask a fruit fly. nessa Apr 2013 #108
GMO and seletively bred organisms are different Progressive dog Apr 2013 #109
Wow! peace13 Apr 2013 #110
If GM foods are so great & wonderful, why does Big Ag fight tooth&nail against labeling reqs? baldguy Apr 2013 #112
Artificial selection does NOT equal GMO. sakabatou Apr 2013 #114
Don't tell Kirk Cameron. nt alphafemale Apr 2013 #115
I'm pretty sure I saw cliffordu chomping on the first one. rug Apr 2013 #116
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